Tennessee Ancestors - December 2000 Descendants of John Phillips and Elizabeth Tobias By Joseph A. Payne. (Knoxville, Tennessee: Joseph A. Payne. 98 pp. Paper. $25.00. Order from Joseph A. Payne, 9001-H Grayland Dr., Knoxville, TN 37923. e-mail: John Phillips, born in 1648, married Elizabeth Tobias, born in 1652. Their children were all born in Old Rappahannock, Virginia, before 1700. The author's research notes on 707 descendants of John and Elizabeth are included in this book. Extensive research was done in wills, church records, letters, military records, Bible records, censuses, and court records.
There are personal notes on occupations and burials. In the early 1800s some descendants were in Scott, Campbell, and other counties in East Tennessee. Some collateral families are Goad, Dale, and Sexton. A full name index is included. Ancestors of an East Tennesseean. Compiled by Joseph Alan Payne. (Knoxville, Tennessee: Joseph A. Payne. 840 pp. Loose-leaf notebook. $65.00. Order from Joseph A. Payne, 9001-H Grayland Drive, Knoxville, TN 37923. e-mail: The author furnished this volume "in hopes of furthering the research of the Payne, Phillips, Stone, Henderson, Wolfe, Day, Hurst, Breeding, Livesay, and Johns families." Over 5000 individuals are listed in this book, which includes descendants of ten generations of Reuben Payne, nine generations of John Phillips, fifteen generations of William de Twiste Stone, Squire, eleven generations of Edward Hurst, and nine generations of Roger Johns, as well as descendants of several other persons.
Reuben Payne was born c. 1755 in Virginia or North Carolina and married Elizabeth Sweatman ca. 1776 in Prince William, Virginia. Many other surnames are listed, and there is a table of contents and full name index. Back to Joe Payne's Genealogy Homepage