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Diane - Thanks for the great "site" and all the info you sent. I am actually researching the DRAPER family; but, somehow the STONES, the TOONES and the FANNS fit in with the DRAPER family in Richmond Co., VA. I am sending you what I have been able to find so far on John Stone and William Stone. If you see anything re a THOMAS DRAPER having to do with these two families, please let me know. The Drapers also migrated to Amelia Co., Lunenburg Co., and then Union, SC. I will send you some info on the Toones.

Again, thanks. Look below:

JOHN STONE 1623 Census for Virginia: At Hog Island - John Stone and infans. At the Indian Thickets - John Stone From: Abstracts from Records of Richmond County, Virginia:

12 May 1692 - Col. John Stone, sworn sheriff. 07 June 1699 - The will of Col. John Stone, presented by Mrs. Ann Metcalfe, who is also granted admistration of the estate of her deceased husband, Mr. Richard Metcalfe. His Will, now missing, was probated on 3 Nov 1698 by Elias Wilson and Thomas Lawson in Richmond Co. His executors were: Anne Metcalfe (daughter), Richard Metcalfe (son-in-law), Henry Fleet (step-son), and Edwin Conway (his step-son-in-law). Col. John Stone was last married to Sarah ____ Fleet - Walker. Sarah had been married to Col. John Walker and Col. Henry Fleete before marrying Lt. Col. John Stone before 2 Oct 1661.

From "Will Records from Old Rappahannock County, VA.:

Sarah Stone's lst Will was written before she married Col. John Stone: "Will of Sarah Walker. Dated 18 1668/9 and probated Dec. 29, 1679. "I Sarah Walker Doe give and bequeath unto Coll. John Walker's six daughters as Followeth: unto Annie Paine one negro boy called Richard and one young filly. To Frances Walker one negro boy called Peter and one young filly. To Jane Walker one negro girl named Deborah and one young filly. To Elizabeth Walker one negro girl named Susannah and one young filly. To Sarah Walker, one negro girl named Mareay (sic) and one young filly. To Easter (sic) Walker one negro boy called Palmer and one young filly. To Frances, Jane, Sarah and Easter Walker 5 cows at marriage. To Anne Paine, Frances, Jane and Elizabeth Waler all the plate that was their father's to be equally divided among them. To my son Henry Fleete one Silver Buckle and one Silver spoon at my decease. To my daughter Mary Burden one Silver Tankard and onw Ailcwe spoon at my decease. To my daughter Sarah Walker one Great Silver Salt cellar and one Silver spoon at my decease. To my daughter Esther Walker one Silver Bason and one Silver spoon at my decease. To Frances, Jane and Elizabeth Walker ten pewter dishes at marriage. I give unto my son Henry Fleete when he cometh to age one feather bed and Boulster, one Rugg, one paire blankets, one paire pillows and pillowbeeres and one paire of sheets. I give unto my daughter Mary Burden one feather bed and Boulster, one paire of blankets, one paire of sheets with a couple of pillows at her marriage. Test: Francis Settle and Richard Fox. (W.B. #2 p 142)." Evidently only two of his daughters, Col. John Walker, viz: Sarah and Esther Walker, were hers also, the other four daughters having been by Col. Walkers first wife Elizabeth.......While this is called and listed as her Will, it was evidently an entirely different document, as she was later to marry again and to die as the wife of Col. John Stone of Rappahannock, later Richmond County. Sarah Stone 2nd Will: "TO ALL CHRISTIAN PEOPLE to whom these presents shall com & CKNOW yee that I SarahStone, Alias Walker of the County of Rapp did in the time of my widowhood but before I had proved the Will of Colonel John Walker my Late Husband Deceased did set apart certaine young negroes Certaine Cattle Some Plate and household (goods) which I did intend to give to the children of Coll John Walker deceased as also to some of my owne had by him and to that Intent Richard Fox did make a writing of the Particulars soe Intended upon Consideration that I might oblige them the more to Love and Respect me and stir up filial affection in them unto me but finding contrary to Expectation I am for my good will and affection to them Contemned and despised and Rewarded with Contumelius words and opprobrious actions and my loving husband, John Stone molested by Litigious Lawsuits and daily threatened by more suits of Law doe by these presents of Wrighting Annulling Revoking and making void all and Every the said Premises Part Parcell or Gift therein Contained in the said Wrighting as if there never was or had been such Gifts by writing made interesting and giving then fully to the disposing of my own loving husband and do further declare that I the said Sarah Stone alias Walker did never subscribe the said Wrighting but what is there subscribed is the act and subscription of Richard Fox and doe moreover with the consent of my loving husband John Stone make ordaine Constitute and appoint this as act and deed in Court. IN WITNESS whereof I have sett my hand and Seale this 2nd day of November Anno 1672. Signum: Sarah (X) Stone (Seale). Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Thomas Blissedd and Henry Creighton. I acknowledge my Consent to this as Witness my hand and Seale the day and year above written: John Stone. Test: Thomas Blissed and Henry Crighton. (Book 5, 1671-1676, pg 10).


WILLIAM STONE, Farnham Parish, Will; 7 Nov 1704, 31 Jan 1707/08 sons Phillip, Joshua; son-in-law Robert Scolfield; grandsons Gregory and John Glascock; wife Sarah; daughters Elizabeth, MARY FANN, ex. Wife; no wits.

1705 - William Stone & Elizabeth Stone, two of the children of WILLIAM STONE, deceased, vs SARAH, executrix of said deceased. 6 Aug. 1706 - Deed of Philip Stone (& Sarah his wife) as heir to his father, WILLIAM STONE, deceased. 31 Jan. 1707 - STONE, WILLIAM, Recorded 31 Jan 1707. Sons Philip, Joshua, son-in-law Robert Schofield, grandson John Glasscock; wife SARAH STONE; daughter Elizabeth Stone; daughter MARY FANN. 10 June 1707 - Deed of gift from Francis Stone to Sarah and Katherine Key, daughters of his wife, Mary Stone, by her former husband, James Key. 02 July 1711 - Will, STONE, SARAH (X) 02 July 1711-01 May 1717. Daughter Elizabeth Dawson; son William.

There is a Will in 1717 on a SARAH STONE which mentions lands belonging to JAMES TUNE which is Witnessed by a THOMAS DRAPER (re V. Freeman). FROM FAMILY TREE MAKER SUBMISSIONS:

STONE, MARY Died 20 Nov. 1732 md. Abt 1700 FANN, JOHN FANN, JOHN (b c1694 d 11/20/1719) md MARY STONE (c 1696) CHILDREN OF WILLIAM STONE: Sara Stone b 1678 Elizabeth Stone b 1680 Mary Stone b 1684 md John Fann Philip Stone b 1687 Joshua Stone b 1689 William Stone b 1691 VA md Anne Harrison Richmond Co., VA

John Fann b 1694 d 11/20/1719 FTM CD #10 md Mary Stone Children: Winifred Fann b 11/20/1714 md Wm. Hames, Jr. 11/26/1730 Richmond Co., VA

Fann Notes: There was a William Fann who entered Virginia in 1635 "Cavaliers & Pioneers"

Subj: The Seven Stone Children:
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Joe, you have a great!!! Stone page on the internet. I have enjoyed reading and studying your page. Since I am a descendant of one of the Stone lines you have on your page and have noticed several of the children have been omitted. I would like to share with you what I have on this family. I do not estimate birth or death dates of the names I have. What I have is my understanding and simple reasoning after reading the Wills of William and Sarah Stone. Diane (Sunnie William and Sarah Stone of Totuskey Creek, Va. (Totuskey Creek, Va. became part of Richmond County 5/12/1692) Seven children were born to this marriage: 1. Phillip Stone m. Sarah (he is mentioned in father's will) 2. Joshua m. Mary ( he is mentioned in father's will) 3. Mary m. John Fann ( she is mentioned in father's will) 4. Sarah b. 1671 d. 1730 m. Thomas Glascock ( she is not in will, two of her children are mentioned) 5. Elizabeth d. 10/9/1725 m. William Dawson (she is mentioned in father's will) 6. Daughter (name unknown) m. Robert Schofield (she is not named in father's will but her husband is mentioned) 7. William d. 1749 m. Elizabeth ( he is not in his father's will but he is the Executor of his mother Sarah's will proved 1717) Several land purchase deeds are recorded in Essex County Court House in Tappahannock, Virginia for William Stone (where Old Rappahannock County records are kept.) Deed Book # 5, page 86, 87 purchased 200 acres on Totuskey Creek , ate purchased 720 acres, page 105, recorded 4/7/1680, purchased 250 acres, page 106 recored 4/7/1680.

William Stone's will is recored in Warsaw, Va. 1/31/1707-08 in Folio F. 114V. A statement from his wife Sarah is recorded in Warsaw, Va. 1/31/1707 in Folio F 113 R. re: the disappearance of William's will which she has now found and has succeeded in getting it on record. The will of Sarah Stone is recorded May 1, 1717. Warsaw, Va. The youngest son William Stone is named as her Executor.

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