(323) John10 HURST, (Absolom9 HURST, John8, John7, Samuel6, Garrett5, Garrett4, Garrett3, Billy2, Cova1) was born Jan 9, 1699 in England, and in 1734 in Orange Co., Va, married (324) Margaret Elizabeth BEELER who was born in 1703 in Frederick Co., Va. John died in 1800 in Va. Margaret Elizabeth died in Orange Co., Va.
325 Elijah11 HURST b. 1730
326 Thomas HURST b. 1733
327 John "Mill Creek" HURST b. 1735 d. Dec 18 1817 (This is my line, Joe Payne on my fathers side)
328 William HURST b. 1737
277 + Absolom HURST b. 1748. d. 1820
329 Thomas HURST

(330) Tobias10 PHILLIPS, (George9 PHILLIPS, Tobias8, Mary7, James6 QUISENBERRY, Nicotie5 QUESENBERRY, Garrett4 HURST, Garrett3, Billy2, Cova1) was born Jul 12, 1687 in North Farnham, Old Rappahonnack, Virginia, USA, and had a mistriss (331) Margaret LAWRENCE who was born about 1700 in England. Tobias died on Nov 1, 1739 in North Farnham, Richmond Co., Va.
Notes for Tobias PHILLIPS: (This is my line on my mothers side) Another double cousin.
This is proven in the Carroll 1765-1815 book page 134 when it tells of young Tobias having a grandfather named Tobias making him a cousin to the host of Goads in western and central Virginia. It mentions his grandmother Hannah Goad Phillips' sisters who had married Dodsons back in Richmond County. Wills of Richmond Co. , Va by Robert Headley, Jr. Will Book 5,pg 80 pg 354 Tobias Phillips: will; 19 Sept 1739, 7 Apr 1740. son George; daus. Elizabeth, Hannah, Frances Dale; William Dale, the younger; wife Hannah the use of my servants Joseph (Pecton) and Thomas Lawrence; son George to pay Thomas Lawrence 500 lbs. of tobacco for his freedom dues; the care of son George's est. and his tuition shall be to my ex; ex: wife and William Glascock, wits: Godfrey Wilcocks, Wm. Forrester, Mary Howard. Thomas Lawrence was a son of Tobias Phillips and his servant girl, Margaret.

Laurence. Old Rappahonnack Co. Va., Farnham and North Farnham Parish Register, Preserved by the Circuit Court of Richmond Co., at Warsaw, Va; Photostat in the Virginia State Archives. The records prior to 1692 were made in Old Rappahannock Couty, and are here listed as follow; Born Tobias son of John and Elizabeth Phillips July 12, 1687
Notes for Margaret LAWRENCE:
From: Sandra Cole Sent: Friday, April 05, 1996 2:31 PM To: Joseph Payne Subject: THOMAS LAWRENCE LETTER "A Southern Branch of the Lawrence Family" has a chapter on Margaret Lawrence, another on the Phillips family, and another on Thomas Lawrence which would interest you. There is very little county history except that which relates to the family. The majority of the book is about the branch Margaret>Thomas>John>Thomas. He included chapters about the maternal lines of each generation. Mr. Pritchett describes this family as mainly subsistence farmers who moved first south then west. Robert Dean Lawrence wrote his book two years before Mr. Pritchett, in 1986. Bob was the coordinator of the Lawrence descendants who hired an English genealogist in an effort to find the ancestors of Margaret Lawrence. Bob's book is about the branch of the Lawrence family Margaret>Thomas>John>James. There is nothing in his book about the Phillips family, but as a result of its publication, Bob heard from a Phillips researcher. The information provided helped tie a lot of loose threads, and identify Thomas's father. Bob can probably give you the names and addresses of other Phillips researchers. His address is: Robert Dean Lawrence 4508 So. Oak, Wichita, KS 67217. You may also be interested in a book I found in the library at Wilkes Co., NC. "The Genealogy of William Tobias Philips nee Alice (Elsie) B. Henson c 1770─1989 plus fourteen Generations 1653-1989" by Elza B. Cox 1989 Brown Printing & Publishing Co., Jefferson City, Missouri 65101. I copied only the first seven pages which contain what looks to be the ancestry of Thomas Lawrence through the Phillips branch. It starts with John Phillips born about 1653 probably in England and died 1701 in Richmond County, VA. It looks like the book is primarily about the descendants of William Tobias Phillips Jr. born c 1770 son of Tobias Phillips and Margaret "Peggy" Jennings. I didn't copy this information, though. I don't have Mrs. Cox's address, but you might find it through the publisher or the Wilkes Co. Genealogical Society. BTW, my branch of the Lawrence family is Margaret>Thomas>James. Unlike Bob's and Mr. Pritchett's family, my Lawrences were well educated and well off financially. My great grandfather and his brother attended university and I have a copy of one letter that addresses him as Dr. Lawrence. He wasn't a physician so this must have been a Phd. According to the census they were not rich, but were more comfortable than most.They had good sized farms and owned slaves. I haven't checked the schedules to find out how many slaves. I do know from the letters that they worked in the fields and house along side the slaves. They settled in east Tennessee in the 1790's and remained there over 150 years. James Lawrence had other descendants in the 1800's who were doctors, lawyers, merchants, and teachers. Thanks for the information about the Descendants of Tobias Phillips. I have found that following the descent of ancestor's siblings three or four generations can be very helpful. Families seemed to move and settle near other relations. I have made several connections though daughters' descendants who do not have the family name, so I welcome all information on the family. The WP6.0 file came though fine. Sandra Cole sandcole@traveller.com Sandra Cole explains of the following letter; "The letter is not signed, and apparently was not mailed. It was found in a large collection of family correspondence of John Lawrence's family from 1840 through 1870. From the information in the letter, it can be assumed that John Lawrence wrote the letter. The letter contains some inaccuracies, for instance, Lord Trent was really Henry Trent. Other proff has been found for all the names except Baldwin, they remain elusive. A group of Lawrence descendants pooled our money and hired an English genealogist to find out more about Margaret Lawrence, but not much was found other than a Transportation Bond dated 9 March 1730. Margaret and nine others were convicted of several thefts and larcenies and transported for fourteen years. The court documents for a short period of time surrounding March 1730 have been lost so the nature of the thefts is unknown. The list of children of Thomas is iffy at best. He apparently remained near his half brother during much of his adult life, so any information you can add on his half brother would be helpful in sorting through possible connections. Dear Nephew, Your letter arrived a few days ago. The postmaster says he had been derelict of duty, I could not then attend to it. John, your request almost shames me. Our name comes to us a little out of the order of things. My great grandmother called herself Lawrence and I have been told that she emigrated from Europe in the early part of the last century to old Virginia, and was there sold to a tobacco planter owning a plantation 8 or 10 miles from home for seven years to pay her passage. Her master settled her at that out place, she being almost his wife and remained there united. She raised two sons. John, I think was the eldest and Thomas was my grandfather. He was uneducated but was a man of good mind. He spelled his name Laurence. But I, understanding he did not know them to have been the letters used by his progenitors, altered it to Lawrence which sound is the same. Thomas sometime before the Revolution moved from Kinwiddie County to Goochland County, Virginia where they lived when Uncle John joined the army. He then moved to Wilkes County, North Carolina where he died. His consort's maiden name was Lucy Wammac whose mother was a Puckey, whose mother ws the daughter of Lord Trent. My mother was a Cate. I am not aware how many generations there are of them in America or whether the name started here or not. Grandmother's name was Baldwin who was a crop of what used to be called Low Dutch on a Walsh Lady. I have been told that Great Grandmother sought every opportunity to come to America and consented to be sold. No doubt server family oppression drove her. But it seems to me the link is either broken or becomes very slender. My recollection about Grandfather's brother is that some time after he was married and before the Revolution he beging yet single went south I think to North Carolina and if they ever heard of each other afterwards I am not aware of it.
332 John11 LAURENCE b.c 1731.
333 Robert LAURENCE b.c 1734.

He also married in 1714, (334) Hannah GOAD, daughter of Abraham GOAD and Katherine WILLIAMS, who was born in Nov 1695 in North, Virginia, USA. Hannah was married to William DODSON.

Notes for Hannah GOAD: A SOUTHERN BRANCH OF THE LAWRENCE FAMILY BY Wm. Pritchett pg. 15. Hannah, wife of Tobias Phillips, m/2 Wm. Dodson of Richmond Co., VA aout 1748. They had no children. Dodson's will probated 6 Aug 1753 and witnessed by Thomas Lawrence. At the time of Hannah's marriage to Wm. Dodson, Thomas Lawrence, became the servant of his half─brother, George Phillips, who was only a few years older than Thomas. Thomas Lawrence must have been of considerable help with those responsibilities (running the Plantation) because he stayed on the plantations with George, long after he was married and had served out any bond obligation.
335 Elizabeth11 PHILLIPS b. Nov 18 1715
336 Jane PHILLIPS b. 1718.
337 Frances PHILLIPS b. Mar 10 1717 d. 1777
338 Richard PHILLIPS b. Jan 20 1721
339 Hannah PHILLIPS b.c 1724. d.a 1800
286 + George PHILLIPS b. 1725 d.a 1788

(349) William10 PAYNE, (Sandford9 PAYNE, George8, William7, Thomas6, Levi5, Walter4, Blanche3, ?2 LIVING, Cova1 HURST) was born Aug 10, 1692 in Westmoreland, Virginia, and on Feb 1, 1712/1713 in Richmond, Virginia, married (350) Alicia JONES, daughter of .Edward JONES and Alicia SAMFORD, who was born in 1686. William died on Aug 24, 1776 in Fairfax Co, Virginia. Alicia died on Oct 31, 1769 in Fairfax, Va.
351 Anne11 PAYNE b.c 1714
352 William PAYNE b. Jul 31 1724. d. Jul 12 1782
353 Edward PAYNE b. Nov 18 1726. d. May 17 1806
314 + Sandford PAYNE b. 1730 d. Apr 7 1787

He also married on Mar 1, 1763 in Fairfax, Virginia, (354) Anne JENNINGS who was born Feb 3, 1739/1740 in Va. Anne died on May 11, 1827 in Georgetown, Ky.
355 John11 PAYNE b. Apr 8 1764 d. Sep 9 1837
356 Mildred PAYNE b. Jun 20 1769
357 PAYNE b.bJun 20 1769

(340) James10 BOBBITT, (Diannah9 BOBBITT, Margaret8 JENNINGS, Mary7 PHILLIPS, James6 QUISENBERRY, Nicotie5 QUESENBERRY, Garrett4 HURST, Garrett3, Billy2, Cova1) was born in 1707 in Rocky Run, Prince George Co, Virginia, USA, and married (341) Elizabeth DALTON, daughter of Timothy DALTON and ELIZABETH, who was born in 1715 in Lunenburg Co., Virginia, USA. James died in 1761 in Antrim Pr, Halifax Co., Virginia, USA. Elizabeth was married to Richard BENNETT.
Notes for James BOBBITT: Proved in Halifax County in 1761 (Halifax, W. B. 0-131) Additional information regarding birth and lineage added 1/26/94 from Churchs CD ROM. submitted by Melanie Crain A very well-documented book by John W. Bobbitt, entitled "The Bobbitt Family in America," Publ: Washington D.C. 1985, gives some different and extended facts on this family and its relationship to the Dalton family. Up to this time, Nancy Samuelson, authoress of "The Dalton Gang Story" has been the major source for details about the Bobbitts for me, Joe Payne. Excerpts below are extracted from the book of John W. Bobbitt: p. 260: "James Bobbitt [1707-1761] was born and reared on the plantation of William Bobbitt Junior who lived on Rocky Run in Prince George County Virginia. He was trained to raise tobacco, and run a grist mill. Apparently James Bobbitt did not marry until he was about 27 or 28 years old in the year of 1734. James Bobbitt married a widow by the name of Elizabeth Bennett. Elizabeth a young widow had one child, a son, by the name of Richard Bennett. The Bennett family was a well established family of Surry County Virginiax" p. 261: "The interesting fact of this marriage was that we have found that Elizabeth's maiden name was Dalton. She was the daughter of Timothy and Elizabeth Dalton of Bedford County Virginia. James Bobbitt took Elizabeth (Dalton) Bennett, and her son, Richard Bennett, to his plantation on the banks of the Pigg River [in Pittsylvania County]. At the time, Timothy Dalton owned land adjoining the plantation of James Bobbitt. The Dalton family was a large family in Pittsylvania County Virginia" [Three of James' land acquisitions are quoted on this page; those in 1758 and 1759 were in Bedford County, two of which were on the Otter River] "In 1752, James Bobbitt was counted in a list of tithables by John Phelps and listed as being taxed for two tithables. The two taxables were James Bobbitt, and his step son, Richard Bennett. Timothy Dalton was in the same tax list with only one tithable." p. 262: "In the Common Pleas Court, book 1, between 1752 and 1755, James Bobbitt was called into court twelve times for failing to report his taxable sonsx It took James Bobbitt several years and several thousand pounds of tobacco to learn that he eventually had to comply with the lawx "James Bobbitt became ill in March of 1761 and on March 13, 1761 he wrote his will. He mentions all of his mature children in his will, including his stepson, Richard Bennett, and his wife Elizabeth. The will was recorded in Halifax County Virginia, in Will Book O, page 131." p. 263: Will of James Bobbitt 1761, probated 20 Aug 1761: "I give to my son John, law's Richard Bennit, the remaining part of the above mentioned tract of land on the north side of Pigg River, according to the river courses of the patentxalso a tract of land surveyed by John Adams adjoining the line of the above said land to the said Richard Bennitt also to him and his heirs forever in consideration whereof the said Richard Bennit is to pay James Bobbitt eleven pounds at the time the said Bobbitt shall come of age, provided he die before he shall have issue or come to age, the money to be paid to Randall Bobbit." [The author was reading from a handwritten will. Since the first line does not make absolute sense, the line may have read: I give to my son "heir at" law Richard Bennit.] "xI give to my son William Bobbitt that part of the tract of land I had of Timothy Dalton lying on the south side of Pigg Rivert o him and his heirs and assigns forever, he paying likewise to the said James Bobbitt Junior, the sum of seven pounds in like manor as the said Richard Bennitx" p. 264 [continuation of the Will] "xI give to my son John Bobbitt the remainder of the tract of land I had of this said Dalton on the north side of Pigg River, he paying the sum of eight pounds in mannor above as to the above said Randall Bobbittx" "xI lend to my loving wife Elizabeth during my [her?] widow[hood?], my negro, Joe, with all the rest of my estate equally to be divided between my loving wife, Elizabeth Bobbitt, Dinah Jinnings, Ann Hinson, Mary Bobbitt, Livisa Bobbit, James Bobbit, and Randall Bobbitt. "xI do constitute and appoint my loving wife Elizabeth Bobbit, executrix and my loving friends Robert Baber and Hugh Innis, executors to this my last will and testamentx" Signed and delivered in presence of: Benjamin Henkle [or Hensle?], Amos Choin? [Choice?], John Dutton [or Dalton?] [─all brackets are those of Melanie. In this case where the book's author apparently was having difficulty reading names, I have suggested names which were known in the area. For 'Henkle' the obvious misreading could be the 's' which looked like an 'f' or 'k' in contemporary script.] pp. 264-5 Family Group of James and Elizabeth (Dalton) Bobbitt "xa calculated list of ages of the eight [Bobbitt] children" Richard Bennitt, stepson m. Mary Dalton Dinah Bobbitt b. 1739 m. Jonathan Jennings Ann Bobbitt b. 1741 m. James? Henson John Bobbitt b. 1742 m. Sarah Gibson William Bobbitt b. 1744 m. Ann McKenzie Livisa Bobbitt b. 1746 m. James Cockran James Bobbitt, Jr b. 1748 m. Elizabeth McKenzie Randolph Bobbitt b. 1752 m. Fanny Walden Mary Bobbitt b. 1754 m. Richard Bennitt [I cannot explain the two Richard Bennitts above: one who marries Mary Dalton and one who marries Mary Bobbitt.─MC] p. 267: "We do not know what happened to Elizabeth Bobbitt. The last time she is mentioned in any record is in the list of tithables taken in 1767: Elizabeth Bobbitt and her negro Joe Bobbitt 1 tithable" [Here emerges a delicate little problem: there is an Elizabeth Dalton who married William Arthur, Jr. in 1762, Bedford County, consent given by Timothy Dalton. The 1767 tithables list of Camden Parish proves that the Elizabeth who married William Arthur is not the Elizabeth who was James Bobbitt's widow. Can anyone add any information to this dilemma?] p. 268: "We can find no evidence that James Bobbitt was married before he married the widow Elizabeth Bennett. The records indicate that all of the children mentioned in the will were mothered by Elizabeth Bobbitt. The records show that the children considered Timothy and Elizabeth Dalton of Bedford County Virginia to be their maternal grand─parents. There are two deeds which prove that Elizabeth's maiden name was Dalton, and that the Dalton family considered John and William Bobbitt to be their grandsons. January 5, 1764 -Halifax County Virginia records. "Timothy Dalton, and Elizabeth his wife, of the County of Bedford, and John Bobbitt of Halifax County, for five shillings, paid by John Bobbitt for 160 acres of land on the north side of Pigg River, being the plantation whereon the said John Bobbitt now lives." January 6, 1764 ─ Halifax County Virginia records. "Timothy Dalton, and Elizabeth his wife, of the County of Bedford, and William Bobbitt of Halifax County, for five shillings, paid by William Bobbitt, for 240 acres of land on the south side of the Pigg River, being land whereon the said William Bobbitt now lives." "xFive shillings was token payment to make the deeds legal and have the deeds recorded. xJames and Randolph were much too young to be eligible to receive land gifts from their grandparents." Tracking the Bobbitt heirs: DINAH and ANN p. 265: "Dinah Bobbitt Jennings, and Ann Bobbitt Henson were married at the time of the will in 1761. Both of these daughters were older and by the time of the list of tithables [Pittsylvania County 1767 Tithables Liest] were living in Grayson county Virginiax" JOHN BOBBITT p. 267: "John Bobbitt lived on the banks of Pigg River until 1810 at which time he sold his land and moved to Montgomery County where he died alone in 1814. x[His] descendants went to Amherst and to Grayson County, later some of his descendants went to Kanawha and Monroe counties." p. 269: Service in the Revolutionary War: 24 Sept 1778 ─ Court Order Book 4, pg 156, Pittsylvania Co: September Court: John Bobbitt, producing a commission appointing him as Second Lieutenant in the Militia of this County, took the oath by law prescribed." p. 531: "In 1776 Randolph Bobbitt married Fanny Walden, the daughter of Richard and Candace (Hubbard) Walden." "Randolph lived his entire life in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He died at the age of 83 on land that originally belonged to his father on the south side of the Pigg River near Frying Pan Creek." WILLIAM BOBBITT p. 664: William was born in 1744 in Prince George County, Virginia. When William was 15 years old, his family moved to Halifax Co. p. 267: "William and his brother James Bobbitt moved from the property in Pittsylvania County to what was then called Fincastle County, later known as Montgomery County Virginia. xThe descendants of William Bobbitt divided into Grayson County Virginia and into Pulaski County Kentucky, later migrating to Missouri and several western states." p. 269: Service in the Revolutionary War: 4 Mar 1778 ─ Court Order Book 2, pg 164, Montgomery County: March Court: William Bobbet was recommended as Captain in part of Captain Trigg's Company. p. 668: 22 Feb 1802 ─ Grayson County, Book 1, pp 480─481 Two deeds on these pages included Daltons: John and William Dalton were witnesses for one deed; William Dalton bought land in the other deed from James Bennet, who had previously purchased the land from James Bobbitt. The author notes that John and William Dalton were first cousins of Captain William Bobbitt. p. 670: 27 June 1818: Grayson County: the sale of inventory and personal property in the estate of William Bobbitt, dec'd. Those who purchased items included: James Bobbitt, Nancy Bobbitt, Thomas Bobbitt, Randolph Bobbitt, Robert Bobbitt, Timothy Dalton, William Bobbitt, Easau Worrell, William Phillips. JAMES BOBBITT p. 267: "The descendants of James Bobbitt went to Kentucky and some into Indiana." p. 270: "xserved in the Revolutionary War under his brother Capt. William Bobbitt. The federeal government set aside a large tract of land in Kentucky and Tennessee to be granted to men who served in the war of the revolution. James Bobbitt received 200 acres of land on Buck Creek, on October 27, 1798 in what was then Lincoln County, Kentucky and is today Pulaski County. Book 26, page 365." p. 271: "The first record of James Bobbitt outside of Pittsylvania County was in Montgomery County, Virginia in that section that later became Grayson County, and later is today Carroll County: 'Survey for James Bobbitt, December 7, 1782, 150 acres of land on Big Reed Island Creek, branch of New River.' xShortly after James Bobbitt received the land grant located in Pualski County, Kentucky, he and his family moved from Virginia. Many relatives moved with James, mostly the McKenzies, his sister Jane Bobbitt Morgan, various members of the Williams family and others from the Grayson County area." RANDOLPH BOBBITT p. 267: "Randolph x the youngest son, lived and died near the ancestoral home property in Pittsylvania County. x[His] descnedants remained for the most part in Pittsylvania County, some did migrate to Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana." p. 269: Service in the Revolutionary War: Mar 1781 ─ Court Order Bk 4, pg 359, Pittsylvania Co: March Court: Randolph Bobbitt, producing a commission appointing him Ensign in the Militia of this County, took the oath by law prescribed. May 1782 ─ Court Order Bk 4, pg 400, Pittsylvania Co: Randolph Bobbitt is appointed First, and Bowker Smith Second, Lieutenants to Captain Robert Daltons Company of the Militia of this County. p. 522: Randolph and Fanny had a daughter, Mildred [daughter of Lewis Dalton], who married Thomas Bobbitt on 9 Dec 1815. Other children were: Charles W., Lewis, Randolph, Mourning, and Lucy. p. 619: Thomas and Mildred followed their son James to Ohio in 1855; Thomas died in 1859 and was buried in Antioch, Clinton Co, Ohio; Mildred died in 1884 and was buried next to her husband.
Notes for Elizabeth DALTON: * Query from James F. Klumpp Does anyone know the evidence on which John Bobbitt concluded that Elizabeth, wife of James Bobbit, was a Dalton and daughter of Timothy? This could be reasoned from the fact that Timothy sells land cheap to two children of this pair and grandparents often did that to grandchildren. But Timothy originally sold the land in question to James Bobbit for considerably more money and these small deeds could be seen as confirming the earlier (and lost) deed after James' death. The grant of this land to the children is contained in James' will included in the posting and James indicates that he had already bought it. I can find no other deeds that "prove" the children "considered Timothy and Elizabeth Dalton their grandparents." In short, the cheap sale does not necessarily indicate that this is a sale to grandchildren. It may have been cheap because it was simply confirming an earlier sale. Can anyone prove my more doubtful theory wrong? The posting from Bobbit's book noted the difficulty of the bonding for Elizabeth Dalton's marriage to Timothy Dalton. My doubts about the marriage to James Bobbit would be a solution to this problem.
295 Diannah11 BOBBITT b.c 1730. d.a 1795
342 Ann BOBBITT b. 1741
343 John BOBBITT b. 1742. d. 1816
344 William BOBBITT, Capt. b. 1744. d. Aug 15 1817
345 Livisa BOBBITT b. 1746.
346 James BOBBITT, Jr. b. 1748.
347 Randolph BOBBITT b. 1752.
348 Mary BOBBITT b. 1754.

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