This page has information on Joseph Phillips, Senator John Toomey, his sons Herbert Toomey and John Samuel Toomey and T.W. Stone

Raids conducted by Joseph Phillips, Senator John Toomey's part as purchasing agent for the formation of the Great Smoky Mountain Park, Herbert Toomey's life as an early aviator and a couple other clippings.


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The Palm Beach Post - February 15, 1928 - Letter from American Embassy from Lindberg dated February 10, 1928. Lindberg became lost while making the journey from Havana to St. Louis and flew over Florida on to Bahama Islands, nearly 300 miles off course.

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20.jpg The following is from the flight log of Col. Charles Lindberg.

February 8, 1928 - Port au Prince to Havana, Cuba (Carried three sacks of mail, including one sack from Santo Domingo.) - 9 hrs. 20 min.

February 13, 1928 - Havana to Lambert Field, St. Louis, Mo. (Both compasses malfunctioned over Florida Strait, at night. The earth-inductor needle wobbled back and forth. The liquid compass card rotated without stopping. Could recognize no stars through heavy haze. Located position, at daybreak, over Bahama Islands, nearly 300 miles off course. Liquid compass card kept rotating until the Spirit of St. Louis reached the Florida coast.)

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