Universal Public Purchasing Certification Council Certified Professional Public Buyer

Should private companies be held to the ethical standards that this organization says it requires? One specific interview caused me to look at this certification process. That was an interview as a Buyer with Jewelry Television, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee. I was told that one requirement, other than the education and experience that I possessed would be required for the job and that was certification as a Certified Professional Public Buyer. I took a look at the requirements and the test and decided to give it a try.  I was able to borrow the material needed to take the test through Sylvan Learning Center. I passed, but sadly when I reapplied to Jewelry Television, Inc. to become a Buyer I found that this requirement for certification had since been dropped and I was no longer being considered for the job. Now, although I am proud that I was able to accomplish the certification process I have found few companies that require this certification, as well as governmental agencies. I will continue to apply to any and all agencies and companies as a Buyer. I would recommend the process to anyone within the purchasing profession as it does have lots of valuable information regarding, especially governmental purchasing. Also included is a letter back from Congressman Jim Cooper's office that included a sixty three page questionnaire he sent choosing his transition team. I never turned it in and can only imagine that was the only reason he never contacted me.

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