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Husband:William PARKER Abt 1740
Wife:Patience SHIPLEY

1. William S. PARKER
2. Benjamin PARKER  
3. Elizabeth PARKER   9 Nov 1773 married Jesse Billingsley son of John Billingsley
4. Rachael PARKER Abt 1775 married John Payne son of Reuben Payne
5. Sarah PARKER   Abt 1810 married John Slaughter son of William Slaughter

Will of William Parker, Sullivan County, Tennessee

This Indenture made this twenty first day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen between Patience Parker, William T. Parker, Benjamin Parker of the State of Tennessee, Sullivan County, John Payne and Rachel Payne his wife of the State of Virginia, Scott County of the one part and ?? Billingsly of the State of Tennessee, Washington County of the other part. In so much that the said Patience Parker, William S. Parker, John Payne and Rachel his wife formerly Rachel Parker heirs of refrisentaticer??? of William Parker deceased for and in consideration of the sum of Seven Hundred and Seventy five dollars to them in had paid hath given and granted bargain of sold alunred?? consigns and confirmed unto him the said Lylse Billingsly his heirs and assigns forever all their right, title, ??? claim of demand that the had of of in and to a certain tract or parcel of land in the County of Sullivan of State of Tennessee on the situated South side of ??? Holston River, Beginning at a White Oak and White Oak Stump the ??? coming of the original deed of Three Hundred Acres granted to John Gilliam standing on River bank thence down said River, North ??? West thirty long poles to a Beach Tree thence South Eight Seven ??? West fifty eight poles to a Beach Tee thence North eight three ??? West Forty ?? to a Poplar Stump near a large Beach, thence from said River up a Knob South Seventy five furlong West Twenty seven poles to a White Oak, thence on a dividing line made by said William Parker and Henry Bond thence along a knob crossing a path South twenty five furlong East One Hundred and Sixty poles to ??? and a Post Oak in the Barrens on the East line of the Original Grant, thence with said line, East One Hundred and twenty poles to a forked White Oak on the line of a tract of two hundred acres granted to Elisha Johnston, thence with said line South One hundred and thirty six poles to stake in the Barrens coming of said Grant, thence with the line thereof East two hundred and eight poles to a stake, thence North Forty nine poles to a Spanish Oak on the bank of the River, thence down said River North sixty six furlong West eighty poles to a Red Oak, thence, North forty furlong west one hundred and six poles to a White Oak tree, thence North Ninety seven furlong West sixty eight poles to the place of Beginning and the Beginning coming of the afforsaid Grant of Elijah Johnston and John Gillaham containing Three Hundred and Eight acres be the same more or less legally with all improvements wood water mined minerals here to unto and appushnery??? to the belonging and appraised with all the right title and interest claim and demand that they the aforesaid Patience Parker, William S. Parker, Benjamin Parker, John Payne and Rachel his wife and heirs ?? has offered to the aforesaid land and premises as an estate in fee simple to them descedit and heirs of ??? of the aforesaid William Parker deceased. To have and to hold unto him the said Lyle Billingsly and his heirs against ?? the said Patience Parker, William S. Parker, Benjamin Parker, John Payne and Rachel his Wife and their heirs and against all and every??? or person ?? under law for the aforesaid heirs of ??? do by these presents warrant and for ever defend as far as the right and title when vested and seals the day of year first above written,
Signed and sealed in presents of Henry Cade, Aquilla Parker, William Slaughter, Nathan Shipley, Lylse Billingly, George George.

Patience X Parker
William S. Parker
Benjamin Parker
John Payne
Rachel X Parker

Subj: Hi I just found your sight ... Shipley's Parkers...
Date:1/28/99 1:44:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Avery Parker)
I've been researching for some time with a brick wall at a certain William Shipley Parker - b. 1790 in PA - died in Buncombe Co., NC - some of his children born in TN - brother probably Benjamin - children Agnes, John T., James M., Thomas M., Nancy A. R., Rachel, and a few I can't remember at the moment..... I've looked in TN and got lost in all the Parkers and Shipleys I found there - but I found your site - Rachel Parker - dau. of William and Patience Shipley - the will of William is 1818 - that would be about right -

I had found an older William Parker show up in NC in 1810 - then vanish...

You can't imagine how much this helps - I've just corresponded this morning with someone researching Benjamin Parker - at the same brick wall I was -
thank you.
Avery J. Parker

Subj: William Parker
Date:1/29/99 12:35:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Bill Hallmark)
Hi Joe,
In researching my Parker line, I was referred to your page on John2 Payne (Reuben1 Payne) in regard to William Parker and wife Patience Shipley. Also, was referred to the will of William Parker which lists my Benjamin Parker as being an heir, probably a son.

Been looking for Benjamin for years, and Avery Parker has given me a lot to think about and research.

Would you have any more information on William Parker and Patience Shipley? Would appreciate any assistance that you could give me, places to look, any printed sources, or researchers on this line.
Bill Hallmark, Garland, TX