Rock Wall in front of Brickhouse

Pictures were taken soon after the house was built in 1927. Betty Lenora Phillips and Jo Phillips are pictured on the porch. Notice the rock wall that runs in front of the house that sits on Old Knoxville Road above Tazewell. This rock wall ran all the way down to Tazewell at one time.


There is the remitments of a rock quarry just a couple hundred feet from the house and I would imagine that most the rock came from this quarry.


During the excavation for the small basement of this house the remains of two Union soldiers found wrapped in blankets with swords and other military articles. My grandfather Joseph Philliips took care to see that these soldiers were removed to the National Cemetery in Knoxville, Tennessee where they were reburied along with other unknown Civil War soldiers. Also by following this link you can read about how the Union Troops advanced on Knoxville from Tazewell, June 19, 1863.


Old deeds to this property can be found here.


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