Joseph Mack Henry Lickliter

My great grandfather, Joe Lickliter, had a tobacco farm in Tazewell on Blue Top Road (about 75 acres) from Dec 1926 until he died, September 11, 1961.

Joseph Mack Henry Lickliter b. 6-30-1880 or 1881 d. 9-11-1961
Raised near Barbourville
, KY.  First wife Alice F Gibson b. 6-05-1883 or 1884 - died 4-9-1926

Edgar F Lickliter b. 8-10-1912 d. 2-1979 (Texas)
Edna Rosalina Lickliter (my grandmother) b. 10-28-1914 d. 4-03-2000 (Maryland)
       Married:  Arthur Benjamin Livesay b. 3-04-1913 Hancock Cty, TN - Arthur was the son of Milam R. Livesay b 7-20-1886 and Margaret Johnson of Hancock County, TN
Ada M Lickliter b. 6-06-1920 d. 2-09-1990
       Married Richard Abner (divorced him about 1945)
       Children - Twin Girls (not identical) - Leila Abner and Sheila Abner (b. 8-07-1943 - Tazewell).  These are the girls that inherited the farm. 
There is another girl that lived with them and some say she was a cousin and some say she was a half sister - Minnie ?? - b. 6-28-1906.  I found her on a census listed as a daughter of Alice and Joe but in Joe's article - he said he had 2 sons and 2 daughters - so that would leave Minnie out.

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My Mom talked to a lady today, from Coffey Funeral Home in Tazewell - Stacia (Saniford) Dowell. She said she played with Leila & Sheila Abner (Ada Lickliter's kids) when she was young. We finally found the death certificate of Alice (Gibson) Lickliter. She died 4-09-1928 instead of what someone had recorded in the Bible so she did spend about 1.5 years on the farm in Tazewell with her husband Joe Lickliter before he put her in the asylum. From what I understand, he may have worked her to death - the DC says exhaustion after a manic phase, manic depressive psychosis. Very sad and scary.

Thanks Joe

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Cleo Lawson (2nd wife) B. 1-17-1908 d. 5-1996 Knoxville, TN
Roy Lee Lickliter b. 5-03-1930 Tazewell d. 6-17-1997 Knoxville, TN

Evidently, the 3 oldest children did not like Cleo and they "ran her off".

His 3rd wife was Edith White Bowling - she had (5) children but only 3 of them lived with them on the farm.  He had no children together with Edith.

Joe worked the coal mines for 22 years and 4 months in
Harlan County KY.  He was one of the early United Mine Workers and recalls working alongside John L Lewis.  According to the article, Lewis had just lost the one and only election he ever lost and was traveling around from mine to mine working several days in each one - (the article is illegible for a bit). 

His wife Alice was a hard worker and she took in boarders to help save money.  The story that has been passed down is that Alice started acting irrational along about menopause and Joe had to have her commited to an asylum.  This was supposed to be around 1926.  We think it was what is now known as Lakeshore Mental Health Institute in Knoxville.  We have been told that she died in April of 1926 and is buried in Tennesse on property that adjoins the property Joe owned by December 2,1926.  He traded the home they had in Kildav KY area for 75 acres on Blue Top Road.  At the time of the article (1961), the home he lived in was believed to be over 100 years old. There is a real estate fellow,
Richard Brooks, in Tazewell that managed to find a copy of the deed and sent it to my mom.  When Joe died, he willed the property to his grand-daughters, Leila and Sheila Abner.  They sold the property to a doctor in Tazewell.  Leila still lives in Tazewell, she is the wife of Glenn Neely. 

In Clyde LeMarr's article - he finds that Joe was in the army for 2 years during the time of the Spanish American war but did not serve outside the US

Joe said that he helped fix the road that let the people in this section get the first mail route "twelve of us worked twelve days fixing the road and that helped us get the school bus route through a little later".

Also in the article, "Joe had his picture and a story in the Knoxville Journal some years ago in connection with his hobby of making walking canes.  He made the canes by whittling them with a pocket knife and it took him about two weeks per cane.  Each cane had a round ball in a cage as a handle.  "I guess I've made about 150 of them" - he sold them for $10 a piece and according to members of his family, people all around have one.

He was dedicated to the Odd Fellows and had joined the Lodge in 1908 in the Mingo Hollow Section.  About a three weeks before he died, The Grand Master, H E Ware of Memphis... article is again illegible.

Joe - I've attached some pictures of the Lickliters.  In one picture is Arthur Livesay (my grandfather) and Edgar Lickliter (my grandmothers brother).  I mention this in that the old house in the background is supposedly the Joe Lickliter house and I've been told that it is still standing on the property.

Thanks again, Joe.

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Home Page 2 of Milam Livesay Pictures


Arthur Livesay and a picture that could be the father and mother, Milam R. Livesay and Margaret Johnson. It appears to be and older picture than the others. If anyone recognizes this Livesay famly please email either myself, Joe Payne or Tammy Higgins Logston


Arthur Livesay and Ed Lickliter


Edna and Roy Lickliter


Edna Rosalina Lickliter approximately 1943-44


Edna Lickliter


Joe Lickliter and Eula Bowling


Joseph Mack Henry Lickliter b. 6-03-1881


Leila, Ada and Sheila Abner


Minnie, Alice, Edgar and Edna Lickliter


A partial clipping from the Claiborne Progress where Bill Harrell (Tazewell Atty.) and reporter Clyde Lemarr interviewed Joe Lickliter. The article was titled "Tribute to a Dedicated Odd Fellow". The interview was sometime in August of 1961. Clyde said he never suspected that Joe would be dead within 2 weeks of the interview.


I have found in the Family Search IGI database the following information:

IGI Individual Record

FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index v5.0


North America











03 JUN 1881  

<, Knox, Kentucky>























The following website lists a complete lineage of the Lickliter family.   The difference from IGI and the personal website being the middle initial of the father of Joseph Mack Henry Lickliter.


Descendants of Johannes Conrad Leckleiter and Maria Barbara Muller


33. John William LICKLITER (Robert Elias25, Johan Peter7, Johannes Conrad1) was born on 27 Jan 1849 in Knox County, Kentucky and died on 28 Apr 1915.

John married Rosie ROBERTS on 3 Mar 1873.

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Mom sent more pictures from Tazewell. In the lot is a picture of 3 women, 2 boys and a baby that looks to be about 1930 vintage. On the back is written "Maude Botts". I don't know who she is or any of the other people in the photo. I'm sending it to you in case you'd like to put it on your site and ask your readers for identification.

Thanks Tam

Joe - Thank you so much for posting the information on your website.

I have another question for you. I have a picture of Robert Gibson (he was the brother to Alice F Gibson - Joe Lickliter's first wife).

My question is, in the picture you can see the License Plate of the car behind him. In small letters it has IND and beneath that the number 27. The picture was taken in Tennessee and if the IND means Indiana then that would add some credence to the record I found of him being in Indiana when he died. Mom has caught "genealogy" bug and has been rooting around in the attic and found a bunch more pictures from Tazewell. She found one of a fellow named Severe Brooks (at least that's what is written on the back)