Hi Joe -There was no date provided for this picture, but since the baby is presumably Minnie Maude Payne Dearing who was born in 1889, the photo is probably early 1890.

My relationship to you is:
Janet Louise Horton-Payne b. 1939 Topeka KS
    daughter of
Jeanne Lillith Payne b. 1915 Milan MO (my mother) and Roy Elmore Horton
    daughter of
Dennis Cullen Payne b. 1884 Milan MO and Hazel Louise Grimes
    son of
Reuben Payne b. 1851 Monroe Co KY and Dorcas Page (first cousins)
    son of
Addison Payne b. 1830 Monroe Co KY and America Valentine Bradburn
    son of
Reuben Payne b. 1805 Sullivan Co TN and Sarah Norman
    son of
Daniel Payne b. 1780 in Virginia and Martha Frazier
    son of
Reuben Payne b. ca 1759 probably in Virginia and Elizabeth Sweatman

Lineage of Reuben Payne and Sarah Norman

Daniel Payne's son Enoch

1.    Enoch Payne   (son of Daniel Payne, son of Reuben and Elizabeth Sweatman Payne )   
2.    John (“Big John”) Payne     
3.    Caleb Payne       
4.    Addison Payne   
5.    America Isabel Payne
1.    b. 11 Mar 1822 , Monroe Co., KY.  d. 21 Sep 1910, Milan, MO  He’s the uncle of the other three men
2.    b. 1840  KY.  d. 12 Oct 1902, Elgin NE
3.    b. 16 Aug 1844, Monroe Co., KY.   d. 25 Jun 1917 Milan, MO
4.    b. 16 Jun 1830 d. 21 Nov. 1906 (Addison’s first wife, American Valentine Bradburn, is my line, his second wife, Amanda             Melvina Braden, was his first cousin,  )
5.    b. 1890 m. 1 Mar 1899 to Lindsay Pile.  She’s the last of eleven children of Addison and Amanda – all of whom   lived to             maturity and had children of their own,  If this is 1890, she’s just ten years old.
1.    Elizabeth Payne         
2.    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Frazier Payne    
3.    Elizabeth  Payne Page      
4.    Martha Elizabeth (Mattie)Lane Payne    
5.    Amanda Melvina Frazier                                                                                        

1.   b. 31 Oct 1822 m. d. 4 Apr 1898 2nd  of three wives of Enoch first wife died in 1889
2.   b. 1843 m. 5 Sep 1858 d. ? wife of John
3.   b. 10 Sep 1828 m, 18 Oct 1846 d. 5 Dec 1899 widow of Capt Samuel Shipley Page
            Grandmother of Laura Susan Page Payne and Minnie Maude Payne Dearing  b. 23 Mar 1889 m Sep  1908
4.  b. 25 Oct 1853 m. 15 Nov 1874  d. ? 1st of two wives of Caleb
5.  b. 6 Aug 1833 m. 10 Dec 1857 d. 23 May 1916 2nd of two wives of Addison who was her first cousin.