Preparing for Y2K with a Inc. 500 Company

During the years 1997-1998 and 1999 with Securities Service Network, Inc., a fast moving Inc. 500 Company, I preformed a most rewarding job. And since many companies, especially the customer and technical services and manufacturing jobs I have had since, have not offered a semi-annual or annual employee evaluation I am placing this years worth of evaluations given me by Securities Service Network, Inc. in hopes it will help secure a position commensurate with my education, training and ability.   Like so many companies, because of a company wide failure in communication between the Information Technology Department  (the fireman) and the Chief Executive Officer (the stockbroker),  there was very little attention paid to technology up until mid 1998.   The job of bringing the company "up to speed" during that time required installation of all new workstations, routers and peripherals. I also placed the company's first web site online, installed email on all workstations and a modem share server allowing all employees to send faxes from their workstation.   I placed the companies Newsletter online using Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft FrontPage.

Also this experience and a vast amount of other, I think, help qualify me for being considered a likely candidate for president of the Claiborne County Historical Society.  I could, for one thing, bring its monthly newsletter online using these same tools. Also as you can see from my online resume, have managed franchise stores and am aware of how to manage allowing for the wise use of available resources.  Also, I have seven years of records management experience with Lockheed Martin Energy Systems within their Environmental Sciences Division.  I managed all the records for one of their largest projects the Environmental Restoration, Clinch River Remedial Investigation.