"Receipt for Wire and Poles from the Tazewell Power and Light Co. from Old Tazewell to New Tazewell", dated Feb. 1, 1915. I know where the company was located and it sat very near where the present day Frostee Freeze is. It powered a theater owned and operated by my grandfather, Joseph Phillips. See the links to follow for more about the "Tazewell Power and Light Co."

ELECTRICAL WORLD, Volume 67, Part 2 - April 1, 1916, New Tazewell, Tenn – A Company is being organized, with a capital stock of $25,000 to remove the electric light and power plant from Tazewell to New Tazewell, to erect a flour mill with a daily capacity of 200 bbl. and to install a waterworks system in New Tazewell. J.W. Rose and Dr. M.B. Carr of Tazewell are interested in the project.

ELECTRICAL REVIEW, Volume 68, - April 22, 1916, New Tazewell, Tenn – J.W. Rose and M.B. Carr of Tazewell, have under consideration the removal of the lighting and power company’s plant to New Tazewell.

ELECTRICAL REVIEW, Volume 76, - May 29, 1920, New Tazewell Tenn. - The Claiborne County Light & Power Co., recently organized with $25,000 has acquired the plant of the Tazewell Light & Power Co. and is arranging plans for construction of a new transmission system to connect with the system of the Kentucky Utility Co., Louisville, Ky., at Cumberland Gap. J.P. Ritchie, New Tazewell, Tennessee is the President of the company.

Joe Phillips was also Road Superintendent in Tazewell in 1920.

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