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The early records of Augusta Co., VA are replete with the name Weir and Wear. The names seem to have been used interchangeably. Augusta Co., VA covered a large area and later other countries and parts of counties were formed from it. Today most of the records of Old Augusta County are found in Rockbridge Co. In 1912 Lyman Chalkley wrote three Volumes entitled "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia". The books summarize the early court records of this region. As in most all cases, original records should be referred to whenever possible, books on genealogy should be used as guidelines only.

They families of Hugh and Robert were closely connected as evident by the similarities or location and family ties.
A study of these records reveal that there were several Weir families living in Augusta Co., Va in the century from 1700 to 1800 - they were very early settlers of the region. We find on Aug 19, 1752 where Robert Weir and John Cunningham, both of Augusta, are Grantees from Richard Cousart of 333 acres.
Witnessed by Samuel Houston ( This Samuel was most probably the son of John Houston and Margaret McClung), Thos. Eakin, Andrew Lockridge.

In 1789 a Thomas Stuart of Augusta Co. died and a list of debts owed to the estate was filed with the court. The various people mentioned were identified in some way. There were five Weirs, three of whom were named John:
Jon Weir
(Smith's cousin), John Weir (Hughs brother), John Weir (Roberts son), James Weir (Jeremiah Telford's father in law), Hugh Weir (Smith) - reference fround in Chalkley's Chronicles Vol. III Page 189. This list gives us a great many clues. The word Smith, no doubt was used for blacksmith or silver smith since many in the list of 75 men were identified by their trade. Although there were many Weirs living in Augusta Co. all have not been divided into families with certainty.

In this text we are concerned with the Hugh Weir who owned a plantation in Rockbridge Co., VA and who died in 1779. He left a very interesting will, it is not punctuated and the spelling in phonetic - also it contains workds we are not familiar with today. Some punctuation has been added for clarity. One item is where Hugh speaks of his grandchildren to wit the Hughes. In studying the grandsons named Hugh we do find that daughter Elizabeth McCutcheon had a son Hugh who was born Feb 22, 1773, daughter Susana Buchanans son Hugh was born about 1775 and son Josephs son Hugh was born 1770-1780, according to the 1830-40 Blount Co., TN Census. Then of course Hugh states my Grandson Hugh to wit my son Johns son. All other grandsons named Hugh, that we have record of, were born after the date of old Hugh's will of Mar 31, 1779.

Will of Hugh Weir Rockbridge co., Va March 31st 1779
In the name of God Amen. I Hugh Weir of the County of Rockbridge and Colony of Virginia Calling to mind that mortality of my body though sound in Memory knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die as also believing that God is able at the Resurrection to Raise this same Body and to unite it to the soul again do make and constitute this my last Will and Testamnt. That is to say first and principally I give my soul to God who gave it and my Body to be Bruied in a Christian and Decent like manner at the Direction of my Executors and as Touching such wordly Estate as it hath pleased God to Bles me with I give and Bequeath in Manner following. First I give and bequeath to my Beloved wife my old bay mare two best Cows and four sheep her bed and furniture her Chest and also all Dressing furnishing my Dwelling House with a sufficient Maintinance from my plantation during her life, as also my Negro wench during her life and then I order her to my son Abrahm Jonathan likewise I order my plantation to my son Abraham and allow him to pay to my son James the sum of Two Hundred pounds good and lawful money of Viginia if Money stands at the same value it now goes at if it alters I leave my Executors Judges in that Alteration. Likewise I give and Bequeath to my son Abraham my Sorrel Colt paying to my son George and Hugh each fifty pounds leaving the Alteration as aforesaid to the Direction of my Executors the several sums I order Abraham to pay at the expiration of two years after my Decease. Also I give to my sons John, Joseph and Samuel to each Twenty Shillings likewise I give to my Daughters Jean Cunningham, Margret Montgomery, Mary Walker, Susanna Buchanan, Elizabeth McCutchen to each Ten Shillings likewise I give and bequeath to my Grandson Hugh to wit my son Johns son the sum of Twenty pounds. Also I allow my son Abraham to provide and lay in a sufficient Quantity of food for the aforesaid Stock willed to my wife yearly. Item I give to my Grandchildren to with the Hughes to each forty Shillings and the Remainder of the thick Cloath after Abrahms suit to be equally Divided betwixt my three youngest sons and all the Remainder of my Estate to my wife to pay debts and to be at her Disposal and lastly I constitute John Weir Junior and George Weir my Executors and Revoke all former wills witnes my hand and seal this 31st Day of March in the year above Mentioned.

Hugh Weir (Seal)
Signed Sealed and published in presence of us
Saml. Weir
Mathew Houston (This would the Houston family of Gen. Samuel Houston)
George Weir

desc-henry: Descendant report for Hugh Weir Generated by the LifeLines Genealogical System on 27 Jan 1997.

(Again after some research after this was posted it seems that the John Wear born 12JAN1741 was from Bucks Co., PA and was the son of Robert Wear and Rebecca Carrell. The lineage below is correct as George Wear was a son of John Wear who died in ca 1800 in Washington Co., TN and Reuben Payne did witness his Will.  The John Wear who served in the Revolution died Jan 17, 1835 in Sevier Co., TN) 
1. Hugh Weir d: ABT 1779, ,Rockbridge CO,VA Will probated 3 AUG 1779.
His wife was living when the will was written but no name was given. He named 13 children, eight sons and five daus. John was the 6th son.
1.s. <SPOUSE>Margaret
  1.1. John Wear b: 12 JAN 1741(incorrect), ,,VA d: ABT 1800, ,Washington CO,TN Will written 1800. (Reuben Payne witness)       Probably born in Rockbridge Co., VA.
       Had 11 children, George was the 7th. Served in American Revolution and received a land grant  of 150 acres in TN for his services.
  1.1.s. Agnes Blackburn b: 1757 d: BEF 1835 Called Ann or Nancy too.
     1.1.1. George Wear b: 2 FEB 1777, ,Rockbridge CO,VA d: 5 DEC 1865, Baldwyn,,MS bur:      Geeville,Johnson CO,MS Buried in Old Lebanon Cemetery. Had eleven children, Margaret was oldest.
     Served in War of 1812 and received at least 80 acres of bounty land for his services. He and Sarah left
     Washington CO., TN after 1801 and by 1813 had moved to Madison CO., AL.  From there, by 1840,
     they had first moved to Cooper CO., MO and then to Johnson CO., MO.
    1.1.1.s. Sarah Rhea b: 1781, ,,VA m: 30 SEP 1800, ,KnoxCO,TN d: 1850/1860 Probably died  Johnson CO,
     MO.  Also probably dau. of Margaret Campbell (1735-aft 1781) and her cousin, Archibald Rhea Sr,
     first tavernkeeper of Knoxville, TN, who died in 1794. All of the Rheas both in VA and TN in early days
     were related and according to Zella Armstrong, in  her "Notable Southern Families", descended from
     Matthew Campbell
who was imprisoned on the Isle of Man, Peel Castle. He fled to Ireland and changed
     his name to Creagh, Reagh, Reah, and what finally became Rhea.  Much more here on a RHEA WEBSITE
     Some descendents changed the name to RAY, and one of these was the noted genealogist and historian,
     Worth S. Ray. Margaret R. Wear b: 10 AUG 1801, ,Washington CO,TN d: 4 OCT 1874, Baldwyn,,MS
        "Family legend says she was first married to Sheriff William Trimble, who disappeared shortly after
         their wedding day, his horse, still saddled and completely equipped being found wandering in the forest.
         The sheriff was never seen again..." Richard B. Clayton b: 15 MAR 1790, ,,NC m: 10 MAR 1829, ,JacksonCO,AL  d: 27 DEC 1867,          Baldwyn,,MS First marriage produced four daughters and one son. 'It is not known why Richard was usually          referred to as "Colonel" and I have never been able to get his military record but he would have been of the
         right age to serve in the War of 1812.  His parentage and county of his birth are also unknown. After the Civil
         War he operated a  hotel in Baldwyn, MS, the "Forrest House", and it was there that he and his second wife,
         Margaret Wear, died.', Jopling book, pg. 460. They had seven daughters and 2 sons, one of whom was
         killed fighting for the Confederacy. Richard B. Clayton served as County Clerk  of Jackson Co., AL from
         1828 to 1836. In 1836 they moved to the now extinct town of Carrolville, MS where he took charge of the
         village tavern. He also had a drygoods store there, in partnership with his son-in-law Porter Walker. When
         the RR bypassed Carrolville, they all moved to Baldwyn.
  Eliza Jane Clayton b: 11 DEC 1829, ,,AL d: 14 SEP 1895, ,,MS bur:  Baldwin,,MS
  Porter Walker b: 13 DEC 1812, ,,NC m: 25 SEP 1846, ,TishomingoCO,MS d: 15 MAR 1875,                              Baldwyn,,MS Had 10 or more children (Jopling book notes, Lucille Adams)
  Louisana A. B. Clayton b: ABT 1831
  Harriet Clayton b: ABT 1833
  Richard E. Clayton b: ABT 1836
  Margaret A. Clayton b: ABT 1838
  Mary C. Clayton b: ABT 1840
  Martha F. Clayton b: ABT 1842
  Julia Driver Clayton b: 25 AUG 1843, ,TishomingoCO,MS d: 21 NOV 1911, Baldwyn,,MS
  William Simonton Bowdry b: 4 SEP 1836, Lawrenceburg,,TN m: 23 OCT 1867, ,Tishomingo CO,
           MS d: 17 OCT 1899, Baldwyn,,MS WSB served as 2nd Lt. of  Infantry, 3rd MS. Regt., in the Civil War. He
           was taken prisoner at Battle of Ft.Donelson, TN, spent 7 months in prison on Johnson's Island, OH, was
           exchanged, re-enlistd and continued to serve for the duration of the war. His regiment at Ft. Donelson  was
           commanded by his first cousin, Col. John Simonton. WSB was the 4th child of 5 sons and 3 daughters.

Benjamine Wear, another son of  John Wear married Nancy Agnes Duff, daughter of William Duff and Agness.  Nancy Duff is named in her fathers will of 1819 recored in Washington Co., Va Book 4 Page 314.
The children of Benjamine Ware and Nancy Agnes were:
1. Mariamme WEAR-born 3 Feb 1806
2. John Calvin WEIR-born 17 Oct 1808
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