here is a picture of my family...this was taken, May 2005. 
Paul Donald Payne Jr. is in the teal shirt front and center
next to Don is my aunt Marion (sittin) that's Uncle Don's wife
Virginia Clarke Payne (now armstrong) is far right in the tan
Her husband Raymond Armstrong, my grampa, is behind her in the light blue
My mother (Robin Armstrong Seeber) is standing in the white with the blonde hair
behind her is Jeff Armstrong (real tall guy with gotee) He is my uncle, mom's bro
Next to him on the left (in the pink) is my cousin madeline
next to her is my brother JR
and i'm squattin in the black shirt with the 22...
The other two is my mothers cousin Margie and her husband

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  1 Reuben PAYNE b: 1759 d: 1845
     + Elizabeth SWEATMAN b: 1762
       2 John PAYNE b: 1770 d: 1850
         + Rachael Ann PARKER b: 1775 d: 8 Oct 1822
           3 Enoch PAYNE b: 1796 d: Mar 1863
             + Sarah Sallie ENGLAND b: 1796 d: 1855
               4 Hiram E. PAYNE b: 1824 d: Aug 1865
                  + Mary (Polly) ANDERSON b: 27 Dec 1825 d: 1864
5 Anderson G. PAYNE b: 1847 d: 30 Oct 1907
    + Elizabeth DAY b: 1836 d: 22 Aug 1922

6 Lafayette Greene PAYNE, b:  Jun 16, 1876
       +Mattie Alice LIVESAY, b: Feb 18, 1885

My Grandfather 

5 Jacob C. PAYNE, b: 27 Jun 1851 d: 1935
     +Nancy J. Payne, b: 30 May 1855 J. d: 18 May 1931

Paul Donald PAYNE, b: 1892
d: 16 Jul 1969
     + Susan (Susie) Clarke b: 1892 Susan (Susie) died ca. 1970.

Shanna Maria's Great Great Uncle.


Anyways, it's all very cool!  We have some original Edison lightbulbs, and photos and prints of Edison with my great grandfathers inventions, and with my great grandfather.  If you visit Edison's Lab in New Jersy you can go and see the desk where Paul Payne worked... Thought you'd find that interesting...

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Shanna Maria


      Wow, thanks for your long email with so much interesting stuff !! This is way too much fun isn't it?

         OK, I am Robin Beth Armstrong (Seeber). My parents are Raymond Edward and Virigina Clarke Payne Armstrong. I have two brothers, Peter Scott and Jeff Carter. I am 48, they are Peter 54, and Jeff 51. They both live on the west coast. We were born and raised in New Jersey. I now live in Pennsylvania. My grandfather Paul was my favorite grampa as he always had a nice story to tell. I have a couple of photos of Edison, one of them admiring Paul's invention  of the miner's lamp that attached to their helmets for the mines. The other is of Edison signed to Paul D. Payne. They met in the service on a submarine. Edison asked Paul to please consider coming to work with him after the war. Paul was considered one of Edison's right hand men. This information was told to me by my mother and her brother Don. At my grampa's funeral viewing, we were all upstairs in the office watching John Glenn walk on the moon. It was a very memorable day in every way. I remember my grampa around our home building things and inventing things all the time. He made me a papercutter that  held a large roll of drawing paper. I wish I knew where that was today. It is a shame hindsight is foresight. My Uncle has most of the family heirlooms from Paul as it was of course his father and he is the son. I also have a letter that the employees from Edison's plant wrote to Mrs. Edison upon his death, all signed by the employees. I have a newspaper clipping of Paul and how he met Edison and some of his memories also. I would be happy to send you a copy if you give me your mail address.

         Wouldn't it be fun to arrange another family reunion?? Let me know what you think.

      I will be in touch, Robin