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Dear Bob,

Thanks for your well presented outline of your Johns anncestors. I spent several hours checking your records with some other pedigrees that I have collected. The names of your descendants of William and Ann Johns don't check out with anything I have already seen. Since, as you point out, the records of Buckingham were destroyed, how were you able to come up with the names of all of the children that you have attibuted to William and Ann? I had mentioned previously that I had located a Jesse Johns in Bedford Co. That reference is Jesse Johns m. Sally Giles in Bedford, Dec 8. 1808. (Broderbund CD 229, Early Marriage Records of Southern States) I have seen Bebe's msg of 4/30/98 which indicates that you have attributed this to Jesse of Amherst. Do you have this documented? Did you realize that there are people that believe all of the descendants of Robert Sr. and Mary of Amherst are half Monacan Indian?

I have in my posession nine documents pertaining to William Johns, in Cumberland, Buckingham and Amherst Co. There isn't anything that definitely proves that they are all the same William, but because of the continuity of the chronology it looks credible that they are the same individual. The first, and perhaps most important, is the will of Alexander Trent II. This will is important because it contains references to Robert Johns, Thomas Johns, and William Johns. Thomas and Robert appear to be working for Trent on two of his plantations and William appears to be a neighbor who has just sold him some cows. I have OCR copied this into a document and am attachining it to this msg. The date it was written was 9 Dec 1750. I will give a brief excerpt of the other documents below. I am working from certified copies obtained from the clerk's office.

Cumberland Co, Deed bk # 1 pg 236, 26 Nov 1750. Samuel Nucholls of Louisa Co. sells to William Johns of Southam Parish, Cumberland Co. 200 acres of land in Cumberland Co. Lbs 50 current money. Signed by Samuel Nucholls, the day and year written above. Received Lbs 50 26 Nov 1750., Samuel Nucholls. Witnesses; John Dobie, __ Thomas,James Taylor.

At the Nov 1750 Court for Cumberland Co. Livery and Seizin acknowledged by Samuel Nucholls and ordered to be recorded. Teste Geo Nicholas Clerk

Cumberland Co. Deed Bk. # 1 pg 381, 20 July 1751 William Johns of Southam Parish, Cumberland Co. sells to Richard Murry of Caroline Co, four hundred acres in Cumberland Co, Lbs. 160 current money. Signed by William Johns. Witnesses: Thomas Merryman, Royal Richard Allen, Henry Lee Terry.

Received payment 20July 1751 Richard Murry; At August 1751 Court ordered to be recorded and Ann wife of the said William personally appeared in court and being first privily examined, released her right of dower. Teste George Nicholas, Clerk.

Cumberland Co Deed Bk. # 3 pg 471, 28 May 1764. William Hudgens Jr. of Cumberland Co. sells to William Johns of Buckingham Co, 200 cres of land in Cumberland Co, Lbs. 60 current money. Signed and sealed the day above written, Wm. Hudgens Jr. Witnesses: None.

Received payment Lbs. 60 28 May 1764, Wm. Hudgens. Takes Livery and seizin and delivers to William Johns. Wife Elizabeth of Hudgens releases dower at Court held 28 May 1764. Wm Hudgens acknowledges receipt of sixty pounds and indenture ordered to be recorded. Swann Clerk

Cumberland Co. Deed Bk # 4 pg 478, 8 April 1771. William Johns of Buckingham Co sells to Joseph Calland of Cumberland Co, 200 acres land in Cumberland Co., it being the same land the said William Johns bought of William Hudgens. Lbs 62 current money. Signed and sealed by William Johns on the day and year written above. Livery and seizin taken and receipt of Lbs 62 acknowledged by William Johns 8 April 1771. Witnesses: Geo Carrington, Jos. Hill, Tho Word, Wm Clarke

At a court held 22 April 1771, the Indenture and memorandum of receipt were proved by Geo Carrington & Jos Hill and at a court held for the county 24 June 1771 the same were further proved byThomas Word another witness and ordered to be recorded. Teste, Thompson Swann Clerk.

( Note there was no appearance of the wife of William Johns at this transfer of title, leaving the assumption that Ann the wife of William had passed away.)

Amherst Co Deed Bk. D pg 300-301, 28 July 1775. Carter Braxton and his wife Elizabeth of King William Co sell to William Johns of Amherst Co for the consideration of 202 pounds and sixteen shillings Virginia Currency a parcel of 243 acres in Amherst Co. on Rutledge Creek. Witnesses: W. Cabell, Jno Harvie, Samuel Cabell, Jos Cabell

28 July 1775 Received of William Johns consideration of Two hundred and two pounds sixteen shillings. Signed Carter Braxton

At a court held 7 Aug 1775 indenture and receipt proved by Samuel Cabell and Joseph Cabell and on 4 Sept 1775 further proved by William Cabell and ordered to be recorded. Teste Edmund Wilcox Clerk

Amherst Co Will Bk. # 1 pg 323-324 6 January 1777 Thomas Johns, Dudley Gatewood, John Penn make probate bond for the appraisement of the estate of William Johns deceased. Thomas Johns named administrator, bond is one thousand pounds. Bond signed sealed and delivered at Amhurst County Court 1777 and acknowledged by the above mentioned signers, and ordered to be recorded. Teste Edmund Wilcox Clerk

Amherst Co Will Bk # 1 pg 340-341 5 May 1777. Agreeable to an order of the court to us directed, being first duly sworn, we the subscribers have valued the estate of William Johns deceased as follows viz. (The largest part of the value of items listed was in six slaves some with children. Total estate value 523-0-0 pounds. Slaves valued at 455 pounds. This document was signed by Henry Gilbert, David Shepherd, John Stewart. Since these are not the makers of the previous bond it leaves a question in my mind that this is the same William Johns for whom the bond was made by Thomas Johns, Dudley Gatewood, and John Penn. There is no indication, however, that there was another William Johns who lived in Amherst and died at about the same time. R.J.) At a court on 5 May 1777 this inventory and appraisement of the estate of William Johns deceasee was returned and ordered recorded. Teste Edmund Wilcox, William Loving Clrk.

Amherst Co Deed Bk. g pg 200, 4 June 1782. Thomas Johns and his wife____ of the county of Cumberland sell to James Franklin of the county of Amherst, in consideration of four hundred and thirty pounds one tract or parcel of land in Amherst county and being the same whereon William Brummel lived as overseer for William Johns on the north branch of Rutledge Creek. Signed sealed and delivered by Thomas Johns.

In the presence of ; John Stewart, John Johns, James Pollard, John Richerson, Edm. Wilcox, Wiate Powell, Thomas Powell.

At a court held for Amherst County the fourth day of November 1782 this deed indenture was proven by the oath of Wiate Powell and Thomas Powell, witnesses thereto and ordered to be for further proof, and at a court held for the aforesaid county the seventeenth day of December 1792 the deed indenture was futher proven by the oath of John Richerson and ordered to be recorded. Teste William Crawford Clerk.

These are all of the documents that I have that mention William Johns Sr. It appears that this last deed was not recorded until after the death of Thomas Johns Sr of Cumberland in 1787. The recording was probably done in 1792 to clear the title. This last deed does prove two things of importance, 1, The Thomas Johns that was appointed administrator in the probate bond of 6 Jan 1777 was Thomas Johns Sr. of Cumberland and not Thomas Johns son of Robert Johns Sr. of Amherst. 2, One of the witnesses in this will was John Stewart, who was also one of the presenters of the inventory and appraisement of the estate of William Johns, document of Amherst will bk. 1 pg 340-341, 5 May 1777. This would add credence to the appraisal as being that of the same William Johns of our interest. All taken together it seems to indicate that Thomas Johns Sr. of Cumberland of all of the Johnses living nearby was the senior descendant, presumably oldest son living, of William Johns and was therefor appointed administrator of Williams will and also inheiritor of his estate.

I would like to know more about how you made your connections to William Johns, and especially how you located all of the children. It's still possible that we are dealing with two different William Johns, who both may have lived in Buckingham at the same time. Take your time in answering. I will be off line until May 12 for computer repairs. If you have something urgent I will read mail through Saturday May 2.

I know we'll get this all sorted out with all of us working together.

Best regards, Rob

Subj: Re: Jesse & William Johns of Buckingham
Date: 98-05-02 01:46:49 EDT
From: RJohns24
To: Jrn2217
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Dear Bob,

I believe you can see how I connected the William of the Trent  will to the William of the Nucholls deed and the William of the Murry deed. This connection is only by inference since this was the only William Johns in the Cumberland records at this time. (ca. 1750) In the Murry deed, a deed of sale for William, his wife Ann appears personally and releases her dower. This identifies Ann as the wife of this William of Cumberland. The Hudgens deed of 1764, identifies the William of that deed being of Buckingham. There are no more deeds in Cumberland, for a William of Cumberland, after the date of the Murry deed 20 July 1751. This led me to believe that the William of Buckingham, in the Hudgens deed, who bought land in Cumberland, was the same William of the Murry and Nucholls deeds. The Hudgens deed was damaged and the description of the two hundred acres sold was almost entirely missing. Buckingham and Cumberland are adjoining counties, and it is possible that these tracts of land though in diferent counties may be quite close together. The Calland deed was a deed of sale by William of Buckingham of the land he bought from Hudgens to Calland. In this deed, dated 8 April 1771, William's wife did not appear to release dower, leading me to believe that she had possibly died in the interim.

From the Trent will there appeared to be some connection between Robert of Albemarle, later Amherst, and Thomas and William of Cumberland. It appeared that William then moved to Buckingham, perhaps to be near other of his children, and lived there until he decided to move to Amherst to be near Robert and his large family. The Braxton will is the only recorded document for a William Johns of that era which I could find in Amherst. It is interesting to note that Carter Braxton was of King William, the county where I believe William was born. This, of course, may be of no real significance. It is clear that Thomas Johns was made the administrator of Williams estate on his death, and the deed of sale, by Thomas of Cumberland, of the land on which William Brummel, overseer for William Johns, lived seemed to prove that Thomas of Cumberland was the major inheritor of the estate of William Johns, therefor probably his first son.

There is no proof positive that the William Johns of the Braxton will is the William Johns of Buckingham. He does certainly appear to have been related to Thomas of Cumberland and he does appear to be the same William Of the Trent will.

Now it's your turn to tell me how you worked out your connections to William of Buckingham, and how you were able to identify his children.

Best regards, Rob

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