Eddie Payne leaving it All Behind

Eddie Payne left Tazewell to fight in the Korean War in 1950. He was unhappy with the way things were going and made that clear to anyone who wanted to know. He traveled to Lubbock, Texas with his father and grandfather, Al Payne and Joe Phillips, and evidently became unhappy with something that was said and left the two, hitching back to Tazewell, joining the Army soon thereafter. What ticked him off so much, I have no idea. Maybe it was the same deal my father would have made to me. Get a job or I am going to send you straight to Hale, Hale County, Texas that is. A few momentos from his late high school years are below. Anne McNeeley was his girlfriend all during High School and from what I know they were expected to marry. She was the daughter of Hugh and Anne McNeeley, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh "Mac", as we all lovingly called them in Church. Hugh was the brother of Fielden McNeeley, whose wife Hazel Stone McNeeley taught most of us how to tickle the IVORY. I took six years and my last recietal piece "Fur Eloise" I can still play. My sister continued through the years and became quite good. The first two pictures are of Eddie and Anne, along with someone and now I have no idea who they are. I think that the boy may be Frank Payne, probably during a prom. The letter is self explanatory and are a series that would probably not behoove me to put online, but you can see some of Anne's concern. The picture of all the "wet" guys are of my brother's wedding in Monroe, Michigan.  The last contain a program of Mrs. Fielden McNeeley's piano recietal and names may be familiar to some. All my recietals during six of my years were in the house that has been destroyed to GOD knows where.







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