The Breeden and Hurst Families that Settled in Sevier County, Tennessee


James Mitchell "Toad" SPURGEON

Toad got his nickname when he refused to crawl as a baby but insteadhopped about until he could walk. He was a Coal Miner, Merchant, HouseBuilder, and Farmer.


When Laura was 20, she had a crush on Toad, but both were quitebashful, so Toad never made any advances. Being a perfect VictorianLady, Laura could only smile at him and bat her eyes. However one summerafternoon after a recent freshet had swelled the creeks, Toad passedLaura's house and asked where she was. He was told that she was visitingher Aunt, but would be back in half an hour.
Toad decided to take the Bull by the horns and somehow let Lauraknow that he liked her. He knew that, since the streams were swollen,Laura would have to cross at a certain foot log. He hid behind a treenear the foot log and waited for her. When Laura started across thecreek, he jumped out, caught her in the middle of the foot log and kissedher.
To his surprise, she neither slapped him silly nor pushed him intothe swollen creek but kissed him back. This was the start of a life longlove story. They were married in December and were still very much inlove when Laura died. (Source: Christine (Reagan) Goan and Clara(Spurgeon) Henry.)
Laura was always a Victorian Lady. She wore her skirts down to hershoe tops and kept her hair (which was long enough to sit on) in a bun onthe back of her head. When she went out, she always wore a black bonnet(with whale bone stays). Grandma never raised her voice to us children.It wasn't neccessary. She accomplished more discipline with a hurt lookthan my Father could with a switch.. -- J. J. Henry


Lee was a first class Auto Mechanic and owned a Garage inMorristown, Hamblen Co., TN.


Esther a reliable, liberated, modern woman, was a Nurse, whobalanced a career in Nursing and Homemaking for her husband and fourkids. She married Lee in Witt, Hamblen Co., TN (where Lee was living atthe time of their marriage). After her birth, she lived at Springvale,Hamblen Co., TN, Witt and then at Leadvale, Jefferson Co., TN (where herparents were living at the time of her marriage). These are all smallcommunities within 5 or 6 miles of Morristown.

John HENRY Capt.

John Henry was nicknamed "John-Goosten". He was Captain of Co. E,2nd TN Cavalry of the Union Army in the Civil War. He owned property inJones Cove, Richardsons Cove and Sevierville in 1870 through 1900 and islisted in Jones Cove in 1870. There is a Military Style tombstone forCapt. John Henry in Williams Cemetery (New Salem), Jones Cove, SevierCo., TN, and his second wife Lizzie is buried there. My father thoughtthat his first wife Mary was buried at Richardson's Cove, but he was onlyfour when she died and only vaguely remembered her funeral. I have notfound a Tombstone for Mary. -- J. J. Henry
The 1870 Census Listing is District #1, Household 58, HENRY
Name age sex Occupation State of Birth
John 40 m Farmer TN
Mary 41 f Keeping house TN
Martha E. 17 f At Home TN
Eliza 15 f At Home TN
Margarett 11 f At Home TN
Anna 7 f TN
The census says that John Henry could not read or write, which isjust so much balderdash as the main requirement to be elected Captain inthe Union Army was the ability to read and write. John is known to havetaught several members of his Company to read and write during the war.Daughter Della is not in the 1870 Census and was probably born about 1871.
People sometimes confuse him with his second cousin who is listednext door to him in the 1870 Census, District #1, Household 59, HENRY
John 43 m Farmer TN
Jane 49 f Keeping house TN
Samuel 19 m At home TN
William 18 m At home TN
Hanna J. 10 f At home TN
John-Goosten's daughter Eliza Henry married William Henry of theabove family and moved with him to McNairy Co., TN before 1890.
The Will of John Henry was hand written, probably by John Henryhimself or his executor, and read and witnessed by three friends in eachother's presence. The testator and witnesses signed the will on bothpages to certify the authenticity of each page. Hence in the followingtranscript, signatures appear in mid sentence in the middle of the Tenthprovision, indicating that the witnesses were indeed present while thewill was being written. -- J. J. Henry
*** Will of John Henry:
I John Henry, being of Sound Mind and disposing Memory do hereby make andpublish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former willsby me at any time made.
First: I direct that all my Just debts and funeral expenses be paid assoon as convenient after my death, out of any funds or property I mayhave.
Second: I want my wife Elizabeth Henry to have Five Hundred dollars inmoney out of my property, real and personal. I also want her to have onecow and calf to be selected by her out of three. I also want my wife tohave a years support out of my property.
Third: My daughter Martha Johnson has already received in land out of myestate Three Hundred dollars.
Forth: My daughter Eliza Henry has also received in land out of my estateThree Hundred dollars.
Fifth: My daughter Margaret Clark has received in land out of my estateThree Hundred dollars.
Sixth: My daughter Anna Clark has received out of my estate in land thesum of Eight Hundred dollars
These sums I want charged up to my said daughters as has beenreceived by them. I do not desire that any Notice shall be taken or anycharge made against any of my Children for any property or money of anykind that they or either of them may have received out of my estate orfrom me, except the items of land above mentioned herein by me.
Seventh: My daughter Della Ball has not received any land out of myestate and I will her Three H

Dealie HENRY

Dealie Henry may not exist.. Dealie could be a census taker's errorfor Della who was not yet married in 1900. If she existed, then she musthave died before August 31 1905, as John-Goosten makes no mention of herin his will, written on that date.

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