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Subj: Wills of Thomas Johns and John Johns, by Sam Randle
Date: 4/23/98 10:39:38 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Aor7capt

Excerpted from " The Book of Randle" by Sam Randle

The Wills of the following two Johns men, only help to round out the family. They are not of direct ancestry, but are umppteenth grand uncles (or is it great) to the descendants of John Randle and Mary Johns Randle. The first was rather dilapidated and missing a word here and there, but most pertinent facts remained.

Charlotte Co VA 1765-1791 records (this document in Richmond)

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I Thomas Johns of Charlotte County being weak in body but of sound mind and memory Understanding Do make and Constitute this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following (to wit) Impremis.  I give my body to the ground from whence it came and my Soul to God who gave it, as to what worldly Estate the Lord has been pleased to give me I_____ of in manner and form.  Following to-wit.

Item.--! lend to my 1oving ______wife Catherine one hundred acres of land with the plantation ___  ____on which I live.  During her natural life after her Decease that __ ___ ___ that the whole of my land I give and bequeath unto my Son John J___  ___ to him and his heirs and assigns forever.  I give unto my D____ Catherine one Cow and Calf to her and her heirs and assigns forever. Item.   I give all other of my moveable Estate whatsoever Jointly to my Loving wife, at her death to John Johns and in case they cannot live together to be Equally divided Between them on their paying to Each of my daughters Margaret and ____ Twenty shillings apiece.  Also I give to my Daughter Catherine five pounds cf Virginia Current Money to be paid to her in one year after my death, also I Desire that my Estate shall not be appraised nor in(ventory) of the same Taken likewise ___ I constitute and appoint my Son J___  ___and William Cook Executors of this my last will and Testament in - - whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the 11th day of June, 17__.

Sioned, Sealed, and Acknowledged to be his last will and Test ament ___________ _______ _______ Thomas Rice Jchns.  Proved Charlotte Co. VA. 7th August 1769. Test. Samuel Cobb, Clerk.

(Note; This seems only place where he used name of Rice.)

V I p 102

Charlotte Co VA Records 1765-1791

IN THE MANE OF GOD AMEN,  I John Johns of Charlotte Co in the Commonwealth of VA being weak in body, but of Sound Memory and understanding do constitute this my Last will and Testament and in manner and form following: Imprimis:: I commit my Body to the Ground from whence it came, and my Soul to God who gave it; as to my worldly estate I order it as follows (to-wit) The Plantation whereon I live with one hundred acres of land I leave to my Loving wife Lucy during her widowhood, also my negro Fellow during the
same time.  Item. I give to my son Thomas Johns the whole of my land and negro fellow at the Death or marriage of my wife also a horse and saddle. Feather-bed and Furniture when he comes to the age of twenty-one years, he paying to each of his sisters the sum of twenty-five pounds, Lawful Money of Virginia as they arrive to  the age of twenty-one years, excepting the youngest Twin___ Margaret at the age of twenty-three years, to him and them, their heirs and assigns forever all the rest of my moveable Estate not mentioned, I lend to my wife during her widowhood to enable her to raise and school my children, excepting what is left her by her Father and is now in Hanover County which I freely Give her to dispose of as she pleases, the rest at her death or marriage to be equally divided between my Daughters their heirs and assigns, forever and on condition my mother thinks fit to give up her Life on the Land she agrees to take fifty Pounds Current Money of Virginia instead thereof.  I likewise desire that my Estate may not be appraised nor Inventory taken. I likewise appoint Thomas Rice, John Younger, Samuel Clark, and Perrin Allday, Executors of this my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and Seal this 23rd day of January, 1778.

John Johns S.S.

Signed, sealed and and acknowledged to be his last will and Testament in the presence of Samuel Rice, Mary (X) (her mark) Mills, William Cook.

At a Court held for Charlotte County the 4th day of May 1778, the within written last will and testament of John Johns deceased was exhibited in Court by Thomas Rice, etc., the Executors therein named and the same was proved by the Oaths of Mary Mills and William Cook, two of the Witnesses hereto subscribed, and order to be recorded and Perrin Allday and John Young two of the Executors Relinquished in open court all Right of Executors to the said will on the motion of the other executors who made oath according to law.

A limited trace of the family
Roger Johns
Lived, and was Mayor, at Bristol England 1559 Supposedly married and had some offspring.
About 86 years go by,and Roger Johns
Lived, and was granted land in Ncrthampton Co VA.
Supposedly married and had children, in England.
Here, too?
May have brought children here with him, or
transported later.
Possible sons, include

1. Roger Johns
 I .. ~
 2, Jacob Johns
         V 1 p 103
 3, Richard Johns b. ______ d. VA 1703   m. Jane -
(His will is one of only 11 left in King Win. Co VA)
(Richard said to have come to America with his father in

   Children: (13)
1.Richard Johns        6.William Johns        11.Jane Johns
        2.Arthur "                  7.Thomas        12.Anne
                   3.John '                  8.Robert        13.Martha
        4.Jacob "                 9.Elizabeth "
                   5.Roger   "                  lO.Mary
 1. Richard Johns b. abt 1655 VA
     Appears to have lived King & Queen Co VA - Records lost

 2. Arthur Johns b. abt 1660 VA
  Lived King & Queen Cc. VA in 1702 - was one of the aforementioned allegiance to England endorsers
3. John Johns - b abt 1663 VA b. King Wm Co Va, or that portion which did become King Wm Co-from there, he is said to have moved to bedford Co, & it is believed he and his family remained in close proximity to
Bedford Co for a generation, (The proximity covered bedford,
Amherst, Charlotte, Campbell, Lunenburg, Appomattox, Gcoochland &
Buckingham counties)
Children 2 credited
      1, John Johns, Jr.
      (This man seems to fit the era of the 1776 will; however, a cousin, son of Thomas also is likely, and was so credited.)
     2, Mary Johns b abt May7/6, 1716
 4. Jacob Johns d bef 1703? Not mentioned in Richard's Will  
 5,    Roger Johns        d before 1703    not mentioned in Richard's will.

 6,    William Johns  b abt 1670
 7. Thomas Johns (see will)      b abt 1681 mar Catherine -
     Children 3
     1, John Johns Jr. b abt 1719/20 d. 1778 b King Win Co VA d Charlotte Co VA m. Lucy
      Lucy mar 2ndly on Dec 5, 1785, in Charlotte Co VA  William  Penticost.
      Children: (Incl - from Will)
       1,Thomas Johns
        2, Margaret
        Margaret was youngest, and one of twins; other children not named, but evidently all daughters
          2, Catherine Johns
                            V 1 pg 104
                                                  3,  Margaret Johns
    8,  Robert Johns   Said to have been of age in 1707; was other party of the duo who gave Allegiance to England
    9. El izabeth Johns mar. James Adams bef. 1703
   10. Mary Johns mar. John Randle bef 1703
Children: SEE RANDLE
1.Apphia 170') 6,.Alice 1712
2.Josiah (s) 1703                   7.William 1716
3.John 1705 8.Mary 1718
4.James 1707 9, .Peter 1714
5.Jechonias 1710 (Debatable)
     11, Jane Johns
      mar. Josiah (s) Randle
                                           Josiah (s) died shortly before his father-in-law
Children: Possible unborn child ( from Josiah (s)'s)

    12. Anne Johns under I8 in 1703
    13. Martha Johns   under 18 in 1703
                                                              V 1 pg 105

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