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THIS INDENTURE, Made this 28th day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety five between Henry Johns of the County of Hawkins and Territory South of Ohio of the one part, and Joel Gillenwater of the County of and Territory of afforesaid of the other part, WITNESSETH, That the said Henry Johns for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and thirty dollars to him in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, HATH, and by these presents DOTH grant, bargain, sell, alien, enfeoff, and confirm unto the said Joel Gillinwater his heirs and assigns forever, a certain Tract or Parcel of LAND containing Forty Acres, be the same more or less, lying and being in the county of Hawkins on Caney Creek including the plantation the said Johns now lives on. Beginning at a Boundery on the Bank of Caney Creek then South forty five East to Marshall Duncan line then along said line to the nose branch and atfim the said branch to the South then down Caney Creek to the Beginning.

With all the singular the woods, waters, water-courses, profits, commodities, hereditaments, and apparteuances whatsoever to the said tract of Land belonging or appertaining, and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, rents and issues thereof, and all the estate, right, title, interest, property claim, and demand of him the said Henry Johns heirs, and of, in and to the same and every part and parcel therof either in law or equity; TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said Forty acres of land, with the appurtenances unto the said Joel Gillenwater his heirs and assigns FOREVER against the lawful title, claim and demand of all and every person or persons whatsoever, SHALL and WILL WARRANT and FOREVER DEFEND by these presents. IN Witness whereof the said Henry Johns hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written.

Signed, sealed and delivered                                                   Henry Johns (seal) Signature
in prescence of
Tho & Jane Wm X Dunkin

I had a couple of files that had been downloaded from the IGI at the Family History Center here in Knoxville that had the following information:
While copying a deed of Henry Johns of Hawkins Co, TN I noticed some names that looked very familiar. Marshall Duncan for one. I have a file on a Henry Johns that does not seem to be my Henry, father of Rial or Martha Ann Fetch's Henry, or maybe it is. It definately is the Henry in the attached Hawkins Co. TN deed.

Does anyone recognize the following lineage: This is probably the family of Henry in someones GEDCOM submitted to LDS who may be the same Henry who sold land to Joel Gillenwater lying next to Marshall Duncan as stated in the attached deed. Others are random individuals in the Selection file

Henry Johns b. 1750 d. 1833 married Nancy DUNCAN b. 1757 d. 1809
Frank Johns b. 1779
Henry Johns b. 1809
Joseph Johns b. 1778
john Johns b. 1778
Robert Johns b. 1803

Marshall Duncan wife Sarah Johns    Henry Johns b. 1731 (Probably the father of the above Henry) b. 1731 wife Anne Williams. Elizabeth Johns b 1791 m. Jessie Lane Jacob Johns b. 1801 m. Harriet Stevens Thomas Johns b. 1780 m. Sally Reid Henry Johns m. Ann Lane (This might have been a second marriage for Henry b. 1757) Also another marriage may have been to Charity Nicke

The way this file came was as INDIVIDUALS IN SELECTION FILE from the LDS PAF database.   Does anyone know who Henry Johns who supposedly married Nancy Duncan may be? If interested in seeing the Feb. 1795 deed between Henry Johns of Hawkins Co., TN and Joel Gillenwaters of Hawkins Co.  lying next to Marshall Duncan the file is pasted above. Joe Payne

Subj: Re: Grainger Co., TN
Date: 98-05-12 17:44:39 EDT
From: RJohns24
CC: JPayne5744, Aor7capt, HJohns3

Dear Marty,

I long ago accepted that you had proved the Henry Johns of 1830 Grainger, TN is your Henry and not the one which Joe Payne and I had expected was ours. I am still looking for some sign that the Henry, father of Rial Johns, was the same Henry as the one of 1820 Pendleton Co, SC. John Slaton, assumed to be the father of Martha Alice Slaton, wife of Rial, was found in the 1810 Pendleton Co SC census pg 149, 32001-41001, same census, pg 162 Henry Johns, 20010-20010. George Slaton, Hayden Slaton, and Berry Slaton also appeared in this same census in Pendleton Co, SC. This is rather convincing proof that Henry Johns of Pendleton and John Slaton of Pendleton lived near each other and had youg children that might have been Rial and Martha Alice, although they were not supposed to have been born until later.

Incidentally, there was no Henry Johns listed in the census index for Hawkins Co, TN for 1800, 1810, 1820 or 1830. Wonder what happened to your Henry of the 1795 deed? The only other Henry Johns (other than your Henry) listed in TN in the 1830 census was in Rhea Co. Perhaps Joe and I should take a look at him. It is possible, if not probable that our Henry moved, with his family to Hawkins in abt 1820-22, and lived there until he died sometime before the 1830 census. In that case the best we could hope to find would be deeds in Hawkins for a Henry Johns with dates about 1820-29.

I will check my web page to see if it contains any reference to Henry of Grainger. I will change it if it does. Meanwhile I suggest to Joe that he do the same.

Best regards, Rob

And Martha Ann Fech has just sent this to the Johns Research Group. This definately was the above Henry Johns who was in Grainger Co., Territory South of the River Ohio before Tennessee was formed.

Subj: Grainger Co., TN
Date: 98-05-13 11:46:03 EDT
From: (Martha Fech)

Dear Rob,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry I'm slow, was busy running the boys around yesterday.

What concerned me was that you were quoting the 1830 census of Grainger County, for your or Rial Johns parents. What if Rial's parents had more then 3 children? Which is possible, since you can't place your Henry and we know the Henry in Grainger County was mine.

Concerning the deed in Hawkins the way it reads, I was wondering if this land was in Kentucky at that time. The deed does say south of Ohio. There is a Henry Johns on the 1800 KY 2nd census. He is in Shelby County and the census was taken on 29, Aug. 1800. Also, on the same census, in Shelby County there is a John Johns and a Thomas Johns. This might be a possiblity to look into. Also, the Henry Johns on the 1795 deed is not my Henry Johns, I just obtained a copy of the deed. As you can see, this Henry Johns signature is in English. My Henry Johns, always signed in German Script.

I can place my Henry on all census, except for the 1820. We have not been able to locate where he was. Up until 1828, his mother-in-law (Eve Firestone) lived with them, and I haven't been able to locate her on an 1820 census either. It is possible, that they were transacting business or finishing the move from VA to TN in 1820 and missed the census. We do know that Henry went back to Botetourt Co., VA for a court hearing, ca 1818. I have a copy of the judge's decision.

The other Henry Johns in Rhea County that you mentioned, by past messages from Hank, I believe this Henry Johns is his ancestor.

Joe and I have already corresponded on this subject. He did mentioned another possiblity of a Henry Johns. Since I don't recall what all Joe said on this Henry, here is what I found on him, from past research.  
From the DAR Patroits index: Henry Johns: b. 21, Apr. 1757; d. 26, Mar. 1833; m. #1-Charity Nickle; #2-Nancy Duncan; #3-Ann Lane. Pvt. New York. Incase, anyone is interested, also on this list: Thomas Johns: b. 1758; d. 1794; m. Gartie Hood Glover. Ens. VA John Johns: b. circa 1740; d. before 23, Dec. 1815; m. Barbara Evans. Sgt. VA Thomas Johns: b. 1742; d. after 1824; m. Mary Mahone. Pvt. PA

I was incontact with my cousin in Botetourt County, who went to school with some of the Amherst Johns. He explained Plecker's Law to me. This guy doesn't sound like a very nice person!! I do agree with you that this subject is very complexed. I am trying to get more information to check more fully into this. ancestors the REDMANS. I have found an 1850 census, that does list a family of Redmans being black. I would like to see a 1790 VA or KY census, but can't find one on the internet, if anyone has a site, let me know. I'm not sure when I will have a chance to get to the library, as one son is home from college and the high school will soon be letting out (lots of award programs, band concerts, etc). I don't know where they were in VA., (Prince Wm. County is mentioned for the line they married into); but they were in Mason County, KY.

Just about have the cemetery project finished. As soon as we do, and if the boys will let me near here,:) hope to sounds lots of Johns research I have done in the past.

Best wishes, Martha Ann (Marty)

If anyone can shed light on who this early Henry Johns was in Tennessee Please let the list know.

Subj: Johns/Duncan-2
Date: 8/12/98 7:56:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Marty Fech)

Hi again! Thought I would expand a bit more. Was a bit rushed on time last night. It seems the Henry Johns who married #1-Charity Nickle; #2-Nancy Duncan and #3- Lane, was born in Wales. He and Charity married there and had 2 children. They came to the US ca 1776, on the voyage over Charity and the dt. became sick and died. The son was George Johns. It is believed they first settled in NY and then migrated to VA. As you know he was a Rev. War Soldier. He married Nancy Duncan after the War and in VA. They moved to Hardin Co., KY. Would this be near where that 1795 Hawkins deed was? After Nancy's death, this Henry and his son-in-law, Jesse Lane and their families moved to Harrison Co., IN. Another of Henry's sons (Jacob Johns) had already migrated to Boone Co., IN. Around 1830 Henry went to live with Jacob. Henry is buried in the Johns family cemetery, located where the Johns homestead was in Boone Co., IN. If you are interested I have copies of 2 write-ups from Boone Co., IN histories on this Henry and Jacob Johns. Includes other children and dates.


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