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Dear Mr. Payne,

I happened to come across the website, http://hometown.aolcom/philli6372/dale.htm, a chart on the descendants of Nicholas Dale, which has a link to return to your genealogy page. So, I don't know if this is your chart or someone else's.

This chart, in reference to his grandson, Reuben Dale, has the following:

"This Reuben Dale was dead by 1692 and his wife Elizabeth was his executrix. Richmond and Essex Counties were formed from Old Rappahannock Co. in 1692. Abraham, Thomas, and a younger Elizabeth Dale lived in Richmond Co. in the Northern Neck of Virginia.
They must have been the heirs of this Reuben Dale, but the proof is yet to be found. {April 4, 1960}. The daughter of and William Rogers. This William Rogers was a grandson of Edward Dale. Elizabeth Dale Rogers died in 1728 in Lancaster Co., Va, leaving six children:
Thomas Young, Robert Young, Reuben Young, William Dodson, Charles Dodson, and Ann Rogers."
It also mentions that Reuben Dale's daughter, Elizabeth Dale married Thomas Young, William Dodson, and continues with:
"She also married William ROGERS, son of John ROGERS, Capt. and Ellen, who was born about 1655 in Old Rappahannock, Va, England. William died in 1714 in Lancaster Co., Va.
William was married to Elizabeth DALE.
+ Ann5 ROGERS b.c 1722
(Elizabeth also had a child Hannah Rogers who married Edward Blakemore. In the Blakemore history it says that Elizabeth was the daughter of Maj. Edward Dale and Diana Skipworth. If anyone would like to straighten me out on this I would appreciate it.
Hannah and Edward Blakemore's lineage is closer to the Blackwater are of Scott County, Va.)"
While there are a couple of areas that may need some typographical or syntax corrrections (i.e. "thomas" and the sentence "The daughter of and William Rogers."), they are not the purpose of my correspondence.
In the first excerpt, it mentions that Elizabeth Dale (daughter of Reuben Dale) married William Rogers, the grandson of Edward Dale. This is correct. But, then the second excerpt says that her third husband is the son of John Rogers and Ellen. This is where the problem and confusion lies. He is actually the grandson of Major Edward Dale and Diana Skipwith AND the grandson of John Rogers and Ellen.

It is John Rogers' and Ellen's son, William Rogers (b. Abt. 1655; d. 1714), who married Elizabeth Dale, the daughter of Major Edward Dale and Diana Skipwith. Then their son, William Rogers, married first, Margaret.
Following her death he then married Elizabeth, who left the will naming Ann Rogers and children with the Dodson and Young surnames. Based on your information this would be Elizabeth Dale, the daughter of Reuben Dale.

Finally, Hanna Rogers, who married Edward Blakemore, is the daughter of William Rogers (b. Abt. 1655; d. 1714) and Elizabeth Dale, daughter of Major Edward Dale and Diana Skipwith; and sister of William Rogers who married Elizabeth Dale, daughter of Reuben Dale.

My main sources are Mayor Jay Berry Price, the author of "The Price, Blakemore, Hamblen, Skipwith and Allied Lines," and various will abstracts from Ida J. Lee's book, "Abstracts Lancaster County, Virginia, Wills 1653-1800." Mayor Price's book is thoroughly documented, with specific citations from wills, deeds and other court documents. He is the 5th great grandson of Edward Blakemore I and Hannah Rogers; and 6th great grandson of William Rogers and Elizabeth Dale (daughter of Major Edward Dale and Diana Skipwith).
In case you are wondering, I am a descendant of Major Edward Dale and Diana Skipwith, through their other daughter, Katherine Dale and her husband Capt. Thomas Carter. That is why I am so intrigued by this Dale line.
The identity of Major Edward Dale's parents and ancestry have yet to be proven. However, I have no doubt that he is probably closely related to Reuben Dale and his father, Nicholas Dale.


Jim Danley
Vista, CA

Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 1:55 pm

I am in haplotype I, group #3 at carter-cousins.

The debate over who is from this branch has been disputed forever. In the genealogy & history of 'John' in group 2, you will come to a part that mentions a family feud and a half-brother losing out. That would possibly be 'John's' twig. The present rulers of Corotoman, Virginia have entirely different DNA. They are the Carter Society DNA project. They do not allow Haplotype I DNA into their club. They are R*** haplotype & do not allow access to their DNA strips. If you e-mail them they may provide you with a representative dna strip for you to post just to oppose group 2. They are snoddy bastards & have been since Henry Skipwith's daughter married a Saxon thane. The only related Skipwith(skipwith)DNA I have seen is haplotype I.

My personal feeling is that both groups are "family" no matter the DNA. Sadly one side always loses in a family blow-up.

Robert B. Carter III

The Price, Blakemore, Hamblen, Skipwith and Allied Lines by Mayor Jay Berry Price, Tennessee Valley Publishing, Knoxville, TN 1992.

The proof that Diana Dale was a daughter of Sir Henry Skipwith (1589-1658) is a letter from her brother Sir Grey Skipwith, who lived on the south side of Rappahannock River in Lancaster Co., Va, Recorded Book No. 2, page 345 and reads as follows. (DID NOT COPY - Joe Payne)

In the Blackmore history and other publications the proof lines that Diana Skipwith was married to Edward Dale, not Thomas as I thought. (Joe Payne)

It is evident from the evidence shown in the above numbered that Diana Skipwith was not married as of her maiden name signature appears as a witness on Sep 18, 1655 and Nov 17, 1655. Also that she signed as a witness using her married name, Diana Dale, with her husband Edward Dale a witness using her married name, Diana Dale, with her husband, Edward Dale on June 9 1660. These facts would prove that they were married in Lancaster Co. Va, between Nov 17, 1655 and June 9 1660.

Other references pertain to the will of Dame Jane Skipwith, the 2nd wife of Sir William Skipwith (died 1610) makes reference to Diana Skipwith and her husband, Major Edward Dale, and back in the proper order to Diana’s GreatGGGrandparents.

William Rogers born about 1655, died 1714, son of Capt. John Rogers (16200-1680) of Northumberland Co., Va, and his first wife Ellen. His first wife was Elizabeth Dale, daughter of Diana Skipwith (*1621-1695) and Edward Dale (died 1695)…issue of this marriage was Hannah Rogers (married Edward Blackmore), Richard Rogers, William Rogers, Elenor Rogers (married Lazarus Conway)

Capt. John Rogers( abt 1620- will probated July 21, 1680) and Ellen also had a daughter Ellen Rogers (will dated Oct 15, 1710) married George Heale (died 1698)

On Mar 12 1677/78 Edward Dale of Lancaster Co. conveyed to his daughter Elizabeth, wife of William Rogers, Gent, son of Capt. John Roberts of Northumberland Co. a tract of 500 acres near the head of Morattico, reserving the use of this land to himself and his wife Diana during their lives. William Rogers 2nd wife was Mary Rogers. William Rogers left two children Joseph and George Rogers.

On page 542 of book, Capt. John Blakemore Born in Va. On June 18, 1782 became a surety on the bond of Elizabeth Blakemore (Blakemore) and Josiah Payne as administrators of the estate of John Blackmore, Jr. deceased.

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