Pictures of John Payne and Elizabeth Fraizer Family

Here is the picture of John Payne and his family, all the names are on the back of the picture. I will send another email with the obit. of Elizabeth Payne and a funeral card of John Payne. They are both buried in the cemetery in Elgin, Nebraska. My Great Grandfather was Percy Wild Payne son of John. He married Anna Everhart, they had two sons, Raymond and Lester. My grandfather was Raymond, he married Thelma Cratty. They had two children Percy William and Donna Payne. Donna was never married and still living in Neligh, NE. Percy is my dad and still living in Elgin. He married Ceceila Thiele and they have five children, Susan (Sue), Patrica (Pat), Margret (Peg), Connie, and Raymond (Ray). I married Peggy Sue Kasselder and we have two children, Kix Raymond, age 15 and Nichol Rose, age 10. I want to thank you for your work on the Payne family. No one in my family had any information about John Payne, (brother or sister where he came from, nothing) until I found your web site.








Although I am practically sure that the two branches of the
Reuben Payne family that split in 1800 knew very little of each
other after about 1860 when Hiram Payne and Mary Anderson left Sullivan or Christian
Co., MO to return back to Scott Co., Va there was a similarity in this funeral card. 
It is the same card that L.G. Payne used for his first wife
Daisy Yoakum Payne who

Died in childbirth in 1900.  Below you can see the lineage of John Payne and
Elizabeth Fraizer compared to my lineage down from Reuben Payne. - Joe Payne



Reuben Payne
Elizabeth Sweatman


John Payne & Rachel Parker


Daniel Payne & Martha Fraizer

Enoch Payne & Sarah England


Reuben Payne & Sarah Norman

Hiram E. Payne & Mary Anderson


John Payne & Elizabeth Fraizer

Anderson G. Payne & Elizabeth Day


Percy Wild Payne & Anna Everhart

Lafayette G. Payne & Mattie A. Livesay


Raymond Payne & Thelma Cratty

Al G. Payne & Betty L. Phillips


Percy William Payne & Ceceila Thiele

Joseph A. Payne & Amy M. Rinker


Raymond Payne & Peggy S. Kasselder