A Ride on the Train

Before leaving on a trip to the New River area of Scott County, Tennessee we took a few pictures of our house decorated for fall and Halloween. Also what was left of our garden, the tomato plants, far less than I grew in 1982, over 2000 tomato plants, and earned the title Conservation Farmer of the Year for that year. Then we left for the New River Scenic Railway near Helenwood, Tennessee. Closed after arsons burned their depot. (see below)

In cousin James Toomey Baker's book "The Diary of Bettie (Phillips) Toomey" she talks of all her train trips.  For anyone interested
in the book please contact the Scott County (Tennessee) Historical Society

I called again the Fall of 2009 to reserve a ride on the New River Scenic Railroad for my wife's October birthday and found that the rides were halted because of the following incident. October 28, 2009, WBIR - New River Scenic Railway depot burns; arson suspected. Fire investigators in Scott County are looking into the fire that consumed the New River Scenic Railway depot as arson. . The following from an April 2010 posting to their facebook page:

The line that New River Railway uses was sold recently and the owner has declined to allow operations to resume. We are working on other opportunities for excursions in the immediate area. We will keep our web and FB pages to keep everyone up to date. If you still hold a paid ticket and have not received a refund, please contact us for refund information. We really appreciate everyone's support.
April 23, 2011 - Knonews.com Excursion train plans in the New River Valley stymied Co-founders seeking approval to continue scenic railway trips. This article indicates that the New River Scenic Railway is still not back up and running as of 2012. It seems that my wife and I probably rode the train the only year in existance (2008).






Below are pictures of Amy and I at the Frostee Freeze during the summer 2008 Cancer Survivors Meetings. I sat with Dr. Robert Ziegler, who I have been acquainted with for years. He is one of the most interesting people and understandably one of the most intelligent men that I can ever remember knowing. Other than Dr. Herman Matthews, who was one of the BSC Bowl experts. Also one picture of us later that day at the Melungeon gathering at Lincoln Memorial University. Amy says I am part Melungeon, and I think I may be. Also some pictures of our back porch and concrete landing that I myself planked and poured concrete for. Putting up a bug light for a cousin coming to enjoy some food off of the grill at a cookout. Also pictures of our yard and garden and Amy's PINK bathroom.

house_a.jpg house_b.jpg