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Officers and Committee Members

IMPORTANT MEETING January 6, 2003 to discuss Second Edition Claiborne County History Book and another Pictorial History of Claiborne County for those of us that did not get pictures in last edition. Also Election 2003 will be the May meeting 2003. Contact President Joyce Ramsey at email address above. The county Historian, John Kivette, can be reached c/o of the CCHS.

Purpose:  The CCHS seeks to stimulate an appreciation for local history and assist in the preservation of Claiborne County records, both public and private.

Dues: The annual dues of the Society are $12.50 for single, $15.00 for family and $1.00 for students. Prospective members and contributors should contact the Secretary or Treasurer, respectively.

Queries:  All requests for information on ancestors will be printed free of charge for members of the Society. The fee for nonmembers is $1.00, the proceeds going to the building fund for the new CCHS museum. Please direct all queries to the Editor: Robert G. Ziegler, 144 Kirby St, Harrogate, TN 37752 or E-mail him at . Please use the subject REFLECTIONS (The name of the Society's quarterly publication).

Claiborne County Historical Society Museum Fund  Please send all donations to the CCHS, P.O. Box 32, Tazewell, TN 37879

Meetings: Monthly meetings will be held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. and will take place as announced in the Claiborne County Progress (The local Claiborne County Newspaper), on week prior to the meeting.

Publication:  The Claiborne County Historical Society is not responsible for any errors published in the Reflections. Any errors, if found, or corrections to printed material will be made in following issues. 

Librarian Claiborne County Public Library P.O. Box 139 Tazewell, TN 37825 (423) 626-5414


The first organizational meeting of the Claiborne Co Historical & Genealogical Society took place in Apr 1982. The Charter & By-Laws were established , & sent to the State of TN & registered in July 1982.

It has now been 20 years since the founding of our Claiborne Co Historical & Genealogical Society.  We, the members, officers & directors, are proud I to announce that we now have a new library, which will open to the public by mid-April 2002.

Our Society has accomplished many tasks. We have aided in the registering of many historical sites to the TN Historical Register. This Society has published  The People's History of Claiborne County, Tennessee & recently, The Claiborne County, Tennessee Pictorial History. Many of our members have produced books to preserve our history of Claiborne Co. TN. We have placed several historical markers around Claiborne Co. Our current goals are to work with our Claiborne Co Commissioners, the City Alderman, the Claiborne Co Library &the Claiborne Co Planning Commission to form a committee to try to build a new library for our community & for this new library to include the Historical Society for the preservation of our history & genealogy of Claiborne Co. Another goal is to obtain the deed to the Old Claiborne Co Jail House (picture), & to restore it to a working museum.

This year is our year to celebrate. There will be no elections in May 2002. All the officers & directors will remain the same until next election in May 2003. Our annual meeting, to be held on May 19, 2002, will be held to honor those members who have made conspicuous contributions of time & effort to the field of history. A Nominating Committee is putting together a list of those members to be voted Honorary Members on May 19,2002. We will dedicate this meeting in their honor. We will have a barbeque luncheon & celebration.

The following is a list of our Society's Charter Members & Officers of the last 20 yrs.


Dr. Edgar Holt President, 1982, Deceased Mrs. Alice Holt Charter Member, 1982, Deceased Phillip Holt Vice President, 1982 Mrs. Brenda Burchfield Sec/Treas, 1982 (Treasurer for 20 years) Mrs. Mary England Program Director, '82, Sec. '83, '84, '00, '01 ,Current Sec.& Active member for 20 years Paul Johnson V. Pres, '82, '87, '88 Program Director /1982 lifetime member, Active Member for 20 yrs Mrs. Ruth Johnson life time member & Active Member for past 20 years Joseph Suppiger Publications, 1982, President, 1983 Mrs. Nell Quesenberry Publications, 1982 Mrs. Hazel Davis Finance director, 1982 Lowell Lynch Membership Committee, 1982, President, 1983 William O'Donnell Membership Committee, 1982, President, 1985 Ms. Eleanor Griffin Life time member & Active member for 20 years Mrs. Dorothy Hale Amis Active member for 20 years Percy Weatherbee Active members for 20 years Ms. Patricia J. Greer life time member, Active member for 20 years.


Mrs. Mary Parkey Pres, 1986-Mar 9, 2000. She was a great Pres. & was totally devoted to the preservation of the history of Claiborne Co.
Ralph Robinson Served as Pres. to fill in after Mary's unfortunate death, V. Pres. 95-00 Walter J. Wilmoth Current President, Active member since 1998 Wendell Snodgrass Vice President, 1988-1994 Ms. Joyce Ramsey Vice President, 2000, Ms. Wanda Hodges Secretary, 1985-1987 j Ms. Jeanette Williams Secretary, 1988-1994 j Mrs. Sue Robinson Secretary 1996-1999 i Jim Welch Active member since 1985/Current chairman of the Board of Directors.

At this time we, the members of the Claiborne Co Historical & Genealogical Society, wish to thank our Present & Past Mayors & Aldermen of the City of Tazewell, for their support & for their providing the Society a place to meet & conduct business. We, also, wish to thank our past & present Claiborne Co Commissioners for their financial support & their interest in preserving the history of Claiborne Co. We wish to thank the many businesses for their financial support over the years.
The compilation of the above Charter Members & Officers was taken from the records of the Claiborne Co Historical & Genealogical Society's publications, "Reflections." If I have omitted anyone, I am deeply sorry & I apologize. I would ask that you provide the Society with any information that you have about past Charter Members & Officers.

Many of you may not be aware of the fact that Ms. Mary Parkey, past President, provided her home for the safe keeping of all the society's records, all of the accumulated books pertaining to the history & the genealogy records of the people of Claiborne Co. Not only did Ms. Parkey lose her life in the fire of March 9, 2000, but also all the records & documents that have been accumulated over the years were destroyed.

At this time I, Walter J. Wilmoth, Current President, am asking that if anyone has any historical records and/or family genealogy records that you are willing to provide for the Society's new library, it would be greatly appreciated. Please mail  any items to: Claiborne Co. Historical & Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 32, Tazewell, TN 37839.  Or if you live within the area, I you may deliver your materials to any First Century Bank, Branch or Main Office, to the attention of Mrs. Brenda Burchfield.
I would like to ask you, as members, to provide us with any names & achievements of any active members, past or present, who you feel deserves to be voted on as an Honorary Member.

The new address of the Claiborne Co Historical & Genealogical Society Library is 1734 Main St, Suite 2, Tazewell, TN r 37879. For further information as to the location of the May 19, 2002 Annual Meeting, please contact the Society after March 10, 2002 or you may call Walter Wilmoth at (865) 947-2314.

Walter J. Wilmoth, President

Claiborne Co. Historical Society Balance Sheet
December 31, 2001
Total Cash as of December 31, 2001 98,529.53
Deposits 39,739.49
Less Expenses 52,619.86
Total Cash as of December 31, 2001 85,649.16
Real Estate 15,000.00
Total Assets 100,649.16

Claiborne County Commission Discusses Historical Society

Claiborne County Progress, April 17, 2002
by Jan Runions
Assistant Editor

In an unusual move. the Claiborne County Historical Society will be returning some $30,000 in cash and land to the county; Society president Walter Wilmoth told the Claiborne .County Commission during its regular monthly meeting, on Monday, April 15, that the society voted to return the money. The funds come with a request by the society that the commission form a committee to look into the feasibility of finding a permanent home for the organization. Wilmoth requested that the county look into combining the library with the new society home and outlined a couple of different approaches that could be taken.

The county could utilize the money to complete renovations on the existing library building (picture), adding on to the structure to enlarge the library by some 4,000 feet, Wilmoth explained.

The 2,100 feet left in the project design could then be used to house the Historical Society, he added.

Or, the county could use the $30,000, the sell of the lot of land (worth approximately $20,000) plus a portion of the $89.000 already in the Society's building fund to finance the construction of a new building. The commission requested that County Executive, Darrell Brittain contact prospective committee volunteers before the next regular monthly meeting.

The project will be placed, on the May agenda.

Historical and Genealogical Society to Meet

The Claiborne County Progress, Wednesday, October 16, 2002


The Claiborne County Historical and Genealogical Society will meet Nov. 10 at 2:30 p.m. in Cumberland Gap, at City Hall. At this meeting we will be electing the officers of President, Vice-President and Treasurer, to fulfill the term of these officers, who was (were) unable to fulfill their term. We encourage all members and the public to attend this meeting and afterwards we will tour the Cumberland Gap museum.


If you would like to nominate anyone you may send nominations to Claiborne County Historical Society, P.O. Box 32, Tazewell, Tn. 37879 or call Lt. David Honeycutt at 423-626-9865, Jon Malone at 423-626-1875 or Ed Hardin, IV at 423-626-7016 or you can make nominations from the floor.


We will also have our office open for anyone who would like to purchase any of our items. If you have any questions call 423-626-0500.


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