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In the Claiborne County Progress an article appeared concerning a "List of Slaves" that was gathered by William Graham Payne in Claiborne County around 1880. The article said that to find people that were listed on this "census" or list you need to contact Mr. Jim McMurray at Stone Relaty, in Tazewell, Tennessee. This would be especially helpful to those seeking their African American Roots.

Good news to anyone researching this line of Paynes. The lineage as I have it is correct. The links back further are not proven but are very possible ancestral lines of Charles Columbus Payne.

Subject: RE: Payne Family DNA Study
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 4:48 PM
Hi Joe,
The information you have linked to the chart is correct. I descend from Charles through William Graham. Please include Charles’ middle name, Columbus, on the chart.
Take care,

More than likely the correct lineage of Charles C. Payne and Amanda Davis can be located at the following LINK. If this is the correct link then this Charles is son of Isaac born 1755 Dorchester, MD and would fit exactly into Lineage 1 of the DNA study. Isaac moved to Grainger County and the following is written about him.

Served as Ensign in Capt Samuel Richardson's Company of the Tennessee Militia during the War of 1812, was drafted Listed on Grainger Co. Polls and Taxable pr operty for 1815 in the bounds of Capt Robert McGinnis Co. with 200 acres of la nd Listed on 1830 census as head of household with one male under 5, one aged 30-40 and one female 5-10, one 20-30.

This line descends from the Thomas Payne and Jane Smallpiece line.


(1) Charles Columbus1 Payne was born about 1798, and about 1819 married (2) Elizabeth Davis, daughter of Davis. Charles Columbus died in 1841. Elizabeth died in 1833.

Subj: PAYNE Family
Date: 10/4/98 1:23:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (R.N. Tex)
Hello Joe,

I did not see my family in your gedcom file, but since you seem to have a long line of PAYNE's as well as it all being in and around Tazewell, I thought maybe you have seen my line. We don't really know much, but this is what has made it down to us.

This information comes from my Great-great-aunt Maud Burnetta THOMAS of Burnet County, TX.

There was a DAVIS Family originally from Wales, parents are unknown, but the children are as follows:
Elizabeth DAVIS
Rachel DAVIS
Martha DAVIS
Benjamin DAVIS
girl DAVIS, name unknown

Elizabeth DAVIS married Charles Columbus PAYNE about 1819. They had two children born in Tazwell, TN:
William Graham PAYNE born August 20, 1820 Tazwell, TN
Amanda Melvina PAYNE born Sept. 8, 1829 Tazwell, TN died Nov. 11, 1921

Elizabeth died in 1833, Charles Columbus PAYNE died 1841. Amanda was raised by her aunt Rachel DAVIS EVANS.

Rachel DAVIS married David EVANS in TN.
Mary DAVIS and Martha DAVIS married brothers named POWELL. Later moved to Nessha, MO.

That's just about it for what we know about the PAYNE's. Amanda later married John Preston THOMAS on June 11, 1848 in Wayne County, KY. They lived at Monticello, KY where they had four children. On Jan. 12, 1855 John THOMAS took his wife and four children to Texas settling in Burnet County where he was a teacher and later practiced law and served as a District Judge. John THOMAS died in 1865. Amanda was left to raise her eight children on her on and did quite well at it. Amanda died Nov. 11, 1921.

Amanda's daughter, Ada Rachel THOMAS married Emmett Marion WATSON and they were my great-grandparents.
If you can add ANY information to what I already have, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Don Watson -- Don Watson County Coordinator, TXGenWeb Page for Blanco County

3 + William Graham2 Payne b. 20 Aug 1820 d.c 1870

4 + Amanda Melvina Payne b. 8 Sep 1829 d. 11 Nov 1921


(3) William Graham2 Payne, (Charles1) was born 20 Aug 1820 at Claiborne Co., Tn, and in Aug 1845 at Claiborne Co., Tn, married (5) Rhoda H. Markham, daughter of Peter Marcum and Priscilla Hill, who was born about 1822 at Claiborne Co., Tn. William Graham died about 1870 at Claiborne Co., Tn. Rhoda H. died in Dec 1865 at Claiborne Co., Tn and was buried at Cave Spring Cem.

Mary Markum Hansard in her book "Old Time Tazewell" says of William Payne and his family.
"William Payne was a man of education, who was clerking in Mr. William Houston's store at the time of their marriage. They purchased a few acres of land just beyond Russell Creek, at the foot of the hill where the Straight Creek leaves the Bear Creek Road, and erected the large framed house that is still standing, owned at present by Mr. Rice. (ca 1895) He lived in the house several years, and sold this property to Wm. Neil, and moved to Kokomo, Indiana, and lived there a few years, and then returned back to Tazewell in November 1865 with his family. His wife was very feeble when they reached our house and died in a few weeks, and by her request was buried in the Cave Spring Cemetery, about 5 miles east of Tazewell, where sleep her mother and sister, and other relations that had passed away before her. Mr. Payne settled in Tazewell and kept his family together until his death, which occured a few years later on. He left 7 children to be cared for by the neighbors."

In the 1860 Claiborne County Census: Page 341B Family 1211
William G. Payne 39 male white Farmer real estate 1800 personal 1200 Tn
Rhoda A. 31 female
Alice L. 12 female
Robert B. 10 male
James C. 8 male
John T. 6 male
Mary C. 4 female
William L. 1 male

In the Claiborne Co. Tennessee Deed Index 1801 to 1865 Grantee to Grantor, by Mark Douglas Treadway, Copyright 1994.

W. G. Payne Grantee to R. B. Lane Grantor 1843 R 212 1.00
W. G. Payne Grantee to John Parker 1843 R 212 1.00
W. G. Payne Grantee John C. Lankford 1853 W 23 130.00
William G. Payne Grantee John C. Lankford 1853 W 54 60.00
W. G. Payne Grantee E. Goin 1855 W 547 260.00
W. G. Payne, Chairman Grantee Thos. J. Johnson 1853 W 181 300.00
W. G. Payne Grantee William Cannon & wife 1856 X 321 100.00
W. G. Payne Grantee W. P. Yaden 1836 X 339 100.00
William G. Payne Grantee Benj. R. Biddle 1846 T 18 150.00

This is a very interesting situation. This William Payne was in Tazewell Claiborne Co. before August 1845. He may have been related to Thomas Payne whose oath to the U.S. was recorded in Claiborne Co. in 1860. William Payne was clerking in William Houston's store in Tazewell. I believe that William Houston was related to the Houston's of Houston Valley in Greene Co., Tn but have not made that connection. They would have moved from that area to Claiborne Co. very early as did William Payne.

Subj: Re: PAYNE Family
Date: 10/4/98 10:45:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (R.N. Tex)

Hello Joe, MAN! I wish I could get the ol' noodle in gear....What I gave you is all that I have from the notes of my gr-gr-aunt on PAYNE. I am certain that there is another piece of info that I can't seem to locate...I searched last night when I first wrote you...but you know how "tidbits" tend to get "misplaced". That bit of information has to do with the fact that Amanda Melvina PAYNE went to ...I belive an Uncle in Monticello, KY to live and attend school...seems like it was some sort of "girls school" or I don't know it seems I got the impression of it being a little "better" than the norm type school. I figured that it was then that she met and married John Preston THOMAS. I had hoped to find that bit of info in case it might have had the name of the Uncle. The William G. PAYNE for 1860 you list is perfect in age for my William Graham PAYNE. I have never looked into anything in Clairborn County. This line has not be at the top of my list for research, but I have had a lot of fortune on another line lately and I'm sort of anxious to duplicate my good fortune up some other lines. I feel very certain of the facts that I have related as they came from gr-gr-aunt Maud who was Amanda's daughter. Maud was also the "holder" of the family history. Amanda married Joh Preston THOMAS as I mentioned. John's mother was Jane GREENE, neice of Gen. Nathaniel GREENE. One of Gen. GREENE's scabbard's and some other artifacts had been passed down to her and she was quite proud to maintain the family history. It's unfortunate as family squabbles since have disbursed many of the letters, notes and artifacts to the point that none of the younger generations seem to know where they all went, though it is believed that they are still in family hands..just in an attic somewhere! Fortunately Maud and my dad's aunt Ola were diligent at collecting the data itself and distributing it to the family members. I located Ola's her 80's...about a year and a half ago and found that she still had all of Maud's original hand written notes and many photos and other info, and then I located a distant relative still living that had communicated with Ola in the 1950's and 1960's and she still had the letters that they exchanged. Really filled in and documented much of what I had "inherited" from my dad. Well you can see that i ramble too...maybe it's in the genes! Must mean we really are related! Ha! Stay in touch and I will let you know if I can find any other clues. Thanks for the info that you sent, it will give me a good starting point for the PAYNE's. Keep an eye out for that DAVIS line just in case they were in the area as well.... thanks
Don Watson

6 + Alice3 Payne b.c 1848 d.c 1870
7 + Robert B. Payne b.c 1850
8 + James C. Payne b.c 1852
9 + John Thomas Payne b.c 1854
10 + William L. Payne b.c 1858
11 + Mary C.Payne b.c 1855
12 + Sallie Payne b.c 1860

(4) Amanda Melvina2 Payne, (Charles1) was born 8 Sep 1829 at Tazewell, Claiborne Co., Tn, and on 11 Jun 1848 at Wayne Co.,Ky, married (13) John Preston Thomas, Judge. Amanda Melvina died on 11 Nov 1921 at Burnet County, Texas. John Preston died in 1865 at Burnet Co., Texas.

Subj: Charles Columbus PAYNE Page
Date: 10/10/98 7:47:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (R.N. Tex)
Hello Joe, WOW! Nice page for Charles Columbus PAYNE, I like it. Maybe as some info comes in you will add to the page. It would make some of MY research easy! :) I might try a similar page on my Blanco County, TX website. What I am writing about is that you have Amanda Melvina PAYNE dying in Monticello, Wayne County, KY. Amanda died on the date you have but in Burnet County, Texas. You might want to correct that. She was a true "pioneer" woman. I have a "school report" written by my dad's cousin Leslie Lesikar. Leslie is 83 years old today. My dad had not seen her since he was 5 or 6 years old until I located her about a year and a half ago. Leslie gave me a photocopy of a school report she had written in the 6 th grade in 1927 about her "most interesting person". The report is about Amanda PAYNE THOMAS, her grandmother. In it she talks of the hardships that Amanda had to endure and even about some her grandmother's dealings with Indians. She describes the area as being filled with Indians and desperados. "There were open saloons and there was much trouble and many fights in the town." She mentions a "friendly band of Indians" that were in the area that would occassionally come to her home and "eat everything she had in the house and begged for her two blue eyed children". She tells of an Indian Chief that once came to the door and took her husbands rifle from above the door. Though she thought they would be killed, the Chief simply examined it closely, grunted, and hung it back in its place. I have planned to transcribe this report and post it, but ...procrastination is all around! When I get it transcribed, if you are interested, I can send you a copy. It is mostly biographical in Amanda's expriences in Texas, but it has a brief amount of vital stats as well. It turns out in re-reading this that it is the source of Amanda's uncle and going away to school that I mentioned in my second message to you. In it she speaks of Amanda's mother dying when Amanda was 4 years of age. Amanda lived with an aunt and uncle until she married. The uncle was a taylor. This uncle would be David EVANS. Do you know of a taylor in Tazwell by the name of EVANS? The report goes on to say that when Amanda was old enough she was sent to boarding school in Monticello, KY. There Amanda remained two years. Finally, it states that when Amanda and John THOMAS moved to Texas in 1854, several families set out together. Among them was "Uncle Jimmie MEADOWS". I do not have a clue as to who this MEADOWS is or whether he is of the THOMAS line or the PAYNE line. Well, that's my update for you. Thanks for your input. You have really given me some things to study and explore. I will keep you updated on any new information I may uncover. Don Watson
Don Watson
County Coordinator, TXGenWeb Page for Blanco County
One more thing, since you have William Graham PAYNE's children, I thought I would give you Amanda's progeny.
1. JOHN PRESTON3 THOMAS (EVAN2, ELISHA1) was born May 12, 1823 in Monticello,Kentucky, and died October 22, 1865 in Burnet, Tx. He married AMANDA MELVINA PAYNE June 11, 1848 in Wayne County, Kentucky, daughter of CHARLES PAYNE and ELIZABETH DAVIS.
Children of JOHN THOMAS and AMANDA PAYNE are:
i. WILLIAM HANSFORD4 THOMAS, b. March 22, 1849, Wayne County,Kentucky; d. April 10, 1864, Burnet, Tx.
ii. MARSHAL BRACKSTON THOMAS, b. December 2, 1850, Wayne County,Kentucky; d. December 11, 1888, Alzado, Montana Territory.
iii. MARY JANE FLORENCE THOMAS, b. June 2, 1852, Wayne County,Kentucky; d. February 24, 1865, Burnet, Tx. iv. OLIVER SYLVESTER THOMAS, b. March 11, 1854, Wayne County,Kentucky; d. January 4, 1875, Baker County, Lincoln Territory, New Mexico. v. JAMES HENRY THOMAS, b. April 2, 1856, Backbone Valley, Burnet County, Tx; d. April 17, 1897, Burnet, Tx; m. SALLIE A. COON, September 19, 1888, Burnet, Texas.
vi. QUINCY OSCAR THOMAS, b. April 9, 1858, Burnet,Texas; d. November 16, 1884, Caldwell, Kansas.
vii. LAURA ELIZABETH THOMAS, b. June 25, 1860, Burnet,Texas; d. August 29, 1871, Burnet, Tx.
viii. ADA RACHEL THOMAS, b. June 21, 1862, Burnett, Tx; d. March 14, 1955, Temple, Tx; m. EMMETT MARION WATSON, January 19, 1882, Burnet, Texas.
ix. MAUD BURNETTA THOMAS, b. June 9, 1865, Burnet,Texas; d. September 28, 1956, Bell Co., TX.
Ironically, with all these kids, only two survived to marry and only Ada Rachel THOMAS, my great-grandmother produced children.

Don Watson

14 + Ada Rachel3 Thomas


(6) Alice3 Payne, (William2, Charles1) was born about 1847 at Claiborne Co., Tn. Alice died about 1870 at Kokomo, Indiana.
(7) Robert3 B. Payne, (William2, Charles1) was born about 1848 at Claiborne Co., Tn, and married (15) Martha J. Wiley. Robert died at Grainger Co., Tn.
(1) William F. Payne b. 1871 married Angeline Cook
(2)Nora Payne
(3)Robert Eluin Payne b. 1878 – d. 1948 married Bertha Ellen Edmondson

(8) James3 C. Payne, (William2, Charles1) was born about 1849 at Claiborne Co., Tn, and married (16) Priscilla Williams who was born about 1850 at Claiborne Co., Tn. Priscilla died at Cave Springs, Claiborne Co., Tn.
(1)William Thomas Payne b. 1881 d. 1961 married Millie Elizabeth Johnson
Joe Payne

a. Dan Carter Payne

(2)Andrew Jackson Payne b. 1880 d. 1958 married Nancy Elizabeth Sutton

a. Patton Davis Payne b. 1898 d 1971 married Mary L.
i. Mildred Payne b. 1922
ii. Pauline Payne b. 1924
iii. Nita Payne b. 1927
b. Waymon Chester Payne b. 1908
c. James Edward Payne b. 1901 d. 1922
d. Luther Oscar Payne b. 1903 d. 1983 married Nila Lee Parker
i. James D. Payne b. 1925
ii. Carl Payne b. 1926
2nd wife of Luther Oscar Payne Lelia Bell Roark
i. Ralph Luther Payne b. 1936 married Kay Frances Ledman.
e. Mary Payne b. 1905
f. Robert Payne b 1907
g. Owlen Payne b. 1913
h. Joseph Payne b. 1916
i. son Payne b. 1918

Subject: Payne's
Date: Yes I'm Ralph Payne's wife. Judy was Ralph's cousin, her father was Robert T. Robert
and Joe were brothers and also Ralph's father( Luther Oscar).
I don't know if there were more son's for Charles Columbus, one is all I have found so far.  
We would love to have a copy of the article about Joe Payne.
I would like to thank you for all the info you put on the net, it has helped me very much. 
If it wasn't for you and other I would be lost.
Thank You
Kay Payne

To access Kay Payne’s lineage that has a lot more of the Charles Columbus Payne line please CLICK HERE

Mary Markum Hansard in her book "Old Time Tazewell"
James, second son, married Miss Priscilla Williams. She was a nice lady. They settled not far from Cave Spring Church. His wife died and left 5 sons and one daughter to be cared for by him. He is still keeping house by himself, and manages to keep his children together, which speaks well for him.
James C. Payne had a son William Thomas PAYNE who married Millie Elizabeth JOHNSON who was the father of Dan Carter PAYNE who married Bette Joyce WINTER.

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
James PAYNE Self M Male W 28 TN Farm Laborer TN TN
Jane PAYNE Wife M Female W 25 TN Keeping House TN TN
Andrew PAYNE Son S Male W 1M TN TN TN

Source Information:
Census Place District 9, Claiborne, Tennessee
Family History Library Film 1255247
NA Film Number T9-1247
Page Number 184C

(9) John Thomas3 Payne, (William2, Charles1) was born about 1850 at Claiborne Co., Tn. Thomas died at Texas.
(10) William3 Payne, (William2, Charles1) was born about 1853. William died at Knox Co., Tn.
Was raised by Mr. James Patterson of Powell Valley. He married Miss Greer, and settled near Knoxville.

(11) Mary3 C. Payne, (William2, Charles1) was born about 1855, and married (17) Robert Wiley who was born about 1855 at Powell Valley, Claiborne Co., Tn. Mary died at Claiborne Co., Tn.

Mary Markum Hansard in her book "Old Time Tazewell"

Robert Wiley of Powell Valley, a man of considerable property, one that manages well, and has plenty of the necessaries of life to make them comfortable. They own a farm on Powell River, and live not far from Gap Creek. He also is engaged in the mercantile business. I hear that htey have a very intelligent family of children, and are training them well.

(12) Sallie3 Payne, (William2, Charles1) was born about 1860 at Claiborne Co., Tn, and married (18) Thomas Essary who was born about 1855 at Scott Co., Va. Here a file has been added by Janet Deda. Esary Information
Sallie died Jan 1st 1945 in Washington State.

Mary Markum Hansard in her book "Old Time Tazewell"
Sallie Payne, third daughter, was raised and educated by Mrs. Sallie Fugate. She was a very neat young lady and of fine appearance. Mrs. Fugate and family cared for her as they would their own daughter, and when she was married, gave her everthing necessary for housekeeping. She married Mr. Thomas Essary of Scott Co., Va., and moved to Washington Territory, and purchased land, and I hear that a town has been laid off on their farm and they have become rich. They came in on a visit a few years ago. I hear that they have a nice family, and are training them well also.

Subj: Payne Family
Date: 2/17/2002 6:34:38 PM
To: JPayne5744
Hi, My name is Janet Deda. I was reading about the decendants of Charles Payne and I noticed near the end the name of my gr grandmother Sallie Payne Esary who's father was William Payne and mother was Rhonda Markham. I noticed at the end that it was said that Sallie died in Wasington Co, Tn but she died in Wash state on Jan 1st 1945.
Thomas and her came out here with his mother Nancy Esary and two brothers and three sisters . I have a copy of her death certificate but on there she spells her maiden name as Paine.

According to her obituary, Thomas Essary and her were married Nov. 23, 1878 on horseback beneath an oak tree in Cumberland Gap where Virginia, Tenn and Kentucky meet.. They then rode horseback 3 days to their 1st home in Claiborne County, TN. In 1883 they came West on the Southern Pacific to San Francisco with Thomas's Mother Nancy,and 2 brothers and 3 sisters of Thomas. From there they arrived in Seattle on the last trip of the steamer Dakota on June 5, 1883. They became pretty well known in Seattle, in fact Nancy Esary is listed as one of the prominant pioneers of this area.

Sallie and Thomas had six children. They are as follows;
William Esary b 9/9/1879 Bristol Va d 7/20/1933 Burlington Wa
George W Esary b 7/6/1881 Bristol Va d 7/1/1968 Seattle Wa
Christopher E Easry b 8/12/1883 Seattle Wa d 3/17/1955 Burlington Wa
Lillian Esary b 1886
Clifford Esary b Dec 1891
Thomas A Esary Jr b 12/11/1898 Bay View Wa d 1957 Burlington Wa

I guess when they came out here they dropped another s from the name Essary. Thomas's father was William Jennings Necessary. I know that doesn't have anything to do with your family but it was a surprise to us as my Mother was an Esary and she didn't have any idea on the name. I have been told that William got into some kind of trouble but I don't know what. He died before the family came out here, so I'm just guessing they decided to change the name. It seems you could do that back then.
I know there is a lot of different spelling of names. The spelling on Sallie's death certificate is Paine but her father's is spelled Payne. There are several different spellings of Esary. Essary, Essery, Esery and Essera are just some of them.

And to add to this confusion or not I recieved an interesting email from Gary Keck in Monroe Michigan which I will post below: Joe, this Payne did very, very well for himself here in Monroe. I never knew he was from Tazewell. Gary Keck. PS This is my new email address!

James B. Payne, Oct. 13, 1910-Oct. 3, 2008 -
James B. Payne, 97, of Monroe, died at 8:10 p.m. Friday at Brookdale Senior Living, Monroe, where he had resided since February 2004. He was employed by Monroe Auto Equipment Co., and with his wife built the Virginia Apartments in Monroe and opened the first Tastee Freeze in Monroe. They also owned and operated the Dixie Drive In, Monroe.
Born October 13, 1910, in Tazewell, Tennessee, he was the son of L.E. and Cora (Ellison) Payne. He married Virginia L. Moyers seventy three ago on June 22, 1935, in Monroe.

Lon Evertte Payne was living with William and Nancy Marcum in the 1900 Claiborne County Census and was listed as a Servant. Of course the earliest Payne family intermarried with the Markum's and were employeed by the early Graham family. William Graham Payne, born 20 Aug 1820 married Rhoda H. Markham. Although I haven't found any more information, I am pretty sure that Lon E. Payne is of the Charles Columbus Payne line.

(4) Amanda Melvina Payne b. 8 Sep 1829 d. 11 Nov 1921 married John Preston Thomas

(14) Ada Rachel3 Thomas b (Amanda2 Payne, Charles1) 1862 d 1955 , married (19) Emmett Marion Watson.

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