John Samuel Toomey

John Samuel Toomey, son of Fred B. and Mona Norris Toomey was born in 1926 at Elgin, TN. John Samuel Toomey attended and graduated from George Washington University in 1949 with special honors in English. He received a masterís degree from the university in 1966. He was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. John Samuel was a student assistant in the English department at George Washington University in 1950-1951 and a part-time English instructor from 1951 to 1952.

He was on the public relations staff at the university from 1952 to 1964, serving as assistant to the director of public relations, assistant director of public relations and assistant director of publications. During this period he was also editor of the Alumni Newsletter, Scope and the Alumni Calendar.

Associated with the university for more than 10 years he joined the academic publication staff as assistant editor in 1965 and became editor in 1967. John was very thin as a child and his parents were much concerned about his health. His parents decided Ovalum might help build him up and after drinking it he developed into normal size and strength. John had a quick wit and enjoyed relating tales of his Aunt Tora who had some unusual traits. He had an excellent voice and sang with the Georgetown University Glee Club. John Samuel Toomey.