To help me understand the situation I am creating a page of reminiscences and links to pages that might help me. I do this so I can occasionally look at it and reflect.
Seventeen documents between Feburary 2010 and March 2013 regarding a Freedom of Information Request - "History of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security of the United States Department of State", mentioning my brother as a contributor. My request is still being investigated by Senator Bob Corker's Office. So far no record of the "Although this is marked as the "Robert C. Bannerman interview," Payne interviewed Robert L. Bannerman (ereafter cited as "The Robert [L.]Bannerman Interview")." has been found. Case closed, or is it? I am still having difficulty arranging the facts in order of prologue, epilogue, foreword, preface, introduction, afterword, postscript, footnotes, end notes.

Two FOIA requests in 2013 are F-2013-20520 and F-2013-21101
Possibly the prologue 1 and 2 - - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 thru 17 - And then the appeal and the appeal response and surprisingly the information was discovered after a new request was initiated by the State Departments, Office of Information Programs and Services FU-2015-10578
I am glad I got to compliment Ambassador Eric J. Boswell two years and a half before what has become known as the "Benghazi Scandal", for which he was unfairly judged. But wait, after my brother interviewed Robert L. Bannerman in early 1991 and suggested that he be present at the Diplomatic Security: 75th Anniversary Program later that year it seems he was not only present but played a big part in the celebration. I have ordered some information on that gathering in November 1991 as seen on my latest FOIA request F-2015-16203

I was walked through the Command Center of the U.S. State Department in 1975 by an executive of the Communications Department when asked to serve as a Communications Office at a post far from home. It was a room in the lower levels of the U.S. State Department with rows of teletype machines, receiving information from points throughout the world. No desktop computers or even large rows of IBM computers. The Command Center was manned at that time by Marines trained to take orders and follow certain protocols should emergencies occur. It wasn't until 1980 that I again had need to contact the State Department Command Center, with the news that our mother was dying, calling my brother home from the middle of a rescue attempt for 52 Americans hostages being held in Iran. Marines were manning the phones and my brother was reached within an hour. Again, in 1986 upon the death of our father I reached my brother in Beijing, China within minutes at the Embassy and he was home with 24 hours. Again Marines were manning the phones and were trained on certain protocol. I have tried to find out if the State Department Command Center was manned by Marines in September 2012 during the attack on our diplomats and Security Officers in Benghazi, Libya but as of yet have not been able. Was protocol followed and has protocol changed over the years? If anyone knows the answer please let me know.

I have read another account from a different perspective. That of the CIA Operatives in the CIA station called the Annex. It follows much of the same account that Fred Burton held except Mr. Burton's was from the perspective of the Diplomatic Security detail. 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi

1964 New York Worlds Fair - February 14, 1972 - U.S. Passport Office - Former DSS Agent Fred Burton and his persuit of the killer of Col. Joseph Alon, Israeli Embassy Attache, 1973 - 1982 World's Fair, Knoxville, TN - U.S. State Department 1983, Diplomatic Mail and Pouch - State Department ATA Program 1983 - Accelerating Transformation - Olympics 1984, Los Angeles, CA - Olympics 2008 Agents Jeffery Riner and Bill Miller (New Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Security 12/12 promoted to Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security and Director of the Diplomatic Security Service 04/14/14) and their Relentless pursuit: the DSS and the manhunt for the al-Qaeda terrorists By Samuel M. Katz. - Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi By Fred Burton, Samuel M. Katz. - My America, The Past, The Present and The Future: What America Means To Me - Bill D'Urso (Retired DSS Agent) - Diplomats in Danger Zones Challenges Security - aka "transformational diplomacy" .
A petition to honor the workers of Oak Ridge and other facilities across the nation
Movement will honor Cold War-era force . Cold War Patriots website
The winter when I interview Mr. Rollins while staying with my brother in Ottawa he traveled to New York for the following New York Times interview:

Lloyd Rollins, who was among a group of blacks and women released by Iran in November 1979, shortly after the embassy takeover, appeared on NBC Tuesday night and Wednesday morning to describe his experiences in captivity. The network said it paid only his travel expenses from Ottawa and has no agreement preventing him from giving other interviews.


Sixty-six Americans were taken captive when Iranian militants seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on Nov. 4, 1979, including three who were at the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Six more Americans escaped. Of the 66 who were taken hostage, 13 were released on Nov. 19 and 20, 1979; one was released on July 11, 1980, and the remaining 52 were released on Jan. 20, 1981.

My interview with Lloyd Rollins 34 years ago tells me why Mr. Rollins has not been very vocal regarding the "situations" that lead up to the Embassy takeover. In other words his comment to me that "There were plenty of signs that the Embassy siege was about to happen but that the work that they were doing was too important to evacuate them." He doesn't tell of being fired upon while riding through the streets of Tehran days before the Embassy siege or his and others pleas to evacuate them or that the CIA stopped him for writing a book containing many of the "facts" surrounding the seige. This would have been considered then and even now as "UnAmerican". Ask Mr. Rollins who he had rather work for, the CIA or the U.S. State Department and see what he tells you. - Joe Payne

Celebrating The Life Of Lloyd Andre Rollins - Rep. Steve Stivers - Thu, Feb. 14, 2013.

Former American hostages in Iran will receive compensation Compensation slipped into little-noticed part of budget bill

CNN News - UPDATED 5:44 AM EST Dec 25, 2015

Lawyer Thomas Lankford has been working with the former hostages for 16 years trying to win some type of monetary award for them.

Lankford said the budget bill included a provision authorizing each of the 53 hostages to receive $10,000 for each day they were held captive. In addition, spouses and children would separately receive a one-time payment of $600,000. Thirty-eight of the former hostages are still alive. Approximately 150 people associated with the embassy hostage ordeal will be covered, Lankford said.

"It brings closure to a very horrific time for these folks," Lankford said.

The ordeal for the Americans who were working at the embassy began on November 4, 1979, after the Iranian revolution, when the compound was overrun,. They were held for 444 days. The hostages were freed in 1981.

32 years ago, 2 local men were among 66 held hostage in Iran
Tuesday, November 3, 2009 3:00 AM

Looking into an Iranian militant's gun barrel can make someone's heart pound so hard that the feeling lingers 30 years later.
Lloyd Rollins knows that terrifying sensation all too well.
"I remember saying to myself: 'I don't mind dying, but I don't want to die like this,' " he recalled.
About 20 Islamic students had seized Rollins, a Columbus native, and two of his colleagues on the grounds of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on Nov. 4, 1979.
The fateful day of revolution had begun peacefully with Rollins and a fellow central Ohioan making small talk in an embassy office. "Is there supposed to be a demonstration today?" Rollins asked that morning.
"Yeah," Bert Moore replied. "We called the local police and foreign security office to make sure that protection is set up at the embassy."
The two U.S. State Department employees parted for another day's work, but the cauldron of political unrest in Tehran boiled over a short time later with the flash of guns, swirl of tear gas and chants of angry students.
"I will kill you!" the militants shouted.
Rollins found himself blindfolded with hands tied behind his back.Seven months later, his brother headed overseas again. Bert had accepted a job at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Spain. Marjorie went with him.
"Bert wasn't going to get out of the foreign service," she said. "He loved it. That was his life."
By then, Rollins was working at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, Canada.
"Once you get that foreign-service bit in your mouth, it sticks with you," he said. (Good analogy - They wanted me to go to Eathopia, see I can't even spell Eathopia and you know how I am about spelling - Joe Payne)
The fateful day of revolution had begun peacefully with Rollins and a fellow central Ohioan making small talk in an embassy office.
On November 4, 1979, an angry mob of young Islamic revolutionaries overran the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, taking more than sixty Americans hostage. "From the moment the hostages were seized until they were released minutes after Ronald Reagan took the oath of office as president 444 days later," wrote historian Gaddis Smith, "the crisis absorbed more concentrated effort by American officials and had more extensive coverage on television and in the press than any other event since World War II."

Foreign occupation, not religious fervor, is the primary motivation behind this form of terrorism - by News Source on October 22, 2010

Encore Presentation: CNN Presents: Marine Barracks Bombing
Aired August 13, 2006 - 19:00 ET

  • Peacekeepers at War: Beirut 1983�The Marine Commander Tells His Story - By Timothy J. Geraghty
  • Responding to the Lebanon Crisis (NSC-NSDD-109)
  • The Afghan Pipeline and Tennessee Mules The administration at the time was trying to do TWO THINGS in 1983, shall we call it MULTI-TASKING. This may have been a problem. Read more about CHARLIES WAR during the early eighty's. Where were yew during the early 1980's? I had gone back to LMU to get a TEACHING CERTIFICATE in GENERAL BUSINESS on hopes of teaching school at Claiborne County High School. But during most of the year 1983 was working for the U.S. State Department.

    Charlie Wilson's Rapture: Arming Afghan Islamists as Unintended Prelude to 9/11

    The CIA pipeline operated at a fairly low level from 1980-1983. Weapons were loaded onto non-US ships and delivered, irregularly, into the port of Karachi. Things did not always go smoothly. Ships would arrive in clusters, overloading the distribution system. The CIA had literally hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition constantly traveling by sea and air to Pakistan, notes Crile (13). ISI staff transported the weapons by train to warehouses in the cities of Rawalpindi and Quetta, where the commanders of the seven recognized Afghan political parties received their wares. From there, 200 non-descript five- and 10-ton trucks transported the weaponry 100 miles to Peshawar, the capital of the Northwest Territory bordering Afghanistan. (14) There the rebel leaders received their weapons and moved tons of weapons into Afghanistan by mule or camel.

    The Russians were on to this mode of transportation and "placed the highest priority on hunting down and slaughtering the mujaheddin's long mule caravans," writes Crile. (13) Soon the CIA was canvassing the world for purchase of mules. Eventually the mujaheddin were moving their supplies on the backs of Tennessee mules, which the CIA flew on two 747's out of Fort Campbell. (13,15) According to Crile, the freedom fighters copulated with the mules, which was culturally acceptable as long as the freedom fighter was in the dominant position. They also ate the mules, according to Crile. (16)

    Bill Summary & Status 98th Congress (1983 - 1984) S.J.RES.159 - Latest Title: Multinational Force in Lebanon Resolution -Sponsor: Sen Mathias, Charles McC., Jr. [MD] (introduced 9/12/1983) Bill Summary & Status 101st Congress (1989 - 1990) S.J.RES.159 - Latest Title: A joint resolution to designate April 22, 1990 as Earth Day, and to set aside the day for public activities promoting preservation of the global environment. - Sponsor: Sen Gore, Albert, Jr. [TN] (introduced 6/20/1989)

    HTML scrollbox

    Latest information on the Declassification of my request for a 1991 VHS Tape entitled
    "75th Anniversary : Bureau of Diplomatic Security : 11-4-91", conducted by Bill Plante, CBS News.

    Emails to Bethany Farmer, MIS | Interlibrary Loan Librarian, LMU Library, Jennifer Froetschel, Digital Asset Librarian,
    Contractor, OBXtek, Inc., U.S. Department of State and myself

    More video's to come.

    A series of lectures, Lectures for Blacksburg UMC and St. Paul AMEC at the Whisner Building, Blacksburg UMC, Blacksburg, VA, were dedicated to Rev. Dr. Gunnar Teilman.

    This is the Tazewell United Methodist Church 100 Year Celebration October 2008 and can be purchased "in it's entirety" from the Church. Please contact Randy England at

  • Why is it that Venezuela will welcome HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STARS - It all has to do with SHIPPING LANES during WWII.

    Where were you Howard Hughes when we needed you?

  • The Papers of Miss Frances G. Knight
    Marquette University The Papers of Miss Frances G. Knight and correspondence with F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover and John D. Ehrlichman - received 04/04/2008 - After reading through the more than 250 pages I find that most of them are between the dates January 1970 and March 1971 and all concern the harassment of Miss Knight by particular parties within the State Department and ultimately from the Nixon White House but not realized until the final correspondence with Hoover from her home in Washington, D.C. and signed with her maiden name Mrs. Wayne W. Parrish. I am suspecting that Miss Knight finally realized that the Nixon Administration may not have been the friends that she had expected. A wonderful lady who lived until September 11, 1999.

    A colleague of Miss Knight:

    Robert D. Johnson was listed in Who's Who in the CIA - A picture of Robert D. Johnson presenting me with a High Quality Step Increase in 1973, U.S. Passport Office:
    "Born: October 7, 1926, Languages: German; 1944 to 1946 Captain in CIC of U.S. Army; from 1951 in Department of State; 1955 Chief of Intelligence Reporting Section, Department of State. Opa: Washington." The State Department Biographic Register indicated Robert D. Johnson became Chief of the Passport Legal Division in 1957. In 1962 he became the Chief Counsel of the Passport Division. Robert D. Johnson told Frances Knight: was not satisfied with the implication in Mr. Rando's (I knew Mr. Rando fairly well - Joe Payne) memorandum that we did NOT have a catch card on OSWALD. No one knows for sure whether we did or did not, and the making of the flat statement has caused many more questions than it has answered." [DOS RDJ to FGK 3.27.64]

    For years I have tried to remember the man that sent me with an "Eyes Only" package to the U.S. State Department from 1425 "K" Street. While going through volumes of testimony to the Warren Commission I found his name. Henry F. Kupiec was one of the Passport Office Division Chief's (See Constitutional aspects of requisitioning). This trip took a special pass to reach the eighth floor of the State Department where I entered the executive suite and handed the package to then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's executive secretary. Funny how you remember trips like that. And I could have sworn that the people at the Passport Office referred to him as General and I seem to remember they called him Tony.
    (From OSWALD IN MINSK AND THE U2 DUMP: JANUARY 1960 TO FEBRUARY 1961 A lookout card is a small IBM card kept in a special file maintained in the Passport Office. Without a lookout card a refusal sheet is worthless because a lookout card is an index to numerous refusal sheets. It appears as if a lookout card was prepared for OSWALD then removed from OSWALD'S file. The employees concerned with the preparation of a lookout card on OSWALD were Bernice Waterman, Henry F. Kupiec and John T. White. - These were people I worked with for over two years)

  • Four research files No. 1 - No. 2 - No. 3 - No. 4 - Names are - Frances Knight - Marv Gentile - John Noonan - George Payne - Jay Taylor, Walentynowicz and Watson are just a few of the names that I have found in the amazing The Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection of the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training. Another U.S. State Department site that will give you a history of how Terrorism has found a friend by FLYING THE FRIENDLY SKIES
  • The 1970 visit of Rev. Billy Graham to Knoxville that President Richard Nixon interrupted. I was there.
  • Miss Frances G. Knight's June 1970 Resume to F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover upon her resignation as Director of the U.S. Passport Office.
  • Frances G. Knight is mentioned several times in the book "The Ordeal of Otto Otepka"- Gill - Chapter XVI - Open Sesame - IT IS, PERHAPS, ONE OF THE CROWNING IRONIES OF THE LONG STRUGGLE between totalitarianism and democracy that a group of United States senators sought to alert the nation to its rapidly deteriorating internal security at almost the precise moment that America was faced with its most critical public confrontation with the Soviet Union in the 1960's.
  • Marcus Luttrell, a Navy Seal regarding his being the "Lone Survivor" of a mission called "Redwing" in the Afghanistan mountains.
  • The genealogy of Congressman James Hayes Shofner Cooper and his fight against TVA raising our power rates.
  • The Ordeal of Otto Otepka
  • Al Payne's Postal Department Grievance and why it all begun
  • Joe Payne's State Department Correspondence
  • Some nonsense - A Modern Day Silkwood
  • Wire Taps and Otto Otepka
  • Keeping up with John Negroponte and water-boarding and other forms of torture
  • Why was I crossed off Shindler's List?
  • November 2007 - A Time-line of Events
  • GAO report rips State Department's Diplomatic Security Bureau
  • My very first computer was a VENDEX
  • Ambassador Eric J. Boswell testifies before Senate Committee Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs | Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia.
  • Two years with the F.D.I.C.
  • Zack's Famous Frozen Yogurt
  • Coal Terminal along the banks of the Clinch River. And other things along the river known as the CLINCH.
  • Tailings Forever - A story of TVA and their inability to deal with TAILINGS from their Mined and Milled Uranium as well as waste from their COAL FIRED PLANTS. Well maybe one day their tail will be grass and I will be the lawn mower.
  • Depleted Uranium - The tragedy of J Robert Oppenheimer, by C Mott Woolley
  • Building K-1220 and the K-29 Building Demolished
  • Pakistan
  • Evergreen Air
  • Conspiracy or Not
  • Talbots.
  • The new DS Initiative

  • The Vatican is not recognizing the appointment of the United States of America's chosen Ambassador to the Holy See, Caroline Kennedy.

    I grew up in a small Church with a very close congregation. After years of not attending I find it hard to become accustom to going back on a regular basis. Many consider it a moral condemnation to not attend Church every Sunday and would constitute it grounds for punitive punishment. Now, most Sunday's I switch between being a Baptist and a Methodist, ON TV. Is that an event that you consider grounds for condemnation?

    I have just gotten a rather large package from the National Archives and Records Administration on my over 8 years of Government Service, including my first appointment in 1972 and then again in 1973 then again in 1975 and another in 1983 and another in 1985 but working for the Department of Energy on the Oak Ridge Reservation for SIX and ONE/HALF years as a SUBCONTRACTOR did not benefit me what-so-ever toward GOVERNMENT RETIREMENT. I intend to release some of that in hopes of exonerating myself to future and prospective employers. I turned down an offer for a "Q" clearance in 1993 but have decided to apply for jobs that would require a "Q" clearance now. Having family that were owners of rather extraordinary careers in Government has given me cause to do this. I now will think every spring, as my wife Amy fights the squirrels that raid our bird feeder high above the ground on our back porch and have done so since moving in here in 2004, about my friend and first cousin, Charlie McLaughlin, who was killed when he fell from a ladder at the back of his house in Franklin, N.C., breaking his neck, just a couple years ago trying to do the same thing. I remember as a young man, surprising both he and my brother George, a State Department employee, by being able to save us from turning Charlies boat over while they were trying to start it at the launch ramp in Annapolis, Maryland. Charlie was a long time National Security Agency employee and we all miss him and the other senior members of the extended Payne family very much. I am sure he holds not grudge against the squirrels though as he and his wife Mary Alice Archer McLaughlin were and are contributors to many wildlife and conservation organizations.
    Only a year and nine months after I left the U.S. State Department in October of 1983, and a summer working at the XXIII Olympiad in Los Angeles, I began a two year contract with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Knoxville, Tennessee as a General Services Clerk. So I guess the question is, "How does it feel to be able to go on a spending spree with the F.D.I.C.?". Truly that is not at all what I did with the F.D.I.C. and as a matter of fact it was my job to "Find the best and lowest bidder", for their expendable supplies. Something I did while with the U.S. Passport Office in Washington, D.C. more than thirteen years before. Believe me, spending money at the government's expense can be tedious at best.

    My cousin Amy Payne Potts, Aiken, South Carolina had me do her a favor. She was interested in knowing if the new development, the property that my family always called the "Old Doc Greer Place" had been given Planning Commission approval and if the right-of-way had been resolved. This property will soon become Shenandoah Springs. Well everyone that is concerned with development in Claiborne County will be glad to know that access has evidently been granted over property owned by the heirs of Joe Davis. There were easements that granted some right-of-way over property previously owned by heirs of Anderson Payneright-of-way into the property. This row was not as good as it might have been could enough property been gathered by adjoining land owners. Doc Greer managed to own that by marrying Ethel Payne, daughter of Robert W. Payne, son of Anderson, son of Hiram. In my opinion, as a whole, the entire Payne family has been gracious enough, granting ROW, etc., working hard to see that this little spot on the map that I was borned in is still my home, at least until something better comes along, grows with times, such as they are. So again, if I look at you and laugh or don't even speak to you at all then you must understand I'm a Payne and damned proud of it.

    My wife Amy was excited to see that the NBC Today Show was being broadcast from the same building off Nebraska Avenue, Washington, D.C. that her dad worked during the 1960's and 1970's and where she used to go with him to work.

    Little Flower Parish just off Massachusetts Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland where Amy grew up and went to school, almost through High School. I plan on creating a few pages on Amy's mother's very strong Irish Catholic, HARTNETT, New York family. It includes pictures and drawings from a small area in Pennsylvania called Laurel Lake and the summers she spent there as a child.

    For people with the stamina and money to live in the Washington, D.C. area the Burbs around Northern Virginia would be the most affluent area. I found Burke, Va very affordable when looking for rooms to let. I have talked to several who say that Southeast and the Anacostia area of Northern Maryland has become more and more affluent with new apartments and affordable housing within subway and busline reach of downtown D.C. a smart investment. Probably a lot different than it was in 1972-1973 when I played flag football there.
    Newscaster Mel Goode was the first African-American news journalist seen on TV when he broadcast from the United Nations for ABC in August, 1962. Max Robinson later became the first black "anchorman" for a major network when he joined ABC news in 1978. Between 1969 and 1972, Mr. Jim Vance worked at WRC-TV, Channel 4 with Glenn Rinker, my wife Amy Marie's father. Between 1972 and 1976, Mr. Jim Vance worked as "co-anchor" with Glenn Rinker, who had been at WRC-TV Channel 4 since December 1966. Between 1976 and 1980, Mr. Jim Vance "co-anchored" with Sue Simmons, a pairing that resulted in one of the first, if not the first, African-American co-anchors of a major market newscast, except for his previous co-anchor job with Glenn Rinker. Before that Mr. Rinker hosted WKYC, "Three on The Town" in Cincinnati. Among the many notables that Amy and I have pictures are Joe Williams and Harry Belefonte that appeared on the show that Mr. Rinker hosted along with Linn Sheldon in the late 1960's.

    I hope to someday put together a book on my Grandfather Joseph Phillips. I saw a special on the History Channel over weekend of Jan 14th, 2006 that recalled Rumrunning and Moonshinning throughout the country. I have only a small part of my Grandfather's scrapbook scanned HERE. One of my grandfather's raids was in the infamous Cocke County, TN area. Read about the 1921 capture of "Wild Bill" Gosnell. If anyone would like to help me put the clippings and stories together in book form please email me at
    Here is a HODGEPODGE VIDEO regarding the location of my brother's vault in Arlington National Cemetery and also an INTERVIEW with Paul Phiilips and Irene Sobadosky Baker at Paul Phillips house in Helenwood, Tennessee

    I will always be ashamed of having turned down an opportunity of a lifetime. After finally getting two friends, Joseph J Paciorka (Cynthia Barbara Meyer, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Manning Meyer of Palm Beach, Fla., was married yesterday to Robert Francis Cranshaw, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Paciorka of Ashburn, Va. The bridegroom's father retired from the State Department, having been the chief communications officer at the United States Embassy in Brussels and, before that, at the United States Mission to the United Nations in Geneva.) and Jerold W. Jacaruso (The National Arcchives, Central Foreign Policy Files, created, 7/1/1973 - 12/31/1978, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978) , of Network Communications Department, U.S. State Department to offer me a position as a Staff Officer, U.S. Foreign Service, as a Communications Officer at the Consulate, Addas Abba, Ethiopia, I turned the job down. I will never forgive myself for that. This was mid to late 1975. I again tried returning to the State Department in 1983 and won the approval of my work from John W.S. Channell, Office of Communication.

    Kevin Phillips Kevin Phillips gives the Enron and Kenneth Lay connection to the Tennessee Valley Authority's past director Glenn L. McCoullough, Jr. on page 164. He tells how the Bushs' promises to Enron's chairman Kenneth Lay included the naming of McCoullough as chairman. Up until this point Enron and TVA were huge enemies. And the most recent headlines - TVA Puts Lock on Gate (TVA Land Sales) Which I have renamed When Camels Fly
    American Dynasty
    , by Kevin Phillips.
  • Page 98 - This is how extremely influential the Republican machine is, and how "vote tampering" is a part of what they do best - Kevin Phillips, a former Republican White House strategist in his book American Dynasty has given me insight on a converstation I had in 1982 with one of the hostages held at the American Embassy in Iran in 1979, Lloyd Rollins - General Services Admin. Officer - U.S. Embassy - Ottawa, Ont. - He was refused permission to write a book that accused the Reagan Administration and the C.I.A. of "playing politics" with the Iranian Government and the students holding 52 (53?) American hostages for 444 days 1979-1981 (Iran Hostage's Diary / Robert C. Ode). Mr. Kevin Phillips in talking of the Florida recount in 2000 and a 1991-1992 accusation says "George H.W. Bush, twelve years earler, had participated in the Reagan-Bush campaign's arrangements to have anti-American Iran hold its U.S. hostages, seized in 1979, until January 1981, instead of releasing them in November 1980 in a deal that could have reelected Democrat Jimmy Carter. The elder Bush and the 1980 campaign manager, Bill Casey, were alleged to have worked with an anti-Carter faction of present and former C.I.A.operatives, some of whom had broad international experience in election tampering." He expands on this futher on in the book. Listen to the Extended Interviews of Kevin Phillips on the NPR Web Site.
    Mr. Lloyd Rollins converstation with me while in Canada wit my brother in late 1982, now makes a whole lot more sense. US Charge d’Affaires in Iran Bruce Laingen, a friend of my brother the late George Payne, expressed his desire on C-SPAN November 2007 coming upon the anniversary of their release, that normal relations with Iran should be the focus of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (Listen to the dicussion: The National Cathedral, Center for Global Justice and Reconciliation held a panel discussion on �The U.S. and Iran: A Difficult History.�) Also Just Foreign Policy News blog.

    Unless you live in BUSHWORLD you must have known that the sovereignty of Iraq has always been in question

    Now speaking about "Who Done It". Let's just hope that our Top Cop's have a clear mind when investigating major crimes. Should they be guilty of wrongdoings you know that may "cloud their judgment in other matters".More of what I think
    Now I may have to commend the Mayor and/or the Road Superintendent on the recent paving of Forest Hills Drive and then the remainder of Harmon Road. Although it is probably not going to be enjoyed by myself and wife very long. We have decided to either sell or rent our house in Forest Hills Subdivision because of our inability to find work in Claiborne County. I have very fond memories of growing up in Old Tazewell but for some reason just haven't found my last three years here all that pleasant.
    What does need to be done to balance Affirmative Action? It is possible that in an majority office, be it by race, gender or age that a person can be discriminated against and not be able to prove it. Just how would you go about proving it. One Caucasian man's attempt made it all the way to the Supreme Court.

    United Steel Workers of America v. Weber
    [443 U.S. 193]
    Burger Court, Decided 5-2, 6/27/1979

    Early in my career I found that Affirmative Action was not my friend. I worked in an racially unequal office very early on but I held fast my belief in racial equality. In mid career I worked in an office where I gender effected my career but I held firm my belief in gender equality. Now, late in my career I am finding that my age causes a problem in selection for certain jobs, but I still hold fast that my age and experience is a plus when being selected for jobs that require some knowledge of the importance of punctuality and detail. The following was one person's disagreement some of the policy of Affirmative Action. Wouldn't you agree with the socio-economic situation so unbalanced today that Affirmative Action should be redone to protect those being discriminated against because of their socio-economic standing and not just primarily race? I am hopeful the new administration will recognize this.

    Citizens Group for Public Access to Breastworks Cemetery.
    If elected as President of the Claiborne Historical Society I promise to work for Federal funding to have the Breastworks Cemetery declared a site of Historical Significance and have a permanent public access road constructed.   Since elected Secretary I have brought this up and it is in the interest of the Society to form a committee.  Will keep you posted. I have some pictures to post of Love Cemetery that is in very close proximity of Breastworks Cemetery.


    Please click on Images Below

    The above documents are the results of my complaint to the Knox County Fire Prevention Bureau. Click on Picture for More.

    Well I have gone back to work for Jewelry Television. I went back very soon after I left Commercial Furniture Group, Morristown and while I was still drawing severance pay. I was called in for two interviews. One for Purchasing Agent and another for IT Technician. Although I was qualified for both I feel their explainations were sufficient and am happy to be working back in the "call center". I have been studying and do plan to test for both the A+ Certification and on taking the "required" National Institute of Governmental Purchasing that they say are required for both jobs. Most recently new developments within the ranks of Jewelry Television lead me to believe that their hiring practices may not be what it should be. Theft by trusted employees has been discovered. I have heard that this may just be the tip of the iceburg.
    Although I will say that Jewelry Television has been a redeeming grace to many in Knoxville I have to look at their promotions and their policy of interviewing, as with many company's is the only way they have of "feeling a person out", so to speak. Unethical selling practices are always a danger when in retail sales, especially when training employees. An example of an early experience I was part of was when, as a licensed Securities salesman for a company known as American Centennial Insurance during the nations 200 year centennial in 1976, I along with many other unsuspecting men and women received unethical training regarding the sale of a first offering of Insurance Stock, this particular false prospectus selling technique brought the company under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and brought charges of both False Prospectus Practices and Money Laundering by the corporation executives. Now if that don't put the fear of God in you then nothing will. Jewelry TV to refund customers in "false advertising" case


    Also when interview with Jewelry Television in October 2006 for both IT Tech and Purchasing Agent I was told I qualified for both but was not chosen. I was told that it was soon going to be required to be certified through the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), so I began studying for the certification and have been accepted through previous experience qualified to take the test. I noticed that in an April 2007 ad for Purchasing Agent that the NIGP qualifications are not now needed. Here are the qulifications:

  • Bachelors degree in a related field required - I have
  • 2-3 years experience in all aspects of purchasingo including development of product specifications, establishing supplier relationships, Price negotiation
  • - I have
  • Must have experience working in or communicating with other cultures especially companies in Asia
  • - I have
  • Excellent communication skills
  • - I have
  • Must be proficient in MS Word and Excel
  • - I am
  • Proficiency in procurement software including Oracle I-Procurement APICS, AAP or CPM certification a plus
  • - I am and studying for NIGP CPPB Certification
  • Ability to respond to changing needs
  • - I have that
    In Novmeber 2007 I obtained my CPPB Certification

    Facts about my brother
    A Great Man George Payne, while Regional Security Officer in Kenya, South Africa delivered supplies when he should have taken her guns and ammunition. Rwanda honors mountain gorilla researcher Fossey Rodney Dangerfield was a friend of my brothers.

    Fact, my brother was Regional Security Officer West Germany 1968-1972, for U.S. State Department during which time my sister and I spent a month visiting and traveling throughout Western Europe with he and his family. We spent several days in Munich, staying at the Ambassador's apartment. He left before September 1972. To see the Movie Trailers click on the link or picture.

    A man who goes out looking for a murderer in Africa, William Bradford Bishop, an ex-Diplomat, who he may have known while on assignment at the Washington Field Office. He took his two sons on this hunt and the double barrell, 12 guage shotgun that he had borrowed from his father. This hunt was the hunt that met the Lion on the Bridge and caused him to use the shotgun only to frighten the Lion off the Bridge. Click on the picture for more information on the continuing hunt for this man. Or you can Click Here

    After his retirement as Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Bureau of Diplomatic Security in 1983 he retired to Arizona where he coordinated a training facility for Diplomatic Security. He solicited the help of a cousin, Charles McLaughlin, who was nearing retirement age with the National Security Agency, (NSA), to contact the NASCAR Training facility near his home in Franklin, North Carolina to obtain what my brother called his CRASH and BANG CARS. These cars would be fitted with bullet proof glass and steel beams down the interior side body and used to run across the runway at the Marana Training Facility to simulate terrorists trying to take hostages. The automatic wepons that were used were the Israeli Uzi�s. These he showed me. He formed his own private Security company called Intersect and worked at least two major sporting events, 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, Ca., and the 1986-1987 America's Cup in Perth, Australia. My brother would alway tell me of his many trips overseas - most were missions for which he was either working for the State Department or another government organization. A couple of the stories I can remember about his trips to TelAviv, Israel.

    My wife Amy. Halloween 2001 Brendon Park Apartments - Bldg 9001

    Although in my remembrances of Presidents I can say that being close enough to two to touch them, Nixon in a reception for the Shah of Iran in the White House Rose Garden and Kennedy in the parking garage of the U.S. State Department that the only one I have met, shook hands with and had a brief conversation was Jimmy Carter. That was when he was Governor of Georgia at a Convention in Atlanta in 1972.
    My cousin, Judy Watts Breckenridge was writing speeches for Gov. Carter and I was working for the U.S. State Department. I drove to Atlanta and we went to the Hyatt Regency, downtown. We sat with several important black leaders as Judy being from Union, South Carolina felt much like Carter in her views of racial prejudice during the integration era, late 60's and early 70's, in the South. We, Judy and I had talked of this growing up close during those years when we weren't out walking the railroad tracks at Lone Mountain or swimming four, yes four miles in Norris Lake.
    Well back to the conference. After just a few minutes most all the black leaders in the room abruptly got up from not only our table but from every table in the room. When I turned to Judy and asked what the reason for this was she pointed toward the main door and asked if I knew who that was. I said no and she said, George Wallace, Governor of Alabama had just entered the room. I remember there was one maybe two left at our table and soon after finishing we made our trip over to meet Gov. Carter.
    The next day I returned back to Washington, D.C. where I was living on Connecticut Ave., NW. and working for the U.S. State Department. Strangely enough not too many months after that in Chevy Chase, Maryland Governor George Wallace was shot in the parking lot of a grocery store while making a speech.

    I hear that noted News Journalist Walter Cronkite today (1/16/06) called for immediate withdrawal from Iraq by our Troops. I am hopeful that his statement will make a great difference in President George Bush's policies. Cronkite's speech regarding withdrawal from Vietnam, some say was a major turning point of our policies there. Former Senator and Ambassador Jim Sasser spoke to me in 1993 & 1994 of the situations in Yugoslavia - The Balkins and also in Iraq after George Bush, Sr.'s attempted assassination.

    Where were you when our nation came under attack on September 11, 2001?

    Just as many Americans will remember where they were when our beloved President Kennedy was killed all of us alive now should remember where we were when the "9/11" attack took place. Well, I was sitting in the lobby of United States Cellular, Knoxville, Tennessee. I was waiting for what I thought was my final interview to begin work for the cellular company. My interview was scheduled for 9:00 a.m. and I was 30 minutes early, something I am famous for. I sat until 10:00 a.m. admiring the lobby in the West Knoxville building. It was a very nice open lobby with a garden and skylights. The pictures on the wall were, as I look back on it the most fascinating feature of all. It showed many service industries using cell phones. Especially interesting was the picture of a fireman, dressed in his yellow suit scaling a ladder with a cell phone in his hand. I stared at it and thought how much I was going to enjoy the job I was being interviewed for. Although in retrospect, since I didn't get the job, and was only briefly told that my interview was being canceled around 11:00 a.m. I realize I was part of a very bad time in not only the history of the United States, but in the cell phone industry. As I went back to the parking lot and tuned the radio to my favorite radio station, 98.7, The River did I realize what was going on. I quickly got back to my apartment and called my girlfriend, Amy Rinker, who was working at Shannondale Nursing Home, not far from there. We both watched as both towers collapsed. Something that will affect not only us but every American and lover of our American way of life for a long time.
    Also a small file on AGING PARENTS and if you should consider taking care of them in their old age.
    Five Years After September 11, 2001


    My old Football Coach Billy Vern Boggs always wanted me in the center of the field. On kickoffs and returns and as offensive center and defensive nose tackle. I guess I had pretty good reflexes and was used to people moving as I moved. I found out later in life that didn't always happen.
    1. Agent Floyd Boring, who signed the V.I.P. Pass that I and my family used to the White House in 1961. Also some Bruno family members and breaking the Mafia code of omerta
      Before someone takes some of this the wrong way let me say I don't know whether or not the assassination of President Kennedy was a conspiracy or not but that there were mistakes that lead to his being assassinated. My brother, George Payne spent the rest of his life assuring that those he protected followed the procedures set forth for their safety. Had President Kennedy done this perhaps he would not have been killed that day in November in Dallas, Texas.
      With that said some interviews that I consider worth listening to. Without actually giving the interpretation that the Secret Service may have been lax because of Kennedy's extramarital activity, Vince Palamara does a good job of proving that Kennedy had lot's of extramarital chances. The most interesting of all President Kennedy's assassination and hearing first hand interviews, you need to listen to those of Vince Palamara. Although he is not a trained investigator he made an effort to contact all the living Secret Service Agent's assigned to Kennedy. He has about 20 YOUTUBE presentations and if you have the time and are interested in investigative assignments you must watch Vince Palamara Presentation 1-4
    2. 2006 Movie staring Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland - A disgraced special agent to the White House (Douglas) endeavors to foil a conspiracy to assassinate the U.S. President. The Sentinel.
    3. My Chance Face to Face with Patrick Kennedy, June 2006
      Trailer of the movie Bobby about assasination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy
      Also Many other Videos that make you think about the assasination. Was it a conspiracy?? The latest of all the conspiracy theory's would be Ulitimate Sacrifice by Lamar Waldron and Throm Hartman.
    5. Marcus Luttrell, a Navy Seal regarding his being the "Lone Survivor" of a mission called "Redwing" in the Afghanistan mountains, Born to Serve
    6. Jay Taylor, who if anyone would remember, was one of the administrations appointees to represent the United States Department of State at our American Interest Section in Cuba. While Jay and Betsy were there, their daughter Amy's wedding. Betsy is a descendant of Anderson Payne. Jay's articles "When Intelligence Reports Become Political Tools" regarding the Bush Administration and his misuse of power is an inspiration.
    7. New information regarding State Senator John Toomey Farm and House in Scott Co., TN.
    8. Detective Sargent E. Wren, Scotland Yard Letter
    9. We all remember our first real job when we made that first .50 cents, well actually $14.00 a week was mine. It was as a paper carrier for the Knoxville News-Sentinel
    10. My job as Assistant Weighmaster at Centre Brick Warehouse New Tazewell was probably another job that helped me learn about How Things Go in small town USA.
    11. Work Hard to Save the Environment
    12. Intersection of Harmon Road and Forest Hills Drive May Soon See Three-Way Stop
    13. Have you ever seen more arrogance than in 2007 shown by the Tazewell's when asserting their prominence in non-concern for the environment? To live and work in Claiborne County you must set aside any concern and swallow their ideas of healthy work environment (non-smoking), healthy tree-stand improvement and concern for clean rivers and streams. Makes it hard for someone like my wife and myself to live here.
    14. Dangerous Intersections in the Area
    15. Intersection of Highway 33 and Harmon Road needs Street Light and more
    16. Sloppy Construction on Claiborne - Grainger Bridge, U.S. 25E
    17. Some experiences I had with the Butcher Banking Family during the 1970's and 1980's.
    18. 1935-1940's during a trip by my Grandfather Joe Phillips there.
    19. The Christmas of 2006 OH-HOW WAS MY CHRISTMAS
      - This saga continued up until April 6, 2007. My 1999 Volkswagen, with the transmission out now resides in Knoxville. No, I still own the car and no I haven't gotten the transmission fixed but I did win a $2700.00 settlement in court on April 6th. First time I have ever had to sue anyone, it was not a pleasant experience. And now as of January 2009 my 10 year old Volkswagen is running like a dream. Thanks to an honest mechanic (fingers crossed). Eurotech of Knoxville
    20. Black Marketeering or selling Bootleg Beef during World War II was something that went on right here in Claiborne County. Who would have thought that.
    21. I thought it IRONIC that after we moved to New Tazewell that not long after a fellow moved in with our next door neighbor, who worked for Union Concrete. The fellow became involved in what became several DEALS that culmanated in RINKER Concrete (No Connection to My Wife) being acquired by CEMEX. Read more of a 2008 story of what has transpired.
    22. Here are some bits and pieces of my brother Geroge Edward "Eddie" Payne's career.
    23. Some reasons why I would make a wonderful candidate for your Claiborne County Historical Society President.
    24. Some pictures from my Grandfather's Trunk .
    25. Was there ever an attempt to form an African Methodist Episcopal Church in Tazewell, Tennessee.
    26. Were you worried about going into the Twenty First Century and the Y2K scare? Securities Service Network sure was. I helped them out during their time of need and was rewarded with good pay, good evaluations and a hefty severance allowance when they told me they didn't need me anymore.
    27. The Claiborne County Progress - February 1963. The Progress print appeared to be closer to that of other newspapers then than now. Don't lay it on anything that you wouldn't want ruined. It bleeds ink. In other words I think the Progress hasn't made much. A lot of "Payne" on the front page.
    28. Mistakes like THIS ONE causes PAIN to local family
    29. Rinker Concrete BIG DEALS locally.
    30. My most Interesting Job Interview was with Nippondenso before it lost it's NIPPEN
    31. Grandfather Joe Phillips and my intent to investigate his life after retiring from the U.S. Treasury Department and returning to Scott County, Tennessee
    32. How much did the Phillips family of Scott County, Tennessee know about old Tobias Phillips, Slave owner of Scott County, VA? Did Obelee (Tobe) Phillips change his name to Tobe because of Tobias? Was Arzo Carson's real name Alfonzo? The two James Chitwoods, one a hero at Kings Mountain and the other Hung at Kings Mountain, which one are you kin too? All those answers to come.
    33. Have you ever had one of THESE JOBS!! COMMUNICATIONS - WHAT IS THAT??? and WHAT GOOD IS IT!! I compare it to Don McLeans song "STARY, STARY NIGHT" when he talks about not listening now and perhaps they never will!! (:< ) (Be sure and scroll all the way to the bottom)
    34. Is this the right stuff??? Letters to the White House 1978-1979 - John Glenn Friendship 7 Astronaunt
    35. Invitation to Blair House, Washington, D.C.
    36. Northridge Quake
    37. President Reagan Card
    38. My Afghan Pistols given me by my brother in the late 1960's.
    39. The 1960 fire that destroyed Tazewell Soldiers Memorial Junior High School
    40. In 1974 I took a Civil Service test for the U.S. Post Office in Knoxville, Tennessee, making a 96% on the exam and went to work for the Post Office in Knoxville. Mr. C. Edwin Graves and Mr. Jack Taylor were two men that were Supervisor and Personnel Manager of the Post Office at that time. My father, Al Payne had filed a Grievance with the Postal Carrier's Union and was fighting for backpay for years of Heavy Duty route assignment known as RETRACE for much of his nearly 100 mile a day route. I want provide the National Rural Letter Carriers Association determination of his grievance. Along with this, have a look at some 1974 pictures of Rural Route 3, New Tazewell, Tennessee.
    41. With the XX Winter Olympic Games coming to an end in Torino, Italy I would like to share my Olympic experience years ago. In memory of my big brother George Eddie Payne please visit my Games of the XXIII Olympiad 1984 Los Angeles, California
    42. Before the Olympics in 1984 a trip twenty years before had been just about as exciting. My memories of the 1964 New York Worlds Fair
    43. Before Chernoybl the greatest environmental disaster caused by man was at a Uranium Mine in Church Rock, New Mexico - That Uranium from UNC's Site in Church Rock is a major cleanup site for the NRC. If the mined and milled uranium was sold to Russia as I suspect then Russia has made a very wise move. In January of 2006 a resolution by Russia that is supported by President Bush is as follows: Joint venture in Russia, Moscow hopes to persuade Tehran it has no need to make its own enriched uranium.
    44. My first really big letter writing campaign was not long after I left High School and it involved the Clinch River Breeder Reactor that was scheduled to be built along the banks of the Clinch River
    45. My idea of how Numbers have played a part in my life.
    46. How I almost met the Kennedy's in McClean, Virginia.
    47. Looking for the plan for the Lost Big Sycamore Recreational Area and more regarding what might have been a perfect place for a State Park in Claiborne County
    48. New Marinia comes to Claiborne County. TVA Finding of No Significant Interest
    49. Pictures of Big South Fork
    50. My BLOG on BLOGSPOT.COM The Republicans are Always Right?? NOT
    51. My father Al G. Payne was a member of the 1946 Democratic Victory Club.
    52. Democrates are sometimes the big VILLIANS TOO
    53. Midland District Texas Railroad Commission
      The EYES OF TEXAS for your Royalty Rights
    54. Al Capone Letter, Part of Joe Phillips Scrapbook

    YEAR: 1927

  • McGhee Tyson Airport actually traces its history to two earlier airports, Becky Huckaby, spokeswoman for the Airport Authority, said. In 1910, a group of aviation enthusiasts opened a private airfield near the current Chilhowee Park in East Knoxville. Then in 1927, Walter Self, who enjoyed flying as a hobby, opened Knoxville Aero Corp. on the south side of Sutherland Avenue, where West High School and the National Guard Armory are now. The airfield became the city's first municipal airport and Huckaby said apparently held the name McGhee Tyson Airport at some point.
  • The above article from my Grandfather Joseph Phillip's Scrapbook refers to W.L. Stribling's Travel Air being at Bearden Field. Stribling was killed in October 1933, so I am pretty sure this article refers to the Bearden Field, precursor to McGhee Tyson Airport. W.L. "Young" Stribling was a dominant boxer based out of Middle Georgia last century. He also was a lieutenant in the Army Reserve Air Corps and flew his own plane to fights around the country.

    The saying "the good die young" was especially true for Stribling. He was killed in an accident in October of 1933 at the age of 28 while on the way to the hospital to visit his wife and newborn son when the motorcycle he was riding was struck by a car. Read more here:

    Herb Toomey, nephew of Joseph Phillips, assistant prohibition administrator of Ky and Tn, and William Hart, Johnson City, TN newspaperman. With an American Eagle airplane.

    YEAR: 1934

  • MARYVILLE HISTORY: Blount National Bank opens in former First National Bank building
  • Aluminum plant closed by August 10 strike, idling 1,900 workers; reopens September 10
  • Work begins on runways of new McGhee Tyson Airport

    On July 29, 1937, an American Airlines Stinson TriMotor, capable of carrying about 10 passengers, touched down at McGhee Tyson Airport, marking the first commercial flight at that facility.

  • August 1 and 2, 1934

    Col. Charles Lindbergh's Flight Log,- February 8, 1928 - Port au Prince to Havana, Cuba (Carried three sacks of mail, including one sack from Santo Domingo.) - 9 hrs. 20 min.

    February 13, 1928 - Havana to Lambert Field, St. Louis, Mo. (Both compasses malfunctioned over Florida Strait, at night. The earth-inductor needle wobbled back and forth. The liquid compass card rotated without stopping. Could recognize no stars through heavy haze. Located position, at daybreak, over Bahama Islands, nearly 300 miles off course. Liquid compass card kept rotating until the Spirit of St. Louis reached the Florida coast.)

  • Gen. John J. Pershing, WWI hero, visits Maryville, site of his mother's birthplace (just east of town)