Hale County Texas near the city of Plainview

Grandfather Joe Phillips looking back toward the farmhouse from the pumping station. Rows are waiting to be filled.
T.A. Knight starting a tube in furrow for irrigation of cotton.
The pumping station. Looks like a four cylinder engine with two carburators, gasoline powered.
I think this is the well head itself. Looks like a diesel powered engine.
Either the well head or pumping station.
Another view of the pumping station (or well head).
Grandad was very interested in the life of outlaws. He owned a .44 caliber Russian made Smith&Wesson that was confiiscated from a member of Jesse James Gang after a robbery near Bardstown, Kentucky. He also left to me a double barrel Parker 12 guage shotgun that was borrowed and not returned. Pictures to follow. Poncho Villa was a favorite of his. Here is a picture of Billy the Kid's grave taken in 1955. Another current picture is next.

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