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The Church of Rob Camp is located on the Powell River near the edge of Hancock and Claiborne Counties, Tennessee. It is one of the oldest churches in the area. Formal organization took place October 13th, 1845. According to a paper written by Judge George Cridlin, in November 1945, Thompson Settlement Baptist Church in Lee County, Virginia records show that the church met at Rob Camp Meeting House on the first Saturday in September, 1801, as well as in addition to the later dates. Rob Camp Church records show fort-five names at the time of organization. Some names on the original records were Riley, Montgomery, Overton, Parkey, and Brooks (1845 Members). The origin of the name Rob Camp was from a hunting and trapping expedition who was robbed of their horses, furs, and guns by Indians approximately twelve miles south of Martin's Station, Lee County, and Va. Thus the name "Rob Camp".

Brief records were kept and periods of time are missing from the old church books. The old log building still standing was, during the Civil War, used as a hospital according to information handed down. Church records show slaves became members and after the war petitioned to organize their own church. Strict regulations were upheld. One young boy was called before the church for playing marbles on Sunday.

Changes have been made over the years in the building (re-roofed, weather-boarded, paneled, oil heat, carpeted, padded seats) and in customs. No one has been called before the church recently.

Many pastors, clerks, and members have passed through its doors, which are still open to services BI-monthly. -submitted by Evelyn Brooks. "Hancock County Tennessee and its people 1989".