Two Hundredth Year Celebration of
Formation of State of Tennessee

Sarah "Sally" England married Enoch Payne on August 22, 1818 in Scott County VA. Sarah was born in 1796 in VA. She died between 1850 & 1860 in Hancock County TN. Enoch was born in 1796 in TN. His parents were John Payne and Rachel Parker. They were married in Washington County TN on Aug 6, 1794. The Paynes migrated through Sullivan County into Scott County VA, then into Hancock and Hawkins County, TN. Enoch Payne wrote a will after his son William G. died. I have an old letter Xeroxed stating William G. Payne died of typhoid in the fall of 1860.
Certificate with Lineage on file at McClung Historical Museum
Enoch's grandfather Reuben Payne owned land along the North Carolina and Tennessee boundry about the time it became a State.

On that day we cleared the brush from around the daughter of Hiram E. Payne's grave high on a hill across the road from the Enoch Payne house. This is the grave of Isabel Payne Church b.1821 died Dec. 1859 in Hancock Co., TN. Eula Mae McNutt said that Hiram E. Payne as well as wife and several others are buried at this spot.

July 4, 1995 my brother Eddie and I along with Eula Mae McNutt Lyon and Mildred Horton Street visited the Enoch Payne house below Gate City, Virginia
By the time the house was built the land lied entirely in Tennessee. Here the original 1833 Land Grant to Enoch Payne.
William G. Payne died of typhoid in the fall of 1860. He lived in the old log house with a breezeway – later called the Jim Fields house – located in the lower part of Vergie & Kemp Begley’s garden. These Paynes are buried in a honeysuckle patch above the road on the VA side – near Preacher Robinette’s place close to the fence. Someone cut cedar tops on top of them. There are several rocks there, but it hasn’t been cleared off enough to see how many (if any) chiseled dates are on them.
My brother Eddie Payne and I visited Coy Hass and family near Gate City, Va along with Eula Mae McNutt and Mildred Horton Street in July 1995
Visited the Church Cemetery just behind house. Ibby Payne married William Church and was last Payne owner of house.
My brother Eddie, Eula and Mildred - All are now gone - 10 years later.
Miss Ida Begley, a descendant of Enoch Payne and Sally England painted an oil painting from atop this ridge late in the 1800's. That picture was featured in the Hancock County Historical Society article on Enoch Payne Family
Enoch Payne and Sally England house looking North West
Front of Enoch and Sally Payne house. Mrs. Hass and Eula Mae
Eula Mae and Mrs. Hass looking at old survey marker for Tennessee Virginia probably set 1868.
Mr. Coy Hass showing us the Tennessee side which would have been the house side.
Notice the V cut into the stone. For some history visit this link.
Mildred looking at the chimney for kitchen - house was built about 1834. Original two story log structure.
This side was added around 1900 when house was clapboarded.
View looking down England Valley, Scott County, Virginia
Eula Mae told me this was the ridge where Hiram England and Hiram Payne chased bushwhackers who had raided Hiram Payne's home. Hiram England escaped but Hiram Payne was shot and killed, son Anderson Payne wounded through both legs and crippled.
Looking across river towards part of original Enoch Payne land.
Not sure but I think this is an England homestead, very near England Cemetery
View up valley near England Cemetery
First group of pictures 1996 reunion - Coy Hass mailbox
Enoch Payne and Sally England House
Family Group visiting on May 11, 1996 - Most can be identified by following picutres.
Eula McNutt with my book on Reuben Payne and Elizabeth Sweatman - Martha Robinson Lambert - daughter of Lucille Payne Robinson behind her
Cissy Payne Stanifer and her son Payne Stanifer - Cissy (Mary Bryan) is daughter of John Tom Payne


Taking picture is Heather Forbis - daughter of Jenny (Virginia Dare) Robinson Forbis and John Forbis - Greensboro, NC. Uncle L.G. Payne II going in house
Eddie Payne - Mary Alice Archer McLauglin, daughter of Beatrice Payne Archer and the late John Archer, Franklin, NC
Hay field at Coy Hass residence - Hiram Payne is buried on ridge behind Coy Payne house. I have pictures but unable to find them.
Bardy (John Milton) Archer from Franklin, NC and brother Eddie
Buddy (Henry Horton "Hank") Robinson, son of Licille Payne Robinson and Payne Stanifer
Gerry (Geraldine) Robinson Stewart, Virginia Dare Robinson Forbis and Cissy Payne Stanifer
Lucille Payne Robinson added to picture with two daughters - Jenny and niece Cissy and Gerry
Donna Tucker Robinson, wife of Buddy (Hank) Robinson and Martha and Mary Alice
Cissy and Payne Stanifer
Jenny is experienced at parking cars. Her and family own two large funeral homes in Greensboro, NC
Let's try the two finger approach
Jenny and daughter Heather - we actually have some pictures of Heather facing the camera somewhere
The swinging bridge - which actually turned out to be one of the top attractions - almost like being at Dollywood.


Cissy was thinking about taking a swim I think
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