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(4) William3 GOAD, (Abraham2 GOAD, Richard1 GOURD) was born in Aug 1693 in 
North Farnham, Richmond Co., Va, and about 1712, married (11) MARY.  
William died on Jan 18, 1731/1732 in Henry Co., Va.  
MARY died on Jan 20, 1734/1735.

William Goads's birth is recorded in the parish register.  Also his married 
to a Mary (surname unknown).  For some curious reason, he was not mentioned 
in William Smyth's will although it may be he was named for his 
step-grandfather.  This William pre-deceased his father, Abraham.  Only 
two references are found in the Richmond County deed books.  The first is 
the conveyance by him and Abraham to William Downman in 1724, mentioned 
before.  The second was under date of December, 1729 when William Goad of 
Richmond County conveyed to William Downman a tract of 45 acres being a 
part of the land William lived on and being from the western most side of 
his plantation.  William died January 18, 1732 according to the parish 
register.  The same source gives the death date of his wife Mary as 
January 30, 1735.  No clue has been found as to the identity of his wife 
but the birth dates of their two children are found in the parish 
           12   +       Ann4 GOAD       b. Feb 13 1712+  
           13   +       William GOAD    b. Feb 27 1716+  

(5) Hannah3 GOAD, (Abraham2 GOAD, Richard1 GOURD) was born in Nov 1695 in 
Northern Virginia, USA, and in 1714, married (14) Tobias PHILLIPS, son of 
John PHILLIPS and Elizabeth TOBIAS, who was born Jul 12, 1687 in North 
Farnham, Old Rappahonnack, Virginia, USA.  Tobias died on Nov 1, 1739 
in North Farnham, Richmond Co., Va.  Tobias had a mistress Margaret LAWRENCE.  
           15   +       Elizabeth4 PHILLIPS     b. Nov 18 1715   
           16   +       Jane PHILLIPS   b.        1718   
           17   +       Frances PHILLIPS        b. Mar 10 1717+ d.        1777
           18   +       Richard PHILLIPS        b. Jan 20 1721+  
           19   +       Hannah PHILLIPS b.c       1724  d.a       1800
           20   +       George PHILLIPS b.        1725  d.a       1788

She also married about 1748 in Richmond Co., Va, (21) William DODSON, son 
of Charles DODSON and ANNE, who was born in 1685 in Richmond Co., Richmond, 
Va.  William died on Aug 6, 1753 in Richmond Co., Va.

Pg. 15.  Hannah, wife of Tobias Phillips, m/2 Wm. Dodson of Richmond Co., 
VA about 1748.  They had no children.  Dodson's will probated 6 Aug 1753 
and witnessed by Thomas Lawrence.... 
It is mentioned that Elizabeth Dale, the younger daughter of Reuben Dale 
and Elizabeth Simmonds married William Dodson.  I am not sure that this 
is the William Dodson but the time and ages would fit perfectly.
  No children of this marriage in these records.

(6) John3 GOAD, (Abraham2 GOAD, Richard1 GOURD) was born Nov 27, 1700 in 
North Farnham, Richmond Co., Va, and married (22) CATHERINE.  
John died on Jul 23, 1771 in Bedford Co., Va.  CATHERINE died after 1738.
24 + Joanna4 GOAD b. Nov 1 1723 d.aAug 15 1773 25 + Mary Elizabeth GOAD b. Jul 12 1726 26 + John GOAD, Jr. b. Jul 1 1729 27 + Hannah GOAD b. Apr 7 1732 28 + William GOAD b. Mar 3 1733+ This is taken from Sevier Family History page 526-527. Louis C. Goad, vice president of General Motors, says his grandfather told him their family were both planters and merchants in Virginia. His great-great-grandparents were John Goad and Polly Moody; his Great-grandparents, Willaim Goad and Jennie Allison; his grandparents,Thomas Goad and Elizabeth Bundy, and, with their families, came down the Ohio River by flatboat. The brother settled in Southern Ohio. Thomas settled in Posey Co., Ind., on a tract of land bounded by the White River on the west and the Ohio River on the south. He built and donated the first schoolhouse in Posey County. He was a farmer and also had a large wagon and furniture building business. Louis' parents were William Goad and Mary Katherine French. William was in the millworking business. Ken Haas disagrees with the account above and says that Catherine is the mother of the first five children and presumably of the last three as well. Mike Goad's page has the first five children born to John and Katherine GOAD He also married on Aug 11, 1740 in Brunswick, Va, (23) Ann ISHAM who was born about 1699 in North Farnham, Va. Children: 29 + Ann GOAD b.c 1736 30 + Robert GOAD b.c 1738 31 + Abraham GOAD b. Apr 11 1740 d. Jan 8 1816 (7) Elizabeth3 GOAD, (Abraham2 GOAD, Richard1 GOURD) was born about 1705 in Richmond Co., Va, and married (32) John DODSON, son of Charles DODSON and ANNE, who was born about 1687 in Richmond Co., Va. Children: 33 + Thomas4 DODSON b. 1728 34 + Peter DODSON b. May 22 1735 d. Sep 1800 (8) Alice Ellis3 GOAD, (Abraham2 GOAD, Richard1 GOURD) was born about 1710 in Bedford Co., Va, and married (35) John FOWLER who was born about 1710 in Richmond Co., Va. Alice Ellis died on Aug 27, 1767 in Richmond Co., Va. John died on Apr 13, 1750 in Richmond Co., Va. Wills of Richmond Co. by Robert Headley, Jr. pg 133 - pg 420 Alice Fowler, will; 27 Aug 1767, 7 Sept 1767. daus. Anne Cornelius and Alice Dale; son Richard and John; ex: George Glascock and son John: wits: George Glascock, Jr. Rawleigh Gibson, George Hankes. Wills of Richmond Co. Va - by Robert Headley, Jr. pg 100 - pg 604 - John Fowler, will; 13 Apr 1750, 7 May 1750. Plantation and land to wife Alice, after her death to son William, es: wife; wits: D. Newgent, Reuben Dale, Joseph Brannan. Children: 36 + Richard4 FOWLER b.c 1730 37 + John FOWLER b.c 1731 d. Apr 13 1750 She also married on Sep 9, 1726 in Richmond Co., Va, (38) Fortunatus DODSON who was born about 1704 in Va. Fortunatus died on Sep 9, 1737 in North Farnham, Richmond Co., Va. Children: 39 + Samuel4 DODSON 40 + Lucy DODSON b. 1728 41 + James DODSON b. 1730 42 + Anne DODSON b. Nov 10 1732 43 + Hannah DODSON b. 1734 44 + Alice DODSON b. Mar 15 1734 d. 1802 (9) Abraham3 GOAD, (Abraham2 GOAD, Richard1 GOURD) was born Mar 10, 1709/1710 in Bedford Co., Va, and about 1735 in Prince William, Va, married (45) Joanna WHEATLEY. Abraham died on Jul 13, 1779 in Pittsylvania Co., Va. Abraham Goad of Pittsylvania County, Virginia p.10. His father left him a tract of land but there is no record in the deed indices of his selling it. His wife, named Joanna, appeared in the parish register in recording the birth of their eldest child. Abraham sold his other land to his brother, Peter and probably left Richmond County after the birth of the first child in 1736. He was probably in Pittsylvania County, VA, when the county was formed in 1767. He appears in the order books of the county as early as 1769. Abraham wrote his will (signing it by the mark "A") on July 13, 1779 and it was proved September 21, 1779 and probated in Deed Book 5, page 451. He left his daughters one shilling each and his son, William, one shilling. His land he devised to his sons, Robert and Abraham. His wife, Joannah, is not mentioned in the will so it is presumed that she predeceased him. Land grant records at the Virginia State Library in Richmond record that in 1769, Abraham Goad of Pittsylvania County received a grant of 374 acres on Frying Pan Creek, adjoining Dalton. Two of his grandsons, sons of Robert, would later marry Dalton sisters. Other than the above, almost nothing of the life of this Abraham Goad is known. Without the wills of Abraham, John and their father, we would know little about the Goad family prior to 1780. Abraham is referred to today by those who research the family as "Pittsylvania Abe." There is some reason to believe that he lived for a time in Price William Coiunty after he left Richmond County and before he settled in Pittsylvania. The will does not mention his wife Joannah, so it is assumed that she had predeceased him; it does list nine children, all of whom were bequeathed one shilling, excepting Robert and Abraham who were devised the land. (see source) Children: 46 + Sarah4 GOAD b. Apr 7 1736 47 + Mary GOAD b.c 1738 48 + Hannah GOAD b.c 1740 49 + Elis GOAD b.c 1742 50 + William GOAD b.c 1744 51 + Judith GOAD b.c 1745 52 + Ruth GOAD b.c 1750 d.a 1821 53 + Abraham GOAD b.c 1752 54 + Robert GOAD b. 1750 (10) Peter3 GOAD, (Abraham2 GOAD, Richard1 GOURD) was born May 27, 1715 in Richmond Co., Va. Peter died on Dec 1, 1794 in Richmond Co., Va. Wills of Richmond co. Va 1699-1800 By Robert K. Headley, Jr. Page 90 Joan Miller, Will 23 Sep 1745, 7 Oct 1745 Isaac Dale, Being first sworn, saith on oath that he is now, as he is infomred, in the 17th year of his age and being at the house of Peter Goad on Wednesday the 18th of the current September month where Joan Miller had resided about 5 months and then and there lying sick but in perfect sense, he heard Alice Fowler ask the said Joan Miller if she wanted Peter Goad or any other person sent for to settle her business; she answered she wanted nobody sent for. The said Alice Fowler asked her if she wanted to speak to anybody to say (If they would surely...tell them) She said she did not want to speak to any other person but to those who were present and then she gave to Anne Goad her hat and Calico Petticoat and all the chest of her things to be equaly divided between the said Alice Fowler, Anne Goad, and Frances Dale, this deponent, was called as an evidence and the words repeated to her, the said Joan Miller, upon which she answered they and upon the 21st day of the same month she died at the said Peter Goad's house. Page 179 Peter Goad, Will; 26 Apr 1786, 1 Dec 1794 Acquaintance Col. George Glascock all my Carpenter and Cooper's tools, acquaintance Miss Sarah Glascock all my land that I got of my brother Abraham Goad, that is the tract lying between Capt. Thomas Williams and Turner Hanks, Dec'd. The land whereon Hannah Dale now lives. EX: Fr. Col. George Glascock; wits: Jundith Glascock, Catherine Glascock. (12) Ann4 GOAD, (William3 GOAD, Abraham2, Richard1 GOURD) was born Feb 13, 1712/1713 in Richmond Co., Va. (13) William4 GOAD, (William3 GOAD, Abraham2, Richard1 GOURD) was born Feb 27, 1716/1717 in Richmond Co., Va. This William is mentioned in his grandfather Abraham Goad's will in 1733.
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