The Breeden and Hurst Families that Settled in Sevier County, Tennessee



The 1850 Census for Sevier Co., TN has the following listing;
Breeden Bryant age 50 b. TN
Mary age 43 b. TN
Lewis age 18 b. TN
Calvin age 14 b. TN
Thomas age 13 b. TN
Smith age 10 b. TN
Mathew age 8 b. TN
Amanda age 6 b. TN
Elizabeth age 4 b. TN
Rhoady age 6/12 b. TN
The 1860 Census lists:
Breeden Bryant age 59
Mary age 52
Mathew age 16
Elizabeth age 13
Thomas Catherine age 21
The 1870 Census lists:
Breeden Bryant age 69 b. TN $800 real estate $700 other
Mary age 64 b. TN
Bryant and Mary's will was written 12 August 1899 The will namesMartha Inman, the heirs of Susan Inman, Catherine Hurst, Louis Breeden,Calvin Breeden's Heirs, Thomas Breeden's Heirs and Smith T. Breeden'sHeirs. Then it names Amandy Smith, Marth Breeden.


Mary Ann Panther was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. When she wasabout 3 years old, her parents died from measles and she was adopted by aWebb family. (Source: Rebecca Randall her ggggrandaughter). In the1850 census she is listed as 43, in the 1860 Census she was listed as 52and in the 1870 she was 64. The average birth year hence would be 1807(43 years before 1850, 53 years before 1860 and 63 years before 1870).
It is probable that this was the family of Joseph Webb who livednear Bryant Breeden's father, James Breeden Jr. -- J. J. Henry


Amanda is listed with Bryant and Mary in the 1850 Census but is notlisted with them in the 1860 census. She could have married before thecensus but I find no record and her younger sister Rhoda is also missingin the 1860 Census. They probably died in childhood, possibly ofRubella, Typhoid or Diphtheria.


Rhoda is listed as 6 months old in the 1850 Census but only Mathewand Elizabeth are listed in the 1860 Census with Bryant and Mary. Shemust have died before 1860.

Sevier HURST

Sevier Hurst lived on Lynn Creek, (an upper branch off of WilhoiteCreek). He and one of his daughters died sometime between 1864-70 whenfear of bushwhackers (raiding ex-confederates] was prevalent in EastTennessee. The two are buried close to where his house stood, not in oneof the cemeteries, because the family was afraid to leave home for fearthat raiders might come and rob them and burn their house while they wereaway.

Rebecca Jane NUNN

Tombstone names her B, J. (Becky Jane) Hurst.

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