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To obtain a position with a progressive organization that will utilize my experience and skills while allowing the opportunity for further growth possibilities. I have a variety of experience in fields such as Customer Service, Technical Support but my primarily interest is Purchasing. I possess a Masters of Business with emphasis in Human Resource Management. I have been commenced for innovation in developing new forms and putting newsletters and procedures online for easy access. I offer drive, intelligence, flexibility, outstanding work ethic and the ability to learn quickly.



The Talbots, Inc, Knoxville, Tennessee

Sales Associate. November 2007 to March 2009 (Salary $10.50 hr)

 I continued as an inbound phone sales representative for a large catalog retail clothing firm. I represented the company in a professional manner to give the customer the information needed to complete the clothing sale. There was a reduction in workforce that resulted in my being laid-off.  I was rehired again as a temporary employee.


Staffing Solutions, (Temp Service) Knoxville, Tennessee

Sales Associate. September 2007 to November 2007 (Salary $9.00 hr)

I was an inbound phone sales representative for a large catalog retail clothing firm. I represented the company in a professional manner to give the customer the information needed to complete the clothing sale.


Eagle Landing Subdivision, Tazewell, Tennessee

Self-employed Land Developer, June 2007 to September 2007 (Resulted in the sale of remaining 10 acres of property)

 I have arranged contracts for maintenance and helped in securing all necessary permits for building a common area boat-launching ramp and parking area. As vice-president I conducted the business of seeing that each yearly owner’s association meeting was held at the appropriate time and helped with the formation of committees that will conduct the Eagle Landing Home Owners Association business from now on. I sold in September 2007 the last of the land I owned in Eagle Landing and will only serve as a consultant to the association.


Jewelry Television, Inc., (part-time) Knoxville, Tennessee

Customer Service, October 2006 to June 2007 (Salary $8.50 hr)

Initiate and complete phone sales for number one retailer of Gemstones and Jewelry in United States.  As a call-center representative it was my job to extend courtesy and professionalism to customers.


CFGroup, Morristown, Tennessee  Employee Evaluations

Cost Accountant, January 2005 to November 2006 (Salary - $13.01 hr)

   I assisted in Material, Labor and Overhead costing.  I was lead auditor in quarterly inventories and required to work overtime costing materials following inventory. I maintained a weekly Labor Cost to Production Excel Spreadsheet that included complex formulas and reports from several departments. This company was, until October 2005, Falcon Products.


Falcon Products, Morristown, Tennessee

Buyout Coordinator, August 2004 to January 2005 (Salary $23,000 yr)

  I coordinated purchases of furniture components for Shelby Williams through seven vendors who manufacture and sell using the Shelby Williams name.  I placed purchase orders, saw that all material and information for the order was secured by the vendor, and relayed information on the order to Shelby Williams customer service.


Staffing Solutions, (Temp Service) Morristown, Tennessee

Material Buyer, Shelby Williams, June 2004 to August 2004 (Salary $9.00 hr)

 Working at the Shelby Williams Industries, Chair Manufacturing Plant in the Purchasing Department I was assigned to create purchase orders.  Using AS/400 I created and maintained Purchase Orders, searched materials list to verify concise product identification for orders and contacted vendors for pricing and availability.


Jewelry Television, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee

Customer Service, September 2003 to February 2004 (Salary $8.50 hr)

  Initiate and complete phone sales for number one retailer of Gemstones and Jewelry in United States.  As a call-center representative it was my job to extend courtesy and professionalism to customers.


Eagle Landing Subdivision, Tazewell, Tennessee

Self-employed Land Developer, June 2001 to September 2004 (Property sell resulting in most of my income for past 3 years)

 Coordinated all business transactions for Payne Family Trust that resulted in July 2002 sale of 145 acres of property.  After interviewing several auction companies in East Tennessee area selected East Tennessee Realty, Maynardville, TN to conduct sale of property.  Worked with Claiborne Planning Commission for final approval of subdividing land into 5-acre tracts and hired local contractor to construct over two miles of gravel roads.  I owned two 5-acre tracts and am Vice President of Eagle Landing Subdivision Property Owners Association.


Jewelry Television, Inc.,, Knoxville, Tennessee

Customer Service, October 2001 to March 2003 (Salary $8.50 hr)

  Initiate and complete phone sales for number one retailer of Gemstones and Jewelry in the United States.  As a call-center representative I was my job to extend courtesy and professionalism to customers.  Received several bonuses and incentive awards, the most recent September 2002, Sales Agent of the Month.


ClientLogic, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Help-Desk Telephone Support, August 2000 to August 2001 (Salary $9.50 hr)

 Offer telephone support of BellSouth's Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) modems.  Knowledge of Internet protocol (IP) installation is required as well as Dialup Networking (DUN).  Two weeks of intensive training on installation and troubleshooting procedures for Efficient Network's and Alcatel modem hardware.  Oracle database operation was required for record keeping purposes.


Securities Services Network, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee

Webmaster/Computer Analyst, September 1997 To March 2000 (Salary $31,000 yr) Employee Evaluations

  Responsibilities included design and maintaining the company's web page and all maintenance to the site.  Technical phone support for financial software used by Fidelity Investment Corp. to manage Broker/Dealer accounts.

  Initiated Internet accounts with Fidelity Investment for accessing client accounts online.  Installation of all new desktop workstations, including networking the workstations to Windows NT Servers.  Upgraded existing 486 workstations with memory.  Assisting the Technical Lead for computer support.

  Use of FrontPage extensions and HTML Coding for maintaining the company website.  Installation of Microsoft Office 2010 and Outlook 2010.  Use of Microsoft Publisher, Adobe PageMaker, Exchange and PhotoShop and PaintShop Pro to place newsletters and administrative manuals online.


Shop-At-Home Network, Knoxville, Tennessee

Customer Service, July 1997 To December 1997 (Salary $8.50 hr)

  Initiate and complete phone sales for at home shopping network

   As call-center representative it was my job to extend courtesy and professionalism to customers


Lockheed/Martin Energy Systems, Inc., Oak Ridge, Tennessee  Employee Evaluations

Information Specialist, October 1991 To July 1997 (Salary $32,000 yr)

  Subcontracted through Pacific Western Technology, Oak Ridge, TN.  Responsible for distribution of controlled documents for Information Management's K-25 Document Center.  Obtained necessary signatures, made copies, assembled, organized and distributed document packets.

  Subcontracted through University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN.  Managed the Clinch River Remedial Investigation's Information Management System's (IMS) Document Control Center and assisted Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Environmental Sciences Division (ORNL/ESD) and Lockheed/Martin in retrieving documents for litigation brought against them by commercial boat dock owners. 

  Subcontracted through Temp-Systems, Knoxville, TN.  Indexed bar-coded, shelved and retrieved records of the Environmental Restoration Team working at the K-25 Gaseous Diffusion Plant.


Adventure Swim and Scuba, Knoxville, Tennessee

Assistant Manager, November 1990 To September 1991 (Salary $9.50 hr)

  Utilized sales experience and professionalism to assist customers with selections, purchases, and returns.  Improved the store efficiency through the completion of assigned tasks and worked one-on-one with customers to increase sales

Supervised two sales associates

Projected a positive image of the company and resolved customer complaints

Operated cash register and balanced drawer

Obtained diving certification and assisted in scuba instruction


Kultura, Inc., DBA/Zacks Yogurt, Knoxville, Tennessee

General Manager, July 1987 To November 1990 (Salary $27,000 yr)

   Supervised and directed daily sales and management activities with the goal of meeting/exceeding store sales objectives, providing top levels of customer service, and maintaining a facility directed to fulfilling customer's needs

Managed all staffing activities including recruiting, hiring, training, and supervising employees

Maintained all store inventory, purchasing, advertising, and prepared payroll reports

Managed three locally franchised specialty yogurt shops

Supervised 15 counter clerks and one manager

Increased sales by 50% after first year.


Staffing Solutions, (Temp Service) Knoxville, Tennessee 37920

Legal Aide/Tennessee Valley Authority, September 1987 To December 1987 (Salary $8.00 hr)

I worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority and wrote deposition summaries for the Office of General Counsel. The TVA had sued a mining concern that they won, allowing them to be released from a large contract for milled and mined uranium in Churchrock, New Mexico.


Federal Deposit insurance Corp., Knoxville, Tennessee

General Services Lead Technician, July 1985 To July 1987 (Salary $28,000 yr)

Supervised and directed daily activities of three General Services Clerks in routing mail and supplies to an office of more than 400 employees

Maintained office supply inventory by accepting low bids from local Supply Stores

In charge of disposal of all classified documents at end of each working day

Maintained Service Log and scheduled maintenance for fleet of 12 vans and automobiles used by Liquidation Staff



Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN - 2011

Masters of Business Administration, Human Resource Management


Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN - 1978

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Minor in English


Draughon's Junior College, Knoxville, TN - 1988

Associates of Business Science/Computer Programming



General Services Administration - 1973

Economic Order/Inventory Control


Computer Learning Center, Knoxville, TN 1988

Networking Essentials and Administering Microsoft Windows NT 4.0


Technology Tennessee Center, Knoxville, TN - 2002 - 2003

Networking Plus Certification Training



Sales Agent for the Month/ Americas Collectibles Network, Inc. - September 2002

Commendations for Security Work/ Equestrian Sports, Los Angles Olympic Games - 1984

Claiborne County Conservation Farmer of the Year/ Claiborne County Soil Conservation Service - 1982

High Quality Step Increase and Top Employee Suggestion for Year/ United States Department of State, U. S. Passport Office, Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs - 1972


Dreamweaver 7.0                                  Microsoft FrontPage

Paint Shop Pro 7.0                                 Microsoft Publisher 2010

Microsoft Office 2010                             Adobe Exchange

Microsoft Outlook 2010 and OWA            AS/400

Windows 2000/NT                                 Adobe PageMaker 4.0

WordPerfect 7.0                                    Adobe PhotoShop 5.0

HTML Coding and Language                   Peregrine and Remedy Ticketing Manager



Webpage Design, Knoxville, TN

   Utilize personal Gateway Laptop


Baker-Peters Jazz Club, Knoxville, TN/June 1997

   Created informational advertisement website


Claiborne County Genealogical Society, Claiborne County, TN/April 1996

   Continually update website, http://joepayne.org/claiborne/