Going Away Party 1973 U.S. Passport Office

My one and one-half years with the United States Passport Office were probably the happiest of my life. I always missed those friendly people and many times think of what might have happened had I stayed. I sometimes think of these days as my"Long Haired Hippie Days".
I actually was employed in in a area that required a Top Secret Clearance and trained in Karate, earning the level of Green Belt.
Some of the AWARDS I got while working for the U.S. State Department.

My supervisor Homer Mobley, presenting me with a 50 dollar U.S. Savings Bond
This lady was from Alabama and had worked in Washington since a young lady but still had the strongest southern accent you have ever heard. Her name was Mary Newcomber and she reminded me of Aunt Bea on Andy Griffith almost exactly. Mr. Charles Robinson in the back was Director of the Section I worked.
The pretty Italian girl was Lee Giancana, we went out several times. I think she had a crush on me.
Homer, Ron and Bernard Taylor. Ron and I hiked 50 miles along the top of the Shannandoah mountains in the rain no less.
Ron and Mrs. Mary Newcomber.
One of my big bosses Mr. Gus Marty and others not pictured, for one Mr. Dominic Leo Tucci and Shirley Pitts, the General Services secretary.
Patrick Skehan and myself.

The funeral was packed with over 300 people, each one wanting to pay their respects to Patrick Skehan – one of the most light-hearted and caring 60-year olds they'd ever met. "He was already at stage 4," remembers 55-year old Michael Skehan, Patrick's younger brother and co-worker at God TV in Washington D.C. "The cancer could have been growing for several years." On January 5, 2008 60 year old Patrick Skehan took his last breath.
Myself and Langston Smith.
My girlfriend, Linda Frederick and myself on our way to a wedding in Baltimore. Linda worked in the same building at 1425 "K" St. N.W. for the Federal Power Commission. She lived in Waldorf, Md.

Those were also the days of McGovern for President and all the peace marches, John Denver and Carol King. Even though I sat right up front at the inaugaration of President Richard M. Nixon, having been given tickets by Congressman John J. Duncan I was a McGovern Democrat. Click HERE for more McGovern for President pictures.
I returned as I said to Washington in 1975 and was asked to go to Ethiopia as a Communications Officer at the U.S. Embassy there. These were the days before Entebbe International Airport and Idi Amin, but during the rule of Heile Selassie. Aug 27 1975, Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia’s 3,000-year-old monarchy, died in Addis Ababa at age 83 almost a year after he was overthrown in a military coup. I would have been number two out of three men in charge. I think my refusing this position was the reason that I was not asked to return to the Communications Department in 1983.

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