(358) Henry11 HURST, (John10 HURST, Absolom9, John8, John7, Samuel6, Garrett5, Garrett4, Garrett3, Billy2, Cova1) was born Jun 16, 1679 in Leckhamstead, Buckingham, England, and married (359) Ann BEELER. Henry died on Aug 30, 1717 in Va.
Notes for Henry HURST: 1. Henry Hurste b. 1679, Leckhampstead, Buckinghamshire, England, m. 1704, in ?, Mary Bill, b. 1683, Leckhampstead, Buckinghamshire, England. Henry died 30 Aug 1717, Culpepper Co., VA. Hurst and Allied Familes likely errs in giving Henry s birth year as 1659. Ginger Allee concurs with his death date, and also tells us that Henry arrived in America aboard the ship Adventurer . Virginia Branch tells us that Henry was married twice; Ann Beeler was the other wife, and was mother of John. It s generally believed that Henry Hurst and his three sons came to America from England. However, what are we to make of these puzzling statements: Henry Hurst and his wife came from England some years after his cousin, John Hurst, came to America. Henry had three sons: John, William, and James. I know little of the family except the three sons but I am sure there were daughters. The second statement is from Hurst and Allied Families , by J. S. Hurst, and is attributed to Mrs. Henry Ferguson, of Versailles, Kentucky, who made the remark at age 80, in 1898. The first statement is from Hurst Genealogy, an unpublished manuscript written by Clara Hurst Miles, based on the research of her father, Benjamin Franklin Hurst, and was attributed to Mrs. Fannie S. Ferguson Allen, who is said to have made the remark at age 80, in 1896 (I have not yet located these two people; Mrs. Allen, may be the daughter of the Henry H. Ferguson, of Jessamine Co., KY, who married a Margaret K. Hurst in Woodford Co., KY, on 5 Nov 1829. However, she might also be the granddaughter of said couple, through a possible Henry C. Ferguson, b. Greenup Co., KY, who married on September 19, 1862, a Verlinda Davenport, b. Lee Co., VA). Without getting into the issue of the highly derivative nature of the J. S. Hurst work, I wanted to present both of these statements, as─is, to discuss the issue of Henry Hurst's place of origin.

In both of these works, the statements are compared to one made by my great great grandfather, Pinkston Posey Hurst, who is said to have said basically the same thing. It's known that John Hurst Kepley interviewed Pinkston shortly before his death, in order to get a record of the family history. I have not seen the text of this interview, and I do not know if B. F. Hurst had a copy of the interview, or if he separately carried out his own interview. It would be most helpful to have it, in order to confirm the most interesting detail in this part of the puzzle. Henry Hurst s place of origin. On page 9 of the J. S. Hurst book is the beginning of a drop chart showing a line of descendency of Christopher Hurst, of Leckhampstead. About the middle of the chart, you ll find the brother of our Henry Hurst, Christopher, whose life is shown as having embraced the years 1667 to 1745. You will also note that the compiler has said that this brother of Henry had died in Wales. It s quite possible that these two sons of William Hurst II, Christopher and Henry, both migrated to Wales, as Leckhampstead was bound to be very crowded, especially with people by the name of Hurst. If the compiler of the chart was correct, then Henry Hurst and his sons did indeed come from Wales, even though their recent ancestral home was in the heart of Old England. Children: 2. i James Hurst b. 1686. ii John Hurst b. abt 1700, Leckhampstead, Buckinghamshire, England, m. Margaret Beeler. John died abt 1800, Shenandoah Co., VA. Margaret: Some sources spell her surname BEILER. 3. iii William (Brindle Bill) Hurst b. 1702.

After many years of research DNA EVIDENCE has proven that the Hurst Line of Shennandoah then Claiborne County does not descend from William and Henry Hurst of Leckhamstead, England. I have constructed an EXCEL CHART from the lineage information obtained by FamilyTreeDNA and posted on the Hurst Family Public DNA website so that the doubters can see. The first three participants are descendants of Henry Hurst of Leckhamstead, England and as you can see their DNA does not match those descendants of John "MillCreek" and William "Brindle Bill" Hurst which are ancestors to the Claiborne Hurst line. To access my Chart Please Click Here

No children of this marriage in these records.
He also married in 1694 in Leckhamstead, Buckingham, England,
(360) Mary BILL.
361 James12 HURST b. 1686.
323 + John HURST(p. ) b. Jan 9 1699. d. 1800
362 William Brindle Bill HURST b. 1702.

(363) John11 PHILLIPS (Tobias10 PHILLIPS, George9, Tobias8, Mary7, James6 QUISENBERRY, Nicotie5 QUESENBERRY, Garrett4 HURST, Garrett3, Billy2, Cova1) was born in 1648, and married (364) Elizabeth TOBIAS who was born in 1652. John died in 1701 in North Farnham Pr, Virginia, USA.
Notes for John PHILLIPS: This came from the Church Records
Notes for Elizabeth TOBIAS: Church Records.
365 Elizabeth12 PHILLIPS b. Dec 3 1674.
366 John PHILLIPS b. Dec 23 1676. d. 1715
367 Bryant PHILLIPS b. Feb 13 1677
368 Mary PHILLIPS b. Oct 7 1681
369 Thomas PHILLIPS b. Oct 27 1684 d. Nov 1 1739
330 + Tobias PHILLIPS(p. ) b. Jul 12 1687 d. Nov 1 1739
370 Anne PHILLIPS b. Sep 23 1690

(371) Abraham11 GOAD, (Hannah10 GOAD, George9 PHILLIPS, Tobias8, Mary7, James6 QUISENBERRY, Nicotie5 QUESENBERRY, Garrett4 HURST, Garrett3, Billy2, Cova1) was born in 1665 in Lancaster Co., Virginia, USA, and in 1682, married (372) Katherine WILLIAMS, daughter of John WILLIAMS and .EVE, who was born in 1668 in Rappahannock Co., Virginia, USA. Abraham died on Apr 11, 1734 in North Farnham Pr, Virginia, USA. Katherine died on May 23, 1741 in North Farnham Pr, Rappahannock Co., Virginia, USA.
Wills of Richmond Co. Va by Robert Headley, Jr. Will Book 5 Pg 72 pg 238 Abraham Goad, will; 7 Mar 1733; 1 Jul 1734. grson, William (son of Wm. Goad dec'd) the plantation where Mary Goad now lives; son John and his wife all the land above the north fork of the Briery Swamp; son Abraham all the land on the south side of my spring branch, if he has no heirs, to son Peter; (son) Peter land on the north side of spring branch, if he has no heirs to son Abrahm; daus. Hannah Phillips, Elizabeth Dodson, and Alice Doson; wife Catherine; ex: son John; wits: Elizabeth Lawson, Winifred Miskell, Henry Hiskell. Ken Haas Book Carroll Co. Book pg. 411. The Sevier Family pg. 525. Abraham Goad was in Lancaster Co., Va., by 1682. He became a planter in Richmond Co., Va., and owned several tracts of land, some of which he may have acquired from his mother-in-law, Eve. Abraham Goad died April 11, 1734 according to the North Farnham Parish Register, Richmond Co., Va. He married about 1692 Katherine Williams. She died May 23, 1741 North Farnham Parish; daughter of John and Eva Williams. Abraham Goad of Richmond County, Virginia Goad Book p.4 Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants 1694-1742: 3-80 Abraham Goad of Richmond Co., in possession of 208a in said County, part of 1155a first granted Samuel Griffin, Gent. 1 Jan 1660 [see 3-78] Grant to Goad who claims by conveyance said 208a adj. David ffowlaer, on Briery Swamp. 14 Feb 1704 3-78 William Smoot of Richmond Co possessed 409a in said county part of 1156a granted to Samuel Griffin, Genm. 1 Jan 1660. Lapsed for want of seating. Afterwards granted Ambrose Clare who let land lapse yet assigned to Catherine Griffin who m William Fauntleroy. They sold to several persons, from whom Smoot claims the land. Grant to Smoot. On Briery Swamp of Farnbham Cr., 12 Feb 1704. 3─109 John Symons of Richmond Co 130a in Richmond Co., Surveyed by Edwin Conway. Adj. William Smoot Sr., Abraham Goad, John Ingo, James Ingo, and Richard Fowler, adj. Mr. John Grimes, Thomas Yeats, John White 15 Aug 1705. !─148 John Petty of Richmond Co. 26a 152 poles in said county adj. Mr. Thom;s Griffin, William Routs, Abraham Goads. 10─ May 1725. Abraham's will was written on March 7, 1733 in Richmond Co, VA and proved July 1, 1734 after his death on April 11, 1734. The Goad family of Virginia was descended from this Abraham Goad who wrote his will in 1733. Little is known about Abraham. He was said to be in Lancaster County, Virginia by 1682 and it is known that he was married to Katherine Williams sometime before 1693, which is the date of the birth of their first child. He is thought to have settled on Moratico Creek on the north bank of the Rappahannock River with the Smiths after marrying Katherine. More is known of his wife's background than of his. His wife was Katherine Williams, daughter of John and Eve Williams. The first mention found of Katherine Williams is in the deed books of old Rappahannoc County where in Book 6, page 179, appears the marriage contract between Eve Williams "relict" of John Williams, deceased, of Moratico Creek, and William Smith, carpenter. The contract, dated March 9, 1680/81, recites that Eve is the widow of John Williams, has two children, John and Katherine, and provides for separate estates between her and Smith during their marriage. Abraham Goad was in Lancaster Co, by 1682 and moved a little further up the Northern Neck into Richmond Co (formed in 1692 from Old Rappahannoc) where he married Katherine Williams, date uncertain, but likely in the very early 1690's. For Abraham to appear in any record by 1682 would seem to indicate his birth prior to 1665 so he was likely at least seventy years of age at his death in 1734. William and Eve Smyth seemingly had no children of their own other than Eve's two by John Williams; at least they both died testate and no metion is made in either will fo any offspring other than Katherine Williams Goad, which suggest that the son, John Williams, died young. William Smyth wrote his will February 9, 1699 and it was proved on October 2, 1699. He left bequests to Hannah and John Goad, children of Abraham and Catherine Goad, and then devised the residue to his wife, Eve Smith. He married Katherine Williams in 1690. Katherine Williams was born in 1668 in Richmond County, VA Janice Smith states in her book that Katherine was born about 1674 in North Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia. Died on May 23, 1741 in Richmond County, Virginia.

Notes for Katherine WILLIAMS: !Church Records. Mr John Holt of McLean, Va wrote on April 27, 1995. The Goad's in Virginia, at least my ancestry, stopped in Floyd Co. There they married into the Hughetts. Some of the Hughetts went to Scott Co. tn (where I notice from your work that the Phillips from Va also moved there. I wonder if that's why the Hughetts migrated ther? My particular Hughett ancestors didn't make Scott Co, but stopped in Claiborne. Interestingly enough, he then married a Phillips, but not from the Tobias line, but from Yancy Co. NC. He then gives lineage of Katherine W. Williams.
373 William12 GOAD b. Aug 1693. d. Jan 18 1731
+ 334 Hannah GOAD b. Nov 1695.
374 John GOAD b. Nov 27 1700. d. Jul 23 1771
375 Elizabeth GOAD b.c 1705
376 Alice Ellis GOAD b.c 1710 d. Aug 27 1767
377 Abraham GOAD b. Mar 10 1709 d. Jul 13 1779
378 Peter GOAD b. May 27 1715 d. Dec 1 1794

(398) Edward11 JONES (Alicia10 JONES, Sandford9 PAYNE, George8, William7, Thomas6, Levi5, Walter4, Blanche3, ?2 LIVING, Cova1 HURST) was born about 1660 in England, and on Aug 27, 1679 in North Farnham, Richmond, Va, married (399) Alicia SAMFORD, daughter of James SAMFORD and MARY, who was born about 1658. Edward died in 1715 in Va.
400 John12 JONES b. Aug 22 1680.
401 Mercy JONES b. May 13 1682.
402 Samford JONES b. 1684. d. Sep 27 1716
403 Edward JONES b.c 1686. d.bOct 5 1756
350 Alicia JONES b. 1686 d. Oct 31 1769
404 Charles JONES b. 1697


(405) William12 HURST, (Henry11 HURST, John10, Absolom9, John8, John7, Samuel6, Garrett5, Garrett4, Garrett3, Billy2, Cova1) was born Oct 20, 1640 in Leckhamstead, Buck, Eng, and in 1660, married (406) Anne STAKELY BOYD who was born in 1640 in England. William died in 1700 in Leckhamstead, Buckingham, England. Anne STAKELY died on May 4, 1720 in Leckhampstead, Buckingham, England.
After many years of research DNA EVIDENCE has proven that the Hurst Line of Shennandoah then Claiborne County does not descend from William and Henry Hurst of Leckhamstead, England. I have constructed an EXCEL CHART from the lineage information obtained by FamilyTreeDNA and posted on the Hurst Family Public DNA website so that the doubters can see. The first three participants are descendants of Henry Hurst of Leckhamstead, England and as you can see their DNA does not match those descendants of John "MillCreek" and William "Brindle Bill" Hurst which are ancestors to the Claiborne Hurst line. To access my Chart Please Click Here

407 Anne B.13 HURST b. Dec 10 1661
408 William HURST b. Feb 26 1665. d. May 24 1667
409 Christopher HURST b. May 12 1667
410 Elizabeth HURST b. Jan 19 1670 d. Jul 28 1681
411 Mary HURST b. Jan 2 1671
412 Sarah HURST b. Nov 4 1674
413 William HURST b. Sep 8 1676.
358 + Henry HURST(p. ) b. Jun 16 1679 d. Aug 30 1717
414 Elizabeth HURST b. Apr 9 1682

(415) Richard12 GOURD (Abraham11 GOAD, Hannah10, George9 PHILLIPS, Tobias8, Mary7, James6 QUISENBERRY, Nicotie5 QUESENBERRY, Garrett4 HURST, Garrett3, Billy2, Cova1) was born in 1630 in St. Minver Co., England, and married spouse unknown. Richard died in 1719 in Old Rappahannock, Virginia, USA.

Notes for Richard GOURD: !Church Records The Earliest Goads in Virginia pg. 3 Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol. 3 by Nell Marion Nugent Page 51 Richard Gourd. 100 Acs. Charles City Co.: on North Side of Jones Hole Creek, otherwise called Barlthrop Creek on North side of Nottaway river, Oct. 24, 1710, P. 395 Beginning at Mr. Thomas Busby; on Nottaway Path; to Salmond's Meadow Branch out of Said Creek; By 2 cross pathes neare a wollfe pitt, & Trans. of 2 Personnal Notes; Rights paid for to William Byrd, Esqr., Auditor. What may be another earlier record of Richard Goode appears in Old Rappahonnack

Co., Va History 1656 ─ 1692 by T. H. Warner. page 166 Associated with Occupatia Creek were the lands of Richard Lawson, James Gaynes, Peter johnson, Wm. Lowry, Geo. Morris, Wm. Moseley, Peter Rucker, John Weir, Thos. Hawkins, Richard Coleman, Ralph Rowzee, Augustine Smith, Farmer, John Warren (Warring, now spelt Waring), John Pyne (Payne), Robert Payne, Geo. Eaton, John Gillett, John Phillips, John Watson, Phillip Rowsey, John Johnson,George Pley, Henry Berry, William Gray, Henry Tandy, Alex. Newman, Valentine Allen, Cornelius Nowell, and Hugh Owen. 46. Chestixent Creek or Chesituxent Creek was the principal southwest branch of Farmer's Hall or Little Occupacia Creek. 47. Cheavneck or Charvneck Creek is a branch of Occupacia. The plantation of Richard Goode was on the west side of its main swamp. 48. Grimes Creek, called the Island Neck Creek or Sharp's Creek, lies back of Paynes Island, which was also called Sawson's Island. This is a list from the names of land owners taken at random and are in no order but supposed to represent the most prominent land holders prior to about 1692, nor to be all the land owners on the respective streams. 21. Ralph's Creek, also called Parry's Creek and Perrin's Creek, was named after Ralph Payne, the first settler who made his home upon it. It was near Kilman's Beaverdam Swamp. It was later known as Fisher's Bridge Swamp; and is today called Mussel Swamp. It flows in to Piscataway at longitude 76 deg. 51 min. 4 sec. Among those who owned land on it were Ralph Payne, Samuel Parry, Thomas Harper, Robert Clement, Richard Bray, Thos. Meader, Jr., Wm. Young, Thos. Edmondson, Richard Jones, Oliver Segar, Geo. Turner, John Cable, Richard Paine, James Henneygam.
371 + Abraham13 GOAD b. 1665. d. Apr 11 1734

(416) John12 WILLIAMS (Katherine11 WILLIAMS, Hannah10 GOAD, George9 PHILLIPS, Tobias8, Mary7, James6 QUISENBERRY, Nicotie5 QUESENBERRY, Garrett4 HURST, Garrett3, Billy2, Cova1) was born about 1640 in North Farnham, Va, and married (417) EVE who was born about 1650 in North Farnham, Va. John died about 1705 in North Farnham, Va. EVE died about 1705 in Richmond Co., Va. EVE was married to William SMITH.
Notes for John WILLIAMS: !From John Holt, McLean Va. Rappahannock Co. Marriage Contract, Eve Willims and William Smyth/Smith D.B 6-179 William Smyth Will 2/9/1699; Proven October 2, 1699. Eve Williams Smith Will, April 24, 1704. Probated October 4, 1705, Richmond Co., W.B 2─86. John Willims Will dated April 24, 1709, Va Wills & Inventories, 1699 ─ 1709 p. 101. From History of Old Rappahannock Co. Virginia, 1656 ─ 1692 by T. H. Warner. From his account an act in 1665 that was passed may have stimulated the people of the lower end of the North Farnham Parish to revise the organization of their vestry, for there is recorded in Will Book 2, 109, the following item: "The names of the Gentlemen of the vestry of Farnham in Rappa County as they were sworn the thrid day of November 1665. Viz. "Mr. Francis Doughty, Minister Lt. Col. Thomas Goodrich James Samford Thomas North John Grigory Thomas Button Robert Bayley Thomas Robinson John Williams "Recorded this 4 die 9 bris 1665 Pr. Robert Davies, Cl. Cur."
372 Katherine13 WILLIAMS b. 1668 d. May 23 1741
418 John WILLIAMS b.c 1680. d.c 1700

(419) William12 BOBBITT, (William11 BOBBITT, James10, Diannah9, Margaret8 JENNINGS, Mary7 PHILLIPS, James6 QUISENBERRY, Nicotie5 QUESENBERRY, Garrett4 HURST, Garrett3, Billy2, Cova1) was born in 1645 in Glamorganshire, Wales, and married (420) Joanna STURDIVANT who was born about 1650 in Glamorganshire, Wales. William died in 1703 in Hopewell, Va.
Notes for William BOBBITT: Church Records

Notes for Joanna STURDIVANT: Thanks for telling me about your web page. I just checked it for Wears, found the Traveller Southern Families and Cousin Finder and located a TON of Wears, all related to my John Wear of 1741. Thanks ever so much. What I really want to tell you, though, is that you provided me with another avenue of research for my Sturdivant ancestors with your Joanna Sturdivant (1650). I know all the Sturdivants who spell the name with an "i" (Sturdivant) versus an "e" (Sturdevant) are all related, if their family stems from two brothers who came to America from The Netherlands in the early 1600's. The problem is finding them. I truly believe your Joanna Sturdivant fits into this relationship. I have been told that my family is from one of the brothers of the 1600's, but so far, I have been unable to get mine out of the early 1800's and out of eastern Arkansas and western Tennessee, but I'm working on it. If you have any information to impart on this, please let me know. Thanks, Sandy Sturdivant
379 + William13 BOBBITT b. 1675. d. 1738
421 John BOBBITT b. 1676.
422 James BOBBITT b. 1680.

(423) John12 PAYNE, (William11 PAYNE, William10, Sandford9, George8, William7, Thomas6, Levi5, Walter4, Blanche3, ?2 LIVING, Cova1 HURST) was born about 1617 in England, and in Of Rappahannock, Virginia, married (424) MARGARET who was born about 1619 in Of Rappahannock, Virginia. John died in 1690 in Rappahannock, Virginia.
Notes for John PAYNE:
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 00:09:44 -0600 X-Sender: sdcaller@icon.net
To: JPayne5744@AOL.COM
From: sdcaller@icon.net (Charles D. Payne) Subject: Paynes (WEBMASTER of PAYNES OF VIRGINIA)
Joe, Got your message! Your GEDCOM file came across as part of the text, and therefore I received it in 5 pieces. This has happened to me several times before, though, and I have been able to successfully cut and paste the parts into one document and import same. I have done the cutting & pasting, but not the importing at the time of this writing. Will look forward to perusing your file and getting back to you. I have a couple of Meade Co., KY Paynes that do not tie in to Col. Payne's book, including my 2nd g grandfather Benjamin Wooly Payne, b 6 Aug 1828 near Hill Grove, Meade Co., KY and his father, Richard Payne, who would have been born somewhere around 1800. A possibility for Richard Payne's father would be one James Payne, who was listed in the 1830 Meade Co., KY census and was somewhere around age 70 at the time. Could any of these folks come from your group? For the present I hope to concentrate on descendants of John Payne b 1615 in England, the progenitor of Col. Payne's book, since this part of the project is still not complete, as you may have read at the site. When I complete this phase, I may look at expanding. If your database ties in to mine in any way, at least part of it could be used immediately, however. There were intermarriages with other groups of Paynes (including my 2nd ggrandfather, mentioned above). I still want to see your GEDCOM file! Would be glad to exchange with you. My entire file numbers about 7,500 right now, but the Payne descendants are only about half that number. Once again, I'll look forward to getting back to you after having had a chance to look at what you sent! Thanks! Charles D. "Danny" Payne
The Paynes of Virginia Descendants of John Payne, born ca 1615 in England The foundation of this genealogical database consists of birth, marriage, and death data entered from The Paynes of Virginia by Col. Brooke Payne, (Second Printing) C J. CarrierCompany, 1990. This data, at present, incomplete, although I intend to continue entering data and updating this page as time permits. Of the four sections of the book, Sections A and B have been completed, and Section C, which I am working on, is complete through Generation VI. Section D of the book, the final section, remains to be tackled.
The Progenitor In addition to the information from Col. Payne's book, I have included the information from my own family records herein. Although my friends call me "Danny", my name is Charles Daniel Payne, and I am descended from Dr. Benjamin Wooly Payne of Meade Co., KY and his spouse Sarah Jane Payne (unrelated) of Marion Co., KY, my second great Grandparents Sarah is the direct descendant of John Payne. She and Benjamin were married in Memphis, MO in 1852 on their way to theCalifornia Gold Rush. After having three children in California, they returned to Meade Co., KY somewhere between 1858 and 1860, settling down with their children as farmers. Benjamin was a medical doctor, but family records contain little information about his medical practice. Benjamin, Sarah and all seven of their living children were enumerated on the family farm in Meade Co., KY in the 1880 Census.
Payneville, Kentucky There is a town in Meade Co., KY called Payneville. According to information obtained from a book on Kentucky place names by an online friend, Bill Davis, the town was originally named Caseyville, but when the Post Office was established in 1868, a new name needed and the town was renamed Payneville to "honor a local family." I have been unable to find further information as to the identity of this local family. If you have knowledge of this, please contact me.
The Paynes of Virginia, which was originally written in 1937, is still available, and can be ordered by contacting Tuttle Antiquarian Books, 26 South Main Street, Rutland, VT 05701─0541 Tel. (802) 773─8229, Fax (802) 773─1493. This Second Edition has a new personal name index. I have no connection with these folks and have no business arrangement with them. They are simply a source for the book. Daniel Payne (1728─1796), Gentleman, Banker, Merchant Sheriff in Dumfries, Prince William Co., VA. Daniel Payne was the 2nd great grandson of John Payne, the progenitor. His brother, George Payne, was my 6th great grandfather and had many Payne descendants as outlined in Section A of The Paynes of Virgiinia. Charles L. Hamrick, whotranscribed an account book maintained by Daniel Payne for the customers of his store at Dumfries in the mid─1700's. Follow the "Colonial Supermarket" link to Daniel Payne. Thanks to Col. Brooke Payne (1872─1938), author of the book "The Paynes of Virginia" (Second Printing), C. J.Carrier Company, Harrisonburg, VA 1990 for almost all the information found on this page. A more extensive treatment of John Payne can be found in the book.
John Payne (ca 1615 in England <1690 died in old Rappahannock Co., VA, USA)
A Chronology of Events
Circa 1615: John Payne was born in England.
1652: Mr. John Payne brought suit in Lancaster County against Christopher Ripham, whose wife used abusive language with respect to Mrs. Payne. Witnesses were Mrs. Martha Brice, wife of Mr.Thomas Brice, and Mary Arundell. Christopher Ripham was fined and his wife was ordered to make public apology to the Court.
1653: John Payne resided on Payne's Creek in Lancaster Co., VA on the West side of the Corrotoman River. John Payne bought from Francis Hobbes 940 a. on Pepetick Creek, on the North side of the Rappahannock River, in that region of Lancaster County, VA then known as Rappahannock. He did not occupy this land until some years later. Lancaster County, VA Court paid John Payne for provisioning and transporting Burgesses from Lancaster to James Town. Mr. John Payne charged with five tithables in Lancaster County, VA.
From 1653-1666: Nine land patents aggregating over 5,116 a. issued to John Payne. 1,356 a. of this were for importing 28 persons into the colony. Of the total, 3,443 a. bordered on Pepetick Creek and its branches.
1654: Mr. John Payne ordered by the Court to appraise the contents of Mr. Raleigh Travers' tobacco warehouse. John Payne made a trip to England.
1655: John Payne returned from England. John Payne moved to and occupied his plantation on Pepetick Creek, then in Lancaster County, VA. John Payne was granted land for the importation of his wife Margaret. She may have been his 2nd wife. Mr. John Payne appointed collector of tithes for Lancaster County, VA. Mr. John Payne charged with seven tithables in Lancaster County, VA. 1656: Mr. John Payne appointed collector of tithes for Lancaster County, VA. Mr. John Payne charged with seven tithables in Lancaster County, VA. Lancaster County, VA Court ordered Mr. John Payne to make one pair of stocks and a whipping─post for the county, for which he was to receive 400# for the wooden─work thereof, the iron─work being otherwise provided. These implements were possibly for the new county of Rappannock, which was organized in this year. 1658: Mr. John Payne and Mr. John Catlett witnessed the noncupative will of Richard Lawson, brother of Epaphroditus Lawson whose daughter Elizabeth married Robert Payne of old Rappahannock Co., VA. 1660: 7 Feb 1659/60 ─ John Payne made an affidavit in connection with his bill for transporting 1500 lbs. of pork to James Town by boat, his age being recorded in the affidavit as "44 years or thereabouts". 1665: Mr. John Payne was one of the Vestrymen of Sittingbourne Parish, old Rappahannock Co., VA. Mr.Francis Doughty was Rector. 1674: Margaret Payne joined John Payne in a deed. As late as 1689: Court records in which John Payne is mentioned imply that he is living. Before 1690: John Payne died in old Rappahannock Co., VA. On 7 April 1690, a deed Henry Thacker (who married John Payne's granddaughter) of Middlesex County, VA referred to John Payne as "late of Rappahannock County, deceased".
425 Richard13 PAYNE b. May 12 1633. d. 1709
426 John PAYNE b.c 1639.i.PAYNE:John ; d. 1670
427 George PAYNE b.c 1645.i.PAYNE:George ; d. May 2 1711
390 + William PAYNE b. 1652.i.PAYNE:William ; d. Feb 23 1697+

(428) Humphrey12 POPE (Elizabeth11 POPE, William10 PAYNE, Sandford9, George8, William7, Thomas6, Levi5, Walter4, Blanche3, ?2 LIVING, Cova1 HURST) was born in 1645, and married (429) Elizabeth HAWKINS, daughter of Richard HAWKINS, who was born about 1650. Humphrey died in 1684 in Westmoreland Co, Virginia. Elizabeth died in 1717 in Westmoreland, Virginia.
393 Elizabeth13 POPE b. Jun 1667 d. 1716
430 Humphrey POPE b.c 1671 d. 1733
431 Lawrence POPE b.c 1673 d. 1723
432 John POPE b.c 1675
433 Jemima POPE b.c 1675
434 Mary POPE b.c 1677

(435) James12 SAMFORD (Alicia11 SAMFORD, Alicia10 JONES, Sandford9 PAYNE, George8, William7, Thomas6, Levi5, Walter4, Blanche3, ?2 LIVING, Cova1 HURST) was born in 1624, and married (436) MARY who was born about 1624. James died in 1704. MARY died before 1704. Children:
399 Alicia13 SAMFORD b.c 1658.
437 Catherine SAMFORD b.c 1660
438 Mary SAMFORD b.c 1662
439 Samuel SAMFORD b.c 1664.

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