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This is my Lineage, Participant # 12585, Lineage # 6. I prefer to use Flayle Payne as my starting point since it is such an unusual name.
Flayle Payne was Christened 29 Nov. 1696, St Mary Magdalene Anglican Church, London, England. His parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Payne. Flayle's father, Thomas, was listed as a Clothworker in the book, "London Inhabitants Within the Walls 1695".
The earliest record, found in America about Flayle Payne, was in Prince Georges's Co. Md. in Aug. 1727 when he was a witness in court. He was in a number of Prince George's Co. records, listed as a road supervisor, Indian scout, and received rewards for returning runaway slaves and bringing in squirrel heads
Flayle died in Frederick Co. Md. in 1765. His wife's name was never mentioned in any document that I have ever seen. His 1764 will named sons Thomas, John, Flayl, and Peter, and daughter, Martha Nichols.
John Payne, with wife, Mary, inherited "Payne's Delight" a 34 acre tract after Flayle died. John and Mary Payne sold "Payne's Delight" in Sept. 1773. On 28 March 1774, John Payne, "late of the Province of Maryland" ,purchased 112 acres in south Bedford Co Va., in an area near what is now Huddleston, Va. It was located on the head branches of the middle and north forks of Rock Castle Creek.

John Payne, son of Flayle, was born around 1730. He was named a Patriot in the American Revolution for furnishing supplies to the army. John Payne died in Bedford Co. in 1798 leaving a will naming wife, Mary, and sons, John, William and Thomas, and daughters, Katherine Kennett, Margery Harper, and Sarah Brown.
Thomas Payne, born about 1766, with wife, Sarah Frances "Fanny" Pollard Payne, whom he married in 1783, inherited a portion of his parent's, John and Mary Payne's land on Rock Castle Creek. This portion joined John Ayers's land.
Thomas Payne was also pressed into service during the American Revolution when he travelled to Richmond for salt. He used his team for five days to take supplies from Rockets Landing to the James River.
Thomas Payne died in Bedford Co. in 1847.  Thomas and Sarah's son, Pollard Payne, was born in Bedford Co. Va. Aug. 16, 1786. He was in the War of 1812 for awhile. Pollard married Elizabeth Franklin in Bedford Co. on Dec. 16, 1805.  After the land lotteries in Georgia made land available, Pollard and Elizabeth moved to Butts Co. Ga. about 1827. They had about twelve children. Pollard owned 26 slaves and a lot of land. In the 1840's and 50's.  Pollard and Elizabeth moved to Marion Co. Ga., to an area which was later Schley Co. Pollard died in Schley Co. Sept 4, 1856. His grave was in the woods, near Ellaville Ga. We moved it to a nearby family plot located at old Mt Vernon Cemetery, Highway 240, near the Schley Co., Macon Co. line.
Thomas Payne, son of Pollard and Elizabeth Payne, was born in Bedford Co. Va  Oct 23 1808. He was the father of  twenty children, twelve by wife, Mahaly House, and eight by wife, Sarah Elizabeth Souter. Thomas died in Macon Co. Ga. 28 Dec 1883. He, along with both wifes, and several of their children, are buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery in Schley Co Ga.
John Simmons Payne, oldest of all of the children, was  born  2 Nov. 1828 in Butts Co. Ga. He married Julia Ann Spurlock 21 Dec 1850. John Simmons was wounded in the "Battle of Atlanta" Civil War, 1864.
James Thomas Payne, the only son, along with five daughters, of John Simmons and Julia Payne, moved to Turner Co. Ga. about 1890. John Simmons moved there a few years later after his wife died in Macon Co.
John Simmons Payne died in Turner Co. Ga. on 21 Feb. 1908. His son, James Thomas Payne,  was born in Schley Co. Ga. 11 Aug, 1858. He married Mary Jane Spurlock in 1878. They had thirteen children. My Daddy, Paul Clinton Payne, was the youngest of the thirteen.
James Thomas Payne died in Turner Co. Ga 11 oct 1942. Mary Jane died in Frostproof, Fla in 1946.
My Daddy, Paul Clinton Payne, married Sarah John Williams in Turner Co. Jan 18, 1939. They both died in 2003, and are buried in Live Oak cemetery in Turner Co. Ga..
I, William "Billy" C. Payne was born 14 Jan. 1940 in Turner Co. Ga. I have a younger brother,David, and a sister, Janice, who live in South Georgia. I am married to Mary Waters, and we have a son, Joseph Allen, born in 1982. We live near North Augusta, S.C.


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