Lycos suspended their free Guestbook feature in March 2012 and have given me a download of previous Payne Family Queries (75) that I had collected since 2000. I have created another Guestbook on Bravenet for all Payne family queries, corrections, etc. that may be relevant to my pages HERE. Thanks for sharing your information and enjoy your genealogy research.

timestampNameE-MailStates Where Research CenterCity/CountryOldest Payne AncestorsQuery
12/26/2000 14:29Medium Manwtcr2000@webtv.netArkansasELIZA A.PAYNE B.MARCH 23,1845 MISS
Would like to know about them if you can help.Thank you

Medium Man
12/26/2000 14:37Virgil PayneOnearmedbanditt1@aol.comTexasDallasJasper Paynedear sir my name is virgil ray payne b. d. 9-27-52. son of virgil keel payne. son of jasper payne.of dallas texas. any and all information would be appreciated. also any information i can pass on to u i will i know our family came from the N C area. if its any help to u thank u for ur time sincerely virgil payne
12/31/2000 16:02Carol Antonefroggiane@webtv.netPenn, Ohio, Indiana, Wisc.USA, EnglandAbraham Payne, Jonathon Payne, Diana Coleman, Benjamin Coleman, Phillip Coleman
Looking for any information on Abraham Payne if Jonathan is his son?
1/23/2001 8:15Maria DavidsonMariaMRD@aol.comVA, NC, TNI was just looking at the Payne information you posted at I wanted to thank you because I had been trying to help an aunt of mine research her Payne relatives (she doesn't have a computer), and I thought perhaps she was descended from App Payne. It so happens that your research disproves that theory.

I am hoping that you may have some information on a Maxie Hazel Payne (now deceased) from Wise County, Va. I know that she married Ralph Collins and had one daughter, Charlotte Faye around 1938. Ralph Collins died following a mining accident when their daughter was young. I am particularly interested in any brothers or sisters that Maxie Hazel Payne may have had, or any relatives living in Reidsville, Rockingham County, North Carolina. She remarried sometime during the late 1950's or early 1960's.

If Maxie Hazel Payne is a relative of yours, however distant, I would appreciate any facts you have on her immediate family. At any rate, I am really grateful for the information that I obtained already from your posting.

Thank you,
Maria Davidson
Greenville, NC
1/23/2001 8:23Kim TaylorMsKim02@aol.comSC, NC, TNEarl (Earle) McKinney PayneI am researching my husband's family. I have been trying to find out any information I can on his great grandfather, Earl (Earle) McKinney Payne. I have so very little information. I was hoping you might have ran across his name in your research. Earl lived in Greenville, SC when he died. He was born in 1890 and died in 1977. I have heard that he was born in Tennessee or North Carolina. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You,
Kim Taylor
2/3/2001 8:26Yuvonne Wolfeycw@ruralnet2.comTennessee, Illinois, OklahomaHenry Ross Payne, Rachel DunnerJoe. My great, great grandfather's name was Henry Ross Payne. He was born on 16 June 1825 in Tennessee. He married Rachel Dunner, who was from Illinois. Rachel was born 20 May 1819. I don't know where or when they were married, nor do I know where in Tennessee Henry was born. Their daughter, Mahala Payne, married Crosby Fry. Crosby and Mahala died in Oklahoma. Other children of Henry and Rachel were: John, Otho, Grenade (female), Jacob, Johane (female), Henry Ross Jr. and Theresa (female). I have no other information on this family.

If you happen to have any information on this family, I would certainly appreciate having it. I've been researching my family for over 20 years and have nearly 10,000 individuals in my files. Thank you.

Yuvonne Wolfe
2/11/2001 17:49mike ballard Kentucky, Missouri Zadoc Payne b abt 1779 Hello,

by any chance do you have ancestors named Zadoc Payne b abt 1779 d 9/6/1855 and his wife, Mary VanSandt b 4/13/1789 d 12/28/1866. they married 9/24/1805. buried on the Johnny Sorrell farm beyond Hillsboro, Kentucky.

children include Mary Ann Payne b Fleming County, d 8/16/2909 Kansas City, Missouri : James VanSandt Payne b 1/19/1821 d 12/26/1877

will to share any information.
thank you
mike ballard
3/29/2001 12:38Beth Calnon VA, MOPulaski CO MO John Messer (?) Payne b. abt. 1815 Dear Mr. Payne:

I have been searching for my Payne ansestory for several months now and have run into a dead end. I was wondering, if in your reasearch you have found any information on this line of Paynes.

John Messer (?) Payne b. abt. 1815 in VA d. UNKNOWN. I do know he was in the 1850 and 1870 Pulaski CO MO census. He was Married to:

Susan Louisa Dodd or Todd b. 7/1826 in TN d. 1905 buried in Bethel Cem in Pond MO but John is not their. Their children:

George W Payne b. 1849 in MO
Parisar D Payne 7/1850 in MO
Jeremiah Mare Payne b. 5/28/1852 in Rolla MO
Jack Payne (Andrew?) b. 1865 in MO
Issac M. Payne b 1867 in MO
John M Payne b. 1869 in MO
Rachel Payne ?

In the 1850 Census he had a James S. and a Daniel living with him in mo they were ages 15 and 11. The family history records I have dosn't mention these Boys. They were both born in TN but seem to old to be Louisa's children. There is also a Sarah and Jarvis Lennon. I have no idea who they are.

Jeremiah Payne Married Naomi Howser
They had nine children including my Ggrandfather John Monroe Payne. All of their children were also born in MO.

John Monroe Married Della Mort. They had 3 children one of which was my Grandmother Ive May Payne. She marrid Edward Monroe Maxey. They had 2 children one of which was my father Ronald Monroe Maxey.

Anyway, I was wondering if any of these names look famiular to you, and If you could tell me which line of Paynes I may fit into.

Thank you for your time.
Beth Calnon
3/29/2001 12:45Larry & Beckey Islemerriah@hit.netVA, GAWalker CountyWilliam Payne and Sarah Manes Hi Joe,

I am also a descendent of the Payne family. You were wondering who was William Payne's parents. William Payne Jr. was born 1780 in Va. and died Dec. 25, 1881 in rock springs Walker, Georgia. He married Sarah Manes April 24, 1804 in Haskins, Tn. their children were: Riley Payne 1805
John R. Payne 1808
Annie Payne 1809
William Coffman Payne 1811
Elizabeth Payne 1813
Elijah E. Payne 1819
Girl Payne 1820
Jesse H. Payne 1824
Girl Payne 1825

William Jr. parents were

Richard William Payne born 1750. His children were:
John Payne 1773
Poindexter Payne 1775
Peter Payne 1777
William Payne Jr. 1780

Richard William Payne's father was:

Robert Payne born 1730. His children

Richard William Payne 1750
Charles Payne 1758.

If you need any more information, please contact me. My father was Max Payne. Max was the 7th generation of Robert Payne. I would like to go back further but so far this is as far as I can get. Joe, Please let me know where you fit in. Thank you.

Larry & Beckey Isle
3/30/2001 22:06PAYNE Amy JessieTiggerRadlett@aol.comKensington, LondonJames William PayneDesperately trying to find out more about this very elusive lady last known working as a parlour maid in Kensington, London in 1911 when she had an illegitimate son James William PAYNE. Any help to find out more gratefully received
4/11/2001 21:28Carolcall2gh@aol.comVa./W. Va./Ky.My ggg grandfather was Simeon L. Payne b. ca 1833 in Giles Co., Va. married Mary Jane Muncy Feb. 14, 1853 in Tazewell, Va. 1900 Buchanan County, Va. census shows them living in Grundy.

My gg grandfather was Thomas C. Payne b. 1859 in Va. married Rhoda Breeden
b. ca. 1862 in Va.
1910 Va. census shows them living in Grundy. I haven't been able to find anything on Rhoda's family. Who were her parents? Did she have siblings? Who were their other children besides my great grandfather listed below?

Great grandfather was Simeon (Sim) L. Payne b. ca. 1883 in Va. married Sarah Sally) Breeding b. ca. 1882 in Va.
1910 Va. census shows them living in Grundy next to his parents. I have the same questions about her, except I know who their children were. Sim re-married twice after Sally died. 1-Loddy? Blankenship 2- ? Blakely.

Do you have any information on the people listed above? I would appreciate any piece of information.

Thank you.

4/19/2001 6:26Douglas Clark PayneDPayne7409@aol.comFrittenden in County Kent in the UKLemuel PayneMy family records reliably date back to the 1400's to a town called Frittenden in County Kent in the UK.. I thought we might be related. What say you? My family came to this country (Masachusettes) in the 1600's (early) and my great grandfather x5 fought in the French Indian Wars.. great great grandfather Lemuel served with the 97th Illinoise Volunteers in the Civil War.. I thought perhaps we were related? My grandfathers' name was Horiatio Clark Payne last of St. Cloud Minnesota.. I reside now in Florida (Sarasota) Thanks for you website.. it's PIP!
4/19/2001 6:31NinaNinarc5@aol.comTennessee, NCOrange Co., NCSarah "Sally" Payne born ca 1785 marriedHi- I have found your Payne family on Gendex. My Sarah "Sally" Payne born ca 1785 married David Justice 12 Sep 1804 in Orange Co., NC. I do not know if these three men are related to Sally but they all married in Orange Co., NC:
Moses Payne to Mary Roger 1784, James Payne, Bondsman
James Payne to Jane Mahan 13 Apr 1785, Moses Payne, Bondsman
William Payne to Rebecca Murdock 24 Jul 1876, James Payne, Bondsman
Do you have any information on these men or my Sally. Thanks.
5/13/2001 11:26Kenneth Paynekpayne@dam.netEdwards, Missouri USAEleazer PayneResearching for parents of Eleazer Payne, Born in Hawkins Cty., TN btw1805 and 1808. Eleazer married Elizabeth Looney. They had ten children. Only two girls and one son lived. William ,names of girls unknown. Have hit a brick wall.
5/13/2001 16:42yvonnaysamie@aol.comKentuckyBellObidiah PayneHi! I am looking for information on a Silus Payne, Son of Thomas Payne, Son of Elijah Payne, Son of Obidiah. My grandfather was James Elbert Payne, son of Silus. I believe they lived in pineville, ky. Trying to find any information on them. James Elbert Payne was born in 1887 I think.
5/22/2001 12:54Kenneth E. Paynekpayne@dam.netEdwards, MissouriEleazer Payne Eleazer Payne is my gg grandfather. I am looking to find his parents. He was born between 1805 & 1808 in Hawkins Cty, TN. He is in the 1830 census Washington Cty.Tn and 1820 Jackson Cty Alabama. His son William was born in Greene Cty. He married Elizabeth Looney. Need your help.
5/29/2001 13:53Jack T Paynetinstar@radiks.netMO-OKany information on a Ransom Payne that was a Deputy U S Marshal in the OK Terr. also was at the OK lanf rush start
6/5/2001 5:10Louise Payne Lockardlptrofimuk@home.comMaryland/VirginiaWalter B. PayneAt first I thought Walter B Payne was Walter Benjamin Payne and made a leap into the Paines/Payne of New England. Couldn't prove "B" standed for Benjamin so had to let that go for awhile. Then I was looking more into the Paynes and there's mention of Virginia but no city, etc.
Walter B Payne father of Clayton Ernest Payne who married Louise Augusta Link. All in Maryland/Washington,D.C., Virginia (northern) area.
Any connections?
6/17/2001 17:10Yuvonne Iowa, MontanaHenry Ross Payne and first wife, RachelHello, Joe. I recently found several photos of some members of the Henry Ross Payne, Sr. family and thought I would give you the names in case you have them in your files. They are:

Wesley Payne, Gilbert Payne and Eliza Griffith Payne (2nd wife of Henry Ross Payne, Sr.).

All these Paynes were in Iowa (circa 1909); however, Wesley Payne's oldest daughter (name unknown) apparently moved to Montana after her marriage, since the photo of her and her two daughters and a son was taken at Niels Olson Studios in Three Forks, Montana. Gilbert Payne lived at Hawarden, Iowa according to the attribution on two photos taken about 10 or 12 years apart.

Would appreciate a reply to let me know if these names match anything in your files. My great grandmother was Mahala Payne, oldest child of Henry Ross Payne and his first wife, Rachel Dunner.
7/22/2001 18:37REklund826@aol.comSarah L. PayneSarah L. Payne b: 1813 in NC. I am trying to find her parents. She was working as a servant in 1823 with a child and said to be Indian.
8/23/2001 9:39Patricia Bradfordp1bradford@cs.comVA, D.C.CharlottesvilleWalker L. PayneHe was my Great Grandfather, born aroun the 1880's I guess. I believe he was born in Charlottesville and was a fireman, later he became a carpenter. Married to my great grandmother Nellie O. Pinkard, daughter of Richard Oliver Pinkard, they had two daughters: Virginia Lee (Olive) Barry and Lillymae (Bill)Taylor. If you have any helpful info, I would appreciate it. Thank You.
8/24/2001 14:33Nina Payne, Georgia/ USAI am looking for the Payne's in Georiga. W.A Payne
11/23/2001 12:27Randy JonesKnucklhd57@aol.comObion County Tn-(Union City-Rives)Samuel Nesbit Payne-GGGrandfatherim looking for information on Samuel Nesbit Payne, he also had a son named Samuel (which was my G Grandfather) he resided and died in Rives, TN (Union City, TN) in Obion County. Its in the Northwest Corner of TN. Please help me if you can, Thanks
12/6/2001 4:56Douglas VirginiaCulpeper CoElias Payne I've made some revisions to how my ancestor, Elias Payne, fits into the Payne family.

In a previous e-mail I had told you that my ancestor was almost certainly the son of either the Francis or George Payne who resided in Culpeper Co., VA during the 1810 census.

1810 census of Culpeper Co., VA, Microfilm Roll Number 68, pp. 107-107a.

Francis Payne (p. 107a):
Free White Males: three <10, two >=10&<16, one >=16&<26, one >=26&<45;
Free White Females: two <10, one >=10&<16, two >=16&<26, one >=26&<45; Slaves: seven.

George Payne (p. 107):
Free White Males: two >=16&<26, one >=45;
Free White Females: two >=10&<16, one >=16&<26, one >=26&<45, one >=45; Slaves: twenty-seven.

I had assumed that the Francis Payne in Culpeper Co., VA in 1810 was Francis Payne, Jr., son of the Revolutionary War veteran. This was an incorrect assumption. That Francis Payne continued to reside in Fauquier Co., VA until his death per the tax records and the book. The Francis Payne (born 1769 in Fauquier Co., VA) listed in the 1810 census in Culpeper Co., VA is shown on page 302 of the book and is the son of William Payne (died 1780 in Fauquier Co., VA). As I told you earlier, both Francis and George Payne only show up in the 1810 census in Culpeper Co. According to the book, Francis Payne sold his property in Culpeper Co. in 1819. It states that he had 13 children listed in his will in 1835 (Rappahannock Co., which is why I couldn't locate it). According to the 1810 census he had 11 children at that time.

I have been able to confirm that my ancestor, Elias Payne, was almost certainly dead by 1830, his wife (presumably widow) is listed in Culpeper Co., VA in both the 1830 and 1840 census returns as head of household. Nancy Ann Curtis Payne (wife of Elias Payne) was born between 1785 and 1790, per the known chronology of the Curtis family and the census return age brackets. Assuming that her husband, Elias Payne, was born about the same time, then he could still be the son of Francis Payne (born 1769), however, just barely, presuming that he was born closer to 1790.

Note from the 1810 census return that George Payne had two sons in the 16 to 26 age bracket and that he was at least 45, at least four years older than Francis Payne, who would have been 41 in 1810. I couldn't find any George Paynes in the same generation as Francis Payne (generation V) in the book. However, there was a George Payne in generation IV who was born in 1759 in King George Co., VA and died in 1836 in Bath Co.. He would have been about the right age to match the George Payne in Culpeper Co. in 1810, unfortunately, Col. Brook Payne states that this George Payne (p. 382) had no family and "it is surmised that he was not married." However, Col. Payne does place this George Payne in Culpeper Co. circa 1794, when he witnessed the will of John Ferguson, the father-in-law of Francis Payne (born 1769).

Given that both Francis and George Payne disappear from the Culpeper Co. census returns sometime between 1810 and 1820 and that they appear to have been neighbors strongly suggests that they were related. The George Payne who died in 1836 was the uncle of the Francis Payne who died in 1835. I wonder if Col. Brook Payne did not extensively investigate this George Payne. Perhaps all of his children predeceased him.

One other alternative for the George Payne living in Culpeper Co. in 1810 is the George Payne listed in the tax rolls in Fauquier Co., VA in 1800. Since this is where Jemima Payne was living (daughter of Francis Payne, Sr.) and she also married into the Curtis family (and had ties to the Jett family), perhaps this George Payne then moved to Culpeper Co., VA prior to 1810.

Since I don't have easy access to Col. Payne's book, do you know how this George Payne fits into the Payne family and whether there are any other George Paynes listed in the book that were born between 1750 and 1765 (based on the ages of his children and his census age bracket in 1810)?

I'll be back in Virginia in a couple of weeks and I intend to go through all of the Culpeper Co. tax records to confirm the dates of arrival and departure of Francis Payne, George Payne, and Elias Payne.
3/8/2002 19:24Anna M (Payne) Badgleybadgley@davenport-wa.comPayne John aPayne John A - born:April 22, 1860 in cartago City, Lawrence Co Missouri-married: Aug 20 1895 in Corvallis, Ravalli Co., Montana to NICHOLS, Henrietta "Etta" : Died: May 18 1932 in Victor, Ravalli Co., Montana(need help)
3/31/2002 8:14Sue Sisco de Garcia Benjaman Payne & Sarah Parents believed to be Benjaman Payne & Sarah (?). Married (date unknown)
Louizer Carolina Chandler (B 23 Feb 1866 AR). do you have any information
on this Henry Rosencramp Payne in your files?
4/4/2002 0:57Anna M (Payne) Badgleybadgley@davenport-wa.comJohn A. PayneJohn A. Payne was my grandfather born
April 22, 1880 at Cartago City, Missouri- married August 20, 1895, to Sally Ann Wetati at Corvallis, Montana -died- May 18, 1932 in Corvallis Montana. if anyone has any information on John please contact me at the above e-mail. thanking you in advance - Anna
5/1/2002 8:41YELLOWWOLFWyellowwolf@aol.comBEDFORD,FRANKLIN,GOODVIEW,U.S.A. VIRGINIA,I am looking for my moms family,she was a Payne from Franklin County Va.
Her father was Terrell King Payne and her mother was Sally Maude English.
Terrells parents were-Robert Lee Payne-b.1865-d.1945 and Jamima(Annie?)Barton-b.1874-d.1946.
Sallys mom and dad were:Charles Ace English- b.5/21/1876-d.-9/24/1955 and Julie Francis Pagans-b.11/15/1876-d.12/11/1955.
As far as I know they all where from Franklin County Virginia.
One or two of them were Cherokee Indian.
I am Cherokee on my dads side also, found all of his people and the link to the Cherokees.
If anyone can help me please feel free to e-mail me.
Thank you,
6/17/2002 0:24Wilodean Randolph Chileswilodeanc@hotmail.comVirginia and TennesseeMcMinn County, TennesseeMary Elizabeth Payne, Born Abt. 1868Mary came from Virginia, into Tennessee already married to Peyton Randolph from Albemarle Co. Virginia. The only other thing I know about her is that she had a cousin named Sarah Elizabeth Payne who married Isham Randolph and he was also from Virginia. I am trying to find out who her parents and family were.
7/31/2002 13:49STEWART FINDLAY PAYNESTEWARTPAYNE@SUPANET.COMGLASGOW SCOTLAND.UKGRANDFATHERDo you have any connections with Scotland either in Glasgow or in a small town called Lanark?

My grandfather died when my father was three years old,his name was also Stewart Findlay Payne my grandfather had two brothers James and Joseph my fathers name was also James.
I think my grandfather and his brothers were miners in Lanark.

I should be grateful for any information you may have.
PS My birthdate is 10 November 1956
10/5/2002 11:25Mindy Haleymindygen@attbi.comVA, KY, TN, TX, MOHenry PayneI am looking for any information on my GGGRandfather:
Henry Payne
born: 11 October 1851, Barren Co., KY
died: 13 Jan. 1929, Kleberg, Dallas Co., TX

Henry married
Sarah Elizabeth Pitcock
4 October 1873, in KY

This is as much information on Henry that I can find.
Would appreciate anyone related contacting me.
12/5/2002 12:11Brenda RobertsDavidBrenda32@aol.comAlabamaJefferson CountyJohn T. PayneJohn T. Payne 1828-1903 married Sarah A . Robbins 1838-1919. They were married on 1/22/1857, They are buried at Good Hope Cemetery ,Jefferson Co. Alabama.John Daniel Payne could be his father,mother name unknown.John T. Payne's son Andrew Bartley Payne was my great grandfather.Any info on this line would appreiciated.If you have any info e-mail me as I am at a brick wall here on the Paynes.One of the John Paynes donated the land for Good Hope Cemetery
3/6/2003 13:46Anna M.(Payne) BadgleyBadgley@Davenport-Wa.ComMissouri, Kentucky, MontanaVictor, Ravalli Co. MontanaJohn A. Payne Died May 18, 1932Dear Mr. Payne:
My name is Anna M.(Payne) Badgley - I am looking for any Payne family history on my grandfather John A. Payne born April 22 1860 in Catago City, Lauwrence Co. Missouri -- His Father was John Payne Born in Kentucky and Mother Sally Ann Wetati , born in Kentucky - John A. Payne Died May 18, 1932 in Victor, Ravalli Co. Montana
Married August 20, 1895 in Corvallis, Ravalli Co, Montana to my grand mother Henriette "Etta" Nichols. she was born January 8, 1876 in Union Tioga Co, Pennsylvania and died May 17, 1945 in Victor, Ravalli Co., Montana:

Should you know anything about my grandparents your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in Advance
Anna M.(Payne) Badgley
Davenport, Washington
4/27/2003 0:29Diana Paynecookiewoo2@aol.comKY,VA ,TNFort Blackmore, Duffield, OsakaDaniel PayneInterested in the "other" Paynes in the area. My gg Grandfather Daniel (Harlan County KY) had 5 children (known):Alexander,Larkin,Sherman,Sarah, Meg(Margaret). Larkin married Nannie Mae Franks(Duffield VA). Children: Floyd G.W. Payne b. 1926 Osaka VA, Callie b.1919, Bertha Lee b. 1918, Dorothy, Arly (living), and Mary. Alexander married Nannie Mae Franks Payne. 1 child: Betty Jane (living).In total Nannie Mae had 14 children, but not all survived.

Can you help me find information on Daniel Payne as all other search results end with another Daniel altogether. Family legend has him working for the (Interstate?) railroad at the time of his death in VA caused by a falling rock. I am also told that we are of Cherokee and Blackfoot decent.
5/16/2003 17:06Shirley Steinmetzclownmom@adelphia.netTN--ILL--USAJames Payne--SarahI am looking for information on my ggg grandfather James Payne who was born 1806 in Washington Co., TN and died Aft. 1860. He married Sarah Smith? she was born in 1808 in Washington Co., TN. My grandfather Robert Payne was born in 1829 in Vermilion CO., IL and married Sarah E. Myers on Sep. 1857 in Edgar Co., IL. She is the daughter of Strother Myers and Matilda Crow.

Any help would be appreciated and if this matches anyone I have more information.
6/21/2003 15:40Kay Paynepaynerk@tds.netChaeles Columbus PayneI would like to know more about Charles when he was born, married,died, so on. His father and mother, brothers or sisters. I have most of verything from him down. I got alot from your websit. I want to thank you and others who have done all this work. Kay
7/8/2003 14:02Fred Naefnaef@comcast.netNancy Payne (b. abt 1755)Nancy Payne married Gabriel Richards in 1774 in Caswell County, NC. They lived and raised their family in Pittsylvania County, VA. I'm trying to identify her parents.
7/8/2003 15:28Thomas Paynepayne.cj5@worldnet.att.netTN, GA,TX, OK,ALHenry W. PayneHenry W. Payne is listed in 1880 census of Precinct 3, Houston, Texas. He list his wife and 5 children and 1 nephew. The Nephew is my Great Grandfather John Thomas Payne, he is listed as born in TX and Fathers birthplace as GA and Mother's birthplace as AL. Henry which is list as Uncle has his parents with birthplace of both mother and father as TN. I am also following a note in my grandfather bible of a G Grandmother Lee from Chatanooga,TN. The note also list a G Grandfather Payne with a (Mc Clain) listed. I do not know if this is a city, county, or even his first name. John Thomas Payne's parents were said to have been killed in a Indian raid in the prairies of Oklahoma the children were fostered out. John was to live with a Cummins family then with his Uncle Henry.
12/30/2003 19:05Scott D. Pauleyfamgenes@aol.comTennesseeTazewell(Joseph) L. Payne b.Nov 1865 Need help in finding info on Joe(Joseph) L. Payne b.Nov 1865 Tn?
possible Caiborne, or Hancock Co.'s. Wifes Name (lizzie) or Elizabeth. Known children:
1)Nolta mar.James M. Wallen
2)Cretie mar. Peter Collingsworth
4)Alva Newton mar. Effie Cardie Hatfield
All lived all or part of their lives in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., Tn. Thanks

Asking for any help regarding the location of Cedar Flat Cemetery located in the Claiborne Co. area. Also trying to figure out which Payne line he descends from. My Gr. Grandfather Alva Newton Payne is buried there with other Payne family members. It is believed that his father Joe or Joseph Payne (b. abt. 1865) owned the land where the cemetery sits or owned land very close to it. He is listed in the Claiborne Pioneer Project as being married to "Lizzy"
last name is uncertain possibly Hatfield. Known siblings of Alva Newton Payne are Charles or Charlie, Nolta, Cretie,
and Bertha. All listed on the Project site and all raised in the Claiborne area.

My Grandmother has told me that the cemetery is not far from "Red Hill" and the "Old Red Hill School". I see no reference to these names on any sites. When my Gr. Grandma Payne passed away in 1986 my mother said her service was in Tazewell but they were on the road for about twenty minuites or so before reaching the Cedar Flat(s) Cemetery
It is possible that this cemetery could be in a neighboring county. Other names associated with this Payne line are as follows: Hatfield, Wallen, Collingsworth, and Helton.
Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks

2/3/2004 10:53Annette Payne Brisbinjbrisbin@uti.comHi, I don't know much about my family but I know my grandparents were from Virgina. My grandfathers name is Wilson and my grandmas name was Annabell. Any info would help. Thanks
3/3/2004 19:35BeverlyBlueTang4@aol.comTennesseeSevier CountyMartha Isabella Payne b. 12-22-1862 d. 7Well I don' t have alot on the Sevier Co. Payne's. I don't have much time for research.
In my tree I have:
Martha Isabella Payne b. 12-22-1862 d. 7-25-1903 she married
Cleopatra Adolphis Clark (C.A. Clark) b. 12-24-1856 d. 4-9-1904
They are both burried at the Pleasant Hill Cemetary in Sevier Co. TN
They had 10 children. As you can see, they both died young. I have not been able
to find out from what. Are you aware of anything in particular that was going around
Sevier Co. in 1903 & 1904? Needless to say, their bunch of children were left to
relatives to raise and much family history was lost.
I have a picture of an old man with W.R. Payne wrote on the picture (picture taken
in Sevier Co.) and a picture of a young man, Doxy Payne wrote on the picture
(picture taken in Fairmount IN).
You probably have the census from 1880 with Payne's in the 10th civil district, right?
We don't know if Malinda was Martha's mom or not or if Thomas could be her brother.
A Dan Payne and his wife (no known children) used to visit a relative of Martha's, the
relative lived in Knox Co.
Anything sound familiar? Would love to connect Martha to her family.
3/18/2004 16:00Jo Payne Piercedonaldlpierce@yahoo.comMissouriOliver Mack Harrison PayneI am Jo Payne Pierce. I have been trying to trace my Paynes for several years and can't get past my grandfather Oliver Mack Harrison Payne. He was one of 8 children, but I have no real clues as to his father or mother's names. He was born in MO, 1889?, in either Jefferson or Greene County. My daddy is an only child and all connections were dead by the time we began our research. Of course my daddy just called the grandfather he knew, Granddad Payne, so that is no help. I noticed that one of your Paynes had been in MO. I have a list of the boy Paynes that were born in the late 1880's-early 1890's, but have no exact dates. Their names were Daniel, Dave, and my grandfather who went by the name of Mack. We aren't sure if that was just a nickname or his real name. He used to say just call me Old Man Payne, to go with his itinitials, OM. Some of the girls were Maxine, Elizabeth, Cora, and a couple of other children that I'm not sure of their names. We have heard that there was a line of preachers in the Payne family, but have no documentation. I have run across a J M Payne that might be a connection. My daddy's name is James, and with his daddy being Mack, that could have been passed along. Just point me in the right direction and I'll try to go there. Thanks so much.
3/30/2004 11:49Daryl Paynejlcdrp@bellsouth.netTennesseeJohnson City - Payne's CreekLaws PayneHello,
I just came across your website in search of my lineage, and your site was the only one i came across with any reference to the Payne's in East Tennesee. I was wondering if you might be able to help me a little. My GGGrandfather was born an raised in Payne creek tn, about 16 miles away from greenville Tn. He was born 1889 and died in 1981. His grandfather was Laws Payne whom George learned to play banjo from. George and his brother apparently put out a blugrass album. I havent been able to find out what year for the album. Sometime in his life he ended up moving towards Johnson City due to the violence in Payne Creek. If you may have any leads or suggestions for whereelse i may look, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Daryl Payne
3/31/2004 8:02gail paynedgk47@juno.comralph payneneed info on ralph payne 1620's Middlesex, Va.
3/31/2004 8:02gail paynedgk47@juno.comralph payneneed info on ralph payne 1620's Middlesex, Va.
3/31/2004 8:03gail paynedgk47@juno.comvirginaralph payneneed info on ralph payne 1620's Middlesex, Va.
7/5/2004 5:00William Benjamin PayneBsaint17@aol.comcenterville, Ga. USAHi, Im only 19 years old but I guess that Im sorda starting early. I have been trying to find out "where did the Payne's originally come from?" Ireland?England?(Malo Mori Quam Foedari)or scotland?(Mcquarrie clan/ Ant'arm Breac Dearg- means the Red Tattarned Army, it was a war cry)I would really like to know. And Ive been seeing alot of different payne family crests. But which one is mine?and how do I find out? Please somebody email me and tell me how. Im planning on getting my family crests as a tattoo, but I want to be 100% sure before I do that its mine.
7/12/2004 16:29Phyllis Fisherlqdybug@thebigpond.comMississippiAdams CountySusannaSusanna Paine married William McCauley in 1824 and had two daughters: Mary Louisa born 1825 and Ann Elizabeth born 1827. Anything that I can learn about this family would be appreciated.
8/4/2004 14:57William and Rober Harvey Paynempvanderwall@usa.netGeorgiaFairmount?My maiden name is Mary Alice Payne, born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Alexandria, VA. My father was Robert Harvey Payne, born and grew up in Fairmount, GA. He had 3 sisters, Etta, Anna Lou, and Edith. He served in the Army Air Corps and then the Air Force. He married Mary Minor Driver of Staunton, VA.

I have little other information as my father and mother (and most of my aunts) had died when I was still quite young.

MP VanderWall
8/20/2004 13:23Pat Stormsjdburk00@hotmail.comLondon, Laurel County, KentuckyJohn Payne born 1830Hello I am looking for any information on Paynes from Tennessee or Virginia that may have moved to Kentucky. My grandfather always said that the Paynes came from England in the late 1600's and came to our county by way of Viginia and Tennessee. The farthest I have been able to take it back is my great great grandfather John Payne (b.1830) who married Louisa Burnett(b.1829) in 1851 in the community of Brock in Laurel County Kentucky. John had 7 children -5 boys (Thomas Arthur, William Alvis,James and George who all left Laurel County and moved to Mitchell, Oregon and Eli F. my great grandfather who stayed in London) 2 girls (Martha Ann who married Newton Cottongim and Mary Lucinda who married Fredrick Lincks - both of witch stayed in laurel county). The 1830 and 1840 census from Laurel County doesn't list any Paynes so he might have come from Tennessee as a young man.
10/30/2004 20:03Sue Morelocksuemorlck@aol.comMissouriBoone CountyHello. I am searching for information on my gggrandmother, Mary (Polly) Payne. She was born about 1801 in KY and married Daniel Pennington Lewis 18Feb1821 in Boone County, MO. This is all the info I have about her and would appreciate knowing more about her and her family. Thanks.
12/25/2004 18:42Michael Payne, Ph.D.payne@biodesignofny.comNew EnglandSusanna Paine (born June 9, 1792 in Rehoboth, Mass) was a portrait painter. As a hobby, I research and publish articles on early American portrait painters and am currently gathering information for an article about her. I have her parents names: James and Mary (Chafee) also of Rehoboth, but am having lots of problems with the details of her life as this was a comman name. She published her autobiography in 1854 and a novel in 1860. He portraits are in the collection of the Portland Maine Museum of Arts and many private collections. Would appreciate hearing from people who can help me further describe her life. Thank you in advance
2/25/2005 4:11Sharon Rice Honeasrhonea@xtn.netNorth Carolina and TennesseeMarshall GreenevilleMr Payne, I saw were you were a decendent of John and Elizabeth Sevier Bowman. Could you email me their line. Not sure but think I may be in this line also. My 5th great grandpa William Duckworth Franklin married a Nancy Bowman from Greene County and I think Nancy's father was Jacob and her grandparents were John and Elizabeth. Not sure hope you can help. Thank you so much Sharon
3/2/2005 15:26Beverly Nichole Paynepaynebaby87@msn.comWisconsingrandfatherHi. im not to sure of what im doing, but im really intrested in finding out about my family name and where we came from. im only 18 so i have a lot of time to do research. the only Paynes that i know of are the ones in my family. My dad Brian Scott Payne, my aunt Tracy Payne, and my grandmother Cathrine Payne. I also have a sister, Heather Marie Payne and a brother who shares my dads name.Im not sure of what my grandfathers name is because he died when my dad was 2 years old. But my dad has said that we have native american blood in us. If there is any way that you could help me to find out ANYTHING that would be great. thanks

also we come from Dallas, TX where there is a Payne cemetery.
4/16/2005 23:16Julia Raizentheraizens@comcast.netSusannah Payne 1792..Richard Payne 1640?Hello. I am a descendant of Susannah (b. 1792) Payne who married Jacob Goodner. According to several federal censuses, she lists her place of birth as North Carolina. I have found one secondary reference that indicates that her father was a Josias Payne b.1765. That same source then goes on to indicate an ancestor by the name of Richard Payne b ~1640 in VA. I would like to confirm that Susannah is indeed the daughter of Josias. FYI, the source is the Society of the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims. They tell me that they no longer have the original application material.

Any relevant information would be greatly appreciated.
4/28/2005 19:22Joanne Davidson Salibyjasaliby@aol.comEvan PayneI can find very little about Evan Paine, b. in Hardy Co VA,now W. VA.
He m. Margaret Baker and had several children. I descend from son William. They went to Ohio from Va and then to Iowa.
6/10/2005 18:11Anna Catherine Lackeannalacke@yahoo.comSC, TNColumbia/TazewellRoger PayneShout out to all the Payne's! See you at Lone Mountain for Thanksgiving!
6/11/2005 21:10Robert Paynerob.payne@yum.comKentuckyWaverly, USAI am looking for any information on my GGrandfather John Spalding Payne from Union county, Ky. Family has been on same farm since 1811. He raised horses for the Confederate Calvary and and his nephew Robert Payne was in the 1st Kentucky Calvary. My grandfather is Walter Payne of Waverly, Ky. had two twin sons my father John Walter Payne and brother George and a sister Martha Ann(Cissey). Looking for any info. from Civil War era in Union county, Ky of the Payne family.
11/22/2005 16:31William PaynePollard15@aol.comEdgefield, SCFlayle Payne, born London England, 1696I would like to contact the person who was asking about Terrell King Payne of Franklin Co. Va. They used the name "Yellow Wolf", but the e-mail address no longer exist.
3/12/2006 5:40melanie vangsnespmvang88@aol.comAlabamaWaterford, VA USAJohn Payne (circa 1753)I am seeking info on John Payne, born around 1753 who served in Rangers under Captain Eli Kershaw and Colonel Thompson. His children were George and John who were born in Kershaw County, SC. George then moved to Sumter County, AL and founded the town of Payneville.
6/24/2006 0:54Carole Parker-Smithwparker-smith@bigpond.comAustraliaJohn Payne, 1420 Frittenden. Kent.U.K.Does anyone know if Moses left a son John behind when He and his three children emigrated to America in 1638?? Or if there are still Paynes in England who are connected to Moses family,
Many thanks,
Carole (Australia)
10/29/2006 7:45James Payneno_spam_jamzpayne@msn.comNew YorkBrooklyn, NYAurther Payne b. 1911 New YorkHi Joe, my name is James Payne, I was born in Brooklyn, NY. My father was born
in 1911 his name was Arthur he was orphaned and I know nothing about my family
tree except that his father's name was Arthur. I just thought I would drop you a
line because you have a site about our family name and I am thinking about
contacting the Mormon online geneaologies. It would be interesting to find out
how far back we would have to go to find a common ancestor. Maybe someday we
will know, who knows. Anyway, if you would like to e-mail me that would be nice,
don't know how far it will go though. If you have any information you may think
would be of interest to me let me know. Sincerely James Payne
12/16/2006 16:11Alice Payne Weberaweber@t6b.comSCarolina, Tennessee, MissouriUSAHarry PayneI'm looking for my Payne relatives, James Payne and Tennessee Cobble Hall Payne. They are buried in Mt. Olive cemetery in Mt. View Missouri. They came to MO from Greene County Tennessee in 1879 or so. My grandfather Alexander was a baby. Any information would be appreciated.
1/16/2007 8:09Beth Kinnanebethk1@insightbb.comTennesseeKnoxvilleJohn Harrison Payne I am a native of Knoxille, TN currently living in Lexington, KY. My grandfather was James (Jim) Edwin Payne, Sr. I am a 4th generation graduate of Knoxville Central High School (1984). My Payne family, at least by the time my grandfather was born, was from Fountain City. I am trying to find out what Paynes I belong to, and have not gotten further back than my Great Great grandfather.

I believe my Paynes came from Tazewell (in the short run, anyway).

My grandfather's family is as such.

Father: Charles Herbert Payne, Sr. b. 8/19/1896, m. Lucinda (Cindy) Lamora Winfrey (b. 1898, d. 1991) 7/25/16, d. 4/29/54 Knoxville buried Lynnhurst Cemetery

Charles' parents were John Harrison Payne b. 11/12/1864, m. Martha Elizabeth Wilson (b. 1870, d. 1927), d. 1/16/44. Do not know where, born or died or buried. I am assuming somewhere in East Tennessee.

And that is all I have on my Paynes.

Incidentally, Lucinda Winfrey, my great grandmother, was better known around Fountain City as Mamaw Payne. She was notable for being probably the biggest Central High School Bobcats fan on planet earth, and all 7 of her sons excelled in sports, mostly football, there. Her one daughter, Barbara Payne Fischer, was a cheerleader, no doubt. I have her family pretty much done, they were from Rogersville, TN. Her father was the Rev. William Winfrey, whose brothers ran Winfreys Stone Masonry in Fountain City for years.

My grandfather was a star football player at Central, graduated 1941, married my recently departed grandmother, Julia May Wrenne, just after they graduated. For years he worked at M. S. McClellan and Company in downtown Knoxville. His siblings were Charles, Jr., John, William (Bill), Robert (Bob), Gene, David and Barbara. Brothers Bob and Bill worked their entire lives at Mynatt's funeral home in Fountain City.

The reason I believe the Paynes were from Tazewell is because my Great Grandmother's family lived there for awhile, and that may be where she first met her future husband.

The only thing anectdotal I have on Martha Elizabeth Wilson is this - "Mamaw Payne (as she was also known) was the only child of Grandma Thomas and Mr. Wilson." My guess is Mr. Wilson had a short life, obvioulsy not killed in the Civil War due to Martha's birthday in 1870, but that Grandma Thomas was known as such because she remarried, probably had other children, but only one by her first husband.

Anyway, I don't know if you know anything about my bunch or not. Unfortunately, no in that side of the family wrote much down. For the record, if you do know anything, and if any of it mgiht be considered "unpleasant" by some, it won't bother me. First, I am not easily offended, secondly, I didn't know any of them so it doesn't matter beyond my curiosity and the light of history, and lastly, I have found all kinds of entertaining things about my family tree, the good, the bad and the ugly. As it is, I can trace most of my family back to the dawn of time, or at the very least, the late 1500's. Except the Paynes. I have found lots of logical plausibilities (Jesse Payne of Washington County for one) but nothing concrete.

Anything you might know would be greatly appreciated, and I'll see if I can get any of the males named Payne (and they are legion)in my family to jump on this DNA thing you are doing.
7/14/2008 1:40Melody Murraym2mhumphries@gmail.comNC & ILThomas F PayneHas anyone come across a Thomas F Payne born 1808 in NC? He married a Mary "Polly" Myers in 1830. Mary's parents were Henry Myers and Susan Headly. I am stuck getting any further back than this Thomas F Payne. I would love any information!
8/21/2008 14:00Jeanette M. PayneTexas, LouisianaWise County, TX United StatesThaddeus PayneI am looking for information on my family ancestry. My father's name was Earl Desmond Payne,His dad's name was Louis Payne Sr., and I am related to Thaddeus Payne, who used to live in Wise County, TX. He owned land there and sold it to the Taylor Family. I would like to know more details. Please?
8/21/2008 14:08Jeanette Marie Paynejandacemw@hotmailTexas, Louisiana, Missosuri, MississippiShreveport, Natchitoches, Decatur, TXThaddeus Payne, Louis Payne Sr.Hi Joe,

I am just trying to find out more about my heritage. Any information you can help me with, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You.
Jeanette Williams
10/18/2008 1:12Burton Paynekab158bp@mountain.netWest VirginiaWalton, USAMitchell PayneMitchell Payne was born in Tazewell, Va in 1828. He died August 4, 1864 in Andersonville, Georgia. Co. H 8 INF. WV Civil War. He was married to Emily Hendrix, daughter of Francis Hendrix and Margaret Stewart. Emily is buried in Roane County, WV. Does anyone have a Mitchell Payne in their records?
8/4/2010 20:29D.Shannondjjjshannon@yahoo.comVA. KY. IN.Andrew Payne My Payne line, as far back as I could get comes from VA. Andrew Payne b:1805.(Blacksmith)He was married to Delcenia/Dulcena/Levina. 2nd Marr: to Maggie Lane.They lived in Lincoln co. KY. Crab Orchard.He and two of his sons were in the 3rd infantry Army.KY union 13th Regiment in Mercer co. Rueben and Andrew J.and Harrison S. Payne Harrison was my G-G-G-Grandfather.His son Ulysses Grant Payne b:1872 1st marr. to Mary Ellen Johnson d:1916.(my line).2nd to a Tellie Terrell(Matilda).He is the father of My great grandmother Lela Ethel Payne(Duke) b:1901 in Pitsburg KY. Laurel co. is my grandmother.Ewell or Ulysses and his family were located in Grant co. 1st then moved to Greene co. Linton IN. were he died. in 1941.I HOPE you can help with this line of Payne's.Their is alot of unanswered questions.1. being why was Ulysses b: in Arkansas while the rest of the family was b: in KY.and IN.He was right in the middle. 2. being why was my G-Grandmother Lela b: in 1901 b: in KY. baptized in Iowa.Then grew up in Greene co. If anyone can help with line and Questions I would be very Happy.Also talk of Indian Heritage. Thank You D.Shannon
8/12/2010 13:17Libbygoldenkohana@yahoo.comMy Great grandmother is Lou Ellen Payne born 1867,marrird William C Hunt, Her father and mother are James Vanzandt Payne and Amanda Freeman of Fleming Kentucky. Do you know if these are your same Paynes and if so do you have any photos of Lou Ellen or information such as when she died and where she is buried?
9/12/2010 19:53Nancy Flippo Zeiglernzeigler@mchsi.comGeorgia and AlabamaJohn Payne who married Martha MaddoxHave been looking for information on my Payne family for years. John and Marthy Maddox Payne had a son, Hensley Claiborn Payne, who was my great-great grandfather
7/3/2011 19:19William P. (Pat) Hartlagehartlagehistory@insightBB.comKentuckyJohn Henry Payne (1769-1846)Regarding the Catholic Paynes who migrated from Maryland to Kentucky, were their roots in England? Also, Joe's descendants of John Henry Payne report includes information I've never seen elsewhere, in particular death dates for several children. Am curious as to Joe's sources. Lastly, I'll use this opportunity to invite other descendants of John Henry Payne to contact me to exchange research findings. As of July 2011 I've "collected" almost 7500 of his descendants, including myself, a 4th great-grandson.
3/20/2012 1:44Mark D Paynempayne0209@sbcglobal.nettn al txwashington tnJoab PayneJoab Payne born 1818 in tn married Mary whitson. Trying to find his parents and or payne linage Mary Whitsons sister Angeline married a James Payne. Not sure if related to Joab.

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