George and Tobias Phillips DAR paperwork

I received from Norma Morgan her Daughters of American Revolution application and approval forms for both George Phillips b. 1725 and his son Tobias b. 1749/1750.












From the Strunk and Chambers, Rootsweb Site

"The Smith manuscript, among others, states that Tobias was found laying in Indian Creek in the year 1808. The horse on which he was riding when he was last seen alive was wandering nearby." He was a wealthy man at the time of his death, owning several hundred acres in Montgomery (now Floyd) and Grayson (now Carroll) counties.

Will of Tobias Phillips

This the twelfth day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Six, I do make this my last will and testament being weak in body but sound in memory. First, I recommend my body to the dust and my spirit to God that gave it. And for the desposing of my worldly possessions first, I do give and bequeath unto my daughter, Hannah Hanson One dollar out of my estate. And to my daughter, Franky at her coming of age I give Twenty pounds and a feather bed and furniture and cow and calf and other property to valuation. And further I give and bequeath to my other two daughters, Nancy and Rachel each of them a feather bed and furniture and cow and calf and other property to valuation to make them 20 pounds each. Further to my sons namely, John, Joseph and Jehu I give and bequeath at their coming of age to each of them a horse to be valued at 20 pounds or to be made up to that valuation out of my estate. Furthur I do leave unto my loving wife, Peggy Phillips all the rest of my real and personal estate during her natural life or widowhood, and at her second marriage or decease then to be disposed of to my children and grandchildren hereafter named to wit: William Phillips, Thomas Phillips, Robert Phillips, John Phillips, Richard Phillips, Joseph Phillips, and Jehu Phillips, daughters, Molly Quesenberry, Franky Phillips ,Betsy Dalton, Janey Cock, Nancy Phillips and Rachel Phillips, and to my daughter, Hannah's four children namely: John Hanson, and William Hanson, Anne Hanson and Peggy Hanson to wit: to each of them an equal part of my estate real and personal except my four grandchildren here-to- fore named to heir, but one child's part and in the willing of legacies I mentioned not my oldest children they having received their parts. And lastly I do constitute, and ordain my loving wife Peggy Phillips Executrix and my loving friend, Andrew Cock Executor to this my last will and testament. Tobias Phillips (seal) Signed sealed witnessed the day and year above written:

George Smith
Thomas Dinkins
Ephriam Courman
Grayson County Court March 1809. This last will and testament of Tobias Phillips,deceased, was proven in court by the oaths of Thomas Dickins and George Smith subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded.
Martin Dickinson

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