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 Descendants of Bartlett H. O'Dell 
Because of the length of this family report I am including it on five seperate pages. Generation one will be included on the first, second generation on the second, third on third, fourth on fourth and all others on the fifth.
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(1) Bartlett H.1 O'Dell was born about 1785 in Washington County, NC, and on 6 Aug 1813 in Washington County, Tn, married Elizabeth Quillen who was born about 1787 in NC/TN (?). Bartlett H. died on 10 Sep 1858 in Claiborne County, Tn. Elizabeth died on 11 Oct 1873 in Claiborne(?)/Union, Tn.
According to "OLD SPEEDWELL FAMILIES, Revised and Updated," page 279, Bartlett H. O'DELL "...Came from North Carolina to "the Barren County" of Claiborne County, TENNESSEE about 1800. EDWARDS also cites dates of death for both Bartlett and his wife, Elizabeth (QUILLEN). Per the 1850 Census, Bartlett reports that he was born in NC; some reports specify "Washington County", some say "Washington District" and some say only "NORTH CAROLINA." There is no known documentation to support any of these, except the consistency of census record responses to to the "Place of Birth" question. That response has been "North Carolina" in every instance researched by this compiler. Data collected from several descendants of Bartlett O'DELL give 1785 as his year of birth. Where this date originated is unknown. Lawrence EDWARDS uses this year of birth for Bartlett. Census records calculate to support it as well. Excerpts re the ODELL lineage, borrowed from descendents of John H. O'DELL, contained information from the book, "OVER THE MISTY BLUE HILLS," by Ruth WEBB O'DELL. One candidate for the father of Bartlett was John ODELL, the son of Benjamin, Sr. This John and his wife, were reported by the author of that book to have been shown with six children by the time of the enumeration of the 1800 census in Buncombe County, NC. This John's father, Benjamin ODELL, Sr. and John's brother, Benjamin, Jr. also appear in Buncombe County on that census. Buncombe County Deed Books show a sale of property in 1813, wherein John ODELL, "of Pendleton District South Carolina," was one of the parties involved. Unfortunately, the 1800 census enumeration shows no males in the "10-16" age range, where Bartlett should have been. All six children shown on this enumeration of John ODELL's household are under the age of ten. There are reports that a John ODEL/ODIL, living in the Shenandoah Valley, then in Washington County, TN, married a Margaret DENTON, widow of his good friend, John DENTON. There is some speculation that this may have been Bartlett's father. Another John ODIL, who resided for a time in SOUTH CAROLINA, later in Maury County, TN, and who eventually died in Graves County, KY, has also been considered as the father of Bartlett. There has, in fact, been no conclusive evidence that one of these or any other known "John ODELL/ODLE/ODIL/O'DELL" was Bartlett's father. Attempts to locate Bartlett on census records prior to 1840 have been unsuccessful. He apparently lived in someone else's household even after his marriage to Elizabeth QUILLEN, since his name never appears as the Head of the Household before 1840. Bartlett was on tax lists of Washington County, TN in 1814 and 1815, but he claimed no property in either of these acCountyings. Obviously, however, Lawrence EDWARDS' report that Bartlett was in "the Barren County" of Claiborne County by 1800 is not accurate. The marriage of Bartlett and Elizabeth (QUILLEN) is on record in Washington Co., TN. Bartlett was a the TN Militia in June, 1813. He was a veteran of the War of 1812. Per pension file records, he "was drafted at Jonesborough, TN on or about the 13th day of November, A.D. 1814 for the term of six months...." He was discharged 18 MAY 1815 after serving six months and six days. Elizabeth's and Bartlett's family appear on the U.S. Census in Claiborne Co., TN in 1840. Bartlett was not found as the head of a household in 1830. He did not appear on 1810 or 1820 census Compiler has searched neighboring Countyies in 1820 and 1830, but has been unsuccessful in locating Bartlett in either census record. October, 1997, compiler received a photocopy of pages from "THE PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF CLAIBORNE COUNTY TN, 1801-1988," from Eva (WELLS) McCARTY, another descendent of Bartlett O'DELL. Recorded on pages 24, 25 and 26 of that book, are "...Free Male Inhabitants, Twenty-One and Upwards, 1833." Page 26 contains the name of "Bartlet ODLE." This data confirms that Bartlett was in Claiborne County at least by 1833, but since he was not shown as the head of a household on the 1830 census, it would appear that he arrived there between 1830 and 1833. In the Pension File, Jesse and Mary Jones testified that they had known Bartlett before and at the time of his marriage "near Jonesborough, (TN)," in Washington Co. TN; they (the JONES family) had moved to Claiborne Co., TN "some years afterward, as did Bartlett and his wife, Elizabeth, ... have been neighbors to said parties since that date...". Per Deed Book Z, Bartlett contracted for purchase of 200 acres in Claiborne Co. in 1854; however, the original deed was evidently lost and not recorded until Jan. 1860, probably as a part of the probate settlement after Bartlett's death. According to the 1854 document, "...being the Same place whereon the Said Odell now lives and was conveyed from Said Cain to the Said Odell Some years since which conveyance is lost or mislayed without being recorded..." Although errors in reporting were not infrequent on census records, the informant in the household of Bartlett's son, Quillen O'DELL, in Franklin County, AR, in 1850, reported that Quillen was born in VA. Also, the informant in the household of McKindry EDWARDS in 1880 reported that McKindry's mother, "Artiemacey" (the daughter of Bartlett O'DELL), was born in VA. Since both of these children of Bartlett's, at other times were reported born in TN, this may not be significant; however it is possible that one or both of them could have been born in VA, indicating that Bartlett and his family went to VIRGINIA between the time they lived in Washington County, TN and the time they appeared in Claiborne County. (There is some evidence that the QUILLIN/QUILLEN/McQUILLEN family residedin VA, but no definite connection of Elizabeth (QUILLEN) O'DELL and those QUILLENs has been made.) From the contents of Bartlett's Pension Files, it appears that he filed in 1851 and again in 1855 for Bounty Land. One document from the Department of Interior indicates that the claim was re-examined in 1856. In 1871, shortly after the enactment of a new widow's pension law, Elizabeth QUILLEN O'DELL filed for a pension from the military service of her husband. She evidently was granted a pension in the amount of eight dollars a month until her death in 1873. Two application numbers do appear in the pension file, along with the applications and sworn statements of his witnesses. It is possible that Bartlett was granted the land, but did as many other veterans of the day, and sold the warrant to someone else. This possibility, however, has not been researched.
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BIO: According to "Old Speedwell Families", Elizabeth QUILLEN was born in NC about 1787 and died in Claiborne County, TN in 1873. The date of death was confirmed by records found in the Military Pension File. Elizabeth's marriage to Bartlett ODELL in 1813 is documented, but census statistics do not agree as to her date and place of birth. On the 1850 census, Elizabeth reports that she was born in NC, as was her husband. In 1860, two years after the reported death of Bartlett, there is an "Elizabeth ODELL" listed as head of the household just after that of William L. ODELL, her youngest son. In that record, Elizabeth's age is given as "60" (which would calculate to a birth date of ca 1800) and her place of birth is given as "TN." The application for widow's pension in 1871 gives her age as "78 years". EDWARDS reports that Elizabeth died in 1873, yet compiler was unable to find her on the census microfilm for Claiborne County in 1870. In 1880 her unmarried daughter is shown living in the home of Elizabeth's grandson, William "Frank" O'DELL, in Laurel County, KY. Compiler has been unable to locate the burial place of Bartlett O'DELL and his wife Elizabeth, but the pension file has confirmed that Bartlett died in 1858; Elizabeth died in 1873. Per the records in the file, Elizabeth was living with her son, Marshall L. O'DELL, in 1871 and 1872. Marshall's place of residence was given as "11 miles west of Tazewell in Claiborne" (TN).
Nov. 1996: Eva McCARTY, desc. of Elizabeth (QUILLEN) O'DELL via Mary Pauline (O'DELL) LAY, sent compiler a summary of census enumerations from Union County, TN which includes the households of Henry and "Mahaley" (O'DELL) ELLISON and Henry's widowed mother, Eliza ELLISON. In Eliza's household are enumerated: Eliza (60), Nancy CLEMANS (40), Martha (16), Mary (16), Elizabeth (13), Nancy (28) and "Elizabeth ODLE, 70." Since this compiler did not find Elizabeth (QUILLEN) in the 1870 census in Claiborne County, this probably is she, however, the age of this Elizabeth ODLE is not consistent with her age as reported in other documents, e.g. census records, the C.W. Pension application in 1871, etc. Still there have been many inconsistencies among records on this family.

Compiler located the 1870 enumeration for Marshall O'DELL in Claiborne County. Elizabeth was not in his household at the time of the enumeration. This leaves speculation as to where Elizabeth died; she may have returned to Marshall's home before her death; she may have died in the home of her daughter, Mahala Elizabeth ELLISON, in Union County. She may also have died in the home of Louisa/Eliza (O'DELL) NELSON, another daughter, who lived in Campbell County, TN.

Other correspondence between compiler and Eva McCARTY has also introduced the tradition among Eva's branch of the family that Elizabeth QUILLEN's father was "Charles QUILLEN." Compiler has tried to find evidence to support this report, but the only Charles QUILLEN found in Washington County, TN during the time that Elizabeth and Bartlett would have been there seemed too young to have been the father of Elizabeth. This Charles married Harriet GYRE after Elizabeth's marriage to Bartlett. There was a Thomas QUILLEN who appeared on Tax Lists of Washington County, TN during the same time as Bartlett; this Thomas disappeared from those tax rolls about 1818. There has been no documentation found which would link Thomas to Elizabeth, however.
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2 1 Nancy2 O'Dell was born about 1814 in Tennessee. Nancy died after 1888 in Laurel County, Ky.
BIO: This daughter of Bartlett O'DELL is listed in his household in 1850 as "36" years old; on the 1860 census in Claiborne Co., TN, "Elizabeth O'DELL" is listed as head of the household, and there is a "Nancy" listed there who is "40" years old. In 1880, "Nancy" is listed in the home of her nephew, and her age is given as "66." Most sources say that Nancy's father and mother were both born in N.C.; the 1880 census says both were born in VA. Nancy's exact birth place is not known. She is consistently reported to have been born in TN; her parents were been married in Washington County, TN, about 1813, and she was probably their first child. A brother, Quillen, was thought to have been born in Claiborne County, TN, but later research revealed two census records where his place of birth was recorded as "VA." He is thought to have been born about 1818. A sister, Artemicia, thought to be born about 1817 was reported to have been born in TN. The census records contain varied and somewhat conflicting data on members of this family. Other records refer to the "Speedwell CommUnionty" near Tazewell in Claiborne Co., TN. Lawrence Edwards, in his book about about the old Speedwell families, claims that Bartlett moved to Claiborne Co. as early as 1800, yet Bartlett is on militia lists from Washington Co. in 1813. His marriage to Elizabeth Quillen is recorded in Washington Co. in August of that same year. The family appears on Claiborne Co. census records in 1840, but attempts to locate the family between 1815 and 1840 have been unsuccessful. (Nancy is not mentioned in EDWARDS' book.) It is not known where Nancy ODELL died, but in April, 1888, Nancy and her former sister-in-law, Sarah OVERBEY O'DELL PHELPS, signed an affidavit, testifying on behalf of Sylvania OVERBEY in her efforts to obtain widow's benefits for her husband's C.W. service. On that affidavit, which Nancy signed with "her mark", Nancy's age is given as "73". Calculation would place her birth about 1815. Compiler did not find Nancy on the 1900 census and neither did she find her nephew, (Wm. Franklin O'DELL), with whom Nancy had been enumerated in 1880. Sarah PHELPS appeared in 1900 as a "boarder" in the home of Will Henry JOHNSON. February 1996: Compiler received copies of Military Pension File # 2049; Bartlett ODELL-Elizabeth QUILLEN ODELL. Testimony on behalf of Elizabeth's application for pension included sworn statements by Jesse and Mary Jones, husband and wife, who say that they were friends and neighbors of the ODELs even before their marriage. This testimony states that Bartlett and Elizabeth were both residents of Carter County, TN at the time of their marriage. The Jones couple also state that they moved from Carter County to Claiborne County about the same time as the ODELLs. If this report is true, Nancy may have been born in Carter County, TN. (It should be noted, however, that this eastern TN area had undergone a great deal of confusion as to which state - NC or TN - was to claim the area. It was highly possible that many of the residents of the area truly did not know in which County or state their homes were situated!)
REF: 1. William J. HEINLE; 219 E. Date Ave.; Casa Grande, AZ 85222; desc. of Mary Pauline "Polly" (O'DELL) LAY, sister to Nancy. 2. U.S. Census 1850, TN; Claiborne Co.; 4th Subd.; E Dist.; p 675; #1349/ #1349. Photocopy provided by Wm. J. HEINLE. 3. U.S. Census 1860, TN; Claiborne Co.; 2nd Subd.; Tazewell P.O.; p 26; #168/#168. Microfilm #653-1244. 4. U.S. Census 1880, KY; Laurel Co.; 4th & 5th Mag. Dist.; E.D.#57 p 42; #348/#364. Household of Wm. F. O'DELL. Microfilm #T9-427. 5. Civil War Pension File: Henry OVERBEY, #SC 110437. N.A., Wash. DC. (copy owned by compiler) 6. Military Pension File: Bartlett H. O'DELL; WC 2049 BWT 37502 8055; National Archives, Washington DC (Copy of file owned by compiler.)
+ 3 2 Artemicia O'Dell was born about 1816.
+ 4 3 Mary Pauline "Polly" O'Dell was born about 1818.
+ 5 4 Quillen B. O'Dell
+ 6 5 Louisa/Eliza O'Dell was born on 11 Apr 1824.
+ 7 6 Elisha Jordan O'Dell was born on 15 Aug 1827.
+ 8 7 Elizabeth Mahala O'Dell was born on 25 Aug 1830.
+ 9 8 Marshall Love O'Dell was born on 11 Apr 1832.
+ 10 9 William Lacy O'Dell was born about 1836.

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