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Mr. Payne

My Name is Donna Manning, and I been reading on your site for a few years,Now I've got so curious that I have to ask, Do you know who killed gus buckner? I use to work for joe riddle and charles riddle and charles' wife send me to work for Nell Buckner, I can remember her telling me stories about her husband's death but she never knew who done it. Do you know?

I know alot about some of these old timers stories,maybe can help me and i can help you.

Dearly Intersted


Jackie and I are far removed from the Riddle Family. Charles "Uncle Ben” Riddle was an in-law to me who married one of my mother's older sisters. Jackie is Ben Riddle's granddaughter and she never met him. So whatever you find please feel free to speak openly to us. My family liked JFK, my Uncle Fletcher Foster in Lake City even had his portrait hanging in his house till the day he died in the 1980's.

We owe a little background, as we know it this day, on Ben Riddle. He was the son of Henry W. Riddle of New Tazewell in Claiborne County, TN. He joined the CCC during the depression and then entered the Army during WWII where he saw heavy action from the D-day invasion till his suffered frost bite of the feet in the Battle of the Bulge. After the war he met and married Hazel Catherine Hill of Knoxville, TN. He worked at the old Brookside Mill for a while off Baxter Avenue. Hazel and Ben had three children: Linda Riddle (who is Jackie's mother), Sharon Riddle, and Charles Michael Riddle. About when the children were ages 6, 4, and 2 in about 1954 Ben and Hazel divorced. Ben disappeared for about 24 years until 1978 when his wife at the time called to let his children know he had passed away in Toledo, Ohio. Ben was buried in Indiana. We have no idea how he even had the phone number, where he was all that time, etc...

Fortunately we do know that Henry W. Riddle was Ben’s father and through him might be able to connect him to a family tree for the Riddle's. A few of Ben's siblings moved to Monroe, Michigan. I found his older half brother, Arthur Ridley, in Monroe in the 1930 Census. Some of Henry's children spelled the name "Riddle" and some spelled it "Ridley". One was the Fire chief of the city at one time.

I spent several hours on this last night and didn't find any connection, but did add more data to the spreadsheet from the 1930 census for Riddle's that moved to Michigan. See attached and below.

I talked to Mary Trent last night on the phone and she didn't know much about the Riddle's, but when she has time will look at what she has to make sure. She did say the Maggie was buried in the Iris Cemetery in Claiborne, Co.

Thank You

David Foster

1930 Federal Census:

That's an interesting story. I can see why it left an unfavorable impression too but it was the early 1960ís and Iím sure a lot of the older generation back then had a difficult time letting go of prejudices. (I'm not saying he was right in his comment though, just rationalizing it to the times). I wonder if the school ever counseled him on his comment? I know today that sort of comment would be immediately delt with or especially in the military, we receive EEO/MEO training all the time.

So you are familiar with Virginia? It's very pretty here, I just don't like the taxes. I live near Hampton, Va and work at Langley AFB. Do you know where it is?

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David and Jackie,

Now this is kinda weird but I have to tell you a story about where I was the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Jackie I have no idea whether your related but I would doubt it.

On that fateful day in November 1963 I was sitting in my high school freshman English class. Most of us had just found out about politics and many of us were excited about all the things our new President was talking about. The end of a terrible Cold War and the protection of a Navel Base just off the Florida Coast at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Being close to Oak Ridge, TN we had all experienced the procedures of what to do in case of a nuclear attack. If sirens should sound were were trained to hide under our little one man wooden desk. That in an old school that probably could not have withstood a strong storm but for all of it's abnormalities look surprisingly enough to us like the Alamo.

I found much of what I was looking for yesterday on another double murder in the Claiborne library file. I will try and go back today or tomorrow and see if there is more on the murder you seek.

Take care,

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Thank you for the help. I CCed, my cousin, Jackie Kennedy at Langley with this response, she's in the USAF.

I haven't obtained a death certificate yet, but did send an email to one of the local papers in Claiborne, County and the reply was:

"Our archived papers only go back to 1935. There was a fire that year that destroyed all of the old papers from 1887 until then. The state archives might have some information č you might want to check with them. Richard"

With a murder a paper near by might pick up the story, I know the "Clinton Currier" goes back to the early 1930's. maybe earlier? Not to mention the Knoxville Papers.

Joyce Watson has found some additional information on Henry in the 1900 census. Where the age of Henry W. matches the age of William.

Attached in Excel format is what information I have been able to find thus far. The book has two spreadsheets: "Raw Data" where everything is placed in a time line format and "Tree" where it's a little more organized in a time line flow chart.


Thank you very much

David Foster

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That shouldn't be a very hard "Riddle" to solve. There are a couple of branches of the Riddle family still in Claiborne County and I will try and help you. First I would like to find the obituary of the Henry Riddle or an article from the local paper regarding his murder.

I had a teacher in High School named Carson Riddle and there was a large land owner near property my father owned who was a saw mill operator here near Tazewell by the name of Joe Riddle.

I will try and do some snooping around this week and see what I can do.

Langley, VA you say. I used to ride the bus from my home in near Fairfax, VA downtown D.C. to 21st and C. St., N.W. past Langley. That would be C.I.A. Headquaters or the Marine base near there, right?

I think if I am not mistaken that Charlie or Ben Riddle has come up in some of my genealogy.

Will get back to you soon.

Joe Payne

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I'm not sure if you remember me? I sent you the information on the Magazine article on Black Marble. From your web site you seem to very familiar with the genealogical history of Claiborne County.

I have a cousin who just had her first baby has asked if I would assist her in finding her family history. She in the Military in Langley, VA and is scheduled for a tour of duty in the Middle East so due to her distance form this area she is limited in what she can do. Her Grandfather was Charles Ben Riddle. He was in the Civilian Conservation Corps and served in WWII ETO from D-Day till the Battle of the bulge where he suffered from frost bitten feet. Several of uncle Ben's siblings moved to Monroe, Michigan.

Her great grandfather, Henry Riddle (Ridley), was born in the 1880's, was from near Tazwell, and was murdered in a grocery store robbery in the 1920's. I'm not sure who Henry Riddle's father was, I have a dead end with him. Based on the Federal Census his father may have been either Thomas or Charlie Riddle?

Thank You

David Foster

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My name is Jackie Kennedy and I have ancestors from Claiborne County (Lone Mountain/Tazewell).

I was wondering if you have any information on my great grandfather, Henry Washington Riddley/Ridley/Riddle and or anyone from this line of Riddley/Ridley/Riddle's. His name has been spelled all three ways. I know he was from Claiborne county, specifically Lone Mountain. I know he was born in abt 1883 and by 1900 he was not married yet according to the census. In 1906 he had a son named Arthur and by 1908 he had a daughter named Leona. From what I can gather, I believe his 1st wife may have been named Mary Cook and was from Grainger county (Allen and Lydia Cook are her parents) The issue is I can not find any proof she was his wife and Leona's daughter seems to think he was married to Mary's sister, (Carnnie) Nola Cook but Nola was born in 1903. She is clearly too young and I believe Nola married Elijah (Lija) Cheek. I think Mary Cook may have died and that's why he remarried to Margaret Jane "Maggie" Sturgill.

Henry's second wife, my great grandmother, was Margaret Jane "Maggie" Sturgill (born 1903) from Letcher Co. Ky. I think they must have married around 1916 or 1917 since their 1st child (Eddie Myrl) was born in 1918.

Henry was killed in 1928 in Tazewell, Tn over a debt despute and Maggie remarried to Chester Venable. After Chester died Maggie married her final spouse, Elisha Miley. I have contacted as many living family members from these lines to see if any of them know any details of Henry and Maggie Sturgill and Henry and Mary Cook's marriages. No one has any details.

Do you know how I could locate any documents about Henry's death? I do have a newspaper article from the Tazewell paper talking about the event. I know the man who killed him was named Herman Wilmot (Wilmoth) and he killed Henry on 4 Feb 1928 when he threw a large piece if stove wood at Henry. The wood broke Henry's neck. I have a death cert for Henry. I was wondering since you have descendants that were prominent in this area during the same time frame, do you know any of the store names in that area from 1928? I was hoping to find out what Henry's store was called. It is said Henry may have even owned a saw mill in the area as well along with a lot of land. I was hoping to stumble on a photo of the store front maybe he advertised in the paper.

Thank you in advance, Jackie Kennedy jackie.lynn.kennedy@gmail.com

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