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Hi Rob,

As you know, Robert Johns of Amherst also had a son named Jesse. I have an abstract of the above mentioned document. It gives his wife's name as Mary and lists the following children: Thomas Johns, Judith Johns w/o of William Boothe, Mary Johns w/o John Richardson, Robert Johns, William Johns, Jesse Johns, Elizabeth Johns, Martha Johns, Francis Johns, John Alexander Johns, Nancy Johns, Sarah Johns and Bartlett Johns.

My Jesse Johns is the 3rd by that name. He died in 1800 in Campbell Co. His will mentions his wife Sarah and his 8 children. I am a descendant of his eldest son Stephen Sanders Johns who married Sarah Elizabeth Depriest in Campbell Co. in 1791. My Jesse Johns purchase land on Little Falling River in Campbell Co. in the early 1780s. His farm was located in the northeast corner of Campbell Co., several miles south of the Appomattox Co. line. Prior to coming to Campbell Co., Jesse was living in Buckingham Co. He can be found on the tithe list of 1773 and 1774.

The Buckingham Co. Courthouse survived the Civil War only to burn to the ground in the 1880s. What a shame. Virtually everything was lost.

I don't believe that the William Johns who died in 1777 in Amherst is William of Buckingham. In fact, the Johns family of Buckingham will not be willing to "give up William" without some good evidence. Members of the Johns family lived on land in Buckingham Co. along the Appomattox and Holliday Rivers well into the 1800s. This land passed from William to his children. Fortunately, William purchased the land while it was still located in Albemarle Co. (his land fell into Buckingham when it was formed in 1761), so there is proof that he was the original owner.

Due to the loss of records, there is no known proof of William's children. There is a great deal of evidence and oral family history. The Buckingham tithe lists of 1773 and 1774 list William Johns and William Johns, Jr., therefore there is little doubt that William, Jr. was his son. William, Jr. had a number of sibs. Their descendants are well aware of the familial connection.

The "known" children of William and Ann of Buckingham Co. are: 1. Ann "Nancy" Johns (born 1732 and died 1822-dates preserved in a family bible) w/o Richard Turner. 2. David Johns (believed to be a son) 3. Josiah Johns 4. William Johns, Jr. (Capt. in the Buck. Co. Militia in the Rev. War) 5. Rachel Johns (died 1815) 6. Jesse Johns (born about 1744 and died 1800) married Sarah Sanders (my Jesse) 7. John Johns (sheriff of Buck. Co. in the 1780s) married Elizabeth Glover (not Winston) 8. Elizabeth Johns w/o of Thomas Jones of Campbell Co. 9. James Johns (d 1817 in Kentucky) married Mary Gannaway of Buck. Co. 10. Thomas Johns (d 1794 in Pittsylvania Co.) married Garterhood Glover of Buck. Co. (Thomas has been listed in several sources as the son of John Johns of Charlotte Co. John had a son by the name of Thomas but he remained in Charlotte Co.)

My Jesse Johns married Sarah Sanders (d/o Stephen Sanders and Priscilla Burton of Buck. Co.) about 1767. Their children: 1. Ann "Nancy" Johns married Charles Walker 2. Stephen Sanders Johns (b. abt. 1769 and d. 1805) married 1791 Sarah Elizabeth Depriest (d/o of John Depriest and Elizabeth Rice) They are my ancestors. 3. Lockey Johns married Charles Martin 4. Cynthia Johns married Elisha Brumfield 5. Jesse Johns, Jr. (moved to TN about 1820) 6. Priscilla Johns married Thomas Prather 7. Daniel Johns married Mary Thompson Marshall and died abt. 1813/14 in Prince Edward Co. VA 8. Magdalen Johns married John S. Jones

Stephen Sanders Johns and Sarah Elizabeth Depriest had 3 sons: 1. John Bunyan Johns (1792-1862) my ancestor 2. Jesse Burton Johns (b. 1794) 3. Stephen Sanders Johns, Jr. (b. 1804/5)

Stephen Sanders Johns died in 1805 in Campbell Co. Sarah Depriest Johns married Simon Cobbs in 1812.

You asked why I don't think Robert of Amherst was William's son. First of all, I think Robert of Amherst and William of Buckingham were about the same age and were probably cousins. I suspect that the Robert Johns and Joseph Johns mentioned in the 1735 will of Judith Johns (Goochland Co.) were Robert of Amherst and Joseph of Cumberland. Judith also mentioned a daughter Martha. Her will also mentions "other children". Perhaps Thomas Johns and John Johns of Cumberland were among the "other children". Judith Johns appears to be a widow. I suspect her husband was one of the sons of Richard and Jane Fox of King William.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Subj: Jesse Johns of Campbell Co. VA Date: 98-05-23 02:34:26 EDT From: Jrn2217 To: JPayne5744

Hi Joe,

Your information on the descendants of Richard Johns of King William Co. VA is great. Thanks for posting it.

You have included an e-mail that I sent Rob Johns about the my Jesse Johns of Campbell Co. VA and the Johnses of Amherst Co. You listed my Jesse Johns of Campbell as being the son of Robert and Mary Johns of Amherst. Although Robert and Mary Johns of Amherst had a son named Jesse, he is not mine. Jesse Johns of Campbell Co., died 1800, was the son of William and Ann Johns of Buckingham Co. VA. He was married to Sarah Sanders, daughter of Stephen Sanders and Priscilla Burton of Buckingham Co. The children of Jesse Johns and Sarah Sanders of Campbell were: 1. Ann "Nancy"Johns (born ca. 1767 and died ca. 1808 in Campbell Co.) married 1785 in Campbell Co. to Charles Walker 2. Stephen Sanders Johns (born ca. 1769 and died 1805 in Campbell Co.) married 1791 in Campbell Co. to Sarah Elizabeth Depriest, daughter of John Depriest and Elizabeth Rice. 3. Lockey Johns (born ca. 1773) married 1793 in Campbell Co. to Charles Martin 4. Cynthia Johns (born ca. 1776) married 1806 in Campbell Co. to Elisha Brumfield 5. Jesse Johns, Jr (born ca. 1778) 6. Priscilla Johns (born ca. 1781) married 1801 in Campbell Co. to Thomas Prather 7. Daniel Johns (born ca. 1783 and died ca. 1813 in Prince Edward Co. VA) married 1805 in Prince Edward Co. to Mary Thompson Marshall 8. Magdalen Johns (born ca. 1785) married 1804 in Campbell Co. to John S. Jones

Thanks for the opportunity to make this clarification.

Best regards, Bob Newsome

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