Mr. Payne;
Your research site has been a great help to me and I must admit how excited I was to have found it.
I must start by telling you that my mother was Elizabeth Stone who married Willie Frank Jones. When I was in my early twenties and my Grandfather was living he use to tell me about his brothers and sisters who I got to me most of them before their deaths. I decided to search my mothers family lineage to find out who we were and where we came from. I took one level or branch at a time along with my grandmothers family lineages that married into the Stone family. Needless to say that being married and having to work and try to keep up with research was not a very easy thing to do especially when you are an over the road trucker. It was the early 1970's when I started my research. By the end of that decade I had to stop. My driving just would not provide the time I needed to do research. I was able to research my Stone lineage back to my 4th.great grandfather. He and his wife's name is all I had when I had to stop.
I drove for thirty years plus and now my health is failing me and they have stopped me from driving. They stopped me in December 2006. I was told that I have a lung disease that will eventually take my life. The doctor has told me that I can use medications and other treatments that will give me more quality time but it will not stop the progression of the disease.
I knew my health was getting bad but I wouldn't admit it. I am only 54 years of age. The hope of me making 57 years looks bleak. I tire so easily these days and give out of breath easily. My hopes after I had sit around for a few months was to find something to do to occupy my time. I have great grandchildren and I know that afterwards the memory they have of me
will be stories that are related to them by those older. I decided to finnish my lineage but I need help for I cannot travel as I once did. This is why I ask if you could help me with some of my research. My research up to my fourth great grandfather is well documented. I have even documentation on two of his brothers and through one of the brothers found out what my fifth great grandfathers name was. It's the documentation that I need to confirm who his parents were and where he was born and what happened to him. I need to know who he married and what happened to her.
 My lineage is in this order;
  Bill Jones ... b. 1/17/1954 ... married; Gladys Elaine McPeek
  Elizabeth Stone ... b. 9/20/1937 ... married; Willie Frank Jones Sr.
  John David Blackmon Stone ... b. 2/24/1895... married; Georgia May Medlin
  Neill Archibald Stone... b. 11/24/1864... married; Nanny Catherine Wicker
  Archibald Stone... b. 3/28/1838... married; Jane Buchanan
  Samuel Hatton Stone... .b.   1790... married; Priscilla Hight
  John B. Stone Sr.,... b.  1760... married Sarah "Sally" Walker
  William Stone ... b. about 1734...
The two brothers of John B. Stone Sr. were Jonathan Stone born in 1757 and William Stone born in 1763. All three were born in Halifax County, North Carolina and all three moved to Franklin County,North Carolina. Jonathan would move again but stayed in the same area of North Carolina in the county of Nash. William on the other hand moved apparently as a widower with his son to Rusk County, Texas via a twenty year stay in Gilmer County, Georgia and several other Georgia Counties. His son Lemuel Roberson Stone married Sarah Cooper and had all their children in Georgia.
William was 66 years old when he left N.C to Georgia and was 86 years old when he and Lemuel and several of Lemuels children moved on to Texas. William applied for his Revolutionary War Pension in Texas about the year 1855. He had to swear a deposition and affidavit as to who he was since he had lost his discharge papers. In his testimony he tells of being born on the Manatock River off a feeder creek called "Fishing Creek". He testifies that he is William Stone Jr. of Halifax and Franklin Counties, North Carolina. If he was a Junior then the father has to be a Senior. I have checked all William Stones that I could locate born within a reasonable time to have father Jonathan as his first child but they were all accounted for. I moved my search up into Virginia since the 1790 Franklin County census list the three brothers as separate family units and not their parents. I came across many William Stones' so I set up a theory that William would have been on the average about 23 years of age when he fathered his first child. In this case it would be Jonathan born in 1757 less the 23 years of age would place Jonathan's fathers birth at about 1734.
William and Sarah of Totuskey Creek had a son named William born in 1734. Other than he was his mothers executor of her will nothing more is known about him. John B. Stone Sr. had a son he named Thomas Green Stone. I kept wondering where the name Green came from until I saw that William and Sarah had a daughter named Lucy who married Henry Green. John B. Stone Sr. brother William Stone Jr. named his son Lemuel Roberson Stone. My understanding is that William who was married to Sarah, parents were William Stone and Elizabeth Roberson. This I believe is my lineage but I can't prove it to be. I am trying to get up with my Mother's brother and sister to get a DNA sample to send in to see if our lineage is recorded and who they really are. In the mean time any help would be appreciated.
Please contact me at
Thanks so much and I'm sorry for such a long posting.
Bill Jones

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