Descendants of William CARTER


52. Alfred Moore CARTER

Alfred M. Carter is listed in the following US censuses for CarterCo., TN
1830 -- Alfred M. Carter, 2m5-9, 2m10-14, 1m30-39, 1m40.49, 2f15-19,1f30-39
1840 -- A. M. Carter, 1m15-19, 1m20-29, 1m50-59, 1f30-39
He is not listed in the 1850 Census and Evelina B. Carter is listedas head of Household in the 1850 Census.
Alfred M. Carter's will was written 31 Jan. 1843
The will names his wife Evelina B. Carter as principal heir but specifiesthat after her death the property be equally divided between,
David W. Carter
The heirs of Elizabeth J. Rhea
Landon D. Carter
Samuel P. Carter
William B. Carter Jr.
and James P. T. Carter.

60. Elizabeth J. CARTER

Elizabeth Rhea's death date is implied from her grandmother's andher father's will. Apparently she was still alive on 22 March 1841 whenher grandmother mentioned her in her will, but had died before 31 January1845 when her father wrote his will and mentioned her heirs.

62. Samuel Powhatan CARTER

Samuel P. Carter was a Commander in the US Navy when the Civil Warstarted. President Lincoln asked him to help train the Army and made hima Brevet Brigadier General in charge of training. By war's end he hadbeen promoted to Major General. After the war he returned to the Navyand rose to the rank of Rear Admiral. He is the only man to hold flagrank in both the Army and Navy in the history of the US.


George Duffield was born in Pennsylvania and is a descendent ofSamuel Duffield, a famous Presbyterian minister in Philadelphia whoserved a term as Chaplain of the Continental Congress in the late 17thcentury. George was a lawyer and had a practice going in Philadelphiawhen he suddenly left and went to Greeneville, TN about 1794. A friendof Andrew Jackson he became a friend of Landon Carter. George was yourtypical "Philadelphia Lawyer" and so impressed Andrew Jackson that helater offered him appointment to the Tennessee Supreme Court. HoweverGeorge refused. Earlier, when Landon died, George had moved toElizabethton to help his widow manage their sizeable estate. Four yearslater, he had married Landon's daughter, Sally. He gave the excuse ofpressing family business for refusing the appointment.
George served as a Major in the war of 1812 and was with Gen.Nathaniel Taylor at the battle of Mobile Bay. He was also Principalfounder of Duffield Academy in Elizabethton, Carter Co., TN

55. William Blount CARTER

William served as a Colonel in the War of 1812.
He is listed as head of a household in the 1830 US Census in CarterCo., TN.
Carter, William B. 1m<5, 1m10-14, 1m15-19, 1m30-39, 1f30-39, 1f50-59
William B. Jr. was 14 in 1830 and Wm. B. Sr was 37, and his wifeEliza about 36. His mother would have been 64 in 1830, so the female50-59 could have been his wife's mother (though his mother is known tohave been alive in 1830 and is not accounted for). That leaves a maleless than 5 and a male 15-19 not accounted for.
He was a State Representative and a delegate and presiding officerof the 1834 State Constitutional Convention. Elected as a Whig to the USCongress for three terms (4 March 1835 - 3 March 1841) died inElizabethton, Carter Co., TN, 17 April 1848.

James Patton TAYLOR

James Patton Taylor was assigned AFN: JS22-6P as Living husband ofElizabeth Carter Duffield and also AFN: SRC5-C4 as son of NathanielTaylor and Mary Patton. These are one and the same person.

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