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Descendants of William ROBINSON Barbara Andruss Irwin
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Text file by Mrs. E. Viola Robinson

Robinson Family Pictures from Beth Robinson Bunch

Robinson Family Pictures from Joseph Payne's collection

Robinson Family DNA Study As of 2010 No William Robinson male descendants have submitted their DNA for this study.

For possible lineages of Gen. James Robertson and Col. Charles Robertson visit:
John Robertsons:  John Robertson's Archives

William ROBINSON was born about 1750 in SC, and on Mar 20, 1775 in NC, married Charity KENNEDY. William died about 1804 in Shawanee, Claiborne Co., Tn.

(1) Will dated 11 Dec 1802, pro.June 1804,filed Bell Co KY.

(2) Owned land Wallens Ridge Lee Co VA

(3) Washington Co., VA to Russell Co., VA in KY 1782-86.

(4) Surry Co NC 1767-Hist Doc "The Custom House", 1977.

(5) [REF: 1830 Claiborne Co. TN Census]

1730-40 William Robinson had a friend David Chadwell who was born 1730-40. William probably about same age.

(6) [ Ref: Abstracts of minutes of Court of Pleas Orange Co 1752-1766].

1763 Court of NC Aug 1763 Wm Robinson vs Thomas Wilson Jr. case.

(7) 1758 [Ref: Rowan Co Early Settlers by E H Bean]

Wm Robinson 1758.

(8) [Ref: Spurgins Tax List Rowan Co NC Soc Gen Journal pg. 44 V 8, No 1].

William Robinson and Jacob Hunt 2, Jon Robinson 1.

(9) [Ref: Rowan Co Tax List, Dan'l Little District, pg 47 ]

John Robinson 1, William Robinson 1.

(10) [Ref: Surry Co. NC Deed Bks A,B & C 1770-1788 by Absher,A:207, 208- 20 Mar 1775 ].
William Robertson & wf Charity, Fincastle Co. VA. to James Roberts, 400 pds 500 ac middle fork Tarrarat River; Granville Gr. to Frederick Fulkerson 9 May 1756; then divided & 200 ac conveyed by Fulkerson to Susannah Stuart in her widowhood under the name of Susannah Bledsoe; by John Stuart & sd Susannah to Henry Manadue, Senr; from sd Manadue, Senr. to Henry Manadue, Junr; to Wm. Robertson 29 Dec 1771. The other 300 ac by sd Fredr. Fergason to Susannah Bledsoe; from John Stuart & sd Susannah to William Robertson 1765

John Reed
s/William Robertson
Elijah Smallwood.

(11) STATE of TN, Clairborne Co., June term 1804.

The Last Will and Testament of William Robinson deceased
I bequeath unto my wife Charity the use and benefit of the plantation whereon I now live, therewith all the buildings thereon, during her life. [ Shawanee, TN ]
I give and bequeath to my son Absolom 700 acs. where he now live together with a tract of 400 acs on the North side of Wallins Ridge.(Authors Note: Absolom lived 3 miles North of Tazewell, TN before moving to Sneedville, Hancock Co. TN, in his later years.
I bequeath to my son Jacob a tract of land on both sides of the Clinch R at Anderson's survey and running to the horse shoe.
I bequeath to my son William the tract of land where he now lives, containing 400 acs together with 50 acs I lately purchased from Salathiel Martin.
To my son Littleberry, I bequeath a tract of land whereon he now lives, 573 acs, in Casseles Woods and whereas John Ballinger and myself are in equal partnership in 8500 acs of land in the State of KY,
I bequeath to my four sons before mentioned and my son-in-law Moses Dorton all my part of said 8500 acs of land.
Grandson Joseph Dorton a tract of land on Wallins Creek 195 acs.
Grandson William Dorton 100 acs at the Ford of the Cumberland.
Negros Bob, Tom and Hannah to Charity. Nat and to Jacob, Jean to Littleberry, ---? and Bob to William. Jean, a little girl to my daughter Edy Robinson. Big Rachel,Sammy and little Rachel to Absolom. Tom and Hannah to Dicy Dorton. Sandy to Nelson my gdson.
Land on Yellow Creek, KY to William and son-in-law Moses Dorton. My gddaughter Edy Robinson one mare colt.
The land mention 17,000 acs my part 8500.
Lastly, I do hereby constitute my old friend David Chadwell and my sons, William and Littleberry, executors of this my last will testament.

Signed 11 Dec 1802

His William X ROBINSON (S) Mark

(12) In 1899 J.J.Dickenson [ grandson of Littleberry] wrote that Wm Robinson also had a son Nelson who was killed by Indians, his body found and he was buried. This Nelson never married. See letter in Robinson genealogy book. (Not sure which book)

(13) The Knox Co, KY, Court Records contain the following concerning William Jr. He was married to Margaret------- and lived on land bequeath to him; which was Gap Creek, in Claiborne Co. TN. Like his father, Wm Sr., he was a leader and Pathfinder of his time.(William and Margaret settled in Huntsville, AL.(bef 1820?)

(14) " Old Time Tazewell" by Mary A Hansard,

"William Robinson came to near Shawanee in early days".

(15) "From Log Cabin to The White House" by May Brewer,

"The Robinsons were descended from John Robinson of Scots-Irish descent, who immigrated from Yorkshire, England and settled in York Co. VA. He had large grants of land in York,Lancaster and Gloucester Counties Virginia. He took his grant in Lancaster Co 4 Apr 1633, d in York Co 1 Mar 1688. James Robinson, a descendant, was named as a noted Irish Weaver in Shenandoah Valley of VA Records 1734-8."

(16) Mulberry Gap is in Hancock Co. TN.Clairborne Co. TN. "Robinson Cemetery" at Greasy Hollow 1/2 mile West Greasy Hollow Road nr Robinson Cem Road. 1 mile South Back Valley Rd.

The Holston Treaty 1791 prohibited settlers from entering Cherokee lands in the Powell Valley---recipients of NC land grants moved into the area anyway. Yokums Sta Feb 1797, Treaty of Tellico 1798. Was Wm Robinson Sr one of these settlers??

(17) [ Ref: The Patriots of Kings Mtn by Moss]. [ Salathiel Martin to Obediah Martin (son?) 250 a North side Yadkin River , wife Mary Martin. How well did Wm Robinson know Sal?]

Wm Robinson Sr bought land from Salathiel Martin and willed land to Wm Robinson Jr. Note: Sal Martin b 23 Aug 1763 Wales, m 23 Apr 1782 Surry Co. NC Mary Cook, d 6 May 1827.

(18) [ Ref: Order Book A. pg 18, Knox Co. KY].

Ferry be established on land of Isaac Shelby on S. side Cumberland R. -- at crossing of State Road in Knox Co. to land of Wm Robinson Sr. on opposite shore. John Ballinger Attny.

(19) [ Ref: Lee Co. VA. Deed Bk #1 by Duckworth].

William Robinson purchased 300 acres at Gap of the Cumberland 21 Jan 1799.(Patent to George Brooks 22 Sept 1796)

(20) [ LDS Film #29316 Russell Co. VA. pg 71 ] William Robertson, 13 May 1793 deed 190 on both sides of Wallins Cr. [ This was the land he willed to his grandson Joseph Dorton in 1802] [Bk 29, pg 544 ], Henry Smith, 13 May 1794, 210 a both sides Wallins Cr Powell Valley adj Isaac Burgain and William Robertson. [ Bk 33 pg 418 ] Thomas Tate 24 Sep 1799, 50 a adj Berry Robinson, Sick Cr branch of Clinch R. Pg 601 Littleberry Robinson 10 Apr 1800, 335 a N side Clinch R above Sick Cr adj Henry Dickenson. Bk 44 pg 418 David Calhoun, 28 Apr 1800, 86 1/2 a N side Clinch R. adj Berry Robinson.

(21) ["Annals of Southwest VA 1769-1800" by Lewis P Summers pg 249-250.]

Wm Robinsons Will, David Chadwell as witness. At Botetourt Co court 27 Nov 1775 a David Chadwell who had a horse stolen.

(22) [ Ref: Bristol Gerald Courier, 6 June 1980 pg 5 ac ]

1769-"John Anderson not actually Castlewood but up the river between present village of Cartertown and Big Bend in Clinch River, sold to William Robinson c 1775 and moved to Elk Garden".

(23) [Ref: Surry Co., NC Court Minutes (1768-1785) Vol I ]

Third Tuesday February 12th year Reign Lord George Third. -1769 Present: Jacob Bond, Gideon Wright, Edward Riggs, Esqrs.Juriors present on oath that William Robinson of Parrish of Saint Jude, Planter, did on 10 January 1769 with force and arms did committ henious crime fornication upon one certain Charity Kennedy.
That Lemuel Jones on 20 April 1771 did beat William Robinson. James Brown, Wm Hall and Wm Dalton on behalf King vs Charity Kennaday 12 May 1772. William Robinson, Planter, on 30th July 1770 did take one grey horse, goods and Chattels some person unknown. That Levy Jones, Laborer, on 20 March 1771 did beat and falsely imprison one William Robinson. Sheriff to summons William Hall, Esq.,David Bryant, James Coyle on behalf Jonathan Osburn vs Wm. Robertson 3 May 1777.

(24) The North Side of Wallens Ridge by the name of Big KY was part of a Land Grant Wm Robinson received 2 Oct 1781.

(25) ROBINSON NOTES from "ALABAMA RECORDS" Vol 76, 189 etc by Pauline Jones Gandrud, sent to me by Norman Shapiro.

(a) Will of William Jr. (See notes for William Robinson, Jr.)
(b) Page 42 ROBINSON,LITTLEBERRY, deceased. WILLIAM PATTON, administrator reports that perishable estate is insufficient to pay debts. Petition to sell land. November 29, 1827. RHODA HORTON appointed guardian of WILLIAM, JOHN and MARTHA ROBINSON, 18 March 1828.
(c) Page 50 Madison Co AL. ROBINSON,PAULINA died without will. WILLIAM ROBINSON applies for letters of administration. Securties: JOHN ROBINSON,FRILEY JONES. Apprasiers: JOSEPH STEELE, VALENTINE G. PRUIT, OLIVER D.SLEDGE, RICHARD CAVETT. 1 February 1836. Book 6, p. 406.
(d) Page 59 Madison Co. AL. ROBINSON, LITTLEBERRY, deceased. RICHARDSON OWEN, guardian for JOHN and MARTHA ROBINSON (infants of WILLIAM ROBINSON). Securties: RHODA HORTON, NELSON ROBINSON. 1823. RHODA HORTON, guardian for James ROBINSON (infant of LITTLEBERRY ROBINSON). Orphan's Court, Book B,p. 2.
(e) QUESTION?? If William died in 1820 why weren't John and Martha in Wm's WILL? Littleberry died 1822.
(f) Page 60, Madison Co LA. ROBINSON,WILLIAM and wife Margaret to BEATTY HENDERSON and HOGAN, Merchants of Lee Co. VA. Land in Clairborne Co. Tenn. on waters of Gap Creek. Also land to MARTIN BEATY *(see below)* of Lee Co. Va., land in Clairborne Co. Tenn. and Lee Co. VA., except what was heretofore sold to WILLIAM FLORD (or FLOOD?). Witness: REUBEN MOSS, WILLIAM BEATY, JAMES W.HILL. 14 Sept 1813.
(g) [Page 90 AL Records Vol 189 . Pro. Rec. 2 p 157].
Inventory of WILLIAM ROBINSON dec'd 18 Jan. 1820.[ William Jr.] 62 head of negroes; 400 odd head of hogs; 40 odd head of horses; 90 odd head of horned cattle; 2 cotton gins; 2 copper stills with fixtures complete for business; 160 bales of cotton weighing 40,000 lbs at an average of 9 cents per lb; household and kitchen furniture rec'd and handed to Testator's Lady for her own in infant legatees use; 2 watches, one gold the other silver, and one fowling piece. (See Vol. 76 for this William Robinson's will, recorderd in Pro. Rec. 2)
(h) [Pro. Min 12 p 257].
WILLIAM ROBINSON is adjudged N.C.M. on application of Caroline P. (Moore) ROBINSON. bet: 1859- 69.

(26) GENEALOGY OF MY FATHER'S FAMILY, in part by Mr. James Jackson Dickenson, grandson of LITTLEBERRY ROBINSON one of the sons of WILLIAM ROBINSON Sr., the early settler in Lincastle Co. from South Carolina.

This sketch was written at Castlewoods, Virginia, Oct 11, 1899 by Rebecca W. Semple (?) of Memphis, Tennessee. Dictated by J.J.Dickenson.
William Robinson came from South Carolina about the year 1770, bringing with him his wife who was a Miss Kennedy, also of South Carolina, and was said by some to have been Portuguese blood. She was very dark complected.
He moved to Castlewood, Fincastle Co.,Virginia, 1770. This county is now known as Russell Co. in honor of General Russell of Revolutionary fame. Castlewood was so called from the fact that a bold hunter by the name of Castle was the only man in the country who would dare to penetrate the dense woods inhabited by wild beasts and animals dear to a huntsman's heart. Therefore, it is called Castlewood and the station is so called to this day. It is near this place that William Robinson in 1770 came and located, and this land is still owned by his descendants. They still hold the deed conveying the title surveyed for William Robinson, 617 acres in Lincastle Co. equable (or agreeable) to an order of Council of 16th of December 1770, being part of the Royal Company's grants.
William Robinson had five children: William, Horton, Jacob, Littleberry, and Nelson. (Notice she did not mention Absolom, the family had been the only to remain in East Tennessee).
William married Miss Warden, who was the only surviving member of a large family who was massacred by the Indians. This little child crept under the floor (puncheon) and was saved. The father William Robinson reared her as his child, and she married his eldest son William. After the marriage, they moved to Cumberland Gap and reared quite a family, and from there they moved to middle Tennessee, near Nashville where he bought a farm and had a school house built in his yard. Being a rich man, he decided his children should have advantages of education. His father went to Cumberland Gap to live with him and died there.
Horton (?) married Betsy Legate of Lee Co. VA. They had been sweethearts. He approached her at the loom and said " Betsy, if you will marry me, I will marry you." She said. "I will do it." She did and their descendants still live in Lee, Co. VA.
Jacob married a Miss Kelly, daughter of a pioneer preacher. After the birth of several children, they moved to middle TN. They had fourteen sons. The Kellys had red hair and fine complexion. They settled in Sparta, TN.
John, one of his sons, came to Meridianville, AL. when a boy of fourteen years. Was employed by Rhoda HORTON. At 25 years of age he had accumulated ten thousand dollars, and became a partner of the firm in mercantile business. He married Caroline Louisa, daughter of Captain Walter Otey of AL. Solomon , another son of Jacob, moved to Missouri and was then a practicing physician. Several of the daughters of Jacob were unmarried. So not know of other sons.
Littleberry married Miss Burton of Russell Co. VA, and after many years moved to Madison Co, Al. To their daughter Laurine (Lavine?) who married John Dickenson of Russell Co VA he gave the land grant that his father William early possessed and her decendants own it to this day and the old log home still stands that was first built and occupied by the original owner, William Robinson. The first council that was ever held in the county of Lincastle was on what was called Bunker Hill of this place.
Nelson never married. He was shot by the Indians in Lee Co. His body was found and buried.
[ I Think the above letter has some truth and some mixed up memories...BAI]

(27) [REF: Surry Co. NC Deed Bks A B & C 1770-1788 (Absher) Pg. 13; A:207, 208]

20 Mar 1775, William Robertson & wf Charity, Fincastle Co., VA to James Roberts, 400 pds 500 ac middle fork Tarrarat River; Granville Gr. to Frederick Fulkerson 9 May 1756; then divided & 200 ac conveyed by Fulkerson & sd Susannah Stuart in her widowhood under name Susannah Bledsoe; by John Stuart & sd Susannah to Henry Manadue, Senr; from sd Manadue, Senr. to Henry Manadue, Junr; from Manadue, Junr to William Robertson 29 Dec 1771. The other 300 ac by sd Fredr Fergason to Susannah Bledsoe; from John Stuart & sd Susannah to William Robertson 1765 (Fulkerson & Fergason may be confused?)
John Reed, Elijah Smallwood
s/William Robertson.

(28) [Ref: Surry Co. NC Court Minutes 1768-1785 Vol I].

Wm Robertson, Planter, on 30th July 1770 did take one grey horse, goods and chattels some person unknown.
Present: Jacob Bone, Gideon Wright, Edward Riggs, Esqrs. Juriors present on oath that William Robison of Parish of Saint Jude, Planter, did on 10 Jan 1769 with force and arms did committ heneous crime fornacation upon one certain Charity Kennedy. That Levy Jones, Laborer, on 20th Mar 1771 did beat and falsely imprison one W. Robison. That Lemuel Jones on 20th Apr 1771 did beat William Robison. (Seems as though William was vendicated for a wrongful act.)

(29) [EARLY Settlers Lee Co VA, Vol I by Anne W Laningham pg 398] Isaac Dickenson, Absolem Robinson 75 a Powell River, 700 a Powell River. William Robinson 200 a Station Cr. E. TN, 200 a Martins Creek, E. TN, 200 a Cumberland Gap E. TN. [ believe this to be Wm Jr]

(30) [NC Land Patents 1765-1775 by Margaret M Hoffmann.No.150 pg 161]

William Robinson 16 Apr 1765, 500 a Duplin on E side of Six Runs, joining bank of the creek, the Great Meadow, Johnstons line, Robinsons own line and Atchinsons lines.No. 916 pg 309 William Robinson 26 Sep 1766 355 a in Duplin on E side Six Runs joining above Robinsons own land and bank of creek.No. 1432 pg 404 Thos Rogers 23 Dec 1768 ---Duplin --Six Runs near Wm Robinsons No. 4615 24 May 1773 E Mathis Duplin-- Six Runs nr Wm Robinson No. 8335 pg 6 William Robinson 22 Jul 1774 150 a Duplin E side Six Runs joining own land and the mouth of Michaels branch.

(31) [Ref: Washington Co.BA Survey Bk 1 by Shelby I. Edwards].

(a) Surveyed for William Robeson 400 A by virtue of a Certificate from the Commissioners--lying in Powells Valley. Beg near the Old Station Camp--adj: John Ewing, William Robeson's land...on a Cedar clift. 8 Nov 1783 David Carson, DS Robt Preston, SWC

(b) We the certify that William Robeson assignee of Archibald Woods is entitles to 400A lying on North side of Cedar ridge in a mile of the Rock House to...include his improvement..,actual settlement made in 1776.

(c)23 Aug 1781. Test: James Reid, CCC Jos. Cabell, Harry Innis, N Cabell, Comrs.Surveyed for Col. Joseph Martin 400 A, by virtue of a Preemption from the Commissioners...lying on Martins Creek in Powells Vally--- David Carson. DS Robt. Preston, SWC

(32) North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee. Hawkins Co, TN 1790 # 2605, William Robinson 500 acres on water of Flatt Creek. Davidson Co, TN 1790 # 1317, Jacob Robinson 428 acres on south side Cumberland River.

(33) North Carolina 1735-1764 pg 3 William Robinson 3 April 1752 400 acres in Anson Co on north side Cataba River on south branch Cane Creek called Rum Creek.



Jacob ROBINSON..................d Jul 1 1828

William ROBINSON................d Jan 18 1820

Littleberry ROBINSON.............d Sep 22 1822

Loadicea "Dicy" ROBINSON....d 1840

Absolom ROBINSON.............b ca 1776 d. Nov 27 1827

William Robinson and Moses Dorton: Knox County, Kentucky Pioneers

Thanks to Bell County Historical Society - Lots of information.


I recieved the following file from Russell Robinson who recieved it from Bobbie Robbinson. His Aunt was Kate Robinson, (whose picture I have here) daughter of Henry Harrison Robinson and Lettie J. Baylor. Kate's
Aunt Katie L. Robinson Aiken, Horton and Pauline Robinson.

Kate Aiken, 43, was living in Jacksonville, Fla in 1920 with cousins Archibald Robinson 30, Mary Robinson 66, Clara Robinson 38, Guy Robinson 33, James Robinson 27 . By 1930 Kate Aiken was living in Knoxville in a rooming house.

brother Benjamine Robinsons son Henry Horton Robinson married my Aunt Lucile Payne. Much of what he has sent seems to be a bit different that the history above which has source information but the more current history is much more pertinent and thus of great interest. This is all in honor of my Robinson kinfolk in North Carolina. From Cousin Joe.

Written for Bobbie Robinson, son of my nephew, Baylor Jacob ROBINSON (called Bob, from the late governor of Tennessee, Bob Taylor, a very close friend of the late Robert Sterling Robinson (Sterling Robert Robinson)), and what I know about the old Robinson James Russell Robinson

Tazewell, Tennessee Sept. 24th, 1953

Brig. General James Robinson was born in London or Yorkshire, England. He came over and settled in Virginia. I do not remember the name of the town or county.

My grandfather, Absoleum Robinson was a descendant of General Robinson. He was born and reared in Virginia, at what is believed to be Wytheville, Virginia. He came to Tazewell, Tennessee, and stopped at the Rose Tavern, now owned by Ida Rose, then owned by my great-grandfather, Reuben Rose. He met my grandmother Eliza Rose, courted and married her. He then purchased five hundred acres of land on what is now known as Cedar Fork. He built a two-story brick home, also a storehouse and sold general merchandise. He also had built about twenty-five cabins for his slaves. Absoleum Robinson owned about one-hundred slaves when President Lincoln freed them under the Emancipation Proclamation in the year of ____. These slaves built a huge rock fence around the farm at which time are still standing, also the two story brick home he built. (I might add at this time that this property has in the past few years been known as the Creswell Welch property; however, I now understand that it belongs to Mr. Mark Lewis, President of the Citizens Bank, New Tazewell, Tennessee.)

After the slaves were freed, and my grandfather, Absoleum Robinson, had gone on two men's notes at Tazewell for five-thousand dollars each, of which he had to pay, he decided to sell out the farm and move to Sneedville, Tennessee. In Sneedville, he bought the best two-story house and also a store house, and again was engaged in the business of selling general merchandise. This home was next door to the old Campbell Hotel, now known as the Harrison Hotel. There was a little white fence that separated these two pieces of property. It is believed that the old home and store are still there. While living on Cedar Fork, Absoleum and Eliza Robinson had seven sons and two daughters, Reuben, Nelson, Sterling, John, James Kenyon, my father Henry Harrison, and William. The two daughters, were Elizabeth and Sarah. Reuben married and moved to Texas. Nelson married and moved to London, Kentucky, where he lived until he passed away. Uncle Sterling and Uncle John Roinson married sisters, Rebecca and Anne Jones. William died when a very young boy.

James Kenyon, named for General James Kenyon Robinson, and my father, Henry Harrison Robinson, married into the Baylor family. Henry Harrison married Latitia Jane Baylor (called Lettie). Uncle James Kenyon married Mary Curtis Baylor (called Mollie). Lettie and Mollie were sisters. Their six children were my double first cousins. Elizabeth Robinson married a Mr. Neal and moved to Texas to live. Sarah Robinson (called Sallie) married Watson Margraves. Watson and Sarah Robinson Margraves are the parents of Charles Margraves, lawyer, Rogersville, Tennessee, who has since passed away. My father, Henry Harrison Robinson, was the youngest of the children when his father, Absoleum Robinson, moved from Cedar Fork (road leading northeast out of Tazewell) to Sneedville. When he was not quite twenty, he met Latitia (Lettie) Jane Baylor, who was only sixteen. They were married and moved to Sneedville to live with Grandpa and Grandma Robinson (Absoleum and Eliza). While living in Sneedville, Henry H. and Lettie Robinson had three sons, Robert Sterling (named for his .... , Robert Baylor and his brother, Sterling Robinson), Clyde and Benjamin, one daughter, Kate, who of course is myself. We lived there until our father died. Sterling was seven years old, I was five, Clyde was three and Ben was one. Going back a few years, my brother Sterling (your grandfather) was one year old when Grandpa Absoleum Robinson passed away. He, Grandpa Robinson, had gone to Knoxville to buy goods. He rode horse-back and his two wagon loads of merchandise came back from Knoxville with him. Grandma Eliza Robinson said she went out to meet him. He said, "Eliza, bring me a cold drink," and sat down on the porch. She went to the spring-house to pump fresh water and came back with the water and found him dead in his chair. She said it was a very hot day in July. He died of Apoplexia, now known as high blood pressure. Grandma said that he often had to be bled, which was an old relief for Apoplexia. Grandpa Robinson did not drink,chew or smoke. (Note: This too was almost identically the same way Sterling R. died in July, 1945, after going after a bag of sugar for Lizzie.) Grandma Eliza Rose Robinson's brother, Uncle George Rose owned the home and farm at what is now known as the Boyd Fugate home and farm. Within site of the home is the Rose and Robinson grave-yard. My grandfather, Absoleum Robinson, my father, my uncles Sterling, John, and Will, are all buried there. I am thankful to say it is fenced in. I am going to give you the correct list of names of Grandma Rose Robinson's brothers and sisters which is as follows:
Anne Rose was born July 18, 1806 Eliza Rose (my grandmother) was born November 17, 1807. George W. Rose was born July 14, 1809. Lucindy Rose was born October 31, 1811. William S. Rose was born October 5, 1813. Leah Luretta Rose was born August 1, 1815. Sallie Rose was born June 16, 1818. William S. Miller was born August 12, 1826 (child of Daniel Miller and Anne Rose)
Reuben and Elizabeth Rose were married April 2, 1805. (Reuben Rose was twenty one and Elizabeth was nineteen. Reuben Rose was born February 16, 1783, King George County, _____. His parents were John and Francie Rose.) Anne Rose was married to Daniel Miller the August 9, 1825. Eliza Rose was married to Absoleum Robinson the 21st of August, 1827. (my grandparents and your great, great grandparents)
Reuben Rose died November 30, 1860 Elizabeth Rose died July 18, 1862. (She was Elizabeth McCubbins, Grandma (Eliza Rose) Robinson's mother) How I know all of this, I lived with Grandma Robinson most all of my life. I was 18 years old when she passed away. She tried so hard to get me to listen to her, but I was young and of course wanted to be having a good time.
My Grandpa Baylor told all of us that his ancestors were Scotch-Irish. Three brothers came over from Ireland and settled in Christiansburg, Virginia. Their names were Abraham, Isac and Jacob Baylor. Grandpa's uncle, General Jack Baylor was a son of one of these. Grandpa General Jack Baylor was one of the founders of Baylor College, Waco Texas, Baylor Seminary, Bellmont, Texas, and Baylor College, Chattanooga. There is a street in Dallas, Texas, named Baylor, also a Baylor Hospital. Grandpa General Jack Baylor's home was considered the show place of San Antonio, Texas. (If I had had a son and he had refused to go to Baylor College, Chattannoga, I would have disowned him). Grandpa Baylor learned how to make saddles, harnesses and to half-sole shoes while a young man living in Christiansburg, Virginia. While there he married Lucy Horton. They had one daughter born there, Mary Curtis Baylor (called Mollie). Grandpa Baylor sold out in Christiansburg, Virginia, and came to Jonesville, Virginia, to live. He decided to sell goods. It has been said that his two-story white house and store-house on the same lot are still standing there. His goods were purchased from Baltimore where he had to go to get them. His brother, Harrison Baylor owned a farm in Jonesville. They decided to sell out and bought farms on Big Sycamore Creek (Creek which runs West-Southwest from its beginning in Western Hancock County, Tennessee, to its junction with the Clinch River in Southern Claiborne County, Tennessee.) Grandpa sold goods here and uncle Harrison farmed and had the "old mill" operating. While living in Jonesville, Virginia, Grandpa and Grandma Baylor had seven children born there. Names: my uncles, William, Ben, Edwin, my aunts, Lettie, Mattie, Anne, and Jennie.

On Big Sycamore they had three sons born: Archie, George, and Ross. Archie and George died very young. They were the first to be buried in the Baylor Graveyard. My mother (Lettie) was sixteen when they moved from Jonesville, Virginia. ery soon, she met my father who lived at Sneedville and they were married and moved to Sneedville to live with Grandpa and Grandma Robinson (Absoleum and Eliza Robinson). The first Christmas after they were married, they invited Aunt Mollie to spend Christmas with them. She met Uncle Jim (James Kenyon) Robinson and they were married while there. Aunt Anne Baylor married House Mayes and went to Washington to live. He died eight months later. Aunt Anne came back to Big Sycamore to live. My mother got sick at her wedding and died two weeks later. She (my Mother) was buried in the Baylor graveyard, which is above water. All of Grandpa's farm and old home place is now under water. The Baylor graveyard is on a hill in sight of Uncle Harrison Baylor's old home (and thank goodness, too high for the T.V.A. to put under water). Baylor High School was moved to Howard's Quarters. The Baylor covered bridge, I suppose, is under water. To go back to Aunt Anne, she visited some of the Baylors in Texas, met a Mr. Smith who was principal of the school at Seagorsville, Texas, and married him.

They had one son named Robert (probably from Robert Baylor). Robert had some kind of operation at the age of thirteen and died. They said Aunt Anne grieved so over his death, that she soon passed away. Aunt Mattie died an old maid. She never loved but one man, David G. Colson of Middlesboro, Kentucky, one time Colonel on the 4th Kentucky ____. Aunt Jennie married Fayette Jennings of Lone Mountain, Tennessee. Ross Baylor married Dr. Copenhaver's daughter of Marion, Virginia. He was in the men's clothing business there. Ross Baylor was run over by a "hit and run driver." No one ever knew who killed him. Uncle Ben Baylor married Ella Bickley of Virginia. Had two daughters, Myrtle and Evelyn. They lived and owned a beautiful home at Kingsport, Tennessee. His business place was called "Baylor-Nelmes Furniture Company. He was very well off. He and Aunt Ella are both dead. When my father died, his sister, Aunt Sally Robinson Margraves, was living in Sneedville. She and Uncle Jim wanted Grandma Robinson to sell out. Aunt Sallie Robinson Margraves bought Grandma, Uncle Jim and my mother out and moved into our home. Uncle Jim came to Tazewell and bought what is now owned by Dr. Jim Greer, your Uncle on your Mother's side, and what is now your mother's property, known as the City Cafe. Uncle Jim sold goods there for years. He got the most of my Grandmother's money. The house and store house that belonged to Uncle Jim were painted white with green roof and green blinds. A large green yard in front. A brick walk to the gate. A white paling fence all around the yard, green flower boxes under the two front widows. A grand cistern on the porch. My mother, Sterling, Clyde, Ben and I lived with Grandpa and Grandma Baylor until my mother passed away, just living three years after our father died. When I was nine years old, Aunt Mollie wanted me to come and live with her and my Grandma Robinson. I lived with her until I was 25 years old. With the exception of one year at Rogersville College, Rogersville, Tennessee, and two years in Waxhachie, Texas, with Aunt and Uncle Margraves. Aunt Sallie wanted me to go with her to help take care of Grandma _________. Grandma died at ninety, 1894, and I was 18 years old when she passed away.
The Robinson arms are described by Burke, and is registered in Harold College, London, as follows: London and Yorkshire. Arms: gold, a chevron between three stags. Vest: and as many cingne foils five leaf flowers, which stands for joy and peace. Crest: a stag trippant vest attired gold, bazantee', ancient gold coins (which has to do with bankers). Motto: "Propere et Provide" (Quickly and Cautiously)
Robinson Herrington Co- Durham descended from William Robinson, Esq., son of the late Ralph Robinson living in 1502, and represented by William Robinson of Middle Herrington and Ormesby of Scamby County, York. Robinson arms granted in York, 1634. The Robinson Family is found in almost every town and village in America. Most of them are descendants of the Robinsons of England, who were Saxon slaves in that country before the coming of William The Conqueror. The early settlers in America bearing the name of Robinson came first to the Virginia colony from Yorkshire, England. There are records of a number of early pioneers in the Southern Settlements.
Beverly Robinson came from Yorkshire at later date, 1781. We find Alexander Robinson in Maryland. He hailed from Armagh, Ireland, but descended from the Robinsons of Yorkshire.
Many of the Kentucky Robinsons derive their lineage from the parent stems.
Brigadier General James Robinson, known as "The Father of Tennessee," journeyed through the Cumberland Gap from N. C. with a small band of settlers in 1780. The tiny fort these hardy men and women built later became the site of Nashville, Tennessee. (Brig. Gen James Robertson)

Arms gold, which is the highest ranking tincture in heraldic art and stands for superior rank and noble birth. Vest signifies Hope and Loyalty in love. Stag: Policy, Peace and Harmony Motto: "Propere et Provide" Quickly and Cautiously.
There are a number of arms bearing the name of Robinson. Most all of those show relationship. Some are almost the same and have the same colors. Vest and gold, with mottoes similar, stag, etc. One arms granted to William Robinson, 1772. William is a family name and has been used for centuries as such. The arms stand out for culture and superior rank. 

  Name: Henry Harrison ROBINSON

Absolom Robinson Jr Birth 09/22/1802 in VA Death 09/27/1875 in Sneedville, Hancock, Tennessee, USA and Eliza Jane Rose Birth 17 Nov 1807 in Claiborne County, Tennessee, USA Death about 1897 in Waxahachie, Texas, USA

  Sex: M

  Birth: 18 JAN 1851 in Claiborne Co., Tennessee 1

  Death: 22 MAR 1882 in Sneedville, Hancock, Tennessee 1

Father: Absalom ROBINSON b: 22 SEP 1802 in Virginia
Mother: Elizabeth "Eliza" ROSE b: 17 NOV 1807 in Claiborne Co., Tennessee

Marriage 1 Latitia Jane "Lettie" BAYLOR b: 01 JAN 1857 in Jonesville, Lee, Virginia

Married: 08 MAY 1873 in Claiborne Co., Tennessee 1


1.           Robert "Sterling" ROBINSON b: 06 DEC 1874 in Sneedville, Hancock, Tennessee

2.       Has No ChildrenKatie L. ROBINSON b: 28 NOV 1876 in Tennessee

3.       Has No ChildrenClyde L. ROBINSON b: 11/17 JUN 1879 in Tennessee

4.          Benjamin "Ben" W. ROBINSON b: 11/17 JUN 1879 in Tennessee


Taken from Shultz Family Genealogy

5. Lizzie Norfleet Shultz, b. 4-1-1885, m. Sterling Robert Robinson or Robert “Sterling” Robinson above.

a. Benjamin Henry Robinson, Rex Ph, 1904, d. 1948, m. Ethel Turner

1. Joseph Turner Robinson

b. Jacob Baylor Robinson (known as "Bob"), m. Alto Mae Greer.
Sgt. In the Tennessee Highway Patrol from its forming in 1932 until 1941 when he was killed in an ambush of union picket lines of miners during the days of "Bloody Harlen".Also killed was Charles Wesley Rhodes, the President of American Association the English Company that was originally financed Boone in his land ventures.  (More on this happening)

1. William Jacob Robinson, b. 7-22-1926, d. 10-11-1990 m. Ada Elizabeth Wood b. 09-25-1925 d. 09-15-1982

(1.) Roger Wood Robinson b. 08-04-1948
(2.)Elizabeth (Beth) Schultz Robinson b. 06/25/1958 (My children: Robert Scott Thomas b. 09-16-1979 & Rachel Elizabeth Thomas 10/26/1982

2. Jane Baylor Robinson, b. 11-7-1928, m. Robert Cavalier

(1.) Candy Cavalier
(2.) James Cavalier

3. Robert Sterling Robinson, b. 8-31-1930, m. Joyce Odom, b. 11-30-1934
Rob is Rex Ph and has is own drug store in Mascot, Tennessee. He attended high school at Berea, KY and after four years in USMC, graduated from U. of Tenn School of Pharmacy.

(1.) Robert Sterling Robinson Jr. b. 7-4-1952
(2.) Katrina Marie Robinson b. 6-20-1957
(3.) William Dale Robinson b. 7-25-1958
(4.) Margaret Ann Robinson b. 5-6-1964
(5.) Alta Joyce Robinson b. 11-21-1967

4. Rhodes Wesley Robinson, b. 6-12-1929 m. Brenda ______

(1.) Lana Robinson, b. 1962
(2.) Todd Robinson, b. 1964

c. Schultz Robinson, b. 1909, d. 1940, m. Lucy Rose

1. Elizabeth Kate Robinson, m. Lloyd Moyers

(1) Carolyn Moyers

Taken from Payne Family File

(95) Eliza Lucile3 PAYNE, (Lafayette2 PAYNE, Anderson1) was born Sep 21, 1913 in Lone Mountain, Claiborne Co., and on Mar 19, 1933 in Pigeon Forge, Sevier Co., Tennessee, USA, married (134) Henry Horton ROBINSON, son of Benjamine W. “Ben” ROBINSON and Carrie MCINTURF, who was born Apr 15, 1911 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Henry Horton died on May 9, 1954 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., Tennessee, USA and was buried in Irish Mem Cem, Claiborne Co., Tennessee, USA. Eliza Lucile PAYNE died June 2000 in Greensboro, NC and is buried in Irish Mem. Cem, Claiborne Co., Tennessee.

135 + Stephen Payne4 ROBINSON b. Jan 17 1934
136 + Geraldine ROBINSON b. Dec 19 1935
137 + Martha Ann ROBINSON b. Jan 16 1938
138 + Virginia Dare ROBINSON b. May 3 1942
139 + Henry Horton ROBINSON b. Mar 19 1945

Begin: [My niece (Eugene C. Robinson's neice) had this. I believe it was written by your grandfather (James Russell Robinson). JRRobinson, II, grandson of JRR, does not believe it was written by JRR. The genealogy info handed down from JRR to JRR,II, is not in this good a format.] James Russell Robinson

Because of a natural interest in my ancestors and a desire to know as much as possible about them and those who like myself have descended from them, and because I believe there is this same interest in others concerned, I am setting down in the best manner that I can the meager facts I have been able to procure about the ancestry of my mother, Flora Elizabeth Robinson. In setting forth these few scattered bits of information I have deemed it best to begin with the two most remote ancestors of which we have any knowledge and proceed from them to the present time. The two ancestors referred to are (1) a Cherokee Indian, my mother's paternal great-great-grand parent; and (2) Thomas Henderson, her maternal grandfather. As far as I know there is no record of the Indian ancestor. There is merely a tradition in the family that he was a chief of the Cherokee tribe. Nothing further is known. His name and the circumstances leading to his marriage to a white woman are interesting bits of history that have failed to come down to us. We can only form conjectures based on our knowledge of the times. In the first place it was very uncommon for a white woman to marry an Indian man though marriages were frequent between white men and Indian women. White women were scarce and in great demand as wives by the more numerous male pioneers. Girls were usually married by the time they were eighteen years old, often when they were several years younger than that. Men who were unable to find a white woman for a wife would seek a wife from among the Indian squaws. It is possible that the tradition is wrong in respect to the sex of the Indian ancestor and that it really was an Indian woman married to a white man, Mr. Rose, but the tradition distinctly states the contrary. It often happened however in the numerous Indian wars that white women were captured and thus became the wives of Indian husbands. In cases of this kind they were claimed by the individual captors or by prominent chiefs of the tribe. It was more common for the women captives to be put to death than to be taken as wives, but this happened often enough to make the tradition a reasonable and a probable story. The tradition that he belonged to the tribe of the Cherokees seems to be probably true. At that time (his son could not have been born at a much later period than 1780), the Cherokees lived in Tennessee and were constantly at war with the pioneers of Kentucky, western Virginia, and North Carolina. It is quite possible that he was present at the great gathering of the Cherokees at Sycamore Shoals in 1775 when Kentucky was sold to the Transylvania Company by that tribe.

Reuben Rose, a son of the Indian, lived to be an old man, wealthy and respected, at Tazewell, Tennessee. He had a large plantation, and it is said that he had so many slaves that he did not know all of them. He also had a store at Tazewell. He died suddenly of heart trouble. His children were Sterling, James, Annie, Sallie, and Eliza.

  I. Sterling Rose married and went to Texas

  II. James Rose married and lives in Morristown, Tennessee.

  III. Annie Rose married Daniel Miller.
Their children were Flora, Rettie, and several boys whose names are unknown.
1. Flora Miller married a Mr. Arnold.
2. Rettie Miller, the youngest girl, used to live at Big Springs and kept a hotel there.

  IV. Sallie Rose married Jahiel Fuget. Their children are Mary Ann, Henry, Elizabeth, and Kate and Jane who were twins.
1. Mary Ann Fuget married a Mr. Overton.
2. Henry Fuget never married. He served in the Civil War and had had an arm shot off.
3. Elizabeth Fuget married Tipton Evans.
5. Kate Fuget married Edward Epps.
6. Jane Fuget married Newton Treece.

  V. Eliza Rose married Absalom Robinson. Their children were John, Nelson, Sterling, Reuben, James, Henry, Elizabeth, and Sallie.
1. John Robinson lived at Tazewell, Tennessee. His first wife was a Miss Hurst. Their children were:
A. Neal Robinson
B. Eliza Robinson He was next married to Rebeccah Jones. By this last wife he had one child:
C. William Robinson
2. Nelson Robinson married Eliza Henderson. He died in Kansas City, Missouri. Their children were Flora Elizabeth, Emily, William, Jennie, James, and Mollie.
A. Flora Elizabeth Robinson married John Nelson Robinson (Another branch of Robinson's descended from Alexander Miller Robinson b. ca 1770) of Lee County, Virginia. They moved to London, Kentucky. Their children were Emmett, Cora Jane, Mary Lillian, Hallie Edith, James Russell, Minnie Belle, and William Leonard.
a. Emmett Robinson married (1), Lucy Chesnut; and (2), Hallie Thompson. Their children are:
a-1. Gladys Lillian Robinson
b-1. Katherine Marie Robinson
c-1. Lucy Virginia Robinson
d-1. Eugene Cameron Robinson
e-1. Martha Robinson
f-1. John Robinson
b. Cora Jane Robinson married William V. Gay of Cincinnati, Ohio. They live in Homer, Michigan. Their children are:
a-1. Mary Elizabeth Gay
b-1. Robert Sherman Gay
c. Mary Lillian Robinson married Este Sergener. They live at Hagan, Virginia.
d. Hallie Edith Robinson married John Y. Tipton. They live t Klamath Falls, Oregon, and have one child.
a-1. Thelma Gerene Tipton.
e. James Russell Robinson married Mary Lois Martin. They live at Richmond, Kentucky. Their children are:
a-1. Virgil Nelson Robinson
b-1. Mary Russell Robinson
f. Minnie Belle Robinson married Roscoe Conkling Eversole. They live at London, Kentucky. Their children are:
a-1. Flora Pearl Eversole
b-1. Glendon Roscoe Eversole
c-1. Madge Elizabeth Eversole
g. William Leonard Robinson married to ? He is now with the American Expeditionary Forces in France.
B. Emily Robinson died at the age of eight.
C. William Robinson married Fannie Davenport. They live in Kansas City, Missouri.
D. Jennie Robinson married Silas Parker. Mr. Parker died a few years ago. Mrs. Parker now lives in Kansas City, Missouri. The children are:
a. Earl Parker married to ? .
b. Vernon Parker married ? .
c. Fred Parker married ? .
d. Julia Parker
E. James Tipton Robinson, unmarried. Lives in Kansas City, Missouri.
F. Mollie Robinson married William O. Sharp. They live in Kansas City, Missouri. They have one child:
a. Katherine Ward Sharp.
3. Sterling Robinson married Annie Jones, a sister to Rebeccah Jones, second wife of Sterling's brother, John. They moved to Kansas City, Missouri, and had several children who probably live there now.
4. Reuben Robinson
5. James Robinson
6. Henry Robinson
7. Elizabeth Robinson married Joseph Neil. They moved to Texas where she died.
8. Sallie Robinson married Watt Margraves. They now live at Rogerville, Tennessee. Their children are:
A. Eva Margraves married ? .
B. Charles Margraves married ? .

Thomas Henderson, the maternal grandfather of Flora Elizabeth Robinson, was an old man when he left England to settle in America. Nothing is known of his parents. He lived at Tazewell, Tennessee and reared a large family of children. He was twice married. The name of his first wife is not known but there were several children by this marriage. There was one son, Jerry Henderson, who married and reared a large family of boys. A daughter, name unknown, of Thomas Henderson married a Mr. Castesson and reared a large family at Tazewell, Tennessee. Another daughter, Polly Henderson, married Arch Bales. Their children were:

  I. Ferdenand Bales married to ?

  II. Fide Bales married Phoebe Neil. Their children were all girls:
1. Cordie Neil married James Barnes.
2. ? Neil married ?
3. Addie Neil married ? All three of these children settled in Texas.

  III. Jack Bales married Mary Parrot. Their children were:
1. Houston Bales married a Miss Lyon
2. Dora Bales married a Mr. Rector. They have a daughter.
A. Annie Mae Rector.
3. Delia Bales married a Mr. Spencer.
4. William Bales married ?

  IV. Cale Bales

  V. William Bales married a Miss Houston. Their children are:
1. Joseph Bales married Mattie Maupin. They lived in Madison County, Kentucky, until his death. 2. Mollie Bales married White Bales. They settled in Madison County, Kentucky. Their children are:
A. William Bales married ? Their children are:
a. Mary Louise Bales
b. Lida Bales
c. Robert Bales
B. Annie Bales married John Richmond. There is one child:
a. Louise Richmond
C. Elizabeth Bales married James Black. They have four children.
D. Mamie Bales married Joseph Ballew.
E. Winston Bales married Fern Heverle. They have two children.
3. Elizabeth Bales married Wright Jessee. Their children are:
A. Hugh Jessee married Sudie Benny. Their children are:
a. Ella Moss Jessee
b. - g. (Six others.)
B. Mary Russell Jessee

  VI. Eliza Bales married Thomas Thompson. Their children are: 1. Mary Thompson married ? They had several children. A daughter married Samuel Jessee, a brother to Wright Jessee. There are several of these children, one of them is Mary Jessee.
2. Eliza Thompson, unmarried.
3. Newton Thompson - Did live in Harlan, Kentucky.
4. Arch Thompson, unmarried, deceased. Besides these there were several others.

  VII. ? Bales married Cort Whit. Their children are:
1. Dora Whit married Peter Tyler.
2. ? Whit, a boy who lives in the west.
3 Ida Whit married a Mr. Ramsey.
4. Emma Whit married Therman Yeary.
5. May Whit, unmarried.

  VIII. Rhoda Bales married Lipscombe Parrot, brother to Mary Parrot. Their children are:
1. Minerva Parrot married ? Lived in Jackson, Kentucky. Ran a hotel here.
2. Ollie Parrot married ? Lives in Tennessee.

Thomas Henderson's second wife was Betsy Hardy. Her family was one of the first to settle in Kentucky, settling near Georgetown and Bardstown. She had two sisters,
(1) Martha Hardy who married George Ambrose at Georgetown, Kentucky. (There were several boys in this family who fought in the Civil War. They are related in some way to the Mays.) and
(2) Susan Hardy who remained unmarried and died during the Civil War at the home of her sister Martha. The children of Thomas Henderson by his second wife, Betsy, were Tynie, Martha, and Eliza, and four boys, John, Thomas, George, and Hugh.

I. Tynie Henderson married Cale Thompson, brother to Jim Thompson. Their children are: 1. Elizabeth Thompson married William Yeary. Their children are:
A. Therman Yeary married Emma Whit.
B. Oscar Yeary married ?
C. Addie Yeary married ?
2. Sue Thompson married James Sergener. They have three children and one living:
A. Este Sergener married Lillie Robinson.
3. Milton Thompson married ? Lives at Rose Hill, Virginia. He has three children:
A. Mack Thompson lives at Norton, Virginia.
B. Emma Thompson
C. Lela Thompson married ? Lives at Ewing, Virginia.
4. Tynie Thompson married a Mr. Bales. Three children:
A. Bertha Bales married ? Lives in Louisville.
B. ? Bales, died in infancy.
C. ? Bales, deceased.

  II. Martha Henderson married twice, (1) a Mr. Southern, (2) James Thompson, brother to Cale Thompson. Her children are:
1. Alice Southern married Winfield Quillen
2. Lide Thompson married a Miss Thomas. Their children are:
A. Hallie Thompson married Emmett Robinson. Their children are:
a. Gladys Lillian Robinson
b. Katherine Marie Robinson (Lois' mother)
c. Lucy Virginia Robinson
d. Eugene Robinson
e. John Robinson
B. Hege Thompson, deceased.

  III. John Henderson

  IV. Thomas Henderson

  V. George Henderson

  VI. Hugh Henderson

  VII. Eliza Henderson married Nelson Robinson. Their descendants have been traced (See page 2). He completed this work on Febuary 14, 1983
(2) Robinson & Rose Cemetary:
(a)Absalom Robinson, born September 22, 1802, died September 27, 1875
(b)H. H. Robinson, born January 18, 1851, died March 22, 1882
(c)Sterling Robinson, born 1836, died June 21, 1871, age 35
(d)Catherine E. Rose, born September 6, 1832, died ?
(e)Reuben Rose, born December 25, 1812, died December 24, 1843
(f)George W. Rose, born November 21, 1839, died August 21, 1843
Approx. 25 unmarked graves

(3)Rose Cemetary:
(a)George W. Rose, born July 14, 1809, died October 9, 1891
(b)Mary Rose, born July 30, 1810, died June 1, 1987
Approx. 1 unmarked grave
These are located on the farm on the old Ky. Road
(4) One George W. Rose was clerk at Tazewell Baptist when the church was consitituted in 1845. I hope this information will be more help than hindrance.
(5)Librarian Claiborne County Public Library P.O. Box 139 Tazewell, TN 37825 (423) 626-5414
Robinson family:
(6) Henry H. Robinson - husband Born, January 18, 1851 Married, May 8, 1873 (at 22 years) Died, March 22, 1882 (31 years old) Lettie Jane Bayler Robinson - wife Born, January 1, 1857 Married, May 8, 1873 (at 16 yrs) Died, July 15, 1885 (28 years old) Four children:
Sterling R. Robinson, born December 6, 1874
Katie L. Robinson, born November 28, 1876
Clyde L. Robinson, born, June 11, 1879
Benjamin W. Robinson, born June 17, 1881
Record in Robinson-Baylor Family Bible. Thelma R. Shipley

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