The Sheriff's Son

by William MacLeod Raine

Andy C. Hughes was once a sheriff in Claiborne Co. He married Elizabeth Hurst, fourth daughter of Harmon Hurst, August 18, 1873. They owned and lived in Tazewell in the brick house known as the old homestead of Hugh Graham Sr. (Speedwell Manor). They have one son and two daughters.
Robert F. Hughes was born about 1880.
Theodosia Hughes was born about 1882 in Claiborne Co., Tn, and married an Earnest.
Minnie Hughes was born about 1885 in Claiborne Co., Tn, and married a Bell.

My mother remembered Kenneth Hughe, son of Robert F. Hughes who was born about 1905 and married a friend of hers, Thelma Hurst, who was in a nursing home in Morristown at the time of these rememberances. She lived in the Old Hugh Graham house, aka, Speedwell Manor, that set back of the Shell Hotel in Tazewell and now sets in South Knoxville. Moved there by Dr. Rogers.

The book below was given to my mother and then to me by Katherine Hughes Dyer many years ago along with many others.

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Andy Hughes, Sheriff of Claiborne County,
Tennessee kills Jake VanBebber,
Tuesday Night.

Andy Hughes, Sheriff of Claiborne County, Tennessee, killed Jake VanBebber here last Tuesday night at 10:30. The fight took place in a saloon on the corner of Lothberry Avenue and 18th Street.

Hughes and VanBebber became involved in an argument over the killing of two Collins Boys that occurred some two weeks before in Lee County, Virginia, where they made an attempt to arrest, or kidnap, a witness that was wanted in the murder trial in Bell County Court. Just how the fight occurred and who started it reports are conflicting, but anyway both parties employed their revolvers at each other. Hughes shooting five times and VanBebber six times, only one ball taking effect, hitting VanBebber under the heart and he died from the wound within 30 minutes.

Hughes was immediately arrested by Night Chief of Police Huston Ball and was taken to Pine-ville at 2:00 0'clock Wednesday Morning on a freight train. His examining trial was set for to-day. Judge H.Y. Hughes, his brother, and a number of other citizens of Claiborne County were here yesterday on their way to Pineville to assist in the defense of Hughes.

The remains of Mr. VanBebber were laid to rest today in the Colson Cemetery. He was 38 years old and leaves a wife and two children, a brother Robert VanBebber, Chief of Police of Middles-boro, to mourn his loss. It is very quit around Middlesboro and it is hoped that there will be no more or it.

Thundersticks, a newspaper published in Middlesboro, Bell County, Kentucky -- October 19, 1911 -- Thursday -- Page #1 .

Note: Were it states Jake leaves a brother Robert VanBebber, Chief of Police of Middlesboro, to mourn his loss, this is in error as it was his brother George VanBeber who was Chief of Police. Jake did not have a brother by the name of Robert. (GRH)