These deeds show land my grandfather, Joe Phillips and Birdie M Stone Phillips purchased from Thomas W. Stone and Harriet Hurt Stone . They are signed by Notary's Peter Graham Fulkerson and William Davis, also Trustee John P. Davis. Also signature of M. Beverly Carr with who my grandfather had dealings from a very early time. I am not sure if these deeds are registered in the Court House or not since the building burned in 1933.



1927 Deed for the land where Thomas W. Stone House set. This was where my grandfather built what we always refered to as the "Brick House". The "Brick House" faced 1/4 a turn northwest than did the Thomas W. Stone House but in the same location.




This 1908 deed from Thomas W. Stone and Harriet Hurt Stone to my grandfather and grandmother Joe Phillips and Birdie M Stone Phillips is for 1/2 the land where my father Al Payne built his house shown here. In the picture you can see the "T.W. Stone privy" that is mentioned in the deed. It sat there until about 1984. The bottom part of the land was what is refered to as the "lifetime trust" land of Mariah Newby, who was a sister to Thomas W. Stone's second wife Harried Hurt Stone who married Benjamin Newby. The old garden fence post stood there until my family sold it in 1986 at the four-way stop of Old Knoxville Road and Essary Road.