Revolutionary War Soldier 1818, Floyd Co. Order Book #3, pg. 26, Rec'd pension #15698
Amherst Co., VA, Deed Book E, pp. 111-12 Amherst Co., VA, Register of Marriages, p. 9
Amherst Co., VA, Deed Book G, p. 200
In 1782 he was living in Cumberland Co., VA.
Amherst Co., VA, Deed Book G, p. 229-30

In 1793 he was living in Amherst Co., VA.
(I made the following statement before the Johns Family Research Group was formed, well the rest is, shall I say History)

Little is known about Thomas Johns, Rial John's grandfather. An incidental reference in the 1750 will of Alexander Trent of Cumberland County, Virginia mentions a 750 acre tract, that he owned, "whereon Thomas Johns now lives..." Trent's tract lay in both Albermarle and Cumberland Counties and, while Thomas was not a beneficiary of Trent's estate, the reference at least allows us to locate Thomas Johns in that area of central Virginia.

At 06:23 PM 10/18/96 UT, you wrote:
I'm going to use the "Reply to Sender" function to answer your 10/18/96 msg that was recd at 4:27 AM PST. If you would prefer that I use the AOL address or some other address please indicate your preferred address and I will change my mail box.

Basically what has happened since I last exchanged with you is the following; I believe you have my pedigree back as far as my 3gg grandfather Jesse Johns b. abt 1762 Cumberland Co. VA. I have now almost positively located his father Thomas Johns b. unknown, d. abt 1786 Cumberland VA. I have a copy of the recorded appraisement of his estate dated 1786 to establish his approximate date of demise. In addition I have in my possession certified copies of all of the Johns wills and deeds for Cumberland, from its creation in 1749 to about 1833. From these deeds and wills I have been able to piece together some relationships. I might add that There were related Johnses living in Cumberland, Amherst, Buckingham, Albemarle, Goochland, and perhaps Henrico Cos. VA. This has complicated the connection process. In order to explain this I quote from a n extract made by Benjamin B. Weisiger III in 1983; Goochland Co. was formed in 1728 from Henrico Co., in 1744 the County of Albemarle was formed from the western portion of Goochland. Then in 1749 the part of Albemarle south of the James river bcame Cumberland. Albemarle in turn was the mother county to Amherst in 1761. It appears that our ancestors first arrived in VA , sometime prior to 1728. It is obvious from this that when the Johns descendants started acquiring land they may have all been in one county but later ended up in various counties due to the county growth formation that took place.

Back to Thomas, father of Jesse. It appears that he had this issue; Joseph, Robert, Jesse, Thomas Jr., John and last Henry. I have recorded copies of deeds and wills from which I made these deductions. The only name that does not appear in writing is Henry. If he was b. 1770, as Newton has written, then he would have been sixteen years of age in 1786-87, about the time of his father's [Thomas] death. In a special tax census of VA for the year 1787, I have found Jesse Johns listed, as head of house, with one white male over the age of 16 and under the age of 21. Jesse didn't mary Lucy Sims until abt 1783, so this sixteen or over white male could not have been his child and certainly could be his youngest brother Henry. Jesse moved to Newberry SC in abt. 1803, with Lucy and his family. I have a recorded Newberry Co. deed for

Jesse dated 1804, to establish his approximate arrival in SC. Henry would have been twenty years of age in 1790, and probably married soon after. I don't find any deeds in Cumberland to confirm Henry's existence there, but there was a Henry Johns that appeared in Pendleton Co. SC in the 1810 US census and was there in the 1820 US census but not in the 1830 US census. However, a Henry Johns appeared for the first time in the 1830 US census for Grainger Co. TN.

Prior to that time there were no Henry Johns listed in any US census in Grainger, Hancock or Hawkins Cos. TN. I questioned Newton Owen on this because in his paper on Rial Johns he had stated that " Since US census records indicate that Henry Johns was the only Johns in Hawkins County [now Hancock County] he probably moved there with relatives as a young man etc." Newton stated that all of this part of his paper was based on "Family Tradition" and therefore could be subject to question. Also that there was no concrete proof of any sort that Henry had ever been in Johns' Creek KY. It would now appear more logical that Henry went to SC with some of his brothers and did not show up in TN for the first time until after 1820, which is the time frame in which my 2gg grandfather Thomas L. Johns, son of Jesse, also moved to TN, where his second son William Jefferson Johns was b. 1823. I now suspect that Thomas L. and Henry lived together on the same land in TN. I am now diligently trying to locate additional primary source evidence to prove this scenario.

Any help you may be able to give or suggestions, will be appreciated. One final fact, the deeds of Thomas Johns Sr. of Cumberland Co. make reference to Alexander Trent as an adjoining landowner. The Trent Family was one of the wealthiest in Cumberland. They had extensive land holdings and probably allowed less wealthy yeoman farmers to sharecrop, until they earned enough to buy their own land.

Looking forward to your comments,
Rob Johns

3. THOMAS4 JOHNS (WILLIAM3, RICHARD2, ROGER1) (Source: Robert Johns.) was born Abt. 1725 in King William Co., VA, and died 1787 in Cumberland Co., VA.
Children of THOMAS JOHNS are:
i.THOMAS5 JOHNS , JR., b. Abt. 1753.
ii.JOSEPH JOHNS, b. Abt. 1757.
iii.ROBERT JOHNS, b. Abt. 1760, Henrico Co., VA. 8.
iv.JESSE JOHNS, b. Abt. 1763, Cumberland Co., VA; d. Abt. 1821, Union District, SC. 9.
v.HENRY JOHNS, b. Abt. 1770, Cumberland Co., VA; d. Aft. 1832, Grainger Co., TN.

Subj: Thomas Johns pension record
Date: 98-05-22 12:18:48 EDT From: (George Johns)
To: (Aor7capt) CC: (RJohns24), (Wiggi Dietz), (Tom White), (Selena Fox), (Monacan Indian Nation Inc), (Michael S. Cole, M.D.), (Martha Fech), (JPayne5744), (HJohns3)

as follows..........
Reference is made to you're letter relative to Thomas Johns , a soldier of the Revolutionary war.
The data which follow were obtained from the Military Service of the only soldier from Kentucky named Thomas Johns found in the revolutionary war records of this office.
He enlisted March 4 , 1776 qt Amherst Courthouse , Virginia . and served as a private in Captain Samuel Cabell's company , Colonel Buckner's and Daniel Morgan's Virginia regiment , was in the battles of Trenton ,Princeton and Stillwater and the capture of Burgoyne and White Mash , and was discharge in March 1778 by Col . Parker HE WAS ALLOWED PENSION ON HIS APPLICATION EXECUTED OCT. 8 . 1819 AT WHICK TIME HE WAS 77 YEARS OLD AND A RESIDENT OF HARRISON COUNTY , KENTUCKY , THE DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH IS NOT SHOWN.
In June 18 6 believed to be 1826 he appeared before the justice of peace in cclermont County , Ohio and stated that he was then residing in Ohio , having recently moved there from Kentucky . It is not shown that he ever lived in Floyd county or Lawrence County It was not stated that he had a family
.. karen I will send you this report and see if you can read it better then I can . Sorry about the date , I just would not believe that in 1818 in Floyd County in his statement to the War department that he was 66 and that would not make 1742 as his birth date ( I don't think he knew how old he was ) any way I will use this date from now on , that is no date of death or place in this report that I can fine . Have more , will send it this week end George In kentucky

The Annals of Floyd County , Kentucky page 226
On the motion of Thomas johns , order that Moses Meade , John Sellards , Jesse McGuire and Stephen Howell to view and mark the best way for a road from John Wilson's into the road below the Widow Garratts.( Monday the 22nd day of May , 1826)
Eli Johns is appointed Surveyor of the road from the mouth of Dry Branch to the head of Beaver in the place of William Johns . over age .Hands on Beaver from Isaac Thornsbury's to the head therfo are to assist (May Term : Monday the 22nd day of May 1826
Dec.27 , 1817 Indenture from William James Mayo ,Rhodes Meade, John Hackworth , Tandy Stratton , Thomas Johns , Robert Brown and Mial Mayo , Trustees of the Floyd Seminary Lands to Micajah Harrison in the amount of $300.00 for 303 acres in Floyd County on Quick Sand Ck. Thomas Johns and John Vanhoose produced a report of their proceedings as Commissioners for the opening and inproving the navigation of the Big Sandy River.
Marriage Notes for THOMAS Jr. and NANCY [LAINE]:
Marriage record recorded Amherst Co VA 09 Feb 1807, Nancy Layne and Thomas Johns Jr. Father of Nancy, William Layne. Father of Thomas Johns Jr., Thomas Johns Sr. of Amherst. Witnesses Samuel P. Layne, William Johns and George Dillard.

Subj: William Johns and Eli Thomas Sr and Jr
Date: 98-05-22 12:18:52 EDT
From: (George Johns)
To: (Aor7capt) CC: (Wiggi Dietz), (Tom White), (TNorman305), (Selena Fox), (RJohns24), (Monacan Indian Nation Inc), (Michael S. Cole, M.D.), (Michael Elwood Pollock), (Martha Fech), (Lester P Johns), (JPayne5744), (HJohns3)

From The Annals of Floyd Co. , Ky. 1800-----1826 By Charles C. Wells December Term :
Owens Owens produce a commission appointing him as a Justice of the Peace in this county and was duly sworn.
Thomas Johns and John Van Hoose produced a report of their proceedings as Commissioners for opening and improving the Navigation of the Big Sandy River Bond dated 24 Nov. 1820 by Richard Price and John Van Hoose for a Marriage shortly to be had between Richard Price and Elizabeth VanHoose Feb. 1816 :
Indenture to John Turman from James VanHoose in the amount of $200.00 foor 132 acres on Big Sandy River adjoining the land of Nathan Preston Bond dated 23 , Sept. , 1811 by James VanHoose Nathan Preston for a marriage shortly to be had between James VanHoose and Betsy Preston
Bond dated 8 April , 1815 by Hezakiah Borders and John VanHoose for a marriage shortly to be between Hezikiah Borders and Fanny Davis. May Term : Monday the 22nd day of May 1826 Nathanal Auxier appeared and produced a commission appointing him a Justice of the Peace for Floyd County. Mathew Davis , Richard Stratton , Garland Burgess and Henry Dillon are exempted from the payment of county levies in the future.
On the motion of Thomas Johns , order that Moses Meade , John Sellards , Jesse McGuire and Stephen Howell to view and mark the best way for a road from John Wilson’s into the road below the Widow Garratts.
Eli Johns is appointed Surveyor of the road from the mouth of Dry Branch on Beaver in the place of William Johns , over age. Hands on Beaver from Issac Thornsbury’s to the head there of are to assist.
On the motion of John VanHoose , order that John Fitzpatrick Srt. , James VanHoose , Samuel Porter and John Roberson are to view and mark the best way for a road around his farm.
On the motion of Thomas Howell , order Rhodes Meade , William Branham , Elisha Branham , and Eli Meade to view and mark the best way for a road from the mouth of tolars Creek to the Pike County line .
Order a subpoena be awarded against Isabella Rowland to appear next court and show cause if any she can why her son Samuel Evans shall not be bound out according to law .

Hope this will help Check all of the names in this and see how many came from Virginia .........better yet tell me the ones that don't


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