Glenn Rinker worked with several NBC, CBS and ABC News affiliates.

WHEN-TV 8 (moved to ch. 5 in July 1961), Syracuse, New York CBS,  WNBF-TV 12, Binghamton, New York - CBS - WKYC-TV 3, Cleveland, Ohio - NBC - WRC-TV 4, Washington, D.C. - NBC - WPLG-TV 10, Miami, Florida - ABC - WCPX-TV 6, Orlando, Florida - ABC.

Another link that gives more information on the WRC Washington, D.C.'s News and Weather Team is a site maintained by Bob Bybee.  We contacted Bob and he wanted to put a few of Amy's pictures on his site that highlights the careers of Williard Scott and Ed Walker, better known in the Washington, D.C. area as The Joy Boys of Radio.

And yet another request to use Glenn Rinker photos from Tim Tones, Cleveland, Ohio, for Three On the Town Blog. Tim says "This is Tim Lones. I was the one a few weeks ago to ask about using pictures to your page featuring Amy's Dad, Glenn Rinker for my nostalgic Cleveland TV/Radio blog. With a little assist from the Cleveland Public Library, I finally got the post done. I used the "WKYC Sales Sheet" image to illustrate the post and added a link to the "3 on the Town" page to my list of links..Making sure you are credited, of course".

From 1966 to 1976 Mr. Rinker was anchorman on WRC-TV's evening news shows in Washington, D.C. Mr. Rinker was co-anchor with Neil Boggs and later Jim Vance on the 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts on Channel 4. For his last eight months in Washington, he was co-anchor with Fred Thomas.

In 1976, Mr. Rinker left Washington for Miami, where he was co- anchor on the evening news at WPLG-TV until the spring of 1982. He won the Republican nomination for Miami's 19th District congressional seat that year, but he lost in the general election to Democrat Dante B. Fascell.

In 1983, he moved to Orlando.

Amy and Dad at 18th Birthday
My wife Amy and her Dad at her 18th birthday - Miami in 1979

Glenn Rinker's bid for the U.S. Congress, 1982 19th Congressional District, Florida.

1980 "The Shinning" starring Jack Nicholson

The next scene begins with a close-up of the start of the "Newswatch" program on TV, a show anchored by Glenn Rinker in the Miami, Florida area. As the camera slowly pulls back, an impassive, motionless Hallorann watches the Miami-based TV broadcast (a report on the blizzard in the Rockies that is affecting the Overlook Hotel) through his outstretched feet on the bed. It is the off-season home of Dick Hallorann.  As a shrill squeak and a thunderous heartbeat rise in volume, his stony face changes - his eyes widen and lift up with an aghaast look toward the ceiling. His mouth opens and his face trembles. He registers horror to a "shining" vision - danger and an SOS call for help possiblly communicated by Danny's psychic telepathy:

WPLG 10 News, The Shinning
- the open door of Room 237 from the hallway of the Overlook, with the red hotel key in the lock
- a close-up of Danny drooling and shivering in a trance
- a camera pan inside Room 237

Glenn Garfield Rinker passed away February 17, 1993. Following are articles from two Florida Newspapers regading his passing.

  • Orlando Sentinel
  • Miami Hearld

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