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Marriage to "Polly" Edwards is apocryphal, this is a "family" story passed down to Alton Green and other researchers. This line as presented shows no sources, could it be that Hallie P Garner's books on the area are the basis for this? The poster might want to check McClung in Knoxville for Alton Green's books and notes if she has not done so.

John's death location is gratuitous, this is unknown, this is simply the site of some of his land. "Church" mountain should be corrected to CLINCH. His death date is also unknown, these details should be removed as they are not researched.

I am a genealogist and a descendant of Capt John Slatton/Slaton > Wade H. > Wm H H > Jos A > Edmond B > Marion C Sr > me. (Clinton Slayton)

Descendants of John SLATTON Sr.


There is no connectible ancestor for this John, other than the slight hint provided in the 1766 document mentioned below. There were three flourishing men in 1730’s VA, William, Abraham, and Arthur. Arthur is not thought to be this man’s father because his line is skillfully (but not perfectly) shown in Slaton Family Ab Antiquas by Arthur Jackson Slaton. Thus, the other two men are more likely candidates.

Previous to 1722, one man named John Sladding appears to be the only flourishing Sladding/Slaton in Hanover co VA, possibly a headright from a 1695 contract.

13th of November 1766, Albemarle County, VA Deed Book (1764-1768), pages 316-317 John Sladen is a witness to a deed of trust. William Sladen sells to John Rodes Jr a Slave Pegg and the sum of fifty pounds given to John Rodes in exchange that John Rodes will provide for William Sladen's welfare until his death. This suggests the possibility that the witnessing John is related to William, but there is no proof in the document.

Surry County, NC Tax List
1771 John Slaten--3
1772 John Slatton--1
1774 John Slattin--1

Wednesday, 11th of Janaury 1779, Surry County Court Minutes Volume 1, Ordered surveyor lay off residue entry Alexander Martin lying on Dan River near mouth of seven islands so as not to include plantations of John and George Slaten.

1782 – 1785 various jury duty records place him in Surry NC.

1791 – records shift to Greenville SC, where a George and Major take up land from Rev War service. John’s lands and theirs on either side of the Saluda River.

John SLATTON, Sr. was ca 1740 and mar Anne (based on a single land record.) John died before Jan 27, 1814 (the date of his estate settlement in the Greenville Dist, SC.)

John and Anne Slatton's probable children (derived from estate and census, none are listed in one document, some conjectured from proximity) :

(1) John Slatton b abt 1771 NC mar Mary.
(2) Edward Slatton b abt 1774 (prob) NC mar Nancy Williams 8 jul 1789 Davidson County, TN
(3) Easter Slatton b abt 1776
(4) Nancy Slatton b abt 1778 mar Jeremiah Moore 30 Mar 1796, Davidson County, TN
(5) Martha Slatton b abt 1779 mar John Smith 25 Dec 1802 SC
(6) William Slatton b 1781 (more than one candidate for wife) SC
(7) Elizabeth Slatton b abt 1783 mar William Bunkly 26 Jan 1805 Greenville, SC

The following possibly moved to Hall co GA, but this is unclear.
(8) Aaron Slatton b 1785 SC. Unclear if he is the man who moved to Hall GA. Possibly died in Hall GA
(9) Joseph Slatton b 1787 possibly died in Hall GA
(10) Rebeeca Slatton b abt 1790 mar William Neal 18 Feb 1824 Hall GA
(11) Enoch Slatton b abt 1795 and possibly died in Hall GA

(1) "Captain" John SLATON, Capt. b. 1771 d.bApr 6 1819

Captain" John SLATON, , was b in 1771 at Dan River, Surry Co., NC, and mar Mary, mentioned in Alton Green’s notes as possibly Polly Edwards, but "no proof." John died before Apr 6, 1819 (his estate settlement in Hawkins Co., TN)

Notes for John SLATON Capt.:
1797 –1800 various land records for Greenville SC.

1812 – constable in TN

1814 – most records in Hawkins co TN

John served in the War of 1812. Mustered in Bunch's Mtd Militia; also in Booths Militia 02 Mtd. Nominated Captain 21 Dec 1813 in 4th TN Reg't and also served with Colonel Stamfer.

Pension # WC 34322, widow shows Martha A (but this probably an error, and this is his daughter)

NOTE: on Tuesday, 6th of April 1819, Hawkins County Circuit Court Minutes (1810-1821), page 344, John Slattin VS Eli Overton "This day came the defendant by his attorney and suggests the [by] death of the plaintiff ….that this suit be revived in the name of MARY SLATTEN, administratrix of John Slatten, deceased.

Probable list of Captain John Slatton and Mary or Martha Edwards children:

  1. John Slatton b 1794 b SC mar a Matilda. This family moved from Lee co VA (near Cumberland Gap) to Owens co KY, without father John, Descendants settled in the Lexington KY environs.
  2. Hiram Slatton b 1796 SC mar a Sarah and died in Claiborne, Tennessee .
  3. Ruth Slatton b 1799 SC mar William Greene
  4. Nancy Slatton b 1804 SC mar Joel Greene
  5. Wade Hampton Slatton 1805 Greenville, SC and died 1860-1870 Dade, GA. He mar 1) Charlotta (poss Parker) and 2) Elizabeth Sisum. Moved from Campbell co TN to Polk co TN to Dade co GA to DeKalb AL.
  6. Oliver Slatton b 1806 SC (poss) mar Susannah Mings
  7. Elizabeth Slatton b 1808 TN or SC mar Robinson Orrick
  8. Mary Slatton b 1810 TN
  9. Lucy Slatton b 1812 TN mar Joab Brewer
  10. Orpha Slatton b 1814 TN mar John Greene, buried beside him at Hiatt Cemetery, Rockcastle Co kY (just off Hwy 25)
  11. Martha Alice Slatton NOTES from Newton Owen, Louisville KY:

Here are some of the probable GREENE/SLATTON marriages

Martha Alice Slaton, the last child of Captain John Slatton and Mary (Polly) Edwards was b on 1 April 1817 prob near Big War Creek next to North Clinch Mountain in Hawkins County, Tennessee. She mar Rial Johns 17 June 1836. He was b 12 December 1812 and died 11 Aug 1898. She died 21 Dec 1887.


Third generation ancestor of submission editor Clinton Slayton:

(5) Wade Hampton SLATTON was b in 1805 at Greenville Dist, SC, and mar (1) Charlotta (poss Parker) . Wade Hampton died in 1860/1870 at Dade Co., GA. (Most dates and births from census unless otherwise noted, approximate therefore).

Children of Wade Hampton Slatton and Charlotta Parker (no consistency in spelling among descendants):
m i. John SLATTON, b August 1831, Campbell TN, acc to enlsitment papers, served USA. Lived Marion co TN. Bur Red Hill, Whitwell, Marion co TN
f ii. Malinda SLATTON, b 1833 TN.
f iii. Louisa SLATTON, b 1834 GA .
m iv. Hiram SLATTON, b 1836 in TN. CSA, captured and told to "go north," disappears, possibly changed name in the North.
m v. Thomas SLATTON, b 1838 TN. Nothing known.
m vi. William Henry Harrison SLATTON/SLAYTON, b 1842 TN, died 11 May 1864, Camp Chase (Columbus) OH, buried there. CSA
m vii. George Wiley SLATEN, b 19 September 1844, TN, died 20 January 1904, served USA. Lived Marion co TN, bur Smith’s Chapel, Henegar, DeKalb AL.
m viii. Wade Hampton SLATTON, b 1847, died 31 January 1888, served USA. Lived Marion co TN. Bur Red Hill, Whitwell, Marion co TN, grave mismarked "Hamilton" from misreading of his hand-written name.
f ix. Mary SLATTON, b January 1850 GA.
Wade mar (2) Elizabeth SISUM 4 January 1853 in DeKalb, Alabama. She was b 1819 in Tennessee. This family settled in Coffee TN and lived in the Sequatchie/Sale Creek area. All go by SLATTON.
Children of Wade and Elizabeth Sisum:
m x. Enoch Madison SLATTON, b December 1854.
m xi. Benjamin Franklin SLATTON, b April 1857, died 1 October 1924.
m xii. Larkin SLATTON, b 1858 in Tennessee. He mar Mary FULTS 24 April 1881 in Coffee, Tennessee.

f xiii. Sarah SLATTON, b 1859 in Marion, Tennessee.

Third generation ancestor of Joe Payne:

(10) Martha Alice SLATON, was b Apr 1, 1817 at Va, and mar (28) Rial JOHNS, son of Henry JOHNS and MARY, who was b Oct 23, 1812 at Hancock Co., Tennessee. Martha Alice died on Dec 21, 1878 at Mulberry, Hancock, Tennessee, USA and was buried at Johns Cemetery, Flat Gap, Tennessee, USA. Rial died on Nov 12, 1898 at Ivy Ridge, Flat Gap, Tennessee.


William James Junius JOHNS b. Dec 1838 d. Jan 1934

Mary Susan JOHNS b. 1840 d. 1872

Martha JOHNS b. 1842 d. 1917

Joseph JOHNS b. Jan 1844 d. Nov 1925

Lucinda Lucy JOHNS b. Oct 1845 d. Jan 1926

Henry JOHNS b. 1847

Ruth JOHNS b. Jun 1849 d. Nov 1926

36 Frances JOHNS b. 1851

37 Adaline JOHNS b. May 1854 d. Dec 1925

38 Nancy Ann JOHNS b. Mar 30 1855 d. Jun 13 1940

39 John Rial JOHNS b. Nov 1860 d. Sep 11 1939

40 Elizabeth Slaton JOHNS b. Apr 19 1863 d. Feb 14 1957 (My Great Grandmother who mar George Livesay, Joe Payne)

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